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Found 2 results

  1. I'm surprised this hasn't been made already. So basically in this topic we talk about music news,albums,songs that you recommend etc.
  2. Welcome to Monda's Music Corner. Here I'm gonna review music from artists I personally enjoy, musicians that you recommend, and random musicians I can find on bandcamp or soundcloud. While there's no set in stone schedule as I like to work at my own pace, here's my somewhat schedule: Monda's Music: this is first in the rotation. Basically any album from any artists I personally enjoy. Random Recordings: This is where I go on bandcamp or soundcloud and try and find an obscure artist (preferably unsigned and less than 10,000 followers) and review that. Reader Recommendations: Self-explanatory, I look at the list from the google form. Then there will be also be new music reviews when the time comes, say a new album from a popular artist or an artist I like. So that's it, be sure to check back for stuff you maybe haven't heard before and whatnot. Also submit to the google form, but make sure to not go super crazy. Add a link if you're feeling generous. Link for recommendations: https://forms.gle/xzPQa1cp21LGtPPu5 Reviews: Monda's Music: Interpol - A Fine Mess (EP) [Indie Rock] Parquet Courts - Wide Awake! [Art-Punk] Random Recordings: TisaKorean - A Guide To Being A Partying Freshman [Soundcloud Rap] The Chats - Get This In Ya [Garage Punk] Reader Recommendations: Atreyo - Lead Sails Paper Anchor [Heavy metal] What the scores mean: 0-65 - Awful, don't waste your time checking this out. 66-75 - Decent. If you know the band or like the genre this might be worth a listen. 76-89 - Really good. Definitely considering checking this out if you like the band or genre. 90-99 - Almost a masterpiece. Worth a listen, no matter if you aren't aware of the band or don't think you like the genre. 100 - Stop everything you're doing, and listen now.

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