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  1. -Earlier In The Week- BPZ. Com: Shiz-Freeze is continuing its trend of dipping into the dusty well of rejected ideas, announcing the "North Dokata No Rope Bouncy Breakdown Maze Massacre" ™ match that would feature at the event. This match will follow standard over the top rope elimination rules, with one slight twist. As the ring was suspended above the pool inside of the Williston Area Recreation Centre, the only way to be eliminated was to be thrown into the water below. Who will enter and who will survive this hellish structure? Stay tuned for more announcements! {The second annu
  2. The crowd starts to go crazy, making Smith look around before he cautiously looks behind him and sees no one behind him or towards the stage and ramp area. He turns back around…. Oh my God what a clothesline! Brandon Hendrix! Making good on his promise to show up at Valors special event and he just laid out the former two time World Champion Smith! Two of BPZs Performance Workers in Kirk and Jeff run down to the ring to check on Smith, who was already exhausted from that twenty minute battle he had with Mikey who is also in the ring at this very moment. Hendrix stares at the two men
  3. Shout out to the Hennygod himself JR Smith for getting a ring while doing absolutely nothing. Henny thing possible.

  4. Ogre finna be a number one contender yessir
  5. "Brandon Hendrix is looking for the Olympic Slam! Wait!! Addy reversed with a arm drag!! Hendrick rolls off his back to his feet- RIOT CONTROL! HE KICKED HENDRIX IN THE FACE CLEAN! ONE...TWO...THREE! ADDY WINS HIS RETURN MATCH IN BP-" Suddenly the voice cuts out before a slow singular applause is heard from the darkness within. "With the possible worst day I can imagine, came the worst results. I was given my own condolences. I got up, placed the black rose down where I was pinned and walked away. I didn't want to turn out like how Angelo did. I didn't want to become who he is. That one
  6. [quote] Joey Ryan has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against three women who made sexual misconduct allegations against him during the #SpeakingOut movement. As per Heel By Nature, Ryan filed the defamation lawsuit on September 24, claiming the women made false accusations that have damaged his reputation and livelihood. Here’s what Ryan claims to have lost, as per the filing: As to all of the defendants’ conduct above and below described, specifically since defendants have published their statements on social networking sites, Plaintiff has Lost followers on his Twit
  7. Failure Bees Snakes Spiders Clowns Being crippled. Especially clowns. Fuck clowns.
  8. A gentle whistle fills the empty BPZ locker room of an unidentified tune to the listening ears of the viewers who bought a ticket and those listening from the comfort of their own home who can be able to sit on their couch and be able to watch the entertainment BPZ provides weekly before the visual part is blocked by two legs. The camera zooms up slowly, showing the mid section of the character in front of the camera, catching the black jeans and white shirt he is wearing before zooming past his neck to show bruises on his neck and short hair. The male turns around and shows the beat up, stitc
  9. First Nate now you? I hate it here.
  10. [Center] We're mere moments past the attack Addy just suffered a brutal two on one beat down that was orchestrated by the hands of his NXT Takeover opponent, Jack Bishop, which left Addy to be helped to the back by referees. Suddenly, the refs are knocked into the back of Addy, sending him down to the ground himself. Addy slowly turns his head, holding his neck as he sees his opponent for the 19th, Brandon Hendrix in his wrestling attire. Brandon growls as his mouth opens a bit and shows his mouth guard which has the logo on it but it cannot be made out. Addy has a look of almost fear on his f

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