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Found 1 result

  1. [ the camera pans down at the foot of Mt.Olympus as we see Bulldozer walking down the mountain path and up to camera with a big smile on his face as Alice walks down the path with him ] Bulldozer : Well that’s one thing off the old to do list. [ Bulldozer and Alice then notice the cameraman standing patiently ] Bulldozer : Ah I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, however it was for a very good reason I assure you for you see there’s a reason I am the one and only true god of pro wrestling and that is because I am on God’s level, actually no I am above it for you see I didn’t come here for enlightenment no quite the opposite in fact I came to enlighten the gods and goddess of Greece, for you see I am wiser than Athena the goddess of wisdom, stronger than Aries the god of war, faster than Zeus the god the lighting and thunder, more calm than Poseidon the god of the ocean, and more sadistic than Hades the god of death and the underworld. [ Bulldozer takes a moment to savor the sights of Greece because it’s not everyday you get to visit such a beautiful place as Alice begins to speak ] Alice : Yes indeed that is all very true Bulldozer but you forgot to mention that you’re a better shot with bow and arrow than Apollo and Artemis combined. Bulldozer : Ah yes of course thanks for reminding me Alice. [ Bulldozer then picks up a bow and a quiver of arrows off a nearby table him and Alice must have set up earlier and takes aim at a target that’s easily two hundred feet away and fires ten arrows and hits bullseye every time and spilts each arrow that came before it leaving the tenth and final arrow the only one unsplit ] Alice : Simply divine marksmenship Bulldozer but I would expect nothing less from a man more beautiful than Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. [ Bulldozer then sets the bow down and walks back over ] Bulldozer : Sorry Alice I couldn’t hear you from the distance and the noise from the nearby market place what did you say? [ Alice then blushes slightly before responding ] Alice : Nothing just telling the how world how much better you are than everyone else in BPZ. Bulldozer : Well thank you for that Alice it’s much appreciated, however there’s just one last thing I need to mention before I defeat the strongest warriors Greece has to offer in combat, and that brings me to you Dikey you see because after our match at the PTC Finals you’ll end up worshiping Dionysus the god of wine in a Futile attempt to drink away the depression I ultimately put you in after you lose our match and you realize you just aren’t good enough to hang with the best much less a god of pro wrestling. [ Bulldozer and Alice then walk away towards the city laughing off the threat of Dikey as the camera fades to black ]

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