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  1. BPZ Whatculture

    In sports entertainment, there is always those moments that makes us go "Yeah! This is awesome!" And there are moments that make us go "This is really really bad." I'm James SweedinFerg from WhatCulture and this is the Top Ten Worst Moments Of BPZ! 10. Milan Winning The NXT Championship: Why why why? In 2015, a star on the rise known as Maestro was making massive waves through the NXT division and was the clear favorite to win. Rumor was that he got in beef with then General Manager of BPZ, Bailey, which changed plans for the match. 9. SummerGamz Murdering His Sister: ....... Enough said. 8. Drunk Brad: whoever thought it was smart having a star compete drunk, well I hope they got fired. Although his drunkness did have a four star match vs Flynn, it was cringy as all living heck. 7. Slim Turning On Bullet Club: Although all these lead to Slim becoming the star he is today, it was horrible and seemed unrealistic. One guy destroying three guys in Gill, Bashka, and Tamer. Now he got unbelievable heat backstage for it, but it seems like everything has been cleared and good for now. 6. FD Murdering Someone: ......... We really went through this a second time? 5. Nebakos Never Getting A Long World Championship Reign: A Hall Of Famer, a incredible wrestler, and a workhorse. A three time World Champion..... that never held the belt for more than a day. Goodness. His first reign he had to vacate after a injury, and the next two he was immediately cashed in on by first Jonathan at BPZMania 1 then Slim at Bad Blood 2016. One day, he'll get a long title reign, unless Money In The Bank is around. 4. Heels Mother: So, Prince back in 2014 dressed up as Heels mom? Ok then.... 3. FD Defeating Sameer.... by Apex: Six months went down when Apex helped FD win the Premium Championship, even though many see it as payback, FD to this day doesn't want to count the win or reign. 2. Apex 1 Day IC Title Reign: The second ever one day Intercontinental Championship reign in BPZ history. Which is ironic cause number one is... 1. Brad's 1 Day IC Title Reign: The moment that sent Brad's career on a down low for the rest of his career. Coming in off one of the hottest months of his career, he won the title, to lose it a day later. And Thats the list. I'm James SweedinFerg from WhatCulture and I'll see you next time. [/b]
  2. Free Agent Corner

    James SweedinFerg for the win boys.
  3. Who's ready for Jinder Mahal's second wwe championship reign?
  4. Brand United

    As Carnage rolls on, members of the Carnage roster as in Josh, who's recuperating from the Codebreaker he suffered a while ago, his stunt double George, the United States and one half of the Tag Team Champions, Echo Wilson, The Universal Champion Flynn, and many others of the Carnage brand gear up in the locker room after the contract signing which started the show. Few moments later, Brad walks in with a smirk on his face, which Josh gets angry about, and George as well since he has to copy everything Josh does. Brad looks around and spots a empty bench in the middle of the locker room. He walks over and stands on the bench and looks out into the room of superstars. Brad: Thank you all for attending my announcement gentlemen. Means a lot to me. Many superstars look up at Brad like he's a lunatic and others are just laughing at him. Brad: Think this is funny huh? You think this brands only and most likely chance of any sense of making this brand one step over Evovle? Where I battle their greatest part timer of all time? Easy work. Hell, all there superstars are easy. Cause even though our brand champion is nothing but the biggest hypocrite and false king I have ever seen in my eyes, yeah Thats right Flynn, I Don't see you as the King Of Carnage, cause I rule Carnage, son. Flynn slowly stands to his feet not taking his eyes off of Brad, who has his hands out to calm down the champ. Brad: However, you are wayy better than the Global champion, Nate. Cause, well, A. He shows up once a month as well, barely. And B. Cause he is scared to face me, let alone you. Now, Carnage got Mr. Echo Wilson. My "tag team partner". How ya doing buddy? How's the family? Sister missed me at all? Echo doesn't look at Brad, as he clearly hasn't fully forgiven him for walking out on him a couple weeks ago. Brad shrugs. Brad: Guess you got some feelings hurt. Well, you and your hurt feelings are better than a man who spent twelve months sitting at home in Tamer. Tamer in his prime, wasn't the prime he wished. He stole everything he has. The charisma, attitude, and microphone work of a true BPZ Hall Of Famer in Zombie. That you right now, would kill him from 2015, 2016, or any time period anyday! Summer takes a minute before he slowly looks over and up at Brad for the first time in a while. Brad looks over at his recent opponent, Peter. He gives a little royal wave at Wilchester. Brad: Sorry man, I forgot to bring you your pancakes with some top notch maple syrup. And you know who's like syrup? Sameer. He sticks to you like syrup. He sticks to people who can bring him to any source of relevance at all. First Slim, now Jonathan, who I'll get too shortly. Sameer uses people to get remembered, as to you, who can do it yourself. You done everything in your power for people to know the name of Peter Wilchester. Josh, you just ate the knees of Brad and it screwed you up man. But you're up and ready for more. Unlike that cagna Smith. Where is Smith?!? Oh yeah, he's letting Slim carry his team for him. He's been gone longer than any champion should of, and that's why his perfection was short lived. Like a fart in the wind, like most people from this stupid country. ?: Aren't you from here? Brad looks over to the person who said that. He slowly raises his arm up before quickly pointing a finger at the man. Brad: I'm from Milan Italy you idiot. Anyway, he is another reason why Evolve is sinking because he claims for perfection yet uses his opponents to make him perfect. And Necce and BiC would give me less chances to throw up than Undisputed, even though one is the stalker like version of a goblin and the other is a pig face hip hop hobit. But Undisputed is full of men who are like two ham sandwiches. Yeah they're good every once in a while, but after a bit, we want something freaking new unless that ham has a different flavor. Unfortunately this ham decided to spilt off with each side laughing at the other, ain't no word life in that. And now Jonathan. The man who would of left again already but didn't because he cannot escape the match that haunted his career for all this time. The man who drove him to this point of his career. The man who made his career meaningful again..... only to rip it out of him like the Ice JJ Fish looking headass he is! We are Carnage. And at Survivor Series, i Will put this brand on my back and make us the best brand ever. Hail Carnage!! A lot of the superstars cheer on hyping up the Carnage member in Brad for his match up this weekend against Jonathan. Brad hops off the bench and gives a queen wave goodbye. As he exits the locker room, he smirks and shakes his head. Brad: Dumb Fucks. Brad chuckles to himself as he walks off into the hallway as the camera fades to black.
  5. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    As "Crew" plays, Josh goes to speak until Brad takes the microphone from him, which angers the former United States Champion. As Brad goes to speak, Josh rips the mic from Brad and starts yelling at Brad. Josh: I AM TIRED OF THE DISRESPECT YOU, JONATHAN, AND YOU UNGRATEFUL FANS!! I'M A GOD IN THIS RING! I'M A BOX OFFICE STRAW! I'M A- Out of nowhere Josh gets cut off with a Codebreaker by Brad, sending him up in the air and flat on his back. Shockingly, the crowd chants "Thank You Brad" for shutting Josh up about movies and all that. Brad picks up the microphone again. Brad: Touch me again, and there will be more than that you clown. As for you Jonathan..... well, you're not worth anymore of my breath tonight. I will see you at Survivor Series son. Brad tosses the mic behind him that lands on Josh's mid section. "Judas" plays as Brad rolls under the ring and walks up the ramp to end this segment.
  6. A 19 Year Long Secret

    So.... God this is something I've remained rather silent about mainly about the feedback it could bring, hell, I just told my parents about it and I got a hella better response than I expected. So here I go. For as long as I've been alive, my difference in feelings are well known to you guys as me liking a woman. What you don't know is that as much as I can have strong feelings for a woman, i can have the same feelings.... for a man too. Yes gentlemen, I'm offcially stating out that I'm bisexual. And I'm proud it. To keep a secret like this down for 19 years utterly sucks if you think about it. Now officially, I have dated women, and one male, and I'm no longer ashamed to hide it. I was always so nervous in what the world thought, but at my age, I Learned to not care. All i ask is for you guys to understand this and hopefully accept me like even if I was just how I portrayed myself as for these past 2 years. Thank you gentlemen and I can't wait for more days upon us all. God bless you all.
  7. Brock's best match in years and AJ Styles showing why he is truly phenomenal. I truly did not expect much from this match and I was blown away. A few times I legit thought AJ was going to beat Brock, but Brock winning was still good as no one got hurt from this match (momentum wise). Brock sold AJs moves amazing this match up and AJ did his best to survive a beast. Protecting the F5 is expected but realistic so i applaud WWE for it, especially on someone the built of AJ. I do wonder where this will take them now.
  8. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    With the war of words continuing, the crowd behind Jonathan, and Josh getting upset after the disrespect Jonathan showed him by taking the microphone from him, all Brad can do is..... smirk. He smirks at everything going on before getting into Jonathan's face with that smirk. Brad: You see this smirk? You know why i smirk like this and why I have been for my entire career? Because you are the exact copies of everyone before you. You're the exact mold of every single person before you who faced me. You want to take claim that you will beat me so bad, that it makes me go away. But the issue is with this Jonathan, those who stepped up in the past have something you don't. Talent. And, go say that I have none because I didn't win the world title, because the fact of the matter is that in a match I lose, it's better than any match you ever win. This ain't my first rodeo with someone with your achievements or better. I've faced men like Bashka and gave him one of his worst defeats in his entire career. I faced some of the best up and comers in SummerGamz, Peter Wilchester, Ark Universe, FD, and so on. And each man who stepped up fell in defeat and i forced them to look at me as the Best In The World At What I Do. It's not a catchphrase, it's the truth. On this mic, nobody can match me anywhere or in any aspect. Behind commentary, I can make anyone a star, including the ones who don't deserve it, like you, or in this ring, cause win or lose, nobody does their best like me. That's why I'm the Best In The World At What I Do Jonathan. That's something you and all these parasites and cockroaches will never take away from me. Boos pour down again as the game of one upping each other on the mic continues. Brad: Survivor Series ends two ways. If I do lose the battle, i still win the war because I will remain here showing why I'm better than you at everything we do while without me, you fade off into irrelevancy once again. And when i win, you leave to lick your wounds and tell everyone that you'll be back better than ever, that you'll never ever leave again until a week later when you simply take your ball and head home again. And like it or not, you and everyone here knows I'm speaking the truth because you say I don't back up when i say I'll win the world title, just how you don't back up your statement that these fans make you stay, that you will remain here till you get carted out on a stretcher. And at Survivor Series, that is exactly what's going to happen. And we'll watch you return in a few months time.... just to do it all over again. And it stings.. because it's true. This contract we just signed, is what just ended your career. Brad lowers the mic and reaches into his pocket for something. He pulls out a piece of gum in a tin wrapper. He unwraps the gum and puts it in his mouth and chews on it. Brad: And just like this piece of gum. Brad smirks then spits the gum right into the face of Jonathan. Brad: I'm going to chew up and spit out your dead career.
  9. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    Brad: (no mic) Finally. The two exchange a stare down as the crowd cheers and chants on Jonathan. The two start trash talking each other before Brad lifts the microphone up. Brad: Finally! The man of the hour decides to grace us with his lovely presence! Any longer and it would put people to sleep like it was a JoshNow match. Oops. Anyway I'm glad you showed up, because despite our legendary encounter that sold our merchandise, you're welcome by the way, I kept myself in that "respect" shmick and said what these piece of garbage fans want. They wanted to hear the ever so goodness come from my mouth about "their hero and their savoir" but deep down I wanted to slap you straight in the face and call you a waste. A waste of talent in a lazy human being. The crowd roars out boos as that smirk on the face on Jonathan's face slowly fades into a look of disgust as both men don't move from their spot. Brad: And your name isn't as valued as it once was. Cause since you lost the World Championship, you dropped your ball and scurried off to your hole like the rat you are. While I came in, put on classics after classics, won titles, was in the Co Main Event of BPZMania II that didn't involve a briefcase to get me there, and I've been bringing my best this year, which outdoes any year of yours. And you criticize a piece of paper? I can sign this table right now AND IT'LL BE WORTH MORE THAN YOUR ENTIRE CAREER! A man who showed up for the most of 2017 except for a few days, which not a lot of those idiots can say, and then they mark over you?!? You?!? You aren't worth the hype everyone gives you! You're like Goldberg Jonathan. Your return was a feel good moment, but now, we want you to pack your bags and leave again. The crowd obviously disagrees with Brad by chanting "No!" Loudly, but he igrones them as the stare down between Jonathan and Brad does not break. It does when Brad bends down to pick up the contract. He flips the page up and picks the pen up. He signs the contract and shoves it into Josh's chest before getting back in the face of Jonathan. Brad: At Survivor Series, you will fail. And you will never...... and I mean ever be the same again. And your family will have no one to blame, except you. Then your little family, will run into The Arms Of Brad. They'll bring me in maaaaaaaaaan..... ...... and toss you to the side, idiot. Brad smirks as the microphone to his side as the crowd roars with boos as the stare down between both men get more intense as a angry Josh starts talking.
  10. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    As the wait for Jonathan continues, Brad rolls his eyes and takes his feet off the table and grabs his microphone again. He stands up before tossing the chair out of the ring. Brad: This is your hero? This guy?!? The "Immortal One" who's now going to be known as the "Late One" cause he can't even decide to take part for this moment. And this is who see winning you Stupid marks? You all are blinded by his little words. Let me tell you about Jonathan. Jonathan is a lazy excuse of a part timer that shows up when he wants to and leaves when a challenge, he vanishes. While I'm here three hundred and sixty five days, but y'all want him to win? Y'all want the main who blew off an entire Global Championship Chase, a shot with men who actually work their asses off for but never got? A man who is a shell of his former self? Y'all are truly stupid idiots for your ridiculous belief in that man. He's going to be the reason why Evolve losses at Survivor Series, why all those stars who put trust in him to defend them will kick him to the curb and how all you will boo him and turn on him like you did me like the hypocrites you are! The crowd boos the ending of what Brad just said, but the words are sinking in. A "Jonathan" chant rises as Brad yells at the crowd to "shut up!". Brad: Jonathan, here's my offer. Get out to this ring now, or else you will forfiet this match up to me and I show up to Survivor Series, take the Win and move on. However, if you do show up and sign, at Survivor Series, you will meet the Fists Of Brad....... they will punch you in the face maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Brad extends his arms out to soak in the boos as he and the crowd wait for Jonathan.
  11. BPZ Music League 2

    Week 2: Birthday sex (Summer): 5 Lets Get It On (Prince): 4 Rock With You: 3 Earned It (Summer): 3 Sex Bomb (George): 2 Smack That (Gill): 2 Pony (Prince): 2 How It Going Down (Nate): 1 Wet The Bed (Gill): 1 Slob On My Knob (monda): 1 Drunk In Love (Ark): 1 Loungin (Nate): -1 Hotline Bling (Ark): -4 Congrats to @SummerGamzfor winning this weeks challenge. And congrats to @Ark Universefor taking the Biggest L. Next theme is Disney Songs.
  12. Hmm. We'll see who pretends when i win the Carnage Scramble and take your title as well.

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