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  1. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    BPZ SummerSlam Opening Video Package

    {The scenery is placed inside of a dark building, with the sounds of heels against pavement only to be heard. The footsteps stop and a sound of a flicker is heard until a light comes on by the person, a female who wears a crop top, white jeans, and what is seems to be high heels. She stands there crossed armed as she looks into the light.} "When the party starts, you join it for the thrill." {The camera transitions to SummerSlam 2016, where Tamer successfully defended the Premium Championship, King Slim remained on his throne with the Intercontinental Championship, and Flynn defeating three Hall Of Famers to hold onto his World Heavyweight Championship. The camera the goes back to the woman as she circle around the light, like she is fascinated by it's pure energy it produces.} "The biggest event of the summer, just got bigger." {She begins to walk off as the video now plays events from SummerSlam 2017, where Flynn defeated six men to retain the Universal Championship inside the dangerous Hell In A Cell. Smith keeping both the Premium and Intercontinental Championship in his grasp against the toughest competition yet, and Slim capturing his second World Heavyweight Championship against Nanovirus. The sound of the lady's heels stepping onto the concert pavement before it stops.} "Welcome to the party..... welcome.... to SummerSlam." [/b] {The sound of creeking comes as she opens a door with sun shining in until the camera turns bright, until the words "SummerSlam" is printed into the brightness in bold black letters. Then a fast clipshow of all the wrestlers involved start to go by before suddenly speeding up and up and up before it seems to burn away, before creating the words "NXT Championship".} Buddy Ace: "There is a reason why I am the NXT champion and a first round draft pick. I am the best competitor to step foot in this division since our current world champion's departure. Not a one of you can beat me for this championship. I could beat any of you in any match type. Whether it's one on one with some stipulation attached, a triple threat, hell, even ahandicap match against the rest of the division. I'm untouchable, so you might as well not even try to come for my title. Though considering I'm out here right now, would any of you like to come on out of the locker room and officially put yourselves in a match against me at Summerslam? Perhaps the transitional champion known as 'The Marker' will finally come slinking back for a one on one rematch? Or maybe Sheridan decides to stop hiding from me and gets yet another loss at my hands?" Marker: "However, your in the big boys yard now and this where you end, you see I'm a different man now then I once was back when I was NXT champion, I'm stronger, better, more smarter than ever before and I don't care if Jason or Sheridan gets involve, I'll destroy them and I'll stop at nothing to get that and MAKE IT RELEVANT AGAIN. You see ever since I lost the title, YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE TITLE REPUTATION AND MADE IT WORTHLESS EVER SINCE." {The NXT showcase ends as now a group of people are by a grill. People are laughing and having a ball until a fire rises up. The flames then turn to words, spelt out as "BPZ Tag Team Championship".} Flynn: “So what does all this mean for the Kingdom? It means times up. Right here right now, the Golden Legacy is laying down the challenge. We want those tag team championships. For so long we’ve dominated the singles game, however never have we been able to say that together, we stand on top of our mountain of glory. That together, we are the KINGS of BPZ. We are already the golden standard for that squared circle. We are the bar in terms of performances night in and night out in that ring. We test our opponents like no one else. We determine the wrestlers from the phonies. As for all three of the Kingdom, all I see are prosperous talents who couldn’t reach this mountain alone. Talents who had to ride the coattails of others to earn their fame. None of you grinded night in and night out in that gym, none of you earned your wealth or fame on your own. Yet all three of you call yourselves “The Kingdom”. Necce: There was just something missing. Something we couldn’t quite describe. A true bond. Our past has all been driven purely by our own individual agendas. Never have we truly came together in order to help THE OTHER accomplish what they want to accomplish. The Tag Team Championship’s. That is the symbol of this bond, of this brotherhood. Flynn, he wants to be Tag Team Champion. I want to be a Tag Team Champion but most importantly we want the Golden Legacy to be Tag Team Champions. We want to make up for our past and blaze a new trail into the future. We are making up for lost time. For the better part of the last year we tried to kill each other. Now, we will build each other. Hate and Love created this machine and it’s the same hate and love that will drive us to destroy the Kingdom and become Tag Team Champions. Quote the Raven.....Quote the Legacy… Nevermore." Echo: "The Kingdom is fine, my good friend Julius is still the same Julius and we will remain a constant on this show for years and years to come. That means you will be seeing plenty more of us as time passes on because the two of us are the heavy players on this brand. We are the stars to complete this spinning universe. And we will always be there, for you to crawl behind, for you to adore, for you to generally obsess over. If you need a helping hand, we will not be there to lend it but instead we will be there so you can watch us succeed and wish that you were like us." Julius: "As competitors why do we step into this ring? Why do we come out here each and every day to fight to the death in this ring? Why? because its our life, its our rite of passage its what we have to do, and when someone comes out here and mocks and abuses what I do I take exception to that and then I start to getangry and I start hurting people and then everyone stands around dumbfounded as to what just happened." {From Julius to the table filled with alcohol is now a man and female talking to each other. She's laughing and he's drinking his beer. She laughs so hard, the beer spills out from her bottle and onto the ground. The beer runs down the pavement then stops as it spells out "United States Championship".} Julius: "You talk about the punishment I laid upon him when he stepped in my way, talk about how he felt when I crushed the steel steps onto his skull so you can understand what awaits you at Summerslam because I can assure you that you will not be walking out of Summerslam with this United States Championship, hell you wont be walking out at all. So I would start taking all of this seriously because your stupidity and your arrogance is really starting to piss me off. You don't deserve to hold a championship such as the United States championship because you dont take it seriously and I will be dammed if I allow a lunatic like you to make a mockery of a championship that some of us have worked our arses off for. So Yelich, you better think about what you do between now and Summerslam and I suggest you clean yourself up and take a good look in the mirror because if you don't well a whole heap of pain awaits you." Yelich: "At King of the Ring, the pay-per-view, not the tournament. I had my first real stab at the US title in awhile. Julius won, but no one really cared since it was overshadowed by his winning of the World Heavyweight title, it wasn't memorable. But SummerSlam, I want to make a memorable US title match. Many years in the future people may no longer know what SummerSlam 2018 is all about, just like Breakin' 2. But they will know that at it, somethingmemorable occured. And that something memorable, is my victory of the United States Championship, and my beginnings of a very good run with the belt. Just like how no one knows today about Breakin' 2, but they know about that funny subtitle, Electric Boogaloo." {That transitions to the pool, where a game of pool volleyball is taking place. Four girls on top of four men's shoulders, hitting the ball around, until one girl spikes it, slamming it into a girl, knocking her and the guy down into the water. The ball floats around, and when the ball floats away, it shows words forming into "BPZ Intercontinental Championship".} Bart: "From a feel good moment at WrestleMania with a luxury jobber winning the title to a title reign by the quitter known as Alyx, and now we are stuck with a champion that can’t be bothered to show up. Yet you all love him, your love for Sameer is one of the mysteries that I can simply not solve. But don’t worry, just like anyone else that you love, I will destroy him and show you that your heroes are simply not good as good at their job as I am. And with that, I will make the Intercontinental Title the greatest title in the BPZ. I will be the savior for a title that desperately needs it. Unlike all other in the BPZ, you don’t need to question whether or not this is coming true, you know it is. Just thought I’d let you know in advance. Cause while you might boo me, youmight hate me, you can’t change what I am goingto do. You should have learned that by now…." Ark: "Yes, Sameer and Bart. To people who both have had a hand in the downfall of Ark. Two people who once stood, stout roadblocks on my path to the Global Championship. Its poetic in a way. What a better way to restart my new path, but to beat the ones who blocked my old one. Let it be known, Henrico, that Ark will be at SummerSlam...and I plan to walk off with a white belt across my waist." {This now transitions to a group of people dancing in colored spotlights. Music blaring, bodies swaying, lights moving, people laughing. The men who control the light all point up at the wall, which the wall says "Premium Championship"} Kieron: "Echo Wilson. What is your price. Because at SummerSlam, your number is up. Premium. Is. Mine." Echo: "Now....it seems like you want a shot at this newly minted Premium Championship and I'll be happy to give it to you. I'll be happy to tell you that but be wary.....be careful of what you wish for. Now....I haven't seen or heard a lot from you and holiday seems to have treated you well, so lets remind you what I know. I know that Carnage isn't a place for dweebs and hoodrats like you. I know that there are only 3 people on Carnage that have any control over what happens in the backstage area. Those three all have seats in this room. And Carnage, I know that Carnage doesn't let any little sucker walk out to that ring unless they have a damn good reason to. And your reason is valid...but costly. By costly I mean it could send you back to holiday....forcefully. " {Kids run around, screaming in happiness as another kid chases them with a water gun. Then kid then drops the gun and runs off. A closer look at the gun and it says "Bailey vs Josh".} Josh: "So Bailey, here’s a challenge for you that you can’t disapprove. This contract, wrote up by Brenden himself, makes a SummerSlam match between Bailey and me. It has been signed by him and me. Now Bailey are you truly going to prove yourself. A few weeks ago you said I was nowhere near your level. Why don’t you prove it. Sign this contract." Bailey: "You think I'm honestly scared of you. You honestly think I won't face you at Summerslam? It's not an ideal match for me but it's a fight still. And I want a fight. Were not on the same level. We aren't even in the same universe Josh. I am a 5 time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. You have no track record at all. The Only thing you are known for around here is losing. I mean you are so down in the dumps that you go around pretending to be some Official BPZ Match Rating critic around here just to try and stay relevant To try and matter somehow in this company." The final clip shows two people bumping into each other. Talking turns to yelling, then yelling turns to arguing, which turns to fighting. One guy smashes a beer bottle over the head of the other, dropping him in his tracks as the females screams and rushes their kids inside while the men go help. Blood flows from his head, spelling "World Heavyweight Championship".} Slim: "Allow me to reintroduce myself........ I Am The Executioner" Julius: "And by the time Summerslam rolls around, Slim will have realised that I am his Kryptonite and whenever my name is mentioned he will stop and look back on what I did to him because what I plan to do is to rip him apart limb from limb and show everyone that he isn't this immortal figure and that he is conquerable and conquerable by me. What makes my rise unique is that I am the only one in my NXT Class to achieve any sort of success in this short space of time." {While everyone attends to the matter at hand, there is a man sitting in a chair, face covered by a news paper that's titled "BPZ SummerSlam Live August 26th". The person removes the news paper to reveal the face of the former Intercontinental Champion, Zombie. He looks at the situation and shakes his head. He turns his head to the camera and smiles, his teeth dinging off the brightness, causing the screen to go white, before going black.} [Listen to the song when reading this part] {"Always" by Saliva plays as highlights of the past two months play, showing victories, losses, and the sadness that comes with wrestling with superstars crying and the fans crying as well. Then flashes of what seems to be a camera flash hits slides of superstars that consist of Slim, Julius, Flynn, Necce, Echo Wilson, Bart, JoshNow, and Bailey. At the thirty second mark of the song, video packages of Slim's and Julius's brawl recently show, along with Bart's impressive past few months with highlights of his matches, to Echo Wilson shattering heads with vicious superkicks and elbows, to JoshNow and Bailey head to head with agreeing for SummerSlam. Another video plays, this time of the finishes to their BPZMania III and King Of The Ring matches, all the way to the hug Flynn and Necce, forming the Golden Legacy. All the way to the announcement of Angelo's return to a BPZ ring after over a month off of action. Package shows the old Carnage guys and Evolve leave their brands, and immediately make a impact on their new brands. At two mintues and twenty eight seconds into the song, it shows Julius standing over Slim, holding up his World Heavyweight Championship, along with Echo Wilson walking past LAOCH, showing nothing but complete disrespect to the legend, all the way to Bailey barking down apon Josh. At two mintues and forty nine seconds, it plays the hug saw around the world, along with Slim breaking past security guards to jump on and attack Julius. Another clip plays of Marker trading shots back and forth, along with Julius smashing a mop and broom with a crazy Yelich high tailing it out of the room faster than never before. A quick glimpse of the match card goes by, showing the NXT Championship match between champion Buddy Ace and Marker, United States Championship match between champion Julius and Yelich, Intercontinental Championship match between champion Sameer, Bart, and Ark Universe, Premium Championship match between champion Echo Wilson and Kieron Black, Tag Team Championship match between champion Golden Legacy and Kingdom, Universal Championship match between LAOCH and Echo Wilson, a grudge match between JoshNow and Bailey, then the main event, the World Heavyweight Championship match between champion Julius and Slim. The song ends with a quick video of all the fighters in each match engulfed in a stare down and ends with Slim and Julius held back by wrestlers as the screen fades to black.}
  2. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    The Promised One

    BPZ Wrestling would like to apologize for the comments on the end of Mr. Echo Wilson with his "These retarded little apes" comment. To the black community who are offended, we are sorry.
  3. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    **** 3/4 The first ever BPZ Scramble match and it didn't disappoint period. The match included Necce, Brad, Monda, Bashka, and Enlightmment. All men held championships, two are in the Hall Of Fame, and the remaining three of Hall Of Fame bound. And what a better way to start the match off then with Necce and Brad, two men who had the most to gain and lose from that match. The match was excellent with story telling from Brad and Necce, as this match to face Flynn was them fighting to survive, for Monda and Bashka it was to get back to the top, and for Enlightmment it was make a name from themself. The spots were awesome, and when you thought it was over with Brad winning, Necce pulled out a big move and won. Excellent work gentlemen. **** A good brawl between the wacky Hollow and the future World Champion at the time, Julius. This match went everywhere. It was a fucking war. The two two went and fought each other to the point of where they used anything in sight as a weapon. A failed attempt to put Julius through the table by Hollow later and Julius gets the W and ends the war. *** 3/4 It was a good match up. I enjoyed the pulling Poi off the apron into Roptai's arms then throwing him back first into the apron. Only one finisher kick out is praised by me as kicking out of too many finishers are a no no in my eyes. The end with the Curb Stomp for the three ends the 15 mintue match up for the rating it got.
  4. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series | 26th October 2018

    Buddy Ace: 6 points Ark Universe: 4 points Jason Ryan: 2 points Storm: 0 points Flynn: 6 points Slim: 4 points Marker: 2 points JoshNow: 0 points Flynn vs Buddy Ace- Flynn
  5. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Angelo Caito: Man, Myth, And Veteran

    08/05/2018 Bailey: And the forth pick for the Carnage brand is..... "The Killer" Angelo Caito!" {The camera fades but the echo of Angelo's return to the Carnage roster stays slowly as the screen returns from the darkness with a man sitting in a black folding chair. The camera quickly pans around as the camera cuts again before it gets to the man's face. Deteriorated voices now echo through, filling the air with very clear statements from "You're a joke", "You're a jobber", "You won't win the World Heavyweight Championship", "Retire", and "Brad Sucks". The screen then comes clear as the face and upperbody of Angelo Caito appears before everyone's very eyes. He stands there holding his necklace as he holds his neck as well. He turns to the camera, with a tilt of his head, before mouthing words, which say "Death's Notorious Angel". He then drops the necklace from his grasp. Slowly and slowly it falls down in the air, and when it finally hits ground, the camera cuts again.} {"The Vampyre Of Time And Memory" by The Queens Of The Stone Age plays as a video from the a episode of BPZ Wrestling all the way back plays from 2015, when a cocky, younger, and less humble version of Angelo walks down the ramp. Which he regrets as five minutes later, he is on the receiving end of not only just a nasty verbal abuse from the first ever BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Heel, but suffered a Heel Bomb. The first fifty six seconds plays video packages of him then losing matches like his NXT Title defense, his first United States Championship match, every shot at the European Title he had, his Title vs Career match vs Flynn, his one day Intercontinental Championship and then his triple threat match up, along with his chase for the brass ring with the World Heavyweight Championship and his short comings. The last image is Angelo sitting in the corner, his entire world fallen before his eyes. His sigh is last seen as the image of him with defeat written on his face is the frozen, like it's frozen in time. Then, the pre recording of Angelo by a keep camera, with the date 08/06/2018 is shown at the top as Angelo stares into the camera, and says something infamous before he tosses the camera, causing it to shatter.} Angelo: "................. I'm coming back... SummerSlam." {After the fifty seventh second mark of the song, a display of Angelo in his best moments of his career kick off as it shows Angelo nailing a Curb Stomp to Bullet to win him his only NXT Championship win, with tears rolling down his face and the referee hands him the newly created championship title, to him hitting a brutal fireman carry slam on Arthur, which helps capture his United States Championship victory. Bad Blood 2015 appears on the screen, until the "Bad" turns into "Brad", turning it to Brad Blood, where he nails Sameer with a Package Piledriver, winning his first ever Intercontinental Championship. Then, the song abruptly stops with a tweet sent out by BPZ Wrestling.} BPZ Wrestling (@BPZ) "BPZ has given Brad a 30 day suspension for violation of the Wellness Policy" {Videos of Angelo smoking Marijuana while drinking out of a Fire Ball and then the sound of a jail cell door closing. After thirty days, Caito was seen exiting a court room, receiving rehab sentencing.} 11.11.2016 {It was announced Angelo will be returning to BPZ Wrestling. He then went to YouTube, with a video named "I'm Sorry" going on promising himself a better Angelo for everyone. When talked about in a interview two weeks later, he breaks down into tears, along with his stumble of words.} Angelo: "For so many years, I've lived a life of nothing but pain. Not just physically, but the pure mental pain I've had since my early years. When I was eighteen, I first jumped into this place with the mentality that doing what everyone else does, act how they act, and be like them, then you'll successful. Where are those guys? Four died from overdose. Six are in jail. All before the age of thirty. I'm thirty six. And for near twenty years, I've let that mindset control me. Whenever I lost, I near drowned myself in the bar. Whenever someone owned me on the microphone, I went in the back and smoked that pain away. Even if I minorly stubbed my toe, I popped four to five pills daily, and I never cared. My matches werw sloppy, I was a huge asshole to everyone I met. I almost lost my wife, my kids, my job, and people who mean so much to me at BPZ. After my arrest, I knew a change needed to happen. I'm so honored and privileged that Brenden and Bailey have allowed me to come back to work as a BPZ superstar, because any other company, and I would of been gone forever. To all the fans of BPZ and of me, I promise you a better me. I promise." {The video ends as a tapping nose is heard. Angelo is standing in the same spot, as he slowly lifts up his spring blade, and holds it to his face, before mouthing "Death's Notorious Angel" again as then the song continues as it shows Angelo doing moves he never was seen doing before, his match pace was longer and faster, despite getting older in age. He is seen doing flips over the ropes onto guys such as Bart, Prince, Ark Universe, and so on. It's shown his feuds with the likes of Bailey, Jonathan, and many other of the all time greats, along with working with the younger generation of stars in Marker, Storm, Ark Universe, JoshNow, and more to come. Video replays of his To The Top victory, which quickly transpired into a successful cash in on then Global Champion, Nate Dogg for his first title since the year of 2015 in 2017. Later that same year, both Angelo and Echo Wilson teamed up, winning the Tag Team Championships in their first match as a tag team, which transitions to Saint Valentine's Day Massacre with his surprise Codebreaker to then partner, Echo Wilson to capture the Premium Championship. His most recent championship win is shown at Judgement Day, with him powerbombing him off the apron through a ladder lodged between the apron and announce table, setting up his third reign as Intercontinental Champion. Then a video from a episode of Carnage in 2017 plays as Angelo has a huge smile on his face as he says six simple but true words.} Angelo: "It only gets better from here." {Everything fades away until it says "SummerSlam 2018. He Comes Back. Better Than Ever." Before it shows Angelo taunting in the corner to end the video package.}
  6. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

    Announced on WWE YouTube channel. Will post preview when it's available.
  7. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Booking Revolution & Wrestling Revolution

    Rerun with me playing as The Deadman. Chris Beniot. He's signed to Maple Leaf Grappling where he is at 6500 for pay and has 11 weeks left.
  8. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    BPZ Whatculture

    Hello everyone and welcome to BPZ Whatculture. I'm your best dream with the nice hair, James SweedinFerg and today's episode is about matches. What makes a match good? Is it the stars involved? Is it the quality? Is it the story telling? Or is it a mix of all three? To answer all of your questions is all three, and who better to tell you all this than the man who never wrestled a day in his life? I'm James SweedinFerg from BPZ Whatculture and this is the Top Ten Matches Of 2018. Also Fuck BPZ Commentaries! Join us. Carnage Scramble: Necce vs Brad vs Bashka vs Monda vs Enlightmment Five men, one ring, thirty minutes, and one left standing for a shot at the Universal Championship? Sounds good to me. This all started for Carnage's biggest pay per view of the year, Night Of Legends, where he booked five men to fight in the first ever Carnage Scramble, and boy did they deliver. The build was phenomenal and the match lived up to the hype. The match started off with two men who have a decorated past with each other, Necce and Brad, meaning they had to go the whole thirty minutes. The pins pilled up and so has e everyone thinking that the person was going to last. Scary moment of the match came when Necce piledriven Brad through the announce table. The match ended with Necce securing the last pin over Brad for the win and a shoy at the Universal Championship. Bragging Rights: Bart vs Prince Bragging Rights is quiet controversial with everything that happened backstage, no one can deny that great matches happened, and one of them is when partners collided in Bart and Prince. The two faced off before with Bart defeating Prince and sending him off to Carnage, where Bailey got in the head of the young star. Kendo stick shots, a wicked DDT onto a ladder, the crushing of ones hand between a boot and steps, and a ruthless DDT off the ladder. The closing moments had us thinking Bart was going to win, till a nasty Elbow to the back of his head knocked him out for Prince to pin him for the three count. A shock end to a brutal and enjoyable match up. BPZMania III- Bailey vs Echo Wilson THE GOAT PLAYS AS- anyway, a terrific Falls Count Anywhere match up showing the General Manager of BPZ and five time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Bailey facing off against rising star, Echo Wilson. This was a great put over moment as Echo Wilson used this to go on with his already successful career and made it even more successful afterwards. What i call moment of the match is when Bailey slammed Echo onto a table with his GOATPlex, then nailed a vicious Game Changer, and when Echo got the shoulder up at two and a half, his facial expression said it all, pure shock. One Bloody Sunday later and Echo Wilson has defeated Bailey in the biggest win of his entire career in a near show stealer match up. Backlash- Brad vs Antonio Arno Speaking of a put over moment, a deeply personal feud that took place before showing up in BPZ, and mix their well known wrestling abilities and you got a treat on your hands. This match was bruuutal. Blood everywhere, Antonio destroying Brad with a chair, Brad handcuffing Arno and smacking him with a chair, a Superkick into Gore sequence, a Gore through the ropes, sending Brad through a table, and it all ended with Brad going for a Curb Stomp and gets a Gore and Antonio picks up his only win. While it may of been a one match only deal, it helped showcase Brad as the Lionheart for competing later that same night. Bragging Rights- Three Stages Of Hell Slim vs Flynn While yes, all of you will say "But Judgement Day last year was better, need I remind you this is matches of 2018 so shut up marks. Now some people in the BPZ Universe when they heard that Flynn and Slim were going to be a repeat of their other matches, but with the Three Stages Of Hell stipulation added, minds changed. The first match was a No Hold Barred match, which saw Flynn powerbomb Slim into the corner then hit a FKO for the first fall. The second match was a Falls Count Anywhere match, which saw the two fight all the way to the parking lot, and also saw Slim pick up the second fall after a Essential Eliminator on the concrete floor. While the third match, Rage In A Cage being set up, Flynn hit a FKO to Slim on the trunk of a car, giving him the advantage. After a few near count outs, Slim kicked Flynn off the cage through a table. And as he then put his life on the line and jumped off, Ross, the slippery devil you, pulled Flynn up last moment and sent Slim through the table, giving Flynn the win in this brutal brawl. Carnage PowerTrip: Flynn vs Buddy Ace A NXT guy being in a match this low at the list? All seriousness, this was the greatest debut match for any NXT superstar in history. Buddy Ace debuting against former World Champion and one of the greatest superstars in BPZ history, Flynn and nearly winning in a stellar match. After the match, the future Hall Of Famer even went out of his way to show respect to the current NXT Champion. A great match and a huge boost for Ace. King Of The Ring- Julius vs Johnny Kills The biggest changing of the guard of all time. Earlier that same night winning his first ever United States Championship, Julius then went on to win his first ever World Heavyweight Championship. Being the fast man since the restrictions by BPZ came in to play, and being the first ever person to hold the United States and World Heavyweight Championships at the same time. This match was a pure strike fest that fans loved, and didn't know who to cheer. After twenty two mintues of beating the snot out of each other before Julius locked on that deadly vice grip and forced Mr. Kills to pass out and win the match of the King Of The Ring Tournament Finals. World At War: War Games- Slim and Echo vs ROA vs Bailey and Prince Jesus what a bloody brawl. The first ever War Games to happen in BPZ came to with some of the greatest superstars in history, Slim Flynn Ross and Bailey, and the two top rising stars of their era, Echo Wilson and Prince, and you get a masterpiece. These six men beat the living hell out of each other from start bell to end bell. The match even started off with Flynn, Slim, and Bailey, three of the greatest of all time. Brutal strikes and excellent tag work from all three teams. Spot of the match was Bailey's risk taking moonsault off the top of cage that sent the crowd into a frenzy. And the ending with Ross pinning the then World Champion, Slim after him and Flynn hit A&O Special on him for the win, and this match was given five stars by Dave Meltzer. A heads up, picking out these next two matches for number one and two was very challenging as both were beautifully done by everyone, but after talking with my co workers, I have came up with: King Of The Ring- Necce vs Flynn It is a rarity for a rematch to do better than the first match, but this is a case of just that. The excellence in moves, the story telling, and the perfection of selling by both men is what makes this match five stars. Two of the closes near falls in wrestling history and a perfect ending, two FKOs hit, Necce Effect hit, Begotten hit, everything, until the third FKO. Then, the famous "I LOVE YOU" from Flynn, and a Sit Out Powerbomb to end this excellent five star classic. BPZMania III: Smith vs Slim Remember what i said about the rarity of rematches being better than the original? Another case of just that. Slim's obsession to regain his belt created a great story, and the near one hour match up, ranked a perfect five stars, and almost five and one fourth stars, it was well deserved. The chemistry was amazing and the absolute flawlessness in moves by men made it even more amazing. And Smith's determination to retain his title pushed him on to fight even harder than ever. At fifty three mintues, it took Slim pulling out his old Lights Out finisher to end the greatest match in BPZ history and the best feud in half a year. That's all for today's show, and i will see you soon for WTF Moment. James SweedinFerg from BPZ Whatculture saying peace.
  9. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    TEW 2016: Career Simulator Version 2.0

    Name: "The Killer" Angelo Caito Which wrestler do you want to look like?: Jay White Birth Date: 1-15-1979 Gender: Male Race: Caucasian Nationality: Italian What Languages do you speak?: (English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Central European, Scandinavian, Meditteranean, Easter European) English and Spanish Based in: (which countries can you wrestle in) (options are Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and Mexico) UK Body Type: (average, skinny, toned, muscular, ripped, flabby, bulky, or obese) Average Size (Weight Class): 6'2" Maximum Size (Weight Class): 220 lbs Moveset: (Choose a Wrestler) Jay White Face or Heel: Heel Finishers: Reverse STO Style of Wrestling: (Entertainer, Puroresu, Spot Monkey, Luchador, Cruiserweight, Japanese Junior, Technician, MMA crossover, Brawler, Psychopath) Brawler Any other things we should know?: (For example, Mask? Hair?) Carries a switchblade
  10. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    *****. In my opinion, one of the greatest matches of all time. From watching the awe inspiring video package before hand got the hype at a high level, and it did not disappoint. The match was well paced, guys were flawless on their moves, Necce shocked us with another FKO kickout, and Flynn shocked us with a Raven Effect DDT kickout. Both men laid it all out, and in the end, it took a second FKO to put Necce away and for Flynn to win his second Universal Championship. Great story telling guys.
  11. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    BPZ Whatculture

    Hello everyone and welcome to BPZWhatCulture.com and as always is your eye candy, long slong ding dong motherfucker in the world, James SweedinFerg and today's episode of the returning "What The F@!& Just Happened?!?" then with the recent most controversial moment, the World Heavyweight Championship Match Ending Of Judgement Day 2018. Judgment Day main event saw FDS get his first shot at the World Heavyweight Championship when he faced against the then current Champion, Flynn. Mid way through the match, Slim came out of God's ass or something with Flynn's old Money In The Bank briefcase and tried cashing in on the match..... Confused on why this makes me say "WHAT THE MOTHERF@!&ING F@!&!" is simple. Back a month or so before this event, Slim was the World Heavyweight Champion, and he was defending his title against Nanovirus, now known as Angelo Caito- err I mean "The Killer" Angelo Caito.... sorry Angelo, now please put that knife away. A...anyway. Nanovirus nailed a F5 on Slim, which who knows? Could of won him the title, but then, Flynn runs out with the breifcase in his hands and officially cashed in and speared Nanovirus and pinned him for the World Heavyweight Championship. Flynn was the OFFICIAL Money In The Bank holder at the time, so his cash in was legal. Now, I wonder where the fuck Slim got the case from, how the hell he stole it, and how no one noticed it was gone. Anyway, Slim decided to do the same and he pinned FDS in a "match" and "won" his "fifth" World Heavyweight Championship. That was until the COO of BPZ, Bailey walked out and said.... After a brief word battle between the two, Slim then went on to say it wasn't fair Flynn cashed in. Um.... um.... didn't you cash in against Nebakos when he won the World Heavyweight Championship that same night you won Money In The Bank? Not fair right? Totally, you're right, please don't have me fired. Bailey did however claim his win was null and void, but now Flynn was stripped of the World Title, why? Well because Bailey hates him and wants to use his insides as jump ropes. Now the benefit of all this is the decision of the King Of The Ring Tournament Winner becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, which saw BPZ have all talent involved step up big time, with the likes of guys who couldn't go in any other King Of The Ring Tournaments due to their status in BPZ, such as Angelo Caito, Johnny Kills, FDS, and a few more. But, with this whole thing that went down, the World Heavyweight Championship lost so much prestige that it'll take Julius getting 20 star rating matches from Josh Metlzer to get the World Heavyweight Championship back to the level it once was. It was a real shit move by Slim that lead to one of the best ideas around. So thank you BPZ for fucking our lives up and making it so much better. That's all we got today and we'll see you Thursday for the Top Ten Matches Of 2018 So Far. Until then, I'm James SweedinFerg, and you just watched "What The F@!& Just Happened?!?"
  12. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Evolve: Fallout- Ark Universe vs Angelo Caito

    The opening tron with a video package of the build to this event plays before the pyro explodes over the stage, signaling the start for Evolve Takeover: Fallout. With a stacked card, the show is set to kick off as Ark Universe is forced to face the dangerous Angelo Caito. Ark does not want to face Angelo, as he claims he's not ready to return to the ring just yet. However, the Evolve General Manager, Ross, is making him compete due to his actions lately. Angelo's goal in this is to rebuild his speed of success and pick up another decisive victory here tonight. And starting off the entrances tonight promises everyone, it's a real killer. "Enemy" rips throughout the arena, followed by a sea of boos from the packed out crowd in the O2 arena in London, England. The song quickly ends as live feed from backstage as two refs are arguing about the whereabouts of Ark Universe is. A another ref comes running up as he says Ark Universe was seen in a hoodie trying to leave the arena. Out of the blue, the feed goes to another camera, showing Ark trying to leave the arena, until out of nowhere, Angelo spears him into objects, knocking him out. Angelo kneels beside the unconscious coward, as he sees him as in his eyes, before standing up and grabs his leg and starts to drag him down the concrete floor, towards the gorilla position as he then drags him up the stairs and out of the back. The camera feed goes to the one on the ramp shows Angelo pulling him from the back and drags him down the entire metal ramp as he then lifts him up and throws him into the ring. Angelo slides into the ring and sits in the corner, as the Man lays there out cold. He then gets up and lifts the Man up to his feet before demanding that the bell needs to be rung. The ref hesitantly rings the bell as Angelo gets Ark in a reverse STO position. While in position, he does a cut throat taunt on Ark before driving him skull first into the mat with a Blade Runner. Angelo looks down at the fallen underdog before placing one hand on his chest as the ref counts three. The bell rings as more boos pour in for Caito as he climbs the middle rope and celebrates. While all this happens, the ref goes to check on Universe, but makes a shocking discovery that the man in the hoodie was a fake Ark Universe. The ref informs Angelo, who climbs down and now orders the match as a DQ win to Angelo. He slowly walks over to the man, pulling his switchblade out, as the lights dim, and the tron statics, leaving everyone in mystery.
  13. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout Press Conferences

    As soon as Johnny Kills finishes, he starts to make it towards the door, until it swings open. Walking through the door is a familiar man to Johnny Kills indeed. He was once known as a hero, but now refuses to be known as a villain. He wishes to be known as "The Killer", he is Angelo Caito. He walks into the room with a formal suit and tie on, staring out his former foe. The two exchange a nice stare down, and it's broken as Angelo smirks and taps Kills leg before walking up the stairs and to the table. He fixes his suit jacket before pulling the chair out and sits down and pulls the chair in. He pulls the microphone close and starts speaking. "Save your questions for after, I got something I want to say, and it will sting for those involved. Now for Fallout, when asked when I wanted my match to happen, I said "Set me vs Ark first, why? Because what a better way to kick off Evolve: Fallout than the absolute burial of a man who was once a underdog, who turned out to be a little puppy who tried following in my footsteps. He, who comes and says "WALK WITH ARK" when in reality there is no destination to go to with him, because all he will lead you to, is failure if you stick around long enough. Hell, he was the man who was strongly believed by you superstars in the back and you pillocks for BPZ fans that Ark Universe would be the one who conquers the authority of BPZ. And boy, were we wrong? Ark, you are the same level of Storm. You are the same level as Akki, Suby, and Pat before his unfortunate career ending groin injury, a small hit if hype hits your way, then it gets killed by someone. Storm's will be killed by Slim, and for someone who is the biggest pain in the ass in BPZ ever, the fact that he is higher on the card than you Ark should make you embarrassed. And, even though you'll go and say, if you show up, which I doubt, "Oh but Storm is ahead of you too". Yes, he is placed ahead of me, the man who dismantled him on Carnage and is not in any wait to do so again on Evolve. And out of respect to Slim, I stepped to the first match. Ark Universe, bring your guitar and bash it against my back, because when I do get up, and I will, I got my switchblade for your heart after, and it will happen at FallOut. Now, you cunts may ask your question." A group of journalists raise their hands, rushing words such as "Mr. Caito" and "I got a question!" come out of their mouths. Angelo looks around and points at Jonathan Coachman. Jonathan Coachman: Mr. Caito, any ideas on who you want to face after this up coming payperview event?" "There is a few I want to face. I will not say who they are, and they don't know who they are. And when I do face them, I will kill a legacy, and start a monarchy." Another group of journalists raise their hands as Angelo stares them down, until he picks James SweedinFerg. James: "Mr. Caito, what's your thoughts on the main event which is Bart defending the Global Championship against Johnny Kills?" "My thoughts? My thoughts are this is bullshit. Before my unfortunate exit from Evolve to Carnage, I defeated Devlin Rhodes at Judgement Day to become the Number One Contender for the title I was also screwed out of and never gotten my rematch for it. I went a whole year with a rematch clause for this title, and I've been waiting to cash it in. And why not for after this match?" Angelo sees a young female stand up, skipping ahead of everyone else. ?: "Hello Mr. Caito, I am Hayley Rose, and question is, what is next for Angelo Caito with championships?" "What's next? It's simple, and before you fat lazy smarks who are up at nine pm eating two bags of cheese puffs to watch Monday Night Snore will say [Angelo then mimmicks Porky Pig] "Angelo w.w.w.will lo..oo..ss..e his Wo..oo..oor..ll...d T.t.i..t.t.le m.m.m.m.a..tch." [Angelo looks at the camera as he has a face of "Come on now] "Bah to de bad bah to de dah, that's all folks!" Angelo shakes his head as he got some of the journalists to chuckle. "My goal isn't the World Heavyweight Championship, or the Premium Championship, or even to become a record setting four time Intercontinental Champion. My goal is to find a lucky fellow and allow them to be my partner and we will win the Tag Team Championships. It is all on who i team up with. Hell, it might be Slim, someone who wants the hearts of both Echo and Julius. Could be Flynn, who wants to advenge his tie with Echo and get payback for Julius turning on him. It could be anyone, and whoever it is, they will be now longer a Kingdom, but a pair of bitches. Oh don't like what i said? Then go ask Daddy Bailey to let you come here so i can show you that I got a Blade with both your names on it, and you got a pair of hearts with my name on it. Goodbye." Angelo gets up and walks off the stage, letting the next guy go.
  14. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 27th July 2018

    Slim vs ? Ark Universe vs Brad Sameer vs Yelich vs Kieron Black Evolve Global Championship: Bart (c) vs Johnny Kills The Marker vs El Pero De La Najico
  15. "The Killer" Angelo Caito


    Evolve returns from commercial break as the crowd boos heavily as the theme song of the man who not only broke Suby's ribs after butterfly suplexing Sameer into the table, sending it back hard into his mid section, but also dismantled the leg of Joh after screwing Angelo of the Intercontinental Championship, sending both commentators out of action, the lights dim. The song remains playing as the crowd slowly stops booing as not a single person exits from the back. The song dies off as the no show of Angelo leaves fans confused on why his theme was playing then. The lights go completely out as the tron turns to all white. Then flashes of a building pops on the screen, then the images flash into a room, where a one person chair and a stand is placed beside it. The image disappears, and the video of Angelo sitting in the chair, holding a book begins playing, the top of the screen labeled as "Afterthought". He opens the cover of the book and starts to flip through the pages of the book, rather fast for someone who reads a book. When he reaches a page, however, he puts his finger on the page, and starts to read. "“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” Jack Kerouac's 1957 edition of "On The Road", an excellent book for a enjoyable read. This world has many mad people, some were born mad, and some are molded mad. Me? I was born mad. I was born to be mad at people and events. I'm mad at my mother for giving up when she gave birth to me and let herself die. I'm mad at my father for putting a nine mil slug in his temple, ending his life. And my sister, my lovely sister Abigail. Who returned from the dead after our fatal...... "mishap". I help a great deal of guilt... and anger. But now, you leaving your brother alone again... I'm mad at you. And now... all this anger is to be poured out at Fallout. Ark Universe, your claim of not being ready is so, so wrong. The real reason you're not ready is because deep, and I mean deep down inside, you're not ready for me. Last time we faced, you tried desperately to get the upperhand against me, go into my mind ans sees what makes me tick, but you found out the hard way, nobody knows what makes me tick. With your attempt, it lead me to your mind, to see what makes you tick. Your drive is to get to the next level, wither it be as this loveable hero to the cunts of BPZ or in case a hacker or demon who wishes to get by at any means necessary. Funny thing is, you claimed my tick in my head was to stay relevant. Ark Universe, I am like Matt Hardy..." Angelo leans back in his chair and he then closes the book and holds it in his left hand. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out one of his blades, but also in his grasp is his necklace. He sighs as he then springs the blade open, and slowly drags it across his right pec, not hard enough to penetrate his skin, but to make a nice bright red line on his chest across the scars he has on his chest. He shudders at the feel of the metal on his bare flesh as he turns his attention back to the camera. "...... I stay relevant." Angelo then grips the blade and slams the book down and then slams his knife into the book, looking down at the ground in process of doing that. He slowly stands up from chair, leaving the knife in the book. He slowly raises his right hand up as he dangles the necklace in the air. "Ark Universe, at Fallout, you will be beaten to death. You will be another viticm. And Ark, you will be what you fear, a afterthought." Angelo then lifts the chain to the necklace up and gives the blade design attached to the chain, before dropping it to the ground. When the chain hits the ground, the tron goes to static, until a final message comes through the static, saying "He Knows Who He Is." Who is Angelo talking about now? And what's in store for Fallout when Ark Universe is set to face "The Killer" Angelo Caito?

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