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  1. James: "Hello everyone and welcome to Ring Psychology. Your host here the Voice Of The Universe James SweedinFerg and today is that special interview I promised and it's none other than the current reigning and defending North American Champion, KENJI. Welcome to the show Champ as my first guest". KENJI: "Thank you, James. Pleasure to be your first guest here on Ring Psychology". James: "Pleasure is mine. You came into BPZ in 2019 with a group such as Hans Clayton, Arius, and so many more terrific talent. You knew you had to do something to stand out. What was your plan on standing out and branching away from the group and more specifically the two men I just mentioned?" KENJI: "It's something that I am still managing to this day. And that is no matter how much success you see others achieve, never tray from your vision. Never try to be the next Hans, or Arius. I signed with the company when names such as Arius, Julius and Bart were really riding high in their momentum. But, trying to emulate their paths wouldn't do anything. Thankfully, I'm here as myself, the North American Champion. If I tried to be them, then my success wouldn't really be mine". James: "Everyone has their set off points in their careers that puts them in that fourth gear that you're in. Julius betraying ROA, Hans leaving New Blood and Arius..... Well I think he was born like that, should get checked out for it. Anyway what set you off for your fourth gear performances that we've gotten from you?" KENJI: "......Emergence. It was after that initial high of competing for the championship that now sits on my shoulder. That wasn't my brightest hour. I tried to rebound at Judgment Day, but to no avail. Emergence was when I really entered the ring with nothing. And.....in order to step out again, I had to pay with what I have, something far more costly. I still think about it, you know? If I'm walking past some gated off compound in a city, my eyes flinch and recoil whenever I see the barbed wire sitting on the fences. Yes, I won that night. But Brad got his pound of flesh". James: "You say this, also knowing that the same man is after your Championship. What's your response to that?" KENJI: "Brad can say it. And as much as I dispise him to my very core, some morbid respect was garnered back at Emergence. That being said, and to anyone that wishes to contend for my championship, they need to earn the same momentum that I did. Brad...or the 'Death Notorious Angel' as he wants to be addressed now, hasn't won in quite a while, and part of me thinks that facing Julius at the Rumble isn't the best place to start if he wants the North American Title.......That and, I don't want to lose part of me again, not for him......He isn't worth it. I wasn't the same man when I left Emergence, I to be truthful, I'm not sure that I can go through that again". James: "We'll move past that and look at the present. At BPZMania V you step into the event as Champion right now standings where you face Buddy Ace. He won the Carnage Scramble that gives him this match, as he defeated four top North American contenders. Does that at all concern you?' KENJI: "One step at a time, James, one step at a time. Buddy Ace has his ticket to BPZ Mania V, and while I am a champion, so as of right now, as do I. But, I can't imagine going from Night of Legends all the way to BPZ Mania without a hurdle in the way. My main concern is overcoming that hurdle in whatever form that takes. Then, and only then, can I worry about the Hangman". James: "Hey it's cool man. No stepping on your toes. Now you talk about the hurdle, let me ask you who you'd like to face off against for your Championship before Mania? Anyone from your division has your eye?" KENJI: "Someone new and fresh. After his performance at Night of Legends, even though it was in defeat, Bob Sparks would be a name that comes to mind. Although, don't misinterpret this is me wanting to contest our in-ring quality. I don't like Bob Spark's lack of loyalty to the alliegiences he makes. He took a shortcut in order to raise his profile when he turned on Bailey. His little stunts got him into the main event of Night of Legends, above a championship match". "In light of the Undisputed Title being off the card, naturally, the responsibility should have fallen to either the Tag Team Titles, or the North American Championship. I am not proud of my match at Emergence, even though it kickstarted my recent success. The very idea that the prestige of BPZ's championships should be squandered by playing second fiddle to an 'Unsanctioned' Lights Out match irks me quite a lot. So I would like to set that straight. hwo, Legacy, Bulletproof. It doesn't make a difference, that seed of dissent is there. I want to prove that the titles we sacrifice everything for should have main evented that night, not some bloodbath". James: "So you're blaming Management for making the Lights Out Match between Bob and Bailey as the main event? And what was your reaction to the incident between Flynn and Slim with Flynn assaulting Slim requiring both men unable to be at the ppv?" KENJI: "My answer is this; We're professional wrestlers. If you want to make someone bleed so much, do it in the ring, in your match where your win can't be disputed. As appauled as I was about the Barbed Wire Massacre Match, I got my retribution all the same. Now, because of their scuffle, the Undisputed Title is in limbo. And yes, I do have a bone to pick with management in this regard. Yes, they gave me opportunities to prove myself, which I did. But, it does a diservice to both champions and challengers when they are not highlighted as the swansong. The BPZ champions represent the very best of us. Or, they're supposed to. When something else is placed above them, or when a champion torpedoes their own prestige, it tarnishes that for all of us. Even with Flynn being stripped of the title, Bulletproof effectively still had the main event, given where Bob is now. The scales aren't in balance, James. They need to be righted.....and with the Undisputed Championship relinquished, that duty might fall to me". James: "So you're planning on fixing the balance until we get a new Undisputed Champion? And at the time, you must understand why they put Bob and Bailey on. Bailey is a six time World champion in BPZ and him and Bob had their Rivalry for a while at that point." KENJI: "I understand why they were given that spot, whether I agree with that decision is a different matter. What did Bailey and Bob do in terms of matches leading up to Night of Legends? A snakes and ladders of winning and losing the Premium Championship for Bob, and Bailey appearing in the Clapspiracy Tag Tournament with Slim for some reason, only to lose to Arius and myself. Arius had one of the most impressive records of 2019, as did Smith and Bart, both runners up in their Survival Games blocks. And me, I matched Bart toe-to-toe, and not one loss to my name since my block match with Julius. I mean no disrespect to past career accolades, but they don't mean everything". "And the Undisputed Championship? I don't just mean until a new one is crowned. I mean for as long as I am North American Champion. I have gone far and beyond to elevate this championship to the best of my abilities, to make it mean more than when I first won the honour. Now, there is a fleeting, but noticable space without the Undisputed Title for me to do that". James: "Now I hate bringing this up, but you keep mentioning that one match multiple times in the last three questions. Babred Wire Massacre. It done a lot to you mental that hasn't recovered has it? I tried not asking but I can't help but see and sense it from you." KENJI: "I believe that looking forward is what's best, but only if you heed the past also. That match looms large over my time here in BPZ. How could it not? I was dragged down to a place I would never go to. By a man who rubs shoulders with those shadows. I remember it because I don't want to go back. It says with me because without it, I might not be sitting here as North American Champion. It's a painful give and take, hating it, but now I can't see myself without it". James: "You speak lowly of the man, who name I don't want to mention in case of anything. But you see the year he had last year. Don't you think that could be dangerous to poke an already angry bear again?' KENJI: "It is dangerous. But, if he wants to face The Dragon, then he meets me on my terms, not his. The locker room is full of angry bears, and even if I would want to, I am a champion now. If a rematch is in the cards, then so be it. The result will be the same". James: "Great... I look forward to this death promise I'm going to get from him. Thank you KENJI. Thank you a lot you motherf- Error message And we're back! Alright. As North American Champion you must have your set of dream matches in BPZ. Who's at the top of that list?" KENJI: "There is one. We were initially going to collide in the Survival Games tournament, but sadly, scheduling caused him to be pulled out of the brackets, and that is Isaiah Carter. he tried to recuit me to Bulletproof when he was still within their borders. While I declined his offer, the prospect of a match against him has been on my mind. Perhaps 2020 will be the time, we shall see". James: "From dream matches to another past match of yours. The Tag Team Championship match. You and Arius worked extremely well as a team. Will there be anymore pairings in the future? And what was the aftermath of the tag title match between you two like?" KENJI: "Our team will emerge again in the future. But, in the event of BPZ Mania fast approaching, we do have other commitments. It will take a whole lot more than one loss to rattle Invictus. After the match we were understanding, a loss was probably what was needed for us. To really focus where we wanted to go, and make us all the more motivated to climb the mountain again". James: "Must say as a tag team you two were incredible. So good, I think Mirage jizzed his pants before the first match. As a "young lion" of BPZ if I can say that and not get sued thank you, there are always going to be your critics and then your acclaim. Does any of that matter to you? Or are you just in it for the wrestling?" KENJI: "Always for the wrestling. But, I' be lying if I said that recognition of one's efforts isn't appreciated. Even the very best have their critics, that's just part of any business. As long as the success doesn't go to your head, or the critiques thrown around get you down, no reason why I or anyone else in this business shouldn't be doing what they do". James: "Alright I think it's about time to wrap this up so I'm going to ask one last question. We talked about good things, but I'm going to ask one bad thing. What's the biggest regret you ever made in your wrestling career in the entirety of you wrestling?" KENJI pauses for a moment, contemplating the vastness of that question KENJI: "......I can't say something from my past really, but something that might lay ahead for me......That's straying from being myself. Trying to be something that I'm not. Every day is a battle to stay on the path. If I leave that path, then that would be my biggest regret". James: "Alright Mr. KENJI you're a busy man so we're going to let you go. Thank you for being on my show." KENJI: "Thank you for having me, James". James: "I'm James SweedinFerg, and this been… nah FUCK YOU MIKE HUNT!"
  2. Name: Subject 1048 Age: Unknown Force Sensitive?: Yes Appearance:(Note you can be other species within the Star Wars Universe- Check Wookiepedia for reference.) Class:Padawan,Jedi Knight,Jedi Master,Scoundrel,Bounty Hunter,Politician,Dark Acolyte,Slaver: Bounty Hunter Backstory: Was created by the Dark Side as a assassin to hunt for Jedi masters. He was trained by Lord Darth Vader himself to master his powers. Any pre-existing relationships to other characters?(Note this is prior to Star Wars Episode I: A Phantom Menace.): None
  3. Becky Lynch(C) Vs Asuka- Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch Bayley(C) vs Lacey Evans- SD Womens Championship: Bayley Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke Nakumuara (C)- IC Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura Drew Mcintyre vs Brock Lesnar(C)- WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar Mens Royal Rumble Match-???: Roman Reigns The Fiend(C) vs Daniel Bryan- WWE Universal Championship: The Fiend Bonus: One Match got a rating of 82, what match was it?: Raw Women's Championship Who had the best segment?: Raw Women's Championship Who performed the best?: Becky Lynch
  4. Wrestlezone.com Just keep throwing the dirt into the grave of Tessa Blanchard. Seems like everyday or every other day, there is more stuff coming out.
  5. "I don't want to be alone in the darkness…… I don't want to be alone…." "Fuck being alone. Hahahaha" "I don't want to be alone in the darkness…." "I'm surrounded by Killers" "I don't want to be alone……" "............. NO ONE WILL SURVIVE!" "No One Will Survive" blasts throughout the PA System, getting a warm reaction from the packed house in Miami Florida, hometown to "Don Dada" Slim who was seen earlier talking to an unknown person earlier, but his fans are turned to the Hall Of Famer Deaths Notorious Angel, who was confirmed that after the Royal Rumble payperview, he goes to Carnage to face off against the returning Maasa one on one. He stands on the stage, a microphone in his hand, but seemingly a smirk on his face. Deaths Notorious Angel paces around the stage way, his theme song dying down. "Maasa, you fool. You're playing too close to the darkness. The darkness that conquers my brain when challenged. Especially…. When that one person wants me to be the illiest version of myself. He wants me to "be the meaner me". He wants me to be vicious. He wants and wants and wants but more importantly a fucking nobody wants a lot from me. Such a big boy backstage aren't you? "You suck D.N.A!" Over here acting like I'm not planning your death. Check this out. Bell rings, I run over, break your scrawny little neck, pin you, then after the match, with no rules, I go and give you the worst beating of your life. I'm going to beat respect into you like I have everyone one else. Everyone before you thought it was the most genius idea to use my name in vain, but from bell to bell, they wished they never done it. They battled the Messiah of BPZ with the littlest of expectations, and left with a piece of them gone in my hands. Ask them all about our battles: Slim, Julius, Flynn, KENJI, Jason Ryan, Gunner, and so many more. Their faces tell a different story, but their eyes speak volumes of my destruction. And trust me….. I'm still the baddest son of a bitch that battled Julius in a Falls Count Anywhere match, a Hell In A Cell match, battled KENJI inside Barbed Wire Massacre, and I'm still the meanest son of a bitch that BURIED Gunner two years back for being a cunt! I never changed Maasa, but for you to go and say I'm not as violent or dangerous as I was is an example of how much you lack knowledge within BPZ. I never changed kid, and I never will. I refuse to pretend to be something I'm not, and something I'm not is a soft man who cares about others safety, let alone mine. I want pain and destruction upon my opponents. I want them to respect me and the legacy I leave behind. Oh, if you think I ruined it by not winning a match last year, check 2016. Last year was one of my more successful years, even in defeat. I don't need a win for my legacy to be at the top. I don't need a win to be the toughest asshole in this business. I don't need it…. I need the blood of my victims on my hands to show for it." [/I] The arena's lights shut off, leaving the room in darkness. The same saying from earlier in the segment of the darkness being here and not wanting to be alone. Deaths Notorious Angel is considered alone right now. No Monda, No Joh, No FDS, No allies, nothing. He knows what he's going against: Julius got Creed, Maasa been fronting friends, KENJI got Arius, but D.N.A is alone. He seemingly likes being alone, but that can only go so far. "I don't want to be alone in the darkness…. Anymore" "Maybe it's worth the companion…" "I don't want to be alone in the darkness…" "Is it worth it?" "I don't want to be…." "Alone in the darkness….. anymore" The lights come back on as Deaths Notorious Angel is seen, now wearing a white suit and a black tie. He stares at the camera, motionless expressions. "I'm never going to to be alone again. Maasa, enjoy your funeral."
  6. I remember the charisma that Monty Brown had. Dude was hyped up energy that could not be contained. He was also very good in the ring. I remember one day and I don't know why, but I went on a Monty Brown match streak and I loved what I saw from him. And his finisher was dope, just seeing him run like a bat out of hell and just body his opponent damn near out of the ring with his Pounce. Now when I saw that it said he's pushing 50 years old I was shocked, then I went to see if he was still in shape like said above and he is and it's shocking. As for a match I dobut he's gonna be anything like he was but honestly for a mark out moment I want to see that deadly Pounce nearly send someone to the Moon again one more time.
  7. Name: Nanovirus Age: 27 Weight Class: Heavyweight Height: 6'3" Reach: 85 Fighting Style: Brawler
  8. NBA Finals Matchup: Lakers vs Bucks NBA Finals Winner (In How Many Games): Lakers (4-3) MVP: LeBron James ROTY: DeAndre Hunter MIP: Danny Green Coach of the Year: Frank Vogel Best Record: Lakers (64-17) PPG Leader (Reg. Season): LeBron
  9. This could be a gem of a match and it will be interesting to how Sheamus does since it's been seven months. I did see a small clip of a match he did with Andrade on a live event and they said the match was really good so I got faith in this match. I see Sheamus winning here and starting a run of beating everyone he sees wrong on Smackdown.
  10. Hello everyone and welcome to Ring Psychology. I'm your host of this No Holds Barred, anything goes talk show that gives less of a damn more than Mike Hunt gives a damn about his hairline that he left in BPZ Commentaries. Today, I'm going to talk about a rumored idea backstage to return. The BPZ Brand Spilt. Back in mid 2016 BPZ introduced the Brand Spilt with Ryan Reeves and Bashka as the original General Managers. It lasted two years before coming to a end with Carnage standing tall over Evolve. And with the rumor that the Brand Spilt could be returning after BPZMania V, I think it's time to give you MY BPZ Fantasy Draft. Evolve | Carnage Round 1: Arius | Julius Round 2: KENJ | Bart Round 3: Flynn | Smith Round 4: Hans | Bailey Round 5: Sameer | Slim Round 6: FDS | Deaths Notorious Angel Round 7: Yelich | Ropati Round 8: Isaiah Carter | Cody Cage Round 9: Prince | Gunner Round 10: Amai | Raven Round 11: Alex Costa | Tamer Round 12: Mikey | Necce Round 13: Big Dog | Jonathan Round 14: Arrow | Steph Round 15: Maasa | Mirage This is my draft and where I'd draft them, got a problem with it, eh kiss my Voice Of The Universe's ass. Till next time I'm your host James SweedinFerg and I'll see you next time.

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