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  1. Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee: Lee Cody Rhodes (C) vs Ricochet - WWE Intercontinental Championship: Rhodes Becky Lynch (C) vs Mandy Rose - WWE Womens Championship: Rose The Revival (C) vs Undisputed Era - Smackdown Tag Team Championships: Usos Bray Wyatt vs John Cena: Wyatt Dijak (C) vs Cedric Alexander - WWE United States Championship: Dijak Adam Cole (C) vs Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship: Cole Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe - King Of The Ring Finals: Owens
  2. With WWE 2K20 out, would y'all like to see BPZ Universe Mode in WWE 2K20?
  3. Name: Angelo Roberts Nickname: "The Notorious Angel" Age: 29 Height: 6'3" Weight: 256lbs Hometown: Chicago Backstory: Growing up in a troubling neighborhood, the only way to survive was to either lock yourself away from the streets or to join the violence. Brought up by his Uncle, Angelo went to the ways of crime young, starting off with robbing people on the streets, until one civllian decided to fight back, causing Angelo to get into a tug and war with a gun, the trigger pulling and shooting the male in the stomach. He went from shocked to having a deranged smile on his face and he shot him ten more times. He went on a fifteen year run of crimes after crimes, always trying to outdo the rest. He was caught one night while breaking and entering someones house and was arrested on sight. Crime Committed: 30+ counts of murder, ten counts of assualt (that's been confirmed), fifteen robberies, seventeen rapes, Breaking and entering, and six Arsons.
  4. Death Notorious Angel goes to exit the ring, but stops when he hears Arrow. He starts to shake with anger as the middle and top rope he's holding onto are visibly shaking as the crowd are completely quiet. He breathes heavy as veins start to pop out in his forehead, neck, and chest before he violently turns to Arrow and rushes over and jumps in the air, and stomps his head into the ring canvas. He holds his head before kneeling and he starts to ram his elbow into the back of his head before standing and starts to stomp his head again, causing Arrow to start twitching. DNA starts to pace the ring, anger fueling through his body. He doesn't stop as he grabs Arrow by the head and toss him up and over the top rope, his back hitting the announcer table. He exits the ring and grabs Arrow by the head and slowly drags him with one arm and picks him up and tosses him face first into the steel steps but grabs his head and keeps him in position. He starts pacing again before going under the apron and pulls out a steel chair. He looks at the chair, then Arrows head and then swings, the chair connecting with the back of Arrows head and the front of his face is smashed against the steps. DNA drops the chair and paces around the ring, going in a circle around the ring before grabbing Arrow by the hair again and drags him up the ramp. He growls and growls before lifting Arrow up in the air by his throat. His looks at Arrow before tossing Arrow off the stage, him landing through wires and electronics, causing massive sparks to appear. DNA looks down at Arrow, growling more, daring him to continue.
  5. World: Arius (Royal Rumble) vs Julius (c) IC: Bart vs Smith vs BiC US: Mikey vs Alex vs Toxik MITB: Me vs Bailey vs Flynn vs Sameer vs Bashka vs Josh Tag: Creed (c) vs BP vs Necce and Slim NXT: Battle Royal Prem: Storm (c) vs Marker Kayfabe: Undisputed: Flynn (c) Kenji (Carnage Scramble) NA: Mikey (c) vs Yelich
  6. DNA hears this, and starts to chuckle. Showing respect to the young wrestler, only for him to show disrespect, and to go as far as challenging him, which goes against what the man just advised him not to. He tilts his head to the side before yanking it back straight. His smile/chuckle vanishes from his face as he looks pissed off now. "Listen you little piss ant. You don't know what you're setting yourself up in. You think Jason was bad? He's nothing, nothing compared to what I can do to you. Ask the men… ask the Kenji's, Julius's, Smith's, Bashka's, everyone and you will realize that I'm the meanest and baddest son of a bitch that walks this planet Earth. I make the brutality that Jason Ryan gave you on Carnage look like a normal throwdown. I leave no prisoner. I leave no mercy in that ring. I don't have pity for people like you in my brain. Hell In A Cell, 2015, I Piledriven a LEGEND to this business in Zombie through the cell ceiling, watching his neck drop onto the mat below, only to see him carted away on a stretcher, worries of a broken neck. Hearing that…. I smiled… and held up the Intercontinental Championship for the first time. Emergence 2018, I stepped into the ring with Julius, and I made that boy bleed and took him to the part of his soul he never knew he had. Bad Blood 2018, Julius was never the same again. While he won, he lost something that night….. himself. Watch the tapes. Watch how Julius acted before and after the match. Walked in, thinking no one can beat him, left more cautious than anything. Emergence 2019, look at when I put KENJI through, I shredded his guts to the point where I could nearly hang the fucker with his own small intestine and jumped roped with the other. I tortured him, so horribly, that he wakes up at night, drenched in a cold sweat, rubbing his stomach, feeling the scars I've left on his body PERMANENTLY! With age I'm not as fast or agile as I was twenty years ago…. But I don't need to be when I kill your scrawny ass! I'm the reaper of what you cannot control. I'm Judge. I'm Jury. I'm Executioner. And I'm Death. And you, Arrow? You're the lamb. The lamb laid out to slaughter. The Assassin, he doesn't waste his time, unless he faces someone that is on par with him. You? You're mine kid. BPZ most likely will never give me a sanctioned match ever again, but that doesn't mean a damn to me son. Watch your back…. Watch it….." DNA stares into the camera, only before the starts to go static, then everything with light goes out in the arena. A disturbed laugh fills the arena before the lights turn back on with a loud sound of cheers fill the arena. Arrow looks around, confused by everything that happened and turns around and his throat gets grabbed and tightly gripped by Death Notorious Angel. He stares a hole into the soul of Arrow before ramming his knee into the mid section of Arrow, dropping him to his knees. DNA then grabs his arms and hooks them before positioning an Vertabreaker. He walks in a circle slowly, before dropping Arrow right on his neck.. He gets to a knee and looks at the fallen Thunderman before looking at the camera in the ring and he yanked it and pulls it towards him so his words can be heard. He says three words before dropping the camera, then stands in the ring, motionless. His three words: "Un. Sanctioned. Match."
  7. Arrow stands in the ring, waiting for someone to come out. The crowd booing slightly, but a small amount of the crowd is cheering Arrow for despite everything, he continues to come out here and want to prove himself no matter what happened to him before hand. He waits and waits, getting irritated as each second passes, and he picks up his microphone and goes to speak, until…… "Wait yourself Arrow." Arrow stops and looks around, confused by the voice until the titantron shows backstage, where Death Notorious Angel is standing backstage, his arm out like he's holding something. "Unfortunately, I cannot come out there Arrow, hell I'm lucky to have gotten my hands onto this camera, well not really, BPZ was always horrible with how they just leave their equipment everywhere. Besides the point, I'm not doing this because I want a fight. And you don't want to fight me either, trust me. I'm here… to help you. You see, I've noticed something lately that you challenge guys that will gladly accept facing you for an easy win. And honestly, during your little stint with Jason Ryan, you impressed the hell out of me. You went from someone I wanted off my Television screen daily, but now, I want you to be there, because I see the potential that you have. Four years here, I've seen boys come and I've seen them go, but you stuck around when others don't. Your brother Steph came and he left. Amai came and he left. Cody came and he left again. But you, you didn't go anywhere Arrow, and honestly, that's a respectable trait. You gotten humiliated time after time again, and normally someone would of quit, but you haven't. And after a failed "No Way Arrow" or this "Arrow Thunderman" stint you're going through, you continue wanting to show that you're not going anywhere and you're here to stay. But you need to change. This whole evil superhero thing you have going on, it needs to change. I don't say this to many people, but you can be a threat to the title scene if you change. Drop this…. Whatever you're doing and see the light! Be you. And you and yourself will be what makes you successful. I'm not here to fight, so don't give me reason to. Take what I said, and think about it."
  8. It's a few days from the Carnage Special, Wildcard, as many retired and new superstars are hanging around the BPZ Performance Center in Sydney, Australia, and it's shown on the tron from Sunday as one of the crew workers and former BPZ Wrestler, Kirk Kelly, is seen in the ring, talking with a couple of different talent before he sees their face go from focused to pale as they look behind him. He raises an eyebrow and turns around and is face to face with Death Notorious Angel, who promised that he'll be on BPZ property, no matter where. He stares at Kirk, who's nervous now, knowing what Angel can do, especially in the mind set when he's angry. He looks Kirk head from toe before a devilish grin appears on his face and his hands go into his jacket pockets. "Hello Mr. Kelly. Nice to see you again. What a wonderful facility we have here, am I correct? Last time I was here it was during my extensive training for my upcoming Barbed Wire Massacre brawl I had with Mr. KENJI, who by the way, ever since facing me, is on the biggest roll of his entire career, no actually, his entire life. This place is my stomping grounds, this wasn't open till a week after I joined, and when it did, I came here every single day, and it helped me over the years to perfect my craft, becoming one of the greatest of all time." Kirk: "Brad, Angelo, Nanovirus, Death Notorious Angel, German Assassin, whatever your name is today, I hate to break it to you, but you're not one of the greatest of all time. I'm sorry to tell you but that ring you have doesn't make you one of the greatest-" "Cut me off again Kirk, and you know that you will not walk out of here on your own two feet. You don't disrespect me. Your ignorance is futile, but your fear is everywhere. It fills your entire body, head to toe, knowing that with a snap of your spine, you will wheel into your home in a wheelchair, doctors telling you that you will never walk again, and you'll yell for your beautiful wife Marissa to come and tell her the bad news. Only to be disappointed Mr. Kelly, when you catch her in your fears, leaving you for someone who can be a man and didn't cause a mistake to end up in this predicament, your young boy that you cherish can't look up to you, rely on you to teach him things he needs to know, so he'll leave you too, looking up at someone else as a father figure. And you'll sit in that empty house, seeing your life slip from you, that's when you end it all, leave it all hanging over your head, only to die on your deathbed alone, young, and saying "I Should Of Been Smarter" as you gasp for your final breaths." Death Notorious Angel lets out a slight gasp before tilting his head at Kirk. "And your soul vanish. All because you and you yourself did the wrongdoing. However, I'm going to move past it….. but my friend won't. You called me the German Assassin…. But no… it's not me. The German Assassin is a malicious beast from deep Germany. Six foot eight inches tall, two hundred and seventy five pounds of pure destruction. He strikes, bones shatter. The German… Assassin… is here." [/I] D.N.A points behind Kirk, who slowly turns around and sees a male, dressed in a wrestling attire walking towards the ring before getting onto the apron. He stares at Kirk, who's showing even more signs of fear as the monster stands over the top rope and stares at Kirk face to face before looking over at Angel, who does a throat slit, which the man looks back at Kirk before grabbing him by the throat and lifts him up for a massive Chokeslam, nearly sending Kirk through the ring. He cracks his neck before grabbing Kirk by the throat and pulls him up to his feet. He gets closer to Kirk before growling then spins Kirk around and lifts him on his shoulders. He then flips him and jams his knee into his skull, knocking Kirk out in the process. Death Notorious Angel stands over Kirk Kelly before saying something to "The German Assassin" in German before the two leave. Carnage returns to live television before a live feed backstage where Death Notorious Angel and his new monster walking down the hallway, approaching the door that says "General Manager" on it before Angel opens the door and sees the Undisputed Champion and the General Manager stands up. "The German Assassin" stares Flynn in the face as D.N.A stands next to him. "Flynn…. Welcome to the solution to all your problems. Say hello to the greatest athlete Germany ever seen. The one that dominated all over the UK scene, from Germany to Italy, all the way to Tokyo, and he's here in the US, ready to come to BPZ. After being screwed of his contract five years ago, he went back, he mastered his craft and he became a monster like no other. All he needs, is a match. Go on Mr. General Manager…. Give him a match, and you'll see what I saw in Germany. Think wisely Flynn…. Because he doesn't want to come back here again to "ask". See you soon." Death Notorious Angel steps back and opens the door of the office. "The German Assassin" continues to stare Flynn in the eyes before slowly stepping backwards out of the office. D.N.A looks at Flynn and smirks before leaving, closing the door behind him.
  9. This is a tough one, but again, I'm going Orton. AJ's in ring work been meh ever since Money In The Bank earlier this year while Orton been the same work wise, giving us some good matches as well and his promo work as a heel been great and been a vile member in the World title scene, helping get Kofi over more.
  10. First Name: Angelo Last Name: Roberts Position: (Center, Left Wing, Right Wing, Right Defenseman, Left Defenseman, Goalie) Right Defenseman Nick Name: (Optional) "The Underdog" Height: (Would be helpful if it was in inches) 77 inches Weight: 265lbs Date of Birth: (Day/Month) 15-01 Nationality: American City of Birth: Los Angeles Preferred Jersey Number: 23 Right or Light: Right Physical, Non Physical, or Neutral: Physical Player Type: Forwards (Playmaker, Offense Oriented, Two Way, Goal Scorer, Checking, Enforcer) Enforcer Defenseman (Offensive, Two Way, Defensive) Defensive Goalie (Hybrid, Standup, Butterfly) hybrid Starting Junior League: Canada ( Western Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) USA (United States Hockey League, NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey) USHL Hidden Attributes: Strengths: (Pick 3) Big game, adaptability, and loyalty Weaknesses: (Pick 2) greed, sportsmanship (Big Games, Consistency, Adaptability, Greed, Loyalty, Ambition, Sportsmanship, Coachability, Intelligence) Mental Attributes: Strengths: (Pick 2) team player, leadership Weaknesses: (Pick 1) professionalism (Aggression, Bravery, Determination, Teamplayer, Leadership, Professionalism, Mental Toughness) Physical Attributes: Strengths: (Pick 2) fighting, agility Weaknesses: (Pick 2) stamina, strength (Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Speed, Stamina, Strength, Fighting)
  11. Going with Orton. To me, Orton is a more complete package wrestler and can put a good match with anyone while I feel Triple H's best matches are against great wrestlers only.
  12. Name Angelo Caito Friends Julius Monda Joh FDS Enemies Flynn, Toxik, Necce, Slim
  13. Gore And Perkins, Mathwiz are two I can think of right now. I'll have more later that I'll add.

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