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  1. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    BPZ Commentaries

    "Last Sunday saw Carnage's brand exclusive event, Emergence. Now for a brand new Segement on this show were me personally I will rate each feud that happened on the card with star rating. I'm James SweendinFerg from BPZ Commentaries, and this is Emergence Star Ratings. Yelich vs Prince: 0 stars Not much else to say. One segment from Yelich yet nothing from Carnage's Number One pick. Sad day. Roptai vs Sameer: 0 stars Same reason as Yelich vs Prince, one Segment from Roptai and nothing from Sameer. Hollow vs Kieron Black: 3 stars Finally, something worth talking about now. Anyway, while we didn't see much from Kieron except for one Segment of his own, while Hollow and his Looney Toons demented ass over here carried the entire thing to the event. Still, Hollow made it interesting all the way through, getting it to three stars. Bart vs Bailey: 3.5 stars Now don't get me wrong, a feud between these two men would be a classic to watch and see happen in a match. But, with the time they bad, they couldn't achieve what they could with more time, so a 3.5 for the way they started to go after with each other and how I see this leading to a longer feud down the road between the two men. Julius vs Angelo Caito: 3.8 stars Started at SummerSlam and on road to Emergence, we seen them trade verbal and physical blows with each other. Beatdowns, blood, and so much more. The reason it got this rating is because of the fact that they just go started it seems. Echo Wilson vs LAOCH: 4.25 stars A great feud that started with the two being pick to go for the vacant Universal Championship, and they brought it there, where Echo won at SummerSlam with great segments leading to the match, and when it was announced there was a rematch between the two at Emergence, which became a ladder match. The two went on with extremely awesome programs, with a hint of something from LAOCH about not being alone himself, wonder what the hell that's all about. Now that Emergence is over, we've seen a couple of good things, a lot of bad things, but the ppv with it's two good feuds and one fantastic feud, I give the build of Emergence from the matches a 3.75 out of five. Next time from me on BPZ Commentaries will be my preview of Bad Blood. I'm your host James SweendinFerg and I sign off for tonight. See you all next time."
  2. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Global Series Round 1: The Marker w/Buddy Ace, Vala and Jason Ryan vs JoshsNow

    Good match. Four stars.
  3. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Down With The Shoot

    "Hello everyone and welcome to BPZ Down With The Shoot. I'm Brad and today we have one of the fastest rising Stars of recent time, Emperor. Welcome to the show" Emperor: " Thank you for having me, Brad. I've been watching the show for awhile now and quite enjoy it" "Alright so you know the rules, we start off with a game. What's In The Bag?" I name a item, you name a member. Cool?" Emperor: " Cool" "Axe" Emperor: "FDS" "Snake" Emperor: "Juilus" "Reaper" Emperor: "Necce" "A shovel" Emperor: "Slim" "Balls. Meaning brave and courageous" Emperor: "I have two people for this one, Josh and Angelo" "Why both for this one?" Emperor: " Well both men shown lately that they are not going to take anyone's shit and are going to stand up like men and welcome any challengers" "Ah alright. Next is booze" Emperor: " Me" "Last. A fire" Emperor: " Echo" "Alright that ends that. Now for the questions. What is the reason for joining here? And what kept you to stay?" Emperor: " My reason for joining was I'm always looking for like minded individuals who I can talk to people about and shoot the bull with. And what has kept to stay is how chill everyone is. Aside from the odd spat and regardless what you may see out in the ring, behind the scenes, we all get along. I know I left for a bit but I was pulled back and am very glad I returned." "For the most part, your known character, Jason Ryan is known for his words, his swearing, and his violence. When was this character created and what was the reason of his was of promos and fighting style?" Emperor: " Well when I first joined and after I got a feel for how things work here, I was torn between a cult leader or my current character. After deliberating, I decided that I could do more with a biker take no shit type of individual. The reason for his promos, fighting style, promo style is simple. See I've taken a number of communication classes at my college. In these classes I've learned what makes people tick fundamentally. You can take two people completely different from each other, if you dig hard enough, you will find something that offends the both of them. So I take everything I've learned in this classes and incorporate them into my character. He is always playing mind games, whether in a match or talking because an opponent not mentally focused is going to be easier to beat than someone who is focused." "Now as a long time member of the Fourms in myself, I've seen many dark gimmicks come and go, but none been as consistent as yours. How do you keep it at that base for as long as you have?" Emperor: " Adaptability, improvement and willing to take feedback as well as faith in he gimmick. I'm always willing to have my gimmick adapt to a certain environment or story line as well as gradually add depth to it. Every time I have come up short, I take a look back at what I could've done better and improve in that area. That and I've had plenty of feedback from the great members of these forums. And of course, faith in the gimmick will pay off is what drives me to keep on with it." "Of course. Now, other than your gimmick, what gimmicks are your favorite on the Fourms?" Emperor: " Honestly, I like everyone's gimmick for different reasons. A few examples are Necce's due to the fact he is always doing stuff to make it fresh. Storm's due to how far he's come and how hard he works on his character, same can be said for my Frontier brethern. I will say perhaps the most unique gimmick here is Hollow's" "Now for a double question. Memeber wise, who would you want to face? Then Character wise, who would you want to face?" Emperor: " Member wise I'd want to face anyone I haven't yet, starting with the more experienced guys such as Flynn, Ross, Angelo and Bailey. I feel as though I could learn a lot from those types of guys .I'd also love to face Slim again, I know I give him a lot of shit in-character but the guy knows what he's doing. It's easy to see why he is where he is. As for Character wise Necce is on top of that list. I feel like The Antichrist vs my character's inner demon could be a canidate for Feud of the year. Ross and Bailey as well, i feel as though they'd be perfect my anti-establishment gimmick" "Last question. What's the end game for you as a member here on BPZ Fourms?" Emperor: " The end game is to become world champion, main event Mania and have classic feuds with everyone." "alright. Game two. I'll name a member, you rank their promos, work rate, and personality out of ten. Cool?' Emperor: " sounds good to me" "Julius" Emperor: " Promos 9/10, Work rate 10/10 and personality 10/10" "Necce" Emperor: " Promos 10/10, Work Rate 6/10 and Personality 10/10" "Me" Emperor: " Promos 8.5/10, Work Rate 8.5/10 and Personality 10/10" "Storm" Emperor: " Promos 7/10, Work Rate 9/10 and Personality 10/10." "Flynn" Emperor: " Promos 10/10, Work Rate 6/10 and Personality 10/10" "lastly, Bailey" "alright I got one more game called "Match Of The Year". I name a member and you name another member who would make a MOTY winning match" Emperor: " I'm going to have fun with this one" "JoshNow" Emperor: " I feel as though Josh could have an amazing match with Storm. They have similar styles Promo wise and if you take away all restraints and let them go at it, I think they could create absolute magic" "Necce" Emperor: " Necce is one of those guys who can have a insane match with just about anyone. But if I had to pick one I think he and Angelo could really blow the roof off the place. They had a very interesting back and forth following Angelo's Man of the Year promo. So i think if those two faced off then it could easily be MOTY" "Flynn" Emperor: " What I said about Necce goes the same for Flynn. He is one of those guys who could easily have a good match with anyone. If I had to pick someone I'd say.... Ross. The star power those two have alone would get everyone's attention and considering how talented they are, I think they could easily take MOTY" "Slim" Emperor: " Once again, what I've said about Necce and Flynn applies to Slim. I think that Slim could really create magic with Bailey or Ross. I know they've already planted the seeds for a match and I am excited to see where it all leads" "Julius" Emperor: " Juilus is someone who I've faced before so I know how good he is. Juilus will eventually be one of those guys who creates Instant Classics in every match. For MOTY I think he and Buddy Ace would do nicely. That's a match I would love to see and I think I speak for everyone." "Last, Marker" Emperor: " Not to be conceited or anything but I think Marker and I could have MOTY due to the chemistry we have. Yelich and Hollow are two other guys who I think could have a MOTY with Marker" "Alright, now I am allowing you four lines of kayfabe to a certain member, certain members, or just in general. You may begin" Emperor: " Alright. The Frontier has come to fuck shit up. It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done and what you plan on doing. You are either part of The Frontier or you are against us. We have already turned BPZ on its head and no one has been able to stand in our way. We've got the NXT champion Marker, we've got Buddy Ace, the Awesome One and we've got God God Oh my God, Jason Ryan. Trust me when I say, you're going to see a lot more of us, a lot more. And you haven't see anything yet." "Alright that was more than four lines, but I'll let it pass. That's all we have for the show, thank you Emperor for being a wonderful guest" Emperor: " Thanks for having me, I had a lot of fun." "Tune in next week when I have the former Intercontinental Champion, JoshNow on the show. Till then, I'm Brad, and I'm signing off. Peace!'
  4. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Finish What We Started

    {Julius continues to pace the ring, with the anticipation building high for the arrival of the man who took him past his limit last night, Angelo Caito. The fans start chanting for "The Killer" and then "Angelo!", which makes Julius even more furious than he already was. The wait lasts thirty seconds and then, he has arrived. The crowd roars as Julius stops in the center of the ring and barks at Angelo, who comes out of the back with his "Julius Slayer" shirt on. He quickly takes his shirt off and tosses into the crowd before he starts running full Sprint down the ramp before sliding in the ring. The two start to brawl as Angelo blocks a punch from Julius as he starts to lay in the rights and lefts before Julius takes Angelo down with a tackle. Julius starts hitting the ribs of Angelo, who flips him over and lays in right hands again to his head and shoulder blades. Julius flips Angelo over and starts to choke him with both hands as Bailey is seen on the stage, telling Wrestlers to separate the two men. They rush in fast as they pull Julius off and pulls him to a corner. Angelo gets up and runs and jumps onto them and starts punching Julius as other Superstars pull Caito back, the ring filling up with superstars. Bailey gets tired of it and gets on the apron with a mic.} Bailey: "ENOUGH!" {Slowly all the action in the ring stops as the stars have Angelo and Julius placed in their corners. Bailey surveys the scene before going on.} Bailey: "I'm not having my stars kill each other! Not on live TV. After last night, there will be a rematch taking place. At Bad Blood. The main event of Bad Blood will be Angelo Caito going one on one with Julius. And the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line!" {The crowd cheers loudly as they are excited for a rematch between these two ass kickers as they yell at each other, yelling "FUCK YOU!" and "I'LL RIP YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!"} Bailey: "And to make sure we have a winner, this match will have no disqualifications, no count outs, no time limit, and you guys can fight anywhere... In Falls Count Anywhere." {The crowd roars loudly as Angelo and Julius nod happy with this decision and then try to get at each other, before Julius is pulled out of the ring as "GOAT" by CFO$ plays, as Bailey walks to the back while the two beasts remains separated as the feed goes to commercial.}
  5. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    How Long Till Superstar Retires Thread

    The man who raised the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship, and he isn't afraid to ask him. While at it, ask him if he's sucks, decent, good, or great, and you know what he'll tell you? He's... Awesome. The Miz has been the best mid carder in the WWE for the past we eight years with two United States Championship reigns, six Tag Team Championship reigns, a amazing eight Intercontinental Championship reigns, before a brief run as the WWE Champion from 2010 to 2011. At the age of thirty seven, he has seven more years, two more Intercontinental and a World title reign to add to his name before he closes the curtains for good.
  6. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    1. Shield was great in your 2012-2014, not 2018. 2. EC3 been trash since coming to WWE 3. I'd rather see Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin then Team Angle vs Team Corbin 4. Finn Balor should leave WWE
  7. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    EVOLVE Global Series: 13th September (Votings)

    Well this topic turned dark. Anyway voted Josh and Flynn
  8. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

    Everyone is entitled to a opinion. Best bet is to avoid a heated conversation with them all, and go easy on how you put your words, as some people would take offense. If that happens on both sides, no arguments and y'all still express your opinions.
  9. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

    Sir this hostility is very unneeded. Please calm down and take a deep breath and go watch TV or something. Thank you.
  10. "The Killer" Angelo Caito

    Emergence II: Echo Wilson (c) vs LAOCH - Universal Championship

    Good match. 4.75 stars from me.

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