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Status Updates posted by Angelo

  1. So y'all may have been noticing people been getting LP from me (and more in the future) and probably (most likely not) wondering why. Here's why:

    I'm giving back to a community that done more for me then I done for it. I've been reaching a point where I only do promos And don't contribute to the forums. I seen many people who are contributing, wanting Lifetime Premium but can't get it. I don't mind helping out. I think from countless streams and such I don't mind sending some money peoples way. While I don't plan on being a full time active member much more anymore, I'll always be a full time helper in anything I can do. 

    1. Slim


      respect 💯



      Yes Brad, I'm doing the same thing! Thank u for opening my eyes as well.

    3. owendalton


      You're awesome, Brad. Respect.

  2. Why have Bailey vs KENJI when we can have Bailey vs Jonathan?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Slim


      The goat taking on a rising star sounds better to me than a 2015 feud 

    3. Sameer


      It doesn’t really matter it’ll end the same way in the end

    4. Flynn


      He’s scared of Jonathan but this is a healthy alternative. 

  3. Flynn dribbling status like it was his posts in 2015

  4. Can't we all just get along?

    1. Marc Aaron Newton


      I'm the friendliest now.

    3. Epic1237_


      Nice Cock, shame Sheridan's is bigger

  5. The post below me is made by a swell guy who I wish has a blessed day 😀

    1. Epic1237_


      :) Mikey is a cool giy

    2. Epic1237_
    1. Epic1237_


      Very good better Status update than Flynn's 

  6. Wash your hands you nasty bastards

  7. Yes, I've been nothing but a absolute dick. I knew this for a week now. And I try not to share much but I'll explain why. Almost five months ago, I went to the ER cause I believed I dislocated my wrist while at work. I went to the ER and did a Cat Scan, got injected with morphine to help with the pain. Fortunately it's fine. However it cost five thousand dollars to pay the bill. And because of that, things at my house have fallen off. I've been behind on my mortgage and it kills me to say it. I've always dedicated myself to be on time, and unfortunately with so much going on with other bills and stuff that needs to be fixed, I've been screwed in paying. It's eating me. I'm scared. I'm angry at myself. I'm everything in between. Recently I tried to apply for a loan from my bank but they declined me.... And I just broke down in my car right after. And I've been taking it out on everyone. Personally as well. I driven many people away because of it. I'm not expecting anything but understand. Thanks. 

    1. Nebakos7


      Shit happens to everyone bro, it's a set back for sure. First of all, being healthy is the most important thing in life so you can't blame yourself for going to get checked up no matter what the cost is.

      Regarding your finances I've never been in a similar situation and I know it's hard not to panic but you have to deal with it, figure out how you can minimise your expenses, maybe get a part time job if you have some spare time. Don't let a setback get the best of you, use it as motivation to become a better version of yourself and in the future you'll be proud of what you achieved when you look back and see how far you made it.

  8. No more trying #BreakTheSpirit 

  9. Just got a Cameo from Lio Rush (@ItsLioRush) #cameofameo https://cameo.app.link/b5xkpZFse2 via @bookcameo 

  10. Congratulations to all the winners

    End it all already

  11. I can't handle it anymore. I'm at a end, I can't Keep going no more. #EndIsNear

  12. Old fart

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Angelo


      And Alex and Blade and Brenden

    3. Crip


      You're still an old fart 😛

    4. Alex Costa

      Alex Costa

      Whippersnappers these days. Back in my old days, young kids respected there elders.

  13. 5 years eh? I'm blessed to have have been on these forums for four of those years and hope for many more to come!

  14. All this drama and I'm here wanting a title reign longer than a month.

  15. A blade with your name on it

    Your heart with my name on it. 

    The rest remains. 


  16. Once again, any good chance I get at a World Title voting, something goes wrong and someone ends up fucking me over. This forums is a legit cancer of fucking time wasting. But whatever, don't get mad at those who do it better, right?


    1. Slim


      always make sure ur ahead 3 votes

    2. Bashka


      lmao good one scrub

  17. Please when you can, give my promo a read. Worked hard on it. Thanks.


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