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Brandon Hendrix

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  1. This isn't easy to say. But, recently my grandmother passed away, yesterday in fact. And I'm a emotional wreck. And for some reason, I lost all my passion for anything and everything. And to avoid me being a dick to everyone, I'm going to be taking some time off. I'm not retiring or anything, just need a few months to find my passion for the forums again. Y'all are my family and everyone here means a lot to me. And me leaving is for all of you so I don't act like a douche bag to y'all. Please understand where I'm coming from and Slim I'm sorry but I gotta back out of our match. Thank you for the opportunity. It means a lot. I'll see y'all in the future. Peace. 

    1. Nebakos7


      As someone who recently lost his grandma I can understand the position you've been put in right now, hope the emotional wounds heal as soon as possible and may your grandma rest in peace.

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