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  1. Honestly when I saw WWE buy the rights to Starrcade, I was expecting them to make it to a PPV, but it's sadly a house show that's shown on the network. Last year's was decent so hopefully this was goes off without a hitch.
  2. Brad

    NJPW: King's Road

    Singles Match Hangman Page vs. Shota Umino: Page 6-Man Tag Team Match Satoshi Kojima, Ryusuke Taguchi and Togi Makabe vs. Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale: BC 6-Man Tag Team Match SHO, YOH and Toru Yano vs. Jay White and The Young Bucks: White and Bucks 6-Man Tag Team Match Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr. and TAKA Michinoku vs. David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Yuji Nagata: Suzuki, ZSH, TAKA Tag Team Match SANADA and BUSHI vs. YOSHI-HASHI and Kazuchika Okada: Okada and Hasi NEVER Openweight Championship Match Hirooki Goto (c) vs. EVIL: Goto Semi-Main Event: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Will Ospreay (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi: Takahashi Main Event: IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii: Ishii
  3. I'm shocked by WWE on this one. I wasn't expecting Brock to show up on SmackDown before draft, and I definitely wasn't expecting him to be in a WWE Championship on SmackDown as well. It's smart booking by WWE because this can possibly get a big raise in viewership by having Brock wrestle on TV for the first time in so many years. The rest of the show was good. Good seeing their not tossing Gable to the side after the finals of the tournament. Then Kevin's promo on Shane was brilliant, and it is pushing towards different things: he gets power, or part of the law suit is having Shane removed from power so Kevin drops the law suit.
  4. Tough choice, but I'll go with the time we managed to get all my uncle's to come from their homes States away to come and hang out. Favorite part was going to a amusement park with them, easily the best childhood memory I have as it was the funniest day in my life for a while.
  5. Been watching YouTube rappers and came across this one called "Insecure", a diss at KSI.
  6. "The bell rings and right away Sheridan rolls Brad up for 1..2..3, Brad is eliminated, what a loser, Brenden is visibly seen smiling on the outside of the ring, as everything is going perfectly as planned." Well.... Should of expected this. Don't know what's worse: how Bob's making me seem in his diary or losing to a girl in three seconds. Oh yeah, by the way
  7. Brad


    A cheap hand held camera is turned on to the sight of Brad sitting on a chair, wearing a limited edition "The Rise Of Sameer" t-shirt soon available on BPZMerchandise.com as he isn't flipping around, going goofy, or acting like he normally has been. He stares at the camera, before looking away, letting a sigh out. "Why do I keep lying to myself? Why do I continue to lie to my face each time I look in the mirror?" Brad rubs his cheek, his finger tracing along the line of his scar, him wincing in pain from flashbacks of that night, all the barbed wire, the blood, and the shock of a lifetime at the hands of Kenji and Arius at Emergence. He slides his hand off his face and looks back into the camera. "I act.. like this… to hide the pain of that day. The day I thought that my life was over. What I suffered, was deeper than the cuts, the cutters, the tubes, and the electrocution I endured in one night. The pain is deeper than that. While I was on the hospital bed, being operated by doctors and nurses, I heard the chatter between them all, but I couldn't talk, I couldn't say anything. I watched, the room filling by darkness. What I saw… was a Hell that I wasn't familiar with. I saw my mom, my dad, and my sister, sitting in a car at a red light. I slowly walked to them, yelling at the top of my lungs out for them. Tears running down my bloodied face, not because of pain, because I didn't feel any pain there. Because of the happiness I had running through me. I started to run, and run, and run as fast as I could, time slowing down as I do but I continue to push. Mom… dad… Abigail… they all looked at me, and… and smiled. The first time I seen my mom bright smile, first time I've seen my dad smile in the ten years I was alive before he tragically ended his own life in our home.. and Abigail's sweet sweet smoothing smile that almost made me happy whenever I was down or upset. I stuck my hand out… reaching far for them. My mother reached out, our hands closed to reaching…. Then everything faded away as I ended up coming to because the doctors and nurses resuscitated me. I sat up in that bed, yelling my head off as I screamed and screamed "NO! SEND ME BACK TO MY FAMILY!". I had to be sedated and put to sleep as I was bandaged up. During my sleep, I dreamed of me at a park, sitting on bench, watching the empty swings go back and forth, like someone was sitting on it and swinging. Then… my mother appeared next to me. We talked and talked, and I apologized to her about being the reason she lost her life when I shouldn't have been here to begin with. She grabbed my hand… and I felt it… I felt my mother's touch… for the first time in my life. I started to cry, feeling let down after everything I've been through in these last forty years of my life, including the four years I've been killing myself in BPZ. She finally lifted my head up and what she said, was something that hit me right in the heart. She said… "son, you were worth losing my life for. You make me so proud everyday. We didn't want you with us yet Christopher, because you aren't ready to join me, your father, and your sister. You have so much more to do, so much more to achieve. You can do it son, I always believed in you", and then she smiled and wiped a tear from my cheek, and then I woke up, and I started weeping again. Then… I lost it…. I started laughing loud, and louder, and the loudest I can. I did jokes, I said all these things about quacking and barking because I refused to go down the path that's needed. I refused to be the man that I should of been. I hid behind jokes because that's what I always saw myself as whenever I looked into a mirror. Monda… my brother… he gave me a wake up call. The time for jokes… is over. Arius… thank you.. for bringing me to that point. You gave me something lovely despite your attack. But… the hell I went through, is why you are on my hit list. I have to prove that some middle age man can still hang in the ring. That I didn't make a mistake by coming out of retirement again. That I can still go at a level that's been unlike anyone else. I originally planned that at Halloween Havoc, with you Arius. Last Man Standing. Fitting for us two, as we left each other laying out multiple times with no sign of stopping. It all ends at Halloween Havoc between us Arius. It needs to be, for the sake of both of our careers. But this leads me to another opportunity to show that I am at the level I was years ago. United Nations was allowed to face First Class Express, BulletProof, whatever they are called and face them for the tag team titles. What they said… is true. Hans said it best, I've always been wanting gold. That's no denying because you'd be stupid to not want gold. Congratulations Hans, you saying I want Championship gold is correct. But he then mentioned that because of my want for gold, it'll effect Monda greatly… he knows what's in store for him when he teams with me. He knows that I don't win often, but he knows that I'm a fighter till the end and that's why we accepted on behalf of the United Nations to do this match up. Monda knows everything about me and my career. Monda always been there, through thick and thin, when no one else on this fucking roster wanted anything to do with me, he didn't leave my side like the rest. I'm eternally grateful to him, and I promised him this when this group first came together that I will kill myself trying, but I'm going to get gold around yours and Jon's waist if it's the last thing I physically do. Hans, BiC, you both are looking well going into this match. I don't doubt people for picking you as favorites, but that's when I shine bright. I NEED to win at Bad Blood. I NEED to win the Tag Team Championships, I NEED to win the World Heavyweight Championship. I…. Need to…" Brad lowers his head down as he starts to rub his neck, as the camera starts to flicker, before a image of Brad laughing into the camera shows. The image stops, and it burns away as the live recording of Brad with his head lowered is what is seen. He then looks up at the camera, almost like he's staring at a person. "You wanna know how I got these scars? Because it was my destiny. Now, my destiny is golden. See you at Brad Blood boys." Brad then starts to chuckle, which turns into a laugh as he stands up and walks to the camera as he turns off the video feed, leaving the audio on. He starts to laugh louder than before as he starts to whisper something that can't be picked up by the camera, before a loud and chilling "BLEED FOR ME!!!" comes through the audio feed before it's abruptly ended, ending the segment.
  8. This certainly seems to be the case, because his shot at the United States Championship at Clash of Champions was relegated to the pre-show, and he then lost in a few minutes in a glorified squash match. Last night on Raw, he was pinned once again by Styles, and then beaten up post-match without any kind of comeback. It would be terrifying but interesting to get inside the mind of Vince McMahon when he makes decisions like this. It’s probably got something to do with Cedric not being very tall, which is of course his own fault, but the suddenness of the decision is pretty alarming and worrying for any other smaller stars. wrestletalk.com
  9. After the DQ finish at Clash Of Champions and the fight after, you'd expect to put these two women inside Hell In A Cell, and even more so when you realize this is the moment Sasha is going to win the Women's Championship. It's the best logical idea WWE has and will be popular amongst peers as Becky's reign, just like Rollins's reigns have both ran their courses and it's time for Becky to drop the title. Also because the advertisement for FOX SmackDown makes it seem like Becky is going to SmackDown so losing to Sasha is the logical choice in that too.
  10. The best part of Raw that night. Seeing Kane on Raw was fantastic, him winning the 24/7 Championship to bringing out the mask and laying out Roode, Ziggler, and OC, thinking that's it is the end of the show, but no no no. Light goes out, creepy sound comes, Fiend comes behind and gives us that great image before locking the Mandible Claw on Kane taking him down. Then stalking Rollins in the corner before the show ends. Terrific stuff. King Corbin. Before I would of not wanted this to happen before. But honestly, I have been very impressed with Corbin during the King Of The Ring Tournament. While yes Gable was the superstar with the most momentum and fan power in this match and someone who everyone wanted to win, he was always a good wrestler. Corbin showed that he's getting better and better as the tournament went on and these two had a great match up to end the tournament.

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