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    "Hello everyone and welcome back to BPZ WrestleTalk. I'm your host Brad and today I'm joined by one of the biggest New Japan Pro Wrestling fans we have, Shiba. Welcome to the show"

    Shiba: Thanks for having me.

    "Alright, first thing is first, what got you into watching the program? Was it a superstar, a match, or a storyline that caught your attention of NJPW?"

    Shiba: Well, this is kinda surprising considering how much I don't like him now a days but the man to get me into NJPW was Kenny Omega, with the help of Kazuchika Okada and Dave Meltzer. their first match made me subscribe in early 2017 and since then i've been going further and further down the Japanese wrestling rabbit hole.

    "Ah yes yes their WrestleKingdom match up that broke all media, leading to their stint of great matches afterwards. Would you say Omega vs Okada, taking away the star rating factor and basing off wrestling quality, is the greatest trios of main event ppv matches ever?"

    Shiba: I personally wouldn't, I mean I see why people would but I can think of at least 2 that I would put ahead of those matches, those being Flair vs Steamboat and Kawada vs Misawa.

    "Mentioning Kazuchika Okada, his rise back to the World Heavyweight Championship was one that I personally enjoyed, due to ever since he lost the title to Omega at Dominon last year, he started this rise back as The Ace, which slowly and slowly build and build, leading to him facing Jay White at WrestleKingdom and shocking losing, only to beating Jay White for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship not too long ago. You feel like it was the right idea to put the title on Okada not too long after putting the belt on Jay, who was close to fully proving himself to be a NJPW Main Eventer?"

    Shiba: I think it was yeah, I believe the plan was always to put the world title back on Okada in MSG, I just think that NJPW and Gedo would have preferred it for Okada to beat Omega and not White, while I love Jay White, I feel like he was hot shotted into the Main event scene too quickly before he has fully peaked or even got over with the crowd, now that he's away from the title picture and more focused on smaller feuds with the likes of the CHAOS faction, I feel like he's finally in the right position.

    "Now the most famous person that everyone loves to talk about and ask "When Are They Pulling The Trigger On Him?" and that's Naito. Former World Champion his own right, but didn't get to do everything with the belt yet. Since, he's been getting more fan support and more support as time goes by, few more Intercontinental Championship reigns and such, and even main evented the 2018 WrestleKingdom against Okada for the belt, which everyone believed he would of won. If they didn't push the button on him there and gave him the belt, I don't see them ever doing it again. You believe that's true? Or you think they will give him the IWGP belt again?'

    Shiba: No Comment, I refuse to talk about the Naito situation, it pains me too much, all I will say is Naito should have won at WK12

    "I understand that feeling. So let's move from him and talk about Kota Ibushi, the most recent G1 Winner and now faces possibly Okada at WrestleKingdom in 2020. This push, to me is coming because he finally signed a full time Contract with the company, but you think he'll win the belt at WK?'

    Shiba: I feel like he will yes, he deserves it after signing such a lengthy contract, hopefully the 2 days of WK means 2 IWGP heavyweight championship matches, with the second match being a title vs title match between Kota Ibushi and Tetsuya Naito. However considering Gedo's hatred of all things Tranquilo i'll keep that in my dreams until it could happen. Even if that situation doesn't happen i'd still like Ibushi to win the world title, he's a phenomenal talent who more than deserves his place on top of the company

    "Another talent I find incredible is Will Ospreay, the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion of the World. He said recently he wants to bring the Junior Heavyweight division up and make it to where it's main eventing shows. You think he'll do that dream?"

    Shiba: I think Will Ospreay can do whatever he wants tbh, he's got the skill to be able to drag the Jr division up alongside the heavyweights, and with other talents like Taiji Ishimori, Dragon Lee, Robbie Eagles, and El Phantasmo, and of course the returning Hiromu Takahashi I can definitely see it happening

    "Now for a final question. New Japan is definitely one of the biggest companies in the world beside WWE and AEW, but what do you see that they can change to make them above both other companies I just named?"

    Shiba: they need to stop relying on other companies in other countries to produce their shows for them, they sometimes don't realise how popular they actually are and in an attempt to not rush things end up not capitalising on a lot of potential customers

    "Self promotion is always key. Well Shiba thank you for being on the show it was a blast*

    Shiba: thanks it was fun to be on

    "And that was the return of WrestleTalk. I'm ya boy Brad and thanks for reading.

  2. NWGP World Heavyweight Title: Sameer ©  vs Slim: Slim

    NWGP United States Title: Hans © vs Mikey: Hans

    NWGP Intercontinental: Julius © vs Arius vs Bashka: Julius

    NWGP Tag Team Championship: Royal Flush (Sheridan & Johnny Kills) vs Godsent (Jay Sellers & Brett Storm) vs Brad/North vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly): Brad/North

    8 Man Tag Team Match: Natedog, Ross, Kenji, and Kyle Pain vs Ropati, Lunatic Ginge, Bob Sparks, and Sandman: Nate, Ross, Kenji, Kyle

    8 Man Tag Team Match: Bart, Cody Cage, Prince, and Echo Wilson vs Raven, Hollow, Marker, and Buddy Ace: Bart, Cody, Prince, Echo

    Tag Team Match: George & Kieron Black vs Maasa & Evolution: George & Kieron

  3. He's someone I haven't said because we feuded for a bit before, but with how he is today, @Yelichis my dream feud as of recent. Dude is phenomenal but always ends up slightly short. I feel like him getting a win over someome with a name (even as short as mine) would be a step in the right direction plus we could mash well as our Characters are in the same shoes 


  4.  As reported by ShowBuzzDaily, the SmackDown viewership dropped ever so slightly as we move away from SummerSlam and edge towards Clash of Champions. The show certainly had a lot of different storylines flowing through the two hours, to the point where some fans would argue it felt quite stacked – or overcrowded, depending on your perspective. The final figure came out to an average of 2.142 million, which is down very slightly from 2.164 million last week. When you consider the fact that last week’s show was the post-SummerSlam episode, that’s not a bad day at the office.

    2019 High – 2.393 million (March 27)

    2019 Low – 1.827 million (May 14)

    This Week – 2.142 million




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