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  1. We are edging closer and closer to the first ever BrendenPlayz Wrestling event in Egypt as many more matches are being added to an already stacked show, with one of the big matches on the show is for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. Before King Of The Ring, the match was announced as Creed versus AK-17, but things have reached another level when Echo Wilson from Carnage made his marks on the match, which lead to Bart leaving his comments on Echo and Angelo. Angelo made his feelings heard with an reply to Bart. Now, being that there is right days from the payperview event, Angelo sent out five separate tweets on Twitter with in ordering going: D Y A D S. The return of "DYADS" but it returns with a different purpose as Creed was the leading creators in the DYADS series we saw reaching into their BPZMania match up against Legacy Of Violence in Necce and Flynn. Creed would be victorious in that match before facing Inner Circle's Slim and Amai who did their own version of the series with the "WORST TAG TEAM IN BPZ". The camera fades to black as the logo for "DYADS" Greatest Tag Teams Of BPZ " appears before fading away. The camera comes back into focus with Angelo sitting in a chair, dressed in an formal attire of a black suit with a dark red tie. His hair is brought back and wrapped into a ponytail with a pair of Ray Band sunglasses covering his eyes. He is sat on a chair in a room as he looks at the camera and starts to speak. "While the timing this comes out maybe horrible, it must, because despite everything said, we must take a look at the reign of Creed. While I can say everything great about AK-17, let me tell you why Creed will go down as the greatest tag team in wrestling history. Smith and Bart: You separate the two, and you got one of the greatest of all time in Smith and one of the best premier athletes you'll ever get in Bart. Both men with tremendous singles accolades. Smith a former two time BPZ World Champion, former Intercontinental, Premium, Tag Team, hell held those three titles at the same time, that's how great Smith is. A great friend of mine, former Authority brethren. Bart, one of the fastest rising stars I've ever seen. Your growth in this company is impeccable. NXT and longest reigning Champion, Tag Team Champion, Global Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and first ever Undisputed Champion, unifying the titles at BPZMania no less in a match with two great wrestlers in their own right and one day will be a World Champion and Hall Of Famer. So what happens when you put the two of them together? Greatness. And it's just that. Both men glue together so well. Coming together to defeat First Class Express to gain these Tag Team gold they hold right now. Then they retained and retained and retained over and over again against some teams that were former Champions, teams meshed of the best of today, and teams of their past. And they prevailed each and every time. Creed has brought the Tag Team Division up from the grave and into the clouds for its run on Cloud Nine at this very moment. As I speak right now, there is other Tag Teams ready to jump on this ride and hope for the best. Thundermans, Death Riders, FD-Gun Ichiban, M.A.N Global, the list goes on and on of teams that want to be the ones to beat Creed and end their legendary title reign. However.... Let me tell you why tell you why this is not the case to happen. While again you all are fantastic teams in your own, only one team has reached the top of the Tag Team pinnacle with a Championship win with Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan that is right now of Death Riders, but originally The Flock. Freebird rule allowed you two and Marker to all be Tag Team Champions and whoever was available could defend them. When things so good, you made things look so bad, ain't that right Jason? No don't worry I refuse to go into detail, but because of Jason, Flock all crumbled before our very eyes and Big Ballers ended it all. Destruction from Within inside and no belief in redemption for another run, especially against a team that was at the calibration of Big Ballers before ultimately surpassing them. But now, I must explain why AK-17 is the team to beat the Greatest Tag Team. It pains me to see this end, but it must. I'm refusing to leave empty handed. I refuse to let anyone who has their faith in me again. I'm not just fighting to win, I'm fighting like my life is on the line. Exodus is going to be the biggest fight you'll ever get from me. If I'm getting pinned, I don't care if I'm unconscious, I'll fight myself back to consciousness and make sure my shoulder goes up before the three count! If I'm put into a submission and I am close to tapping out, I'll remember all the promises I've made and I'll make sure I crawl to those ropes and break the hold, or if I can't, I'll be locked into that hold until you give up trying to make me quit. If I'm being counted out, I'll drag my old ass by force back into that ring by force. I'm making it my personal mission to make sure that Exodus in Egypt isn't another Creed retain, but an AK Revaluation! Boys in order for you to retain, you must put me down. You must make sure I do not let out another breath because if you do I will swing and fight. To end the match I must not gasp another breath because killing me is the only way to beat me. Creed will forever go down as the Greatest Tag Team. But at the end of Exodus in Egypt, so will AK-17. And I end this with two words for you. Check Mate. See you boys soon." The screen slowly fades to black with the end of "DYADS" Greatest Tag Teams Of BPZ. Creed vs AK-17 continues to grow into one of the most hyped matches on the show and for good reason considering who you have in the match. How will the Champs respond? And how will Echo Wilson respond as well? We'll have to wait and see.
  2. In kayfabe (but I guess out of kayfabe in that sense)
  3. This took the direction of a weird gay porno
  4. I like to see the topic on Flynn and how his big ass forehead is really a landing strip for UFOs
  5. "AK-17 is the past!" …. …. "It ruled a disgraced tag team division!" …. … "Stop living in the past, and move on to the future…" Valor returns from commercial break as a quick recap of Bart and Smith's segment plays, showing both men's thoughts on their challenge in AK-17 and what Echo has stated towards them recently on Carnage. Now we're shown to a bar in an unknown town with Angelo sitting at the bar with a glass of pint. "Very well Bart. I get it. I do. You see a tag team from the past come alive after years and form to come after the tag titles they held. And you don't want that. I get it Bart, I do. You want fresh new tag teams, right? New stars, right? Hell you would of been happier if I picked Arius or Tamer as my partner. No. While I respect their work, no, it makes no sense to me. And what I do is calculated work dog. I never would of thought that what this match would turn into was what it became. I never expected Echo's words to you two, but I didn't expect yours Bart. After everything that was laid in that ring you go and try to discredit everything that was put into AK-17. You discredit our presence in today's tag division because it's not something new? Because it's just like how Flynn and Necce were put back together, huh? We're nothing like Necce and Flynn. We're not two overdrive riden egomaniacs who use each other for success when one is fading into obsolete. I never worried about that and Echo has shown that as well. You and Smith have definitely shown that as well. I mean… let's be honest Bart. I know the real reason of this distain you have to us. Karico Brand. You guys were the tag team we defeated at Halloween Havoc 2017 to win those Tag Team Championships you have over your shoulder. I defeated the brand I was in once upon a time. Yeah, for the wrestling historians out there that follow BPZ, I joined the Karico Brand. Things were going fine, then I killed the group from the inside. I admit it. I used the Karico Brand. And it did play out to my advantage as I won gold shortly there after. And I've apologized over and over and over again, but you couldn't let go of that past Bart. A disgrace of a tag team division, that you were apart of. When you guys held the belts first, let's be honest, that's when the tag division died. But I cannot blame you and Prince, I cannot. 2017 was a horrible year for the tag division team wise. But yet, through out all the teams, doesn't matter if the belts were held by Pride or Karico Brand or whoever, one reign people will remember was the reign of change me and Echo Wilson pushed for in a division that needed change. We weren't set for no challengers like Karico Brand seemed to be, no we pushed people to go for us. That's what Champions do. And you finally learned that Bart just recently. That's why you made this match for the Tag Team Championships. Hell when there was other men who claim to be deserving backstage, you guys picked me. Why? Why……. …… ……… For an easy fucking win! I know what this whole plan is! I'm not stupid, hell, I'm probably the smartest man for this company and anything to do with wrestling. Creed, can have anything they want. Any team they want. Yet they pick me. Why is that? Not because of the respect they have for me. Because they know that I lose. They know I'm thirty wins to my hundred something losses. They knew they could get another win under their belt just to say "hey we defended the titles". But I ruined those plans when I brought Echo in. Yeah, Backlash 2019 you faced and defeated Echo Wilson to retain the Undisputed Championship in what could of been a defining moment for your career. Keyword, could of. Instead, you faced a drugged out shell of Echo Wilson and yet, you walked around liked you beat the absolute best. You haven't, because when the time came to face someone one hundred percent in a singles match, you choked. Watching your match I thought I was watching an Abella Danger video with the performance you've done. Guess we can say you and Echo both dropped the ball there. But you both came back, better than ever. You came back, got together with Smith and Sameer and Julius and formed Creed, gaining those titles. While Echo came back, won the Premium Championship and defeated an game Jason Ryan in his own match. This was about respect, but not when your loaded weapon shoots off at the mouth. Yeah Echo started it, and immediately after I talked to him about it. But you, oh you Bart you had to bring me negatively into this. Smith tried his best to be respectful, but when you two trash the name of a team that I put my heart, my blood, my sweat, my tears into to make work, I take that as the up most disrespect. I take it as a shot to me, and a shot to my hard work and my dedication. And I don't like that. Not one bit. Not when I earned everything I put my work into, not get handed it like a title reign, is that right Bart? But I could feel like I'm in the same boat, giving how I was "handed" this opportunity, not like I haven't worked my ass off in every aspect, hell especially working backstage as much as I do to give all of you a better opportunity with guys who could USE THE FUCKING BRASS RING I NEVER GOT AND MAKE THEIR OWN SPOTLIGHT NO I GET "FUCK YOU BRAD YOU EARNED NOTHING!" WELL FUCK YOU!" Angelo slams his shot glass down as his fist shakes and shakes. He then tosses the shot glass off the bar counter and it smashes into the wall, the music cutting off and everyone looking over, a few gasps heard. A few people walk to Angelo and ask a couple of questions before he brushes past them and heads outside. "I've tried to be the nice guy. I've been backstage in Valor meetings pushing for the future. But this is what I get? I never wished for it, but people sense the feeling to be like that. They never understand what I go through in an daily life but it's fine. I've always shown why I deserve everything I get. And I don't mind doing that by having match of the night, feud of the night, and winning the titles to show that. AK-17 is the past, will be the present, and forever will be the future of tag team wrestling. I will show why I am the Greatest Of All Time. I'm Angelo, and that's all that's needed. Recognize."
  6. And biggest pain in the ass as a mod. Congrats.
  7. Valor is live for the first time since King Of The Ring where in the semi main event, Arius defeated Angelo and the former World Champion Slim for his second BPZ World Championship reign. Many praised the match, including the performance of Angelo, who was said to put on "one of his better performances in years outside of stipulation matches". Before that, he had his confrontation with Creed, challenging them to a match, with Smith giving a counter offer of a Tag Team Championship match at Valor Chapter Two: Exodus with a partner of Angelo's choice. Angelo wasted no time in announcing his partner to be Echo Wilson and the reunion of the former Tag Team Champions, AK-17. "True Friends Stab You In The Front" True Friends by Bring Me The Horizon blasts as the Valor crowd in Saint Louis, Missouri get on their feet. The theme song of AK-17 blasts through the PA system of the arena as one half of the tag team and Valor superstar Angelo bursts through the curtain, wearing a AK-17 shirt himself, with a hit of energy that he had once years ago. He's hoping around the stage, throwing his arms in the air, trying to hype an already hyped fan base in attendance on this night. He rushes to the beginning of the ramp before throwing up his arms, his hands making the metal hand gesture as pyro blasts from behind him. He throws his arm down to his sides as he lets a small smile escape onto his face. He then runs and slides under the bottom rope before hurrying himself onto the middle turnbuckle and throws up th metal gesture again to another high sound of cheers from the crowd. Angelo climbs down and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer as the song dies down. His smile grew bigger as he stands in the ring, soaking in the cheers of the people in the audience. He pats his chest and points at the crowd before placing his hands together and mouths "Thank You". He goes to speak but is cut off by a "You Still Got It" chant, referencing the match at King Of The Ring. His smile does not leave his face before he finally speaks. "Now, I don't know if I still got it, but I damn sure have a lot in me to go on when I almost couldn't anymore. Hell, I almost eliminated Slim from the match. I think I did alright. Now, as you all just saw, and if you in Spain before King Of The Ring event, I called Creed to the ring, Bart and Smith came to the ring and I gotten everything off my chest about what the opportunity meant to me. But, they also knew better when I called them out there. So, I cut to the chase, and I challenged them to single matches for my retirement tour. Smith however had an even better idea. A Tag Team match… for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. And they allowed me to pick my partner. Now that's even better showing of respect cause they could of went "oh yeah your partner is Austin Mirage! Haha such good shit!". And no that's not a diss at Austin, he's good but he still got a long ways away before getting a big opportunity like this. So, when he said that, I thought about it for maybe….. I don't know… millisecond before I said I want my tag partner to be my former Tag Team Championship winning partner, Echo Wilson to reform AK-17." The crowd cheers loudly, with a "AK-17" chant building up before every fan in the arena is chanting the tag teams name. "So some of you must be wondering "How did you convince both brands to get Echo Wilson to be your tag partner?". It's simple. I knew if I wanted to bring the absolute best tag team match, possibly the greatest tag team match this company ever seen. I needed that one person who me and his chemistry is off the charts. I needed that one person who I trust the most. When I couldn't look at my brothers to return, I looked at my best friend. And unfortunately, there's not many of those on Valor. Those people I consider my best friends and brothers are either defending the titles against me, facing Slim for the Undisputed Championship, or just booked all in general. Or not even competing in BPZ at all. So, I had to look outside the box, look outside of Valor, and that brought me to Carnage. So I thought about who's over there. And with all the great choices, it came down to two guys. And unfortunately, one became the biggest pussy I ever known, so I thought "hmmm. Echo Wilson", then the flashbacks of our history ran through my brain, dating back to when me and him won those Tag Team Championships from Bart and Prince in a triple threat elimination Tag Team match with Josh and George as the other team. Holding those titles was one of my favorite moments ever. But at the time… I took a transition. I was feuding with Jonathan leading into Survivor Series and I knew that I wasn't gaining the traction he was, so I became this ego maniac that lost sight on everything and we lost the Tag titles at that Survivor Series. We tried again in 2018 apart of the tournament they had and we went through that first round easy. Second round, well, pay back was a bitch on me cause I was walked out on. During 2019 and early 2020, me and Echo talked about a possible return as AK-17 if the time was the time was right. Well, there is no better time than now. We got the perfect opponents in Creed. We got the perfect match with the Tag Team Championships on the line. And we got the perfect place for this, first time ever in Egypt. People have called Creed vs Legacy Of Violence probably the best tag match ever, but me and Echo make it our mission to do even better. You think my performance at King Of The Ring was shocking, then you're in for a absolute treat at Chapter Two: Exodus. Now, you may be asking where is my Tag Team partner, and the answer is we're on an limited arrival plan for each show. I can go to Carnage sometimes and he can come here sometimes. But don't you worry. You're going to get AK-17 as a unit on your screen once again real soon." The crowd cheers again as Angelo looks on, his smile growing again before he speaks. "Creed. You are the best tag team BPZ ever had. Your team surpasses any other team we had. Pride, Clapspiracy, Kings Amongst Peasants, and so many more teams that held those belts you two have. You have defended the titles against some of the most well oiled machines of teams we could have and you beat every single one of them. Legacy Of Violence, Ex Machina, Invictus, First Class Express, Firing Squad, and the Inner Circle, teams with great wrestlers going from Flynn, Necce, Jonathan, Arius, Kenji, Cody, Hans Clayton, Isaiah Carter, Alex, Mikey, Amai, and Slim, and this is all admirable traits of unity between the two of you Bart and Smith to beat these guys on their best days. And look at where it gotten you two. 260 days as the reigning, defending, undisputed BPZ Tag Team Champions of the world. Longest reigning Champions and deservingly so. Now, out of respect, let me tell you why AK-17 is going to be the tag team that when they face the record setting team, is the team to be the record ending team. With all those teams, there was something that they had: they were either getting very lazy, they were overzealous with their ever growing ego, or they tried too too hard and blown themselves up before the bell rung. They went into their matches with everything to lose and fought like chained animals, holding back on fear of results. That broke any game plan they believed they had against you both. Everything goes out the window and you both win. But, what happens when you face a tag team of two guys walking in with no game plan, no egos, not lazy, and doesn't blow their minds up before the match. What happens when you face a team that just plans on wrestling? That sends you both to the drawing boards, new ideas running through your minds. I got nothing to lose, so the chain is off me and I'm free to accept the results, and those results are at Exodus, after a war that could go ten, twenty, thirty, forty, hell an hour for all I care, we will stand in that ring, holding up the Tag Team Championships for the second time as a team. Now boys I'm not going to disrespect you both. I have too much respect for you two to do that. But just because this is my Retirement Tour, doesn't mean I don't plan on leaving empty handed. When I failed to gain the World Championship at King Of The Ring, I made it my goal and mission to get my hands on those Tag Team Championships. I made it my goal to tear the roof off the arena, stadium, whichever building in Egypt we'll be fighting in and put on the greatest performance ever for these people and my co workers. Smith, you brought up something during our conversation a week or two ago, you brought up that whenever you came in to get a workout on, you always knew you were going to bump into me. When I tell y'all that I was the first one here and the last one to leave I was not lying. I breathed BPZ! I bled BPZ! God Damnit I WAS B.P.Z!" The crowd cheers at the claim of Angelo. He takes a second to catch himself while the fans chanted "Angelo!" before he continues on. "And I will be that guy again. I will be the first one to enter the building. I will be the last guy to leave. I will be the Heart And Soul of BPZ one more God Damn time! Because when you live that for years, you cannot take that mindset out of you. All this is the factor I need to be at 150% and is what I need to walk into Exodus with the mindset that will make me a two time BPZ Tag Team Champion. The mindset that made me bust my ass to escape a trailer I was stuck in, the mindset that made me grow in the independent scene, and the mindset that made go from some undesirable punk in 2015 to one of the most undeniable figures in BPZ history! And this mindset is what a select few had. Creed, when you next mention "Dyads", I want you two to put our tag team in there, because August 15th, we're going down as one of the Greatest Tag Teams in BPZ history. Checkmate boys, make a move, because I'm looking forward to it." Angelo drops the microphone and climbs up the corner onto the middle set of ropes and throws up the metal hand gesture as "True Friends" blast through the PA system again, the fans cheering on. Valor Chapter Two: Exodus is getting hotter and hotter as time goes by, and when Creed and AK-17 clash, it'll be a explosion like no other.
  8. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Preach that. Good work on these recent posts George and Storm. Excellent reads as Normal and can't wait to see what's next.
  9. Angelo


    After Smith's reply to Angelo, the Underrated Legend takes a second to think about this counter offer from Creed. He rubs his beard before eyeing the Champions. "You're on." The crowd cheers loudly as now Exodus also has Creed vs Angelo and a partner of his choice at the pay per view in Egypt. "Now gentlemen men I'm going to go in the back and look fo-" Angelo steps half way out of the way but stops. He then has a huge smile on his face as he steps back into the ring. "Actually. I don't have to think much about it. There is one person who I'd want as my tag team partner. While this could be the last time we ever get to team up again, there is no one I'd rather not have as my partner. This dude… he helped me a lot. In 2017, I was lost in the shuffle. I just lost to Bailey shortly before and lost another opportunity at the World Championship. I was down, I was feeling out. Then, he reached out to me. He reached out when many didn't and he helped me find out what I'm capable of. Helll, me and him…. Well hell…. …… ….. We won the tag team titles." The crowd explodes out of their seats. Another huge smile appears on Angelo's face. "We won the Tag Team Championships and became one of the most exciting tag teams in the history of this company. While we didn't get in your little ceremony of tag team champions, I'd hope you'd agree with me on that statement. So, in Egypt. At Valor Chapter Two: Exodus. I accept your challenge. Creed, defending the Tag Team Championships, putting their legendary reign on the line against former Tag Team Champions and one of the most exciting tag teams to grace BPZ. Creed Vs AK-17." The crowd cheers louder. What a shocker! Angelo AND Echo Wilson as a Tag Team again! And to face Creed for the Tag Team Championships! "Thank you again boys, and let us make history at Exodus. See you guys soon. And remember, AK-17 got two words for you: Crowd With Angelo: Check Mate! Angelo drops the microphone as he slides under the bottom rope. What a match that has just been announced. This will surely be a classic in Egypt.
  10. Name: Angelo Roberts Age: 34 Male/Female: male You must choose which one you want to be D Class/New Trainees/Site Director/Head Scientist: head scientist Race: Italian Hair Color: brown
  11. So y'all may have been noticing people been getting LP from me (and more in the future) and probably (most likely not) wondering why. Here's why:

    I'm giving back to a community that done more for me then I done for it. I've been reaching a point where I only do promos And don't contribute to the forums. I seen many people who are contributing, wanting Lifetime Premium but can't get it. I don't mind helping out. I think from countless streams and such I don't mind sending some money peoples way. While I don't plan on being a full time active member much more anymore, I'll always be a full time helper in anything I can do. 

    1. Slim


      respect 💯



      Yes Brad, I'm doing the same thing! Thank u for opening my eyes as well.

    3. owendalton


      You're awesome, Brad. Respect.

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