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  1. {Friday Night Valor is live on television as it was announced on the BPZ Twitter that starting off Valor was going to be Brandon Hendrix against Jason Ryan where the winner goes on to the To The Top Ladder Match at Valor Chapter Five: Paramount. "Money For Nothing" plays as "Mister Better Than You" Jason Ryan with a confident swagger struts his way to the ring to a define negative reaction from the sold out crowd. With the open admit that he doesn't care about winning this match, he stated his job is to take out Brandon Hendrix. Can he not only take
  2. "I wanted to help people but BPZ wouldn't let me. Good men don't last long here, Brandon. Not when everybody knows who they are." {Lola, Pier W, Cleveland, Ohio. With all the action that's on Valor, some of the most interesting stories and developments with the likes of Kiera Black and the debut of Defiant Wrestling, Alex Costa joining Defiant Wrestling, Arrow Reigns getting into the To The Top Ladder Match, and recently, Jason Ryan responding to Brandon Hendrix. Inside the restaurant, the table has the set up: forks and knives wrapped up in white cloth, two empty plates
  3. Can't wait for BPZMania Backlash this month. Should be great.
  4. “It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling—that really hollowed-out feeling.” They say the Lord forgives us when his children pray for their sins. That once they're washed over, God's children are free. Location: Holy Trinity American Church The goosebumps, the awe inspiring feeling you get fills the room. And the room is empty to all except one man: Brandon Hendrix. He sits in the front row of
  5. I can see it being either Drew Mclntyre or Roman Reigns on the cover. Both men has been carrying the load of WWE during the pandemic era of the company and both deserve to be on the cover. If I had to choose, I'd put Drew on the cover, mainly because he's been the number one guy during the entire time of when COVID hit and has continued that even to this day for Raw when Roman was carrying Smackdown since his return. So either one I can see going on the cover of WWE 2K22.
  6. How great some song from Fairy Odd Parents were
  7. But you have, you copied off me what would become your entire career. You're welcome.
  8. You copied it from me who copied it from Slim. So again you copy me. Welcome to the forums young gun.
  9. "Hey Angelo. Have you been watching the product lately?" "I have. Jason Ryan? LOL." "Tell me about it. I've watched the history of this dude. I don't know honestly." "What about you tho? How have you been feeling ever since your heart gave out?" "I'm… better. Not one hundred percent but this is something I have to do. I have to face Mikey to not only prove myself… but to get my brothers back." "Well, good luck kid. You're going to need it." -----------------------------------------
  10. Ayo that's faxs man got busted open by the Alabama version of James Ellsworth
  11. We need to ban Josh I stg

  12. "It's April First already? So this has to be a joke, right? Jason Ryan was ballsy enough to do a promo on me? Alright, let's see what we got here." {Scene begins with a quick recap of the promo Jason Ryan did on Brandon Hendrix. The constant joke of "Brandon's old" or "he retires too much" or "he's too broken" to be in this match and that Jason was going to eliminate him once and for all. The recap ends as the next scene begins outside the house of Brandon Hendrix. A cameraman walks up to his door to ring on the doorbell but is stopped when he sees Brandon exiting through the gar

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