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Found 2 results

  1. So I started a new 2009 save in EWR and I guess I will be posting the results of my shows here. I have Smackdown, Raw and ECW so I will be posting 3 times per day this save starting tommorow on this topic. Top stars -John Cena -Undertaker -Triple H (and stone cold but he is retired so..) June 4th addition of Thursday Night Smackdown! Smackdown is presented to you by...Nike! Segment 1: The "new" Straight Edge Society (Umaga. CM Punk, and William Regal) are backstage, Jeff Hardy walks past, William Regal points to Hardy and the team attacks Hardy from behind. CM punk shouts in Jeff Hardy's ear "WE ARE STRAIGHT EDGE!" and CM punk points to his WWE title Segment 2: Umaga vs Mike Knox : Umaga def. Mike Knox in a 55% rated match. Segment 3: Edge is backstage. He always delivers the goods interview-wise. He talked trash about John Cena. See, it's simple - they insult each other, build up some heat, then fight. It's not rocket science. Segment 4: While Edge is in the middle of the interview John Cena attacks Edge from behind and STF! John Cena locks Edge into the STF! Segment 5: Cryme Time vs Miz and Morrison : Cryme Time def. Miz and Morrison in a 73% rated match. After the match Miz and Morrison got revenge on cryme time. Cryme Time is now N1C for the World Tag Team Titles Segment 6: Legacy is backstage talking about how no one is above them and they are the best stable in all of wrestling. Randy RKO's the interviewer. Segment 7: Chris Jericho vs William Regal : William Regal def. Chris Jericho in a 74% rated match due to Umaga distracting Jericho. After the match Umaga and Regal beat down Jericho Segment 8: Edge vs. The Big Show : Edge def. The Big Show in a N1C match for the WWE World Heavyweight TItle. Thank you for watching Thursday Night Smackdown! New Signings: June 6th Addition of Monday Night Raw! Segment 1: Shelton Benjamin is backstage when Batista attacks him from behind. He gives him the spine buster and leaves Shelton Benjamin a bloody mess. Segment 2: Batista explains the reason why he attacked Shelton Benjamin "Benjamin thinks he is the best just because he had beat a stupid man called Carlito, but me...Oh I am something way bigger. I am going to grab every title in the WWE starting with Shelton Benjamins US title. And it wont stop there... After I have claimed every single title in the WWE I will go to Hollywood and keep the titles for the rest of my life" Segment 3: Triple H vs The Great Khali : Triple H def. The Great Khali in a 67% rated match Segment 4: Beth Pheonix vs. Candice Michelle N1C for the Womens Championship : Beth Pheonix def. Candice Michelle in a 68% rated match. After the match Maryse (The Womens Champion) attacked Beth Pheonix Segment 5: Triple H is in the ring, he challenges William Regal to a match at The Great American Bash for the IC title, the challenge is accepted. Segment 6: From behind, The Straight Edge Society attacks Triple H from behind. They warn him that claiming the title wont be easy. Segment 7: Bourne and Mysterio vs. Primo and Carlito : Bourne and Rey def. Primo and Carlito in a 76% rated match Segment 8: Randy Orton vs. Finlay : Orton def. Finlay in a 80% rated match. After the match Cody Rhodes came out with a chair and beat up Finlay. Thank you for watching Monday Night Raw! June 7th addition of ECW! Brought to you by: So, lets get this started. Segment 1: Rhino (DEBUT) says "Mark Henry, I am the only monster on this brand so either leave the show or I will make you do it myself. So how about tonight its me and you in a loser leaves the brand match Segment 2: Bam Neely vs Chavo Guerrero : Chavo def. Bam Neely in a 67% rated match. After the match Chavo hit Neely with a chair. Segment 3: Matt Hardy is in the ring. Out from the crowd comes Evan Bourne, who grabs a chair from ringside as he hits the ring. M. Hardy turns, and gets floored by a brutal chair shot. Evan Bourne floors Matt Hardy...and climbs the turnbuckles. Air Bourne!!! Evan Bourne raises the chair and drives it side-first into the throat of M. Hardy, causing him to roll around in agony. The chair gets put around the head of Matt Hardy, who then gets driven face-first into the mat, crushing his wind pipe against the steel. Paramedics come running out to help Matt Hardy as Evan Bourne exits via the crowd. Evan Bourne points to the ECW title Segment 4: Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Boogeyman : The Boogeyman def. Kozlov in a 61% rated match due to countout because Kozlov was too scared to compete. Segment 5: Evan Bourne is backstage and talks about why he attacked Matt. He said "I think we all know why...Its because I want that belt obviously! Everyone wants it... But I want it more" Segment 6: Rhino vs. Mark Henry : Rhino def. Mark Henry in a 63% rated match. After the match Mark Henry tried to give Rhino a handshake but Rhino ignored it Thanks for watching ECW!
  2. I have recently started playing this game thanks to this forum, more specifically the 'Wrestling Booker Sims' topic, and have since spent a lot of time on it as it is a really fun and interesting game. I have also noticed that numerous members of this forum are also enjoying the game, so i thought i would make a specific topic where everyone can update eachother on what is happening in their save, however they like and whenever they like. So to start it off, i will list a few things that are happening in my save where i start off ae a backyard wrestling promotion and work my way to a global promotion. Thankyou to Brenden for giving me the idea, i would definitely advise everyone else to try it too! Promotion Name: Taylor's Independent Wrestling Size: Backyard Public Image: 70% Date: December 1st 2014 I gained an owner mid way through November I am doing Weekly Shows Finances: -$101933 (Ive been paying 20k per month through advertising without realising) Risk Level: 60% Workers (8): 2-Face; Chris Cryptic; Earl Huff; El Blanco Negro Dragon; Michael Diablo; Scotty Vegas; Scyther; Shawn Stylez Most Over - Michael Diablo (63) Titles: TIW Championship - Michael Diablo TIW Championship - 2-Face TIW Midcard Championship - SUSPENDED If their is ever anything you want to know about my save, or someone else, feel free to ask!

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