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  1. First Nate now you? I hate it here.
  2. [Center] We're mere moments past the attack Addy just suffered a brutal two on one beat down that was orchestrated by the hands of his NXT Takeover opponent, Jack Bishop, which left Addy to be helped to the back by referees. Suddenly, the refs are knocked into the back of Addy, sending him down to the ground himself. Addy slowly turns his head, holding his neck as he sees his opponent for the 19th, Brandon Hendrix in his wrestling attire. Brandon growls as his mouth opens a bit and shows his mouth guard which has the logo on it but it cannot be made out. Addy has a look of almost fear on his f
  3. [Center] [b] [I] Valor returns from commercial break with the scenery of a living room with Brandon Hendrix sitting on his couch shirtless with a massive bowl of Froot Loops in his lap and a spoon inside the bowl. "Ah hello everyone and welcome to my house! You're in for a treat because you get to see how I study each and every opponent I face. And that first person is the returning "Harbinger" knife addiction man himself, Addy. First match, let's watch his second match against Prince." Brandon grabs his remote control and turns on his television. H
  4. [Center] [I] [b] Brandon Hendrix stares into the eyes of the returning Addy, whos hand remains stuck out after requesting a black rose, which signaled by Hendrix to end a career. Hendrix, however, lifts his microphone to speak. [/B] [/I] "The man who speaks so very much, yet done so little to back it up. I must say, that was very…. I don't know… cute let's call it about your little speech, your big ol return, and your already blinding delusions. You talk about Angelo, who yes indeed did train me. But, you, you failed science experiment, you think you know of this r
  5. Welcome to the forums Luna. Picked the best place to talk about wrestling while we also talk about other subjects such as sports, music, and so on. Hope you stick around and become a regular here.
  6. "Perfect Timing" starts up as Valor returns with "The Machine" Brandon Hendrix is standing in the ring, sporting a whole black suit and a red tie as the arena is blacked out and the spot light is on him as he holds onto a microphone, standing in the singular light for a few long moments before he speaks. "I must apologize for the lack of the USA flag and my regular attire. But tonight, I have to pay my condolences to a loss. And no I do not mean the loss of a human life, no no I'm talking the loss of a career. When I got here, I told everyone that from the botto
  7. I'm assuming those who don't post on the forums or is in chat a lot but comes on and votes in the matches.
  8. Dude really said "fuck senior mod I want that big boy role" Congrats Arius. Hard work does pay off.
  10. Saw this on Twitter recently and saw Roman Reigns call himself the 'Best Performer Of This Generation". Now obviously as a heel, he's going to call himself that. But what do you guys think? He's already one of the WWEs biggest (and highest paid already) superstars in history, but is he the best performer this generation has today?
  11. Brandon Hendrix theme: "Perfect Timing" by Nipsey Hussle
  12. Valor is live! Live from Chicago, Illinois as we're five days removed from SummerSlam as the opening pyro plays for Friday Night Valor (Should be Monday) as the announcers talk about what happened at SummerSlam with the new title changes before being cut of by Nipsey Hussle's "Perfect Timing" kicks in through the PA system. Making his second appearance in BPZ, Brandon Hendrix made his point across, he wants to start at the bottom and snap the ankles of everyone going to the top, and his first challenge was Tony Tastic. BPZs new Machin
  13. What the living fuck? This is a huge blow for the Marvel community in total and to the fan base he produced. 43 is a young age to pass away from but never thought it'd be from a battle of cancer that I honestly didn't even think he had. Terrible loss and sending my prayers to the Boseman family and his friends through this tough time.
  14. I liked the match a lot, and the ending was actually very well done in a way. WWE with big matches has always been three hundred finishers with two hundred and ninety nine kick outs to go along with it, but this match ended with not a single finisher being hit and the ending making it seem like Drew could of only won if he catches Randy "out of nowhere" to retain. Now some can say that Randy is ruined by this, I see it as he's still the top thing going in the WWE and this will lead to their rematch where Randy wins with a Punt to the skull and wins his 14th WWE Championship. Well done work, I
  15. Chapter Two came, Chapter Two gone. Valor has returned from break on the first show after a very successful Exodus event in Egypt as we've matches going from Bob defeating Necce once more to Sameer winning the Undisputed Championship from Slim, but one match that happened was the BPZ Tag Team Championship match between Creed and AK-17 where Creed retained after a hard fought battle. TV plays Valor during the entrance of one of the participants of the match, Angelo. He stands in the ring, a black eye is visible from the match up with Creed as he grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.
  16. Bronson Reed vs. Damian Priest vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Velveteen Dream - Ladder match for the vacant NXT North American Championship: Priest Io Shirai (c) vs. Dakota Kai - NXT Women's Championship: Shirai Adam Cole vs. Pat McAfee: Cole Keith Lee (c) vs. Karrion Kross - NXT Championship: Kross Breezango vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Legado del Fantasma - Triple threat tag team match to determine the #1 contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship: Legado Del Fantasma Finn Bálor vs. Timothy Thatcher: Balor Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the
  17. When they don't realize I got 5 more coming

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