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  1. Notice how Team Evolve changed their spots three times since the card was revealed. #Unorganized #CarnageIsBetter
  2. New NXT Stable Debuts

  3. Prediction: Carnage is going to clean sweep Evolve.
  4. Patriotism, Partnership, and Gifts

    "Cult Of Personality" hits as the fans erupt from their seats as they greet the brand new Premium Champion, Brad. He walks out gingerly from the back with Premium Championship around his waist and a smile planted on his face. He opens his arm up to take in all the energy he gets before he walks down the ramp. He slides into the ring and he shakes Monda's hand before taking the microphone from him. The music died down as Brad looks around at the fans as they chant "You Deserve It!" Loudly as he smirks then laughs. "Thank you all very much. Last night, I spent fifty seven mintues and thirty three seconds combined in three matches. Nearing a hour last night.... and I don't regret it. For three years, I was crawling, scratching, and bleeding for moments like this. I went through hell for this. I lost soo many times that moments like these were just a dream. The reality was that I was the King Of Jobbers! That after Mania last year, that I was going to have to sit out of Mania this year.... but that all changed. I made my desntiy and now I'm going to BPZMania 3 the neeeew Premium Champion!" The crowd cheers as Brad pats his title and smriks again. "Now, the Road To BPZMania 3 stops at Bragging Rights, Live March, 6th. Carnage vs Evolve. It's me, Monda, Julius, and Commonwealth. Against Akki, Jonathan, Ark Universe, Red Arrow, and some unknown... wait his name is Marker? Ah yes yes yes, the best of Evolve right there. Well done. Evolve, you guys got some decent stars there, but it's time to strink y'all team down to size. Akki, you been here for years! Been kicked out for years, and always slithered your way back in. You are a snake Akki. A unintelligent reptile who thinks he's the best in the World, when in fact, he's more of a Jobber than I am. And this beef with Carnage? The only reason you got beef is because Bailey would give that God Damn retard his gold star, so runs to Evolve! And now that nothing is about him, he blames Carnage. No sir, I blame you! I blame you for not doing your damn job and blaming others for it. Ark, or I should say Brad. Because that's who you really are becoming kid. I said this months ago, and you tried denying it, so hard. But the fact is you're a Carbon Copy Of Me. You "created" this Underdog story of being held down and overlooked, after I did it. You then went to Evolve and won the To The Top Ladder match, after I did. You then cashed in on the champion after a gruelling match and won, after I done that. You claim that you want to be the one and only Ark Universe that this world has seen, but instead, you're the twin of Brad. But even then, I would be ashamed to have you as a twin, hell. I'm embrassed to even say you're trying to be me. Because with all that talent you got, you lack one thing. Ring smarts. You look at the big picture wrong. In this ring, you look at one opportunity. I look at all, and that paid off hella good last night while you were in the hospital from your recent match up. Ark, trust me, I'm knocking the Brad outta ya dawg. I will save you, and you'll never ever be the same again." The crowd cheers as a "Brad" chant. Brad nods to the fans as he resumes. "There are three more, but y'all aint worth my breath. But thinking about my team, y'all do got your weaknesses. Monda, you can be known as unreliable. Yes you standing there. You left me hanging in that tag match. You said "I'll be there! And left your balls at home. I dig the American Monda, but this American Monda better have his Fucking balls back and better bring the fight! Commonwealth, y'all lost your head. George gone, how long till you both leave too? Hell, don't think I forgot about the two times you put me in the hospital. If I even smell betrayal, y'all wouldnt even need to ask to leave Carnage, cause i will make you leave. And Julius, your new. Too new. If you think of making a impact on me, you won't make it past NXT son. But, we are a team. And as a team, we will be on the same page and we will sweep the entire five of Evolve. And Evolve, ya know what happens when you aren't Carnage? You know what happens? Do you? Evolve.... YOU JUST MADE THE WALL!" The crowd roars as Brad types a reminder as he and Monda await their other partners.
  5. After a great card and matches so far for the payperview with Julius regaining the NXT Championship, FDS winning the Intercontinental Championship and winning the semi finals of the Tag Team Classic along side Necce and Flynn and Slim winning their tag match. Bart won the United States Championship and now in the ring is Hannah, the ring announcer and Charles Darwin, the senior official with the Premium Championship in his arms. The bell rings as the crowd awaits the introductions. Hannah: "Due to Slim vacating the Premium Championship, there will now be a Open Challenge for the Premium Championship!" "Gods Plan" hits as the crowd are on their feet for Carnage's SuperNova, Echo Wilson. He comes out all fired up as always with a purposeful look on his face. Knowing that if no one accepts, he could win the title, but if someone does accept, he would have to fight his heart out. Echo marches down to the ring as a "Super Nova" chant builds from the crowd. He marches up the steel steps and he looks out into the arena before entering the ring and he kisses his wrist as he takes his jacket off and tosses it to the outside. He hops around as his theme ends. Hannah: "Introducing first. He is the "Super Nova".. ECCCHHOOO WILLLSOOON! The crowd cheers as Echo kisses his wrist again and lifts it in the air. He lowers his wrist and waits as a crew memeber runs out and whispers to Hannah who nods as the crew man runs back. "Ladies and gentlemen, I was just informed that someone has accepted the Open Challenge. From Milan, Italy. Weighing in at 220lbs..... BRRRAAAAAAADDD!!!!" "Cult Of Personality" hits as the arena is shaking and Echo got a shocked looked on his face. Brad walks out from the back as the fans get louder. Brad smirks as he looks around before yelling "LETS GO BABY!" and he marches down to the ring. He takes his shirt off mid way and throws it into the crowd as he slides under the ropes and climbs the top rope and poses as the crowd reacts again. He climbs down and gets face to face with Echo as his theme dies down. Hannah exits the ring as the referee holds the Premium Championship high in the air as the crowd roars. The ref hands it to Hannah and he orders both men to go to the corners, which they do. He asks Brad and Wilson if they are both ready and they nod yes. The bell rings as Brad and Echo start to circle each other. They stop and Brad offers his hand out. Echo thinks closely about it and shakes Brad's hand as the fans cheer. The fans start clapping as Brad and Echo now start to cricle each other again before tieing up in the middle of the ring. Brad gets the advantage for him being the stronger of the two and he wrenches on the arm. Wilson tries to roll through but Brad kicks his legs out and covers for only a one count as Brad looks at the young kid and smirks. Echo taps his leg and nods before getting to his feet and the two tie up but Echo gets up and rolls Brad up for a one. He looks at his kneeling partner and mocks Brad by smirking himself, which in turn sees Brad chuckling. He gets to his feet and fixes his knee pad and and when Echo and Brad seem to be going for another lock up but Brad drops lower and grabs Echo by the legs and brings him down and looks like he's going for the Wall Of Fakers but Echo scrambles and grabs the ropes, causing a break and rolls to the outside. Brad runs off the ropes before jumping on the second rope and corkscrewing over the rope onto Echo as the crowd roars. Brad throws his arms up and down as he yells "NO MORE BULLSHIT!" He grabs the Super Nova and throws him in the ring. Brad climbs the apron and spring boards elbow drops on Echo's chest for a two. Echo crawlsto the apron and makes it to his feet. Brad goes for a springboard, seeming like for his dropkick, but Echo counters and Superkicks Brad in mid air, knocking him down. Echo enters the ring and lifts Brad up and nails a Sit out powerbomb before nipping up and runs and jumps on the top rope and moonsaults onto Brad for the two count. Echo starts stomping away at Brad's neck, which Brad in interviews has said caused him issues since Night Of Legends back in January. Echo knees at his neck before hitting a neck breaker for two. Echo lifts Brad up and throws him over the top rope before running and hitting a suicide dive, taking Brad down. Echo drags Brad by the barricade before sitting him against it. He runs to the other side and back and goes dropkick but Brad moves, sending Echo feet first into the barricade. Brad runs and spears Echo through the barricade as the crowd roars. Both men lay there as the fans start chanting "Holy Shit!" Loudly. After a few seconds, Brad uses the barricade to get up and he slowly drags Wilson to the ring before picking him up and throwing him inside. Brad slides under the bottom rope and covers Echo. 1..2.. and a kickout. Brad grabs his neck before getting up. He looks at the down Echo and runs off the ropes and goes Lionsault but Echo gets both get both legs up and gets Brad's stomach as he rolls around. Both men get up and Echo kicks Brad in the gut and places his head between his legs. Echo lifts Brad up and drops him with a wicked piledriver as the fans look on speechless. The Super Nova has a ashamed look on his face that shows he didn't want to do that but he had to for the Premium Championship. Echo gets to his knees and covers Brad. One....two.... thre- HOW DID BRAD KICK OUT?!?! THE FANS ARE GOING NUTS AS ECHO LOOKS ON SHOCKED!!!! He shakes it off and goes for another pin and another two count. He sits in the corner, questioning himself as who he can beat Brad. He looks to the outside then Brad before he kicks Brad out of the ring. He exits the ring himself and takes the table top off and unhooks the monitors and throws them to the side. He throws Brad up and gets on the table itself. He lifts Brad up and gets face to face before saying "I'm sorry...." He goes for another Piledriver but Brad back body drops Wilson on the table. He runs and jumps on the arpon and and jumps off the middle rope and Lionsaults Echo through the table as the crowd explode with cheers again. Both men lay exhausted as they reach twenty five mintues so far. The crowd bangs on the barricades and others stomp their feet and clap trying to get both men into the match. Brad gets up and throws Echo into the ring. He lifts Echo up, who elbows Brad. Brad boucnes bounces off the ropes with a front dropkick which sends Wilson back into the ropes and back with a Superkick that sends Brad back and back at Echo with a clothesline that flips Echo and lays both men out. The fans give both men a standing ovation as they lay their exhausted. Both men have to use themselves to get up before they start trading blows. Echo tosses Brad over, who lands on the apron and hurries up to the top. Echo Superkicks Brad, who falls from the top rope and up dazed as Echo hits another Superkick. Echo covers and gets another two count. What will it take to keep both men down?? Echo lifts Brad up and barely catches Echo with a Codebreaker that sends him into the corner. Brad ups Echo up but Echo kicks at him. Brad then springs off the ropes and catches Echo full force with a Codebreaker from the top rope as he covers him. One...two...three! Brad has won the Premium Championship! The fans are on their feet as he lays there. Hannah: "Here is your winner and NNNNEEEEEEWWWWW Premium Champion...... BRRRAAAAADDD!!!" Brad makes it to his feet as the referee has the Premium Championship in his hand. He looks at the ref and asks "Is this serious?" The ref nods and hands Brad the Premium Championship as "Cult Of Personality" hits. Brad grabs the title and places it on the ground and then puts his head on the title. The three year journey has finally come full focused for Brad. The dream has came true. Brad lifts his head up and grabs the title. The ref raises one arm and Brad throws the one with the title in his arm up as the crowd roars. Brad climbs to the top rope and holds the title up with both hands as he is seen with tears falling from his eyes as he hugs the championship tightly. He hops down and exits the ring and he high fives all the fans he can before walking up to the ramp. Brad stands on the ramp and throws the title up in the air once again as the fans roar again. He limps to the back as he awaits his two other matches.
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  7. Brad is a Massive Pussy

    Flynn gets cut off by Brad's theme, which causes the crowd to go to their feet as Brad walks onto the stage laughing his ass off. Brad watches the "doctor" walk up the ramp. Brad stops the doctor before he examines him. Brad taps his face and kicks him off the ramp. Brad turns his attention to Flynn and marches down the ramp and slided into the ring and grabs the microphone that Flynn dropped. "Flynn you are legit the saddest man in BPZ right now. Hiring a fake doctor named after a wrestler is sad. Your attempt to "expose" me is sad. You saying I'm born from mutation is sad. You having you buty buddies throwing Ls at me is sad. Flynn, for the first time in your career, you're just a sad excuse of a man. You spent all day today and a lot of last night backstage saying "I'ma expose Brad!" When you did nothing but looked like a stupid dumbass. I know you're scared, hell wrestlers in the back know you're scared. Hell I got a list of wrestlers on camera telling me that they see who's winning. And guess what, that's not you mate. Because they see through the "King Of Carnage" shit you're doing and saw at our sit down that you do sense you can be defeated. That for the first time we faced off, I am a challenge. I am better than I ever been when facing you. That I am the one who will take your championship and stop from you taking all the spotlight and stop this brand from being built around one guy who quite frankly doesn't deserve it now. And hold on, you ask if I'm really the champion Carnage wants? I could say ask the fans, but the proof is in the pudding. These countless times you came out here was more than any other of your title defenses. The more "truth"... well more like stupid jokes you got, shots you took. The more of everything. You say you're winning, but your eyes says other. You are now the the champion Carnage never wants. And you bring up my parents again. Let's bring up something about you, didn't you a month or so ago got soooooo excited thinking the boss was your dad? So how are your parents dead then if you don't even know your real parents, FlynnPlayz? Oh can't talk about that? Oh well who ever said I gave a shit? Back to you Flynn. You've been telling me shit I knew. From 2015 to late 2016 I always thought I was the man, but one thing showed me different, that was looking at the real picture. That I didn't truly have a place here. Hell I feel like I truly don't still. So I push myself in that gym every day. I better my skills everyday and I look at my weaknesses and I question them. Hell, my biggest weakness is my anger, everyone knows that. When I lose a match I work so so hard for, I get mad and take a few days, so what though? Because I come back. Why do i come back? Because I love this place. I've been loving this place since I started three years ago. But you use my leave of absences those time as a joke. You use my life itself as a joke. Go through it Flynn. I dare ya. Go through it. Just like I thought. You call me the pussy, but in fact you became the pussy. You also called me a pussy for ducking Bashka's challenge? Hell after being told by you yourself to challenge him, I knew i had to fight him because I wanted to show why I earned this damn title match. But what happened? He never responded. He never responded because he saw our sit down and saw me OWN your ass that whole time and turn Flynn into Bitchynn! Got a issue with that?! Then swing again because if you do and miss this time I swear on my dead mothers grave i Will Knock You The Hell Out!!! TRY ME!" Brad holds his arms out and yells at Flynn to finish him off. The fans are silent as Brad lowers his arm and brings the mic to his mouth. "God damn right you better stand there and look more stupid than you already made yourself look. I tried so hard to keep peace until a piece of shit like yourself comes and tries his so hardest to make shit up about me. Flynn I'm not the best, but at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, after your loss, you will no longer be known as one of the best. You will be known as the future Hall Of Famer who got his ass kicked by some kid who never wins! But now, winning the title will be a treat. The reward will be sweeter. The reward is going to be one of three things. One, the next night, you walk your sorry ass down here and shake my hand. Second, you will go back to Evovle because you'll be so ashamed of yourself for letting your ego get the best of you. Or third, and this is my most wanted option, you claim to never have a dad? At Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, you'll be calling me Daddy then. Cya at the payperview." Brad drops the microphone and exits out of the ring. Brad walks up the ramp as the fans roar on Brad and start chanting his name as he exits through the curtain ending the segment.
  8. "Defense"

    As Carnage kicks off with it's final show before Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, Brad is sitting on a equipment crate, holding his head as a interviewer slowly approaches him. Interviewer: “Brad, may I get a word about last week's attack on you by Flynn?” Brad looks at the interviewer and chuckles. “A word? Okay, I got a few words. Last week, I showed Flynn up at his own game. I got inside his head and twisted his own words of me. Something he does very well. However, for the first time ever facing me, he senseness the realisation that he can be defeated by me. I sense it in his eyes. I sensed it in his words. Each breath he took, was breaths of a man who realised that his reign.. is over at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. The two times he came close to defeat, he got lucky or he was involved in a double DQ. This time, he's not getting that lucky when I trap him in the middle of the ring with the Walls Of Fakers, hear him scream for me to stop. “Brad! Please Brad!” and then to see him submit to me, only for him to watch my hand raised with the Universal Championship high in the air, and the announcer saying “Here is your winner, and new Universal Champion, Brad!”. Your world will crumble. Your kingdom will fall. You will never and I mean ever be the same again. As for your little kick to my nuts, must of been fun for you to do something involving nuts since to me you lost yours. An eye for an eye with that Codebreaker at the Rumble? Not close. My Codebreaker was because I do know you Flynn, and if I didn't, you would of struck first then and there. An-” Brad stops in his tracks as he sees something in the distance. He tells the interviewer to scram or else he will go on the Wall. Quickly the interviewer leaves and Brad looks back over and smirks. From behind the camera comes Jonathan as the crowd roars on. Both men stare at each other as a “YES!” chant fills the arena as both men chuckle at that. “Mr. Jonathan. How may I be of assistance?”
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    Congrats to Slim and Bart and I cannot wait to see your guys match for the Global Championship.

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