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  1. I have recently started playing this game thanks to this forum, more specifically the 'Wrestling Booker Sims' topic, and have since spent a lot of time on it as it is a really fun and interesting game. I have also noticed that numerous members of this forum are also enjoying the game, so i thought i would make a specific topic where everyone can update eachother on what is happening in their save, however they like and whenever they like. So to start it off, i will list a few things that are happening in my save where i start off ae a backyard wrestling promotion and work my way to a global promotion. Thankyou to Brenden for giving me the idea, i would definitely advise everyone else to try it too! Promotion Name: Taylor's Independent Wrestling Size: Backyard Public Image: 70% Date: December 1st 2014 I gained an owner mid way through November I am doing Weekly Shows Finances: -$101933 (Ive been paying 20k per month through advertising without realising) Risk Level: 60% Workers (8): 2-Face; Chris Cryptic; Earl Huff; El Blanco Negro Dragon; Michael Diablo; Scotty Vegas; Scyther; Shawn Stylez Most Over - Michael Diablo (63) Titles: TIW Championship - Michael Diablo TIW Championship - 2-Face TIW Midcard Championship - SUSPENDED If their is ever anything you want to know about my save, or someone else, feel free to ask!

BrendenPlayz Forums "PPV Events"

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