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  1. Welcome to the forums Percy. Names Brad and I hope you stick around here and become a big part of the forums. Any questions message a mod or even message me and I'll be happy to help out.
  2. I'ma have to agree with Sameer on this one and say during the Walking Dead TellTale game where Clementine was given the choice to pick either let Lee live, but him eventually dying and turning into a zombie or putting a bullet through his brain. That shocked me and I quickly (and sadly) killed Lee, put my controller down and sat back upset about it.
  3. The time came for BPZ December To Disremember, where Nanovirus faced off against the then reigning Premium Champion of BPZ, NateDog. After a tough battle, Nanovirus came out of the match with another loss, then after the match, he vanished from BPZ following a beatdown by NateDog, Alyx Wilde, and Slim, who formed Top Guys. "May I… Rest. In. Peace." One Month Later A newer superstar debuts in BPZ, by the name of Avan Wolfe debuted and automatically went into a feud with one of BPZ's past hottest superstars of the time. Ch- Who was in his second reign as the United States Champion after beating Alyx Wilde. At Bragging Rights 2016, Avan Wolfe debuted and attacked the superstar as a favor to the general manager at the the time, Dr- Two weeks later, he teamed up with SummerGamz and became known as the System. And their mission? "BEAT UP CHR- During the Royal Rumble, Avan Wolfe was eliminated after twenty minutes in the match. Then two weeks after, The System disbanded after SummerGamz went over to Evolve and joined Top Guys before ultimately killing his sister. But this left Avan Wolfe on his own, but not for long. Shortly after, he went to Maximum Security, he bailed out a well known superstar, the man that was locked up for losing his mind and being a threat to society, Brad. Brad: "So…… what's next?" Avan: "Well… you get to go to work." Brad: "I'm in."
  4. I'm sure Vince isn't going to let his feelings on how he see shows that have nothing to do with him inside his company effect his judgement, especially with his son in law being the one in charge. Glad to see Vince showing support to Triple H, especially on a big day like this for NXT and them switching to TV now. And as for Lio Rush I'm excited for him to be back. He's very good in the ring, charismatic, quick, and his moves flow easy. Hopefully he continues to showcase himself and not he victim to anything backstage because of it. He's young and still got time to grow as a person, can't hold him down to some comments and Attitude.
  5. Winner: Shawn Michaels vs Mr. Perfect SummerSlam 1994: Razor Ramon vs Diesel- Intercontinental Championship Bret Hart vs Owen Hart Steel Cage- WWF Championship The Undertaker vs The Undertaker
  6. James: "Hello everyone and welcome to Smarks Daily. I'm your host the Number One Talk Shot host, Interviewer and the Voice Of The BPZ Network, screw off Mike Hunt, James SweedinFerg and today I'm joined by the Number One Contender for the North American Championship, Yelich. Welcome to the show" Yelich: "Thank you James, first off I'd like to say that you are not The Voice of the BPZ Neccework, that is myself, host of the one and only Yelich's Yell, but it's cute that you think it's you. But anyways I am still recovering right now from the attack by Flynn and his gang of delinquents on me, so I apologize if I'm not the best guest you've ever had as that has shaken me up, but I'll try my hardest like I always do." James: "Well Yelich it's been a while since you've been interviewed by me, and I have to ask, has things changed for you in better ways the they were before?" Yelich: "Honestly no, I was just attacked by Flynn again, I haven't won a meaningful match still, and I'm overall just not happy with my current situation. But I am always trying to turn that around, and at Bad Blood, despite the viscous and uncalled for attack by Flynn and his cronies, who at this point I am sure has a personal vendetta against me, I will face Arius at Bad Blood for the BPZ North American Championship in a Two Out of Three Falls match, and I will win." James: "But he won't be in your match at Bad Blood when you going one on one against the North American Champion Arius in a rematch from SummerSlam which went to a time limit draw, but this time in a two out of three falls match with no time limit. Are you as confident for this match like you were leading to SummerSlam? Or did that change when you couldn't put him down for the three at the event?" Yelich: "You know who also couldn't get a pinfall at SummerSlam? Arius. And who had the last offensive move at SummerSlam, who hit that top rope Spanish Fly? I did. I was minutes, possibly seconds away from victory, and a stopwatch took that from me. I am as confident as ever, a little less so after the barbaric attack onto me, but still confident. That question should be directed towards Arius. Is he confident or did that change? Because if anyone's mentality as shifted towards the doubtful after that bout, it would be his. James: "Also after SummerSlam, you were involved in another attack by United Nations, which contains the man who is claimed to have the key for the North American Championship, Joh. After the recent attacks and seemingly mental drain you have on yourself at this point, if you do in fact win, do you see yourself a easy target for a cash in?" Yelich: "The man who STOLE the key for the North American Championship, Joh. Am I supposed to be scared of a man who not too long ago was hurt my a drunk man in a bar who threw a single punch? No I shouldn't. I am not an easy target for ANYONE let alone a man who allows himself to be lead in stable by a man who paints his face and has tourettes. A better question, a question you'd hear on superior shows such as Yelich's Yell, only on the BPZ Neccework, is 'Even if Joh cashes in his To The Top contract, is he even goof enough to win the BPZ North American Championship?' James: "Well Joh is a former United States, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Champions before winning the To The Top Briefcase, which makes him a wrestler that can win the gold if he wants, the question is why are you not that concern when you should be?" Yelich: "When did he win those titles? A long ass time ago that's when. And I know that disposition could be flipped back at me and you could call me a hypocrite, but the difference is that I have fought in matches recently where I have been seconds away from victory. Hell, look at SummerSlam. I would be your current reigning and defending BPZ North American Champion if it weren't for some stupid timer. Joh got lucky at Emergence, I will not let him get lucky at my expense again. Mark my words." James: "Now onto Arius. He never went the time limit with someone before, but you brought him to the limit select few people in BPZ have. Thinking of after the match, if the referee raises his arm up and the announcer was to announce him the winner, what would be next?" Yelich: "That won't happen. I am defeating Arius. There is no 'What if you lose?' I AM WINNING! I am your next BPZ North American Champion, the referee will be raising my arm up and announcing me the winner. And after that I will go to my hotel room, shut my eyes, and fall asleep with a feeling of accomplishment for the first time in years. That is what's next for Yelich after Bad Blood James." James: "Yelich, you know I'm honest, but your track record isn't the best with your promises. The last win you have was against a man who didn't show up. I know you're confident but I also know you have some doubt in you that you may lose. I'm not trying to show disrespect but I'm being honest. What if you fail? What if you can't beat Arius? What if you can't do it?" Yelich: "This is why I don't work with Smarks Daily, my last win was round one of the Power Trip Cup against Kieron Black, not at Emergence 2018 against an absentee Prince. I'm not trying to show disrespect but I'm being honest. You are a flawed interviewer and you shouldn't have a job here in BPZ as a correspondent for this show. Watch the damn product, if you have you'd see only me getting better and Arius getting worse. Arius was unbeatable forever and then he loses to Hans and George and now goes to a time limit draw where he should've lost if we had a couple more minutes with me. And I have been moments away from beating both Hans and recently Arius, as well as inches away from winning my second To The Top Briefcase. There is no if I lose to Arius, there's only when Arius loses to me." James: "I watched Power Trip Cup, but heard nor saw nothing of your match, didn't realize Carnage had a Pre Show of their own or a dark match after. My apologies Yelich. But again, coming close doesn't matter, it's about winning and you haven't. You're avoiding the question because you know it's a big possibility. Why are you afraid to admit you can lose?" Yelich: "Who has Arius beat recently? Tell me James, who has he defeated so grand and illustrious that it proves that I will lose, because I know for damn sure if you had an interview with Arius you would brush over me and talk about how he is a future BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, no question on 'What if you lose to Yelich?' You just like everyone else overhype him and downplay me. I have been Arius's biggest threat for his BPZ North American Championship and I'm swatted aside like I'm a person eliminated first from the NXT Title Battle Royals. So James, tell me, what has Arius done as of recently to merit you keep leading me on to saying 'I'm going to lose to the great Arius?'" "He's only been defeated twice since December when you lost about the same amount of matches he won. And despite those two losses, he kept the North American Championship, even after his first loss. Arius hasn't done anything to gather "when he losses" Yelich. That's why. If the roles where reserve, I'd ask him these questions. But fine, let's move on. If... When you win, who would be first in line to face you?" Yelich: "When I win the winner of Josh vs Mikey is going to face me because that is the currently set up #1 contender's match for the BPZ North American Championship. Watch. The. Product. James. If I had to predict I'd probably say Josh because he is more experienced and is coming off of a recent victory which carries momentum for him. But I wouldn't be surprised if Mikey were to defeat Josh. Also I'd like to remind you that Arius is 2-2-1 in his past five matches, meaning it is a coinflip for him whether he wins or loses. Except his last two wins were against Lord Yautja, a man not seen 3+ weeks before his match. And Odyssey Sellers, a man who has never won a match in BPZ history. But please, keep praising Arius as the almighty lord and savior of this company, and not the man who has defended his title a total of three times in just about 150 days, with only 2 legitimate challengers, one he didn't actually defeat. James: "You know what Yelich, grow up. You're acting like he doesn't deserve praise, and you're acting like you haven't gotten praise. Every time you go on that microphone, I'm back here telling guys about how great you are on the stick, about how great you are at talking, pouring your heart and soul into the microphone, and making fans believe you, making wrestlers believe you. This Yelich? You smell of desperation. You tied Arius and you're acting entitled. You want me to believe in you? Go out to that ring at Bad Blood and win. Don't say you are, just win. What you got to say to that?" Yelich: "Grow up. Grow Up? I've been here longer than most of the current roster. I go out there and I fight for not only myself but my fans. But when I hear people praise Arius like he is a god and then constantly doubt me. I can't stand it. Do you want me to say I have the ability to lose? Sure, okay. I can lose, I've lost in the past. But I am having the mentality for myself to tell myself that I will not lose, I can not lose. But you tell me to just go out there and win. Well I was going to do that at SummerSlam but a timer stopped me James. I have no control over that. Now there is no timer, now its just me and Arius. Two out of Three Falls. I will win because I have to James. I have no plan otherwise because for me there is no otherwise. Believe in that or believe in a false god James. Make your pick." James: "That's better Yelich. That's what I like. I always had faith in you, but you have to prove to us that you can do it. Now moving on to our finally two questions, what's your medical status at this point? Have doctors tried stopping you from competing at the Bad Blood?" Yelich: "Doctors have said it is not the best idea for me to wrestle at Bad Blood as they want me to heal up back to 100 percent, but they have cleared me to compete. I have a bunch of bruises, my ribs are sore, and I've had a few bad migranes since the attack. But things should be better enough for me to compete at Bad Blood. So that is the plan." James: "And finally, to everyone who has doubted you up to this point, from beginning to end, what's the last time you have to say to your critics?" Yelich: "Look at Arius. Look at your God, the man you all say is the next face of this company, the man who couldn't beat me. Yeah, ya know, me. The man who many of you say isn't good enough, the man who many of you brush aside as a loser. So when, or as James likes to put it "if" I defeat Arius at Bad Blood, I want you to reexamine your god, your future BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, and I want you to see that all he is, is what you people think I am. A loser, a man with big talk but nothing to back it up. And I want you to reexamine me as not what you people think Arius is, but what I actually am. A man who has a future in this company, a great wrestler, and a threat to everyone in this company."
  7. Honestly when I saw WWE buy the rights to Starrcade, I was expecting them to make it to a PPV, but it's sadly a house show that's shown on the network. Last year's was decent so hopefully this was goes off without a hitch.

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