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  1. Death Notorious Angel then appears with a pair of pillars. He looks at the lifeless body of Arrow and he then opens his mouth and removes every tooth in his mouth.
  2. Name/Nickname: Death Notorious Angel (D.N.A) Preferred Figurehead: Undashing Cody Rhodes Wrestling Style: Technical Strong Style Signatures (up to 2): Running Knee, Powerbomb Finishers (up to 2): Double Underhook Spinning Sitout Facebuster, Future Shock DDT Background: Read my BPZPedia page Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel
  3. Carnage, BPZ's weekly show is live from it's short commercial break, where the last segment showed FDS and the announced Elimination Chamber match up for the Intercontinental Championship with the champion Smith, Arius, Hans, Marker, FDS himself, and his partner, Death Notorious Angel. Then, the words of FDS from his segment comes in through the PA System in the arena. FDS: "What more would I expect from this company right? They know for a fact that when minds like ours are united, they can’t stop us. That’s why they always work to split guys like us up. They always try to break us apart so they can control us, so they can herd us like cattle… but we ain’t cattle. Nah, we’re a whole different species, we ain’t the cattle you can just guide to the slaughter nah, we’re the wild wolves that you gotta kill in order to keep us from killing your animals. We’re the ones you gotta stop from hurting your “Talent” too much." Then every light in the arena goes out, leaving every fan in attendance in the darkness before the loud base of a guitar solo hits the PA System. Suddenly "ULTRAnumb" by Blue Stahil starts blasting through the arena, gathering a chorus of boos from the crowd to the formerly known Brad. A light smoke starts to cover the stage area, before the masked assassin steps out onto the stage, hands closed into an fist, a thousand yard stare into the Sea of "sheep" as he has been calling the BPZ Universe as of late. He quickly tosses his head to the right before the left before stomping on the metal grate and powers down to the ring. He walks up the steel steps before stopping and looks down at the fogged cover mat. He then hops into the ring before eyeing down Hannah, the announcer. He slowly walks over to her, slowly backing her up into the corner. He growls before he snatches the microphone from her hand and backs away, letting her quickly leave the ring and to the bell keeper area. "Once again, management never fails to disappoint me. Two weeks time at Halloween Havoc, instead of making the smart choice and giving myself and FDS a shot at the Tag Team Championships, you decide to put myself and FDS into an Elimination Chamber match for Smith's Intercontinental Championship. Classic action and match making in the minds of those who calls the shots, and those who come out and speak for the people above, hello Flynn. Now putting us in this Chamber match, people are expecting us to fight. Oh no no no no, you see, that's quite the opposite of what we're going to do. That gives us four people that will never cooperate in this match up, leaving us two to annihilate the competition. All four of you will suffer from a malaise so bad, the force to submit overpowers them. They think this match is our downfall, but little do they know it's his uprising. For years, FDS has been overlooked, underappreciated, and tossed to the side for someone else. He's what I am: a workhouse that doesn't get to feast on the hey of legends, but instead we get tamed and blamed for it. It's my mission at Halloween Havoc that FDS leaves that chamber match the new Intercontinental Champion, even if it does break a record me and him both hold. What's that record? For the sheep like marks we have in this Universe, some of you will know that me and FDS are apart of a group of men who have the most reigns as Intercontinental Champion. Three Intercontinental Championship reigns. Me, FDS, Flynn, Apex, and now the Champion himself, Smith. You're an interesting case Smith. A man trying to gather back his legacy. Went from Main Eventing BPZMania III to main eventing bingo halls. From being the biggest man in the company to barely passing a drug test. From having a legacy to having nothing. But look at you, showing you still have it at SummerSlam against Bailey then beating Bashka next month for the Intercontinental Championship. You fight for what you believe you lost, but you get so close, but there is always something in your way, dragging you down far away from your goal. It can be a bullet to the heart of your confidence, it can be a jokester invading your home, trying to solicit your own mother at your family home. But you happen to be there, but despite beating down Slim, we saw the look in your eyes, sorrow. And that sorrow continues at Halloween Havoc when you are pushed farther away from your legacy when you lose your Intercontinental Championship to FDS." Notorious Angel stops what he says and chuckles a bit. He then leans back in the corner and chuckles again. "Arius…. Arius Arius Arius oh Arius. Ain't it ironic we are in the same chamber together? How you did your best to avoid me, only to end up coming back to me? You lied Arius, and now, you will pay for your sins. I'm going to victimized you inside that chamber. I'm going to brutalize you with the tons of steel around us. I'm going to make you suffer with them all. At Mayhem, I called myself the "Mayhem Mercenary, at Halloween Havoc, I'm the Chamber Mercenary. I'm no God, I'm no Jesus, I'm no Buddha, but when you step into that Chamber with us at Halloween Havoc, you're going to wish for them to show mercy on your life." D.N.A drops the microphone and "ULTRAnumb" starts playing again as Angel left another message. He looks into the camera, grinning ear to ear before the segment ends with the camera fading to black.
  4. AAPW Presents: Warfare Expo CenterC Chapter5: Ground Zero AAPW Presents: Warfare Expo Center Chapter 5: Ground Zero Toni Storm vs Ronda Rousey: AAPW Stardom Championship The bell rings and the two talented female wrestlers start to circle each other before finally locking up, Storm quickly getting up quickly and locking Rousey up in a headlock. But the former UFC Champion tosses her against the ropes and ducks low before Ronda hits a nasty hip toss, Toni's back hitting the ropes. Toni fights back and hits a top rope crossbody for two. Ronda hits her swinging slam for a two. Match ends when Ronda signals her armbar but Becky's theme plays, distracting her enough for Toni to hit the Storm Zero and pin Ronda. LAX vs A Boy And His Dinosaur One of the best tag teams against one of the brightest tag teams, and the match starts with all four fighting, before Luchadoruos and Jungle Boy send LAX out of the ring. Homicide and Hernandez try to double team Luchadoruos, but he fights back and kicks both men, bicycle kick to Homicide sending him out of the ring before a Chokeslam to Hernandez then a moonsault for two, getting a loud reaction from the crowd. Match ends when Jungle Boy jumps off of Luchasaurus onto Hernandez and the big man hits a jumping Tombstone onto Homicide for the three. Austin Theory vs James Storm vs Tommy Dreamer: No Disqualifications Austin Theory, upset about feeling "screwed" out of the World Heavyweight Championship, demanded a match, which Shawn happily gave him of a triple threat No Disqualifications match with James Storm and one of the most hardcore wrestlers ever, Tommy Dreamer. The match begins with Theory immediately taking Storm to Dick Kick City then brawling with Dreamer. Some notable spots are Tommy smashing a beer can over Storms head, Theory superplexing Dreamer off the top rope onto a trash can, Storm cracking a beer bottle on Theory's head. Match ends with Theory hitting an Unproven Cutter off the middle rope to Dreamer through a table and gets a win. Dustin Rhodes vs Cody Rhodes vs Tomohiro Ishii vs Kenny Omega: AAPW Heavyweight Championship The main event of the evening to become the first ever All Alliance Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. Omega going the quick pace, Cody fighting for survival, Dustin using his veteran experience, and Ishii fighting for Universal recognition. Ishii fights Cody and Dustin brawls with Omega. Match ends with Cody hitting a Cross Rhodes on Ishii, Dustin hitting Final Cut on Cody, and Omega hitting One Winged Angel on Dustin Rhodes to win the match and the title.
  5. Tag champs to retain. Don't care for this match either as it's just a filler match up, but I'm enjoying the team of Alexa and Nikki.
  6. Has to be Cedric Alexander. Anyway OC wins don't care for the match.
  7. Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: Rowan and Harper RAW Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks: Sasha Banks Smackdown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair: Bayley Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Bray Wyatt: Bray Wyatt Bonus Questions: First Match? (Non-Pre Show) Sasha vs Becjy Second to Last Match? How many 24/7 Championship changes will take place? one Will another championship be defended and if so which one and who will be the opponent? (1 point for each correct answer) IC- Ali
  8. Name - Death Notorious Angel Age - 28 Figurehead - Undashing Cody Rhodes Finisher - Double Underhook Spinning Sitout Facebuster, Future Shock DDT PS4 or Xbox? - ps4 Weight - 256lbs Enemy in kayfabe - Everyone cause they are mean to me
  9. It's days after week four Survival Games matchups, which one saw Bart pick up a win over FDS, which after the match, FDS showed his contained frustration of losing so much after everything he's done for the company, everything he's done for BPZ. Now we are live on BPZ Carnage, hosted in Sweet Home Alabama, where the titantron shows in the locker room, where FDS is sat in the locker room, taping his wrists up, preparing for battle after the show is all said and done with in a few hours, and he looks up and stands up, looking into the eyes of the newly reformed, newly named "Death Notorious Angel", staring FDS right in the eyes, before placing a hand on his shoulder. D.N.A: "Sheep….. sheep sheep sheep sheep. They surround us. They keep us down, belittle us, use us like a yo-yo, they just dangle us around for their sick, twisted enjoyment. And when you think they get tired of toying with our emotions, our feelings, our livelihoods. It…… it really keeps a man down, don't you agree? To put your heart and soul into a place, only for it to be taken away, letting us die on the inside. Letting careers be tossed away, in the hope that the people who replace them do so much better than we can. But when we don't leave, they use it to please their mental thoughts, their little games they love to play. The D.N.A of BPZ, that's what the United Nations is. When this company's name is mentioned, Flynn, Bailey, Slim, Smith, Nebakos, Bashka, even that run down out of fire hemorrhoid of a Chairman, BrendenPlayz are always the names these sheep think of, claim they are the embodiment of BrendenPlayz Wrestling. But they always forget the main ingredient, us. The confidence this place needed, not the ego. The wrestling pristine, not name value. The heart and soul, not the asses of the company." D.N.A looks at FDS, patting his shoulder before leaning on a locker door, before reaching into a locker close by, pulling out a barbed wire baseball bat. He tosses the bat to FDS, then proceeds to pull out a pickaxe. Angel looks at the pickaxe, almost like he's in a trance, before a devilish smile forms on his face. D.N.A: "I can hear them brother. The screaming of our opponents, the agony from our destruction. Destruction and pain has written this Earth for many years. All the wars, the battles, the leaders that plagued this Earth with their foolish beliefs and need for violence and action, creating global mayhem that shatters the core of everyone, leaving their path of pain, sorrow, agony, and destruction for us to pick up after. There is always someone to bring it all back to memory, or someone, or even a group, that will create their new destruction for everyone to suffer through. We tried being the good guys FDS, we've tried our hardest. I tried pretending to care about Italy, but I will be honest, nothing made me happier mauling KENJI's body to the point that he was never the same again. And you, you go softer to please BPZ and everyone in it, why? "Because it's becoming a family show now". Keep the bastards at home people, because I saw the depression you suffered, having to be something you're not. A good wrestler, yes you are. But you're a monster. A killer. A sick, malicious beast that shouldn't be tamed by the shackles they had around you. We're coming for those Tag Team Championships. United Nations…. Is the Bloodline for us. In the past, we've been successful in the tag team division. Myself being a former Tag Team Champion with… That coward, cheater, fraud, fake, idiotic SHEEP Echo Wilson. And FDS is a multi time Tag Team Champion, with two Hall of Fame Tag Team partners. Ryan Reeves and Johnny Kills, now known as Jonathan, they are no joke, no joke indeed, but they lack what was needed and that's the instinct to end the competition. It's considered to be humiliation to lose to me. Losing to me makes you horrible, I heard. It makes your place in the company… lower so I heard. Hans, BiC, anyone else who stands in our way of becoming the Tag Team Champions, a question for you to think about. What will you do when you drop in value in BPZ? What will you do when you're dropped from being the face of the company? What will you do when you have to face your family? Lie about it, saying everything will be fine? Or will you snap under the pressure, black out in the moment and "crippler" yourself in the moment? United Nations first shot at the belts, was a joke. The "Running" Gag as I put it. For good reason, look at what we had: Monda, the "Real American", the good ol boy that does everything for the people of the United States, then there was me, the man who decided to use the anger and insanity I've suffered for a long time, put on some face paint, and yell "QUACK FU**ING QUACK" multiple times over and over again. That, was us at our weakest. Now, we're stronger, more powerful, and more dangerous than ever. I'm no God, I'm no Jesus, I'm no Buddha, but when anyone steps into the ring with us both, and you're the obstacle in our path to those tag team Championships, you'll be praying to all three of them for mercy." Death Notorious Angel stares into the camera for a moment longer before walking off view, with FDS following.
  10. Main thing I want to be known for here is being one of the hardest working members of all time, and one of the best if possible.
  11. Current Figureheads: Masked Cody Rhodes (Undashing) Name: Death Notorious Angel Nicknames: Diablo Height: 6’4 Weight: 220 lbs Antics: Calculated, Extremely Methodical, Quick Fire, Sinister Tatics Theme: "ULTRASound" by Blue Stahil Fighting Style Style: Japanese Strong Style (More Brawler; stiff style Vintage Moves: Variations of the Suplex- Belly To Belly, Back Supelx, Regular Suplex, Gutwrench suplex. Variations of kicks- Round house, leg kick, gut kick, shoulder kick. Chop, right hand punches, finger snap, powerbomb, diving elbow drop, suicide dive, corkscrew crossbody, diving rolling senton to standing opponent. Variations of the backbreaker. Signature 1: Running Knee Signature 2: Powerbomb Finisher 1: "Punisher" (Double Underhook Spinning Sitout Facebuster) Finisher 2: "Lucky Lucy" (Future Shock DDT) Finisher 3: "Detonation Personified" (Codebreaker or GTS into Claymore Kick) Nobody kicks out

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