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  1. [ The camera comes down a car that is parked in the parking lot however this time we can see the driver who is none other than Bulldozer who is accompanied by Alice who is sitting in the passenger seat doing her make up and it’s then we notice that Bulldozer has shaved off his beard since the last time we’ve seen him as he then turns to Alice ] Bulldozer : Are you ready, Alice? Alice : Of course I am we did come here to get answers of who your attacker is didn’t we? Bulldozer : Hopefully Alice, hopefully and if we don’t then well I don’t know what i’ll do but what I do know is unlike me it won’t be pretty. [ Bulldozer then opens the car door and gets out as Alice does the same however Bulldozer patently waits and makes sure all other cars are empty before he proceeds to walk towards the locker room area as Alice follows him as they walk up to a locker room that reads Joshua Scott and then in a move that is very surprising Bulldozer kicks the door open to a very surprised Josh ] Bulldozer : Alright who on earth is it Josh! Oh and don’t play dumb with me because you know exactly who I am talking about who is my attacker because honestly i’m starting to get real sick of waiting to shaping them like a twig and honestly I don’t care who it is at this point. Also Josh i want to know why we are in a 4 way tag match to determine the number one contenders for the tag team championships when we should already be the number one contenders! [ As Bulldozer says this he smacks a water bottle off a nearby table which send it flying across the room landing next to a mirror that Bulldozer then takes the opportunity to admire himself in the reflection of as Alice walks up to Josh and slaps him in the face which leaves a bright red hand print on Josh’s cheek ] Alice : Now that was for not telling us before this point so go ahead and tell us Josh just who on earth is dumb enough to run Bulldozer over with a car and expect him not to retaliate. [ At this moment Gary Green walks into the locker room unaware of what has gone down in it when he also receives a slap to the face from Alice ] Alice : As for you Gary that’s for kidnapping Josh which you’re lucky I talked Bulldozer out of beating you senseless for now if you’ll excuse us Josh here has some explaining to either who ran over Bulldozer or why he hasn’t found them yet. [ Alice and Bulldozer then stand there waiting on Josh’s answer as Gary Green rubs his cheek which also now has a bright red hand print on it ]
  2. Alright so I was was I reading through people’s favorite gimmicks and while that’s an interesting read and a great idea as we all know the best part of a gimmick is how it’s used in a storyline which brought me to this question what is everyone’s favorite storyline you have done in the kayfabe? Mine would have to either be my feud with Mikey as I feel that’s helped me improve the most and was great fun to do against one of the best and honestly fairly underrated guys in nxt and just the kayfabe in general or my current storyline where I have been ran down with a car and we are trying to find out who did it.
  3. Announcer 1 : It has been a great show here so far at Judgement Day and the action is only getting better and better with each match. Announcer 2 : Right you are there partner but what else would you expect from BPZ Wrestling who has the most talented roster in the world. [ Suddenly the announcement team is cut off as some very familiar music begins to play with a surprisingly mixed reaction ] Announcer 1 : Oh my god is that him the man that was ran over in the parking lot two weeks ago! I didn’t think he would be back already. Announcer 2 : Neither did I partner however I must say i’m rather surprised at the reaction he is getting it surely must be sympathy towards him due to getting hit with a car. [ Then our walks Bulldozer accompanied by Alice however it soon becomes clear Bulldozer is walking with a slight limp in his left leg however he does manage to turn around and do his pose ] [ Alice then hands him a mic that she was holding as they begin to walk down to the ring as Bulldozer is noticeably wearing a rare smile on his face could it be possible he has missed the BPZ audience? Bulldozer and Alice then get into the ring ] Bulldozer : Well I can certainly say I didn’t expect to be cheered on my way out here so for those of you that did I say thank you for understanding that I was hit with a car. [ Bulldozer is then stopped as he actually gets more cheers and this time from more members of the live crowd as he and Alice look on in confusion at this sudden support ] Bulldozer : Again thank you guys, you know as weird as it sounds I think I might have missed you guys a bit however as you all very well know I was hit with a car one month ago after my grueling match with Dikey. So i’m going to make this nice and simple I want my revenge and I don’t care who did it! [ Bulldozer’s face quickly turns to that of anger as the fans give him another mixed reaction ] Bulldozer : Now let’s get straight down to business shall we my good friend Josh has told me a list of suspects and even narrowed it down to just a few however I feel it was someone else and this is really a feeling I just can’t escape but regardless of who it was I will have my revenge and I will. [ Bulldozer is suddenly cut off as his left leg then gives out on him but thankfully Alice who was standing next to him catches him and holds him up ] Bulldozer : Thanks Alice, now back to what I was saying I will fine who ran me over and I will make them pay because they made the mistake of not finishing the job when they had the chance! So to whoever ran me over and took me out action for two weeks i’m going to kick your ass! [ After Bulldozer finishes saying that he hands the mic to Alice who has this to say ] Alice : Well now that my client has gotten that off his chest it’s time I make an announcement of my own and that is fear not BPZ Universe because the in ring return of the God of Pro Wrestling, Bulldozer isn’t far away as he shall be medically cleared to compete in one week so for whom ever his assailant may be you have one week before Bulldozer comes after you with full force. [ With that Alice then drops the mic on the mat and goes to help Bulldozer out of the ring however it appears as Alice spoke he managed to get some feeling back in his left leg and gets out of the ring on his own and even helps Alice out of it and they walk off towards the backstage as the crowd give a mixed reaction one last time as some fans even chant “ welcome back “ ]
  4. Toxik431

    The update

    [ we are live here in the sold out Capital One Arena here in Washington DC and the crowd is absolutely electric here tonight and the titantron then cuts to a video of Bulldozer laying down in a hospital bed who is ready to give an update on his condition as Alice is seen sitting next to him in a chair making sure he is recovering well ] Bulldozer : So I bet you are all wondering if i’ll be able to return to in ring action and i’ll be honest at first I didn’t think I would be able too but then I remembered i’m the best looking man on earth, the best wrestler on earth, and most importantly the god of pro wrestling so it’s with great joy that I announce I will be returning to in ring action once I am ready. [ the crowd is then heard booing however once the boos drown out some cheers can be heard as some fans are glad to see Bulldozer isn’t dead ] Bulldozer : However I have one thing to say about the accident and that is this, I don’t know who ran me over but you made the mistake of attacking me and not finishing the job because rest assured once I do return I am going to hunt you down and there’s not a place in the universe you can safely run to because I will find you and when I do, well let’s just say may the Lord have mercy on you because I can guarantee that I won’t, and i’m going to shatter your bones, tear your “ fighting spirit “ to shreds, and lastly while everyone else is concerned about me putting you into a forced retirement all you’ll be concerned with is just how on earth you’re going to get out of a hospital bed of your own once i’m finished with you. [ Bulldozer is then seen staring very angrily into the camera and with good reason as while the crowd does boo Bulldozer they also understand why he’s angry and then slowly come to quiet down as Alice gets ready to speak on Bulldozer’s behalf as he currently has to take some time to recover after such a long sentence ] Alice : Oh and that’s not all my client, yes you heard that correctly my client Bulldozer, will do as you see Bulldozer was actually just telling me a few moments ago of who he thinks done this horrendous action so i’ll list off a few names he mentioned, Dikey, Bob. [ Alice glares as she says Bob name with utter disgust ] Alice : Alex, And lastly a former tag team partner to my client Sir Raven, now obviously there are other people on the suspects list however those are the ones Bulldozer feels has the most motivation to do this absolutely disgusting action however during my talk with Bulldozer he has agreed to not take any legal action towards the company of BPZ as he wishes to settle the score in the ring, in his ring for his return match against whoever has done this, now while I personally disagree with this approach towards these events ultimately it’s his decision to take legal action or not and he has elected not too so with that said I shall leave whoever has done this with this message, whoever you are and regardless of your motivations or reasons behind this action are you absolutely disgust me and I can’t wait to see Bulldozer here make you suffer. Bulldozer : Oh and suffer they will Alice because i’ll know who exactly it is by the time I return thanks to my good friend Josh who has assured me he’ll find out who did it and as well as being the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship to SSW Club, so to whoever my attacker is you have a choice accept my challenge and face me in a match or be hunted down like the coward you are. Alice : Wait Bulldozer you don’t think it’s Josh do you because I mean. Bulldozer : Let me stop you there, no it’s definitely not Josh I spoke with him in the locker room before I went to the parking lot, plus he wouldn’t ever do that to me. Alice : Very well then, now please get some rest you need it. [ Bulldozer then lays his head back as he takes Alice’s advice as Alice walks over to the camera and turns it off with the message clear that Bulldozer is out for revenge now the only question that remains is when will he return and just what does he have in store for his attacker ]
  5. [ Bulldozer is seen walking backstage after his match with Dikey in which he came up short yet again when a member of the press that was allowed backstage to get reports from the action tonight at the PTC Finals runs up to him ] Reporter : Excuse me, Bulldozer a moment of your time if you will first of all I must say you put on a good performance tonight but I have to ask with this being yet another loss for you here in BPZ has this rattled you any? Bulldozer : You want to call that a good performance? That wasn’t anywhere close to good because if it was I would have came out on top now with that said I severely underestimated Dikey tonight and he earned his win tonight but he better watch his back because if he gets in my way again he’s going to be on the receiving end of another God’s Ultimate Blast, now as for your question as much as I would like to say it hasn’t the truth is it definitely has because for the first time I don’t know where I am going next in my career. Reporter : In that case do you have anything else to say about tonight’s action? Bulldozer : No I don’t now if you’ll excuse me I must get busy coming up with a new plan. [ Bulldozer then walks off over towards the locker room to get changed out from his ring gear to his regular clothes and gets his car keys out of his pocket as he walks into the parking lot when suddenly he is hit by a car that seemingly was parked with the driver waiting for him ] [ Alice then walks by and notices Bulldozer is knocked out on the floor and immediately runs over to him checking on him and calls for a medic ] Alice : Medic! We need a medic right now! [ now the only question that remains is who ran over Bulldozer and why? ]
  6. We come back to The PTC Finals as we now prepare for our next match between Bulldozer and Dikey. Bulldozer’s theme song “ right here right now “ begins to play as Bulldozer comes out and does his now signature pose at the stage before walking down to ring. Next is Dikey who’s theme song plays next and he comes out and makes his way to the ring after he does a pose of his own at the stage. https://giphy.com/gifs/VzGajvc7JXbLWsZDiv Bulldozer and Dikey then stare each other down Bulldozer takes the first shot with a punch but Dikey sucks and kicks Bulldozer in the leg causing Bulldozer to take a step back Bulldozer then responds by faking another punch which Dikey goes to suck again as Bulldozer predicted before Bulldozer brings up his knee which hits Dikey in the face this then stuns Dikey who takes a few steps back as Bulldozer smirks as Dikey regatheres his thoughts. Dikey then charges Bulldozer but is met with another knee this time to the gut causing him to hunch over as Bulldozer is looking for a fast victory as he goes for the God’s ultimate blast and comes close to hitting it but no Dikey counters by sending Bulldozer into the air and catching him with a cutter out of mid air. Dikey then goes for the pin and gets a count of 2 as Bulldozer somehow kicks out but Dikey then picks Bulldozer back up and hits a few more strikes on Bulldozer before Bulldozer headbutts Dikey which makes him stumble towards the ropes as Bulldozer charges at Dikey who then stops the charge short with a brutal Elbow to Bulldozer’s face which drops Bulldozer to the mat who then stops to soak in the cheers of the crowd who begin to chat “ let’s go Dikey “ and “ Bulldozer sucks “ which causes Dikey to smile but then notices that Bulldozer is starting to stir so Dikey drags him back up only to be shoved back and into the ref! Bulldozer then sees the ref get bumped out of the ring because of this and follows up with a low blow. Dikey then drops to both knees and Bulldozer grabs his wrist and hits the Kamigoye on Dikey could this be the end?! Bulldozer then in the moment goes for the pin completely forgetting the ref got knocked out of the ring. Bulldozer who then remembers the ref is down goes outside and grabs a chair and slides back in and goes to hit Dikey with it as he swings it downward but Dikey rolls out of way and gets up and kicks the chair out of Bulldozer’s hands causing it to fly out of the ring then Bulldozer runs at Dikey only to get kicked in the chest by Dikey for his troubles thus dropping him to the mat yet again then Dikey gets into a full mount position over Bulldozer’s body and starts raining down elbow after elbow on his face eventually making Bulldozer bleed! Dikey then stops as the ref is back up and in the ring and pulls him off Bulldozer as the crowd erupts into cheers once they see how much blood is on Bulldozer’s face Dikey then pulls Bulldozer back up to his feet and is having to hold him up to keep Bulldozer from falling back down but suddenly Bulldozer starts throwing strikes like a madman which completely catches Dikey off guard and Dikey goes over against the ropes to catch his breath as the ref separates Bulldozer who then runs past the ref when he’s least expecting it after Dikey who then sends Bulldozer over the top rope and runs off the ropes towards the other end of the ring bouncing off the rope on that end and goes for a suicide dive but over shoots a tad and hits not only Bulldozer but the announcers table as well!!! This causes the crowd to explode into “ holy shit” chants and both men start to brawl more as they slowly make their way back to their feet and the ref who sees how much this match means to both men begins his count slowly and but before he can count both men out Bulldozer slings Dikey into the side of the announcers table again and quickly rolls back in and out of the ring in order to restart the count which was at a count of eight but Bulldozer rolls back out Dikey is already back to his feet and both men go for a super kick and both connect on each other dropping both to the floor!!! And both men after a count of six slowly make their way back to their feet and begin to brawl some more until they both get on the apron thus breaking the refs count for the count out and begin to read kicks to the ribs before Bulldozer hits Dikey in the stomach with his knee and oh my god he hits Dikey with a Bulldriver on the apron!!! The crowd then becomes completely unglued as they start chanting “ this is awesome” and “ fight forever” before Bulldozer slowly makes his way back up to his feet first and grabs Dikey and slides him back into the ring before rolling back in himself which the ref then pauses the match as he notices the Bulldriver on the apron has cut Dikey open badly but Dikey refuses to let the match end like this and gets on both knees and yells at Bulldozer to finish this like a man and Bulldozer then runs at Dikey and kicks him in the face thus causing the crowd to absolutely shower Bulldozer in boos who smiles at their dismay. However due to Bulldozer not going for the pin Dikey has had time to recover enough to make it to his feet but Bulldozer notices and goes runs towards the ropes for a springboard moonsault but no Dikey counters with a super kick right on the jaw in mid air as Bulldozer is upside down!!! Dikey then goes for the pin 1… 2… by no Bulldozer kicks out at 2.9!!! Dikey however makes a verteran move of not getting frustrated and immediately goes back to work beating down Bulldozer some more and then throws Bulldozer over the top rope for the second time and hits a massive Spaceman Plancha into the Cosmic ascension!!! Dikey then pulls Bulldozer back up and slides his body back into the ring and slides back in himself and goes for the pin but again Bulldozer kicks out at 2.9 but this time with the ref’s hand mere centimeters away from hitting the mat for the third and final time however Dikey still doesn’t lose focus of the goal and pulls Bulldozer back up but it appears Bulldozer recovered more than he let on as he shoves Dikey away and Super kicks him right on the jaw and falls into the pin 1… 2… no Dikey kicks out at 2.9 and Bulldozer is then seen laying on his side in frustration wondering just what it’s gonna take to beat Dikey here tonight at the PTC Finals and as both men sit up and look at each other the crowd erupts into chants of “ nxt” followed by chants of “bpz” and as Borge men the rise back to their feet Bulldozer quickly kicks out Dikey‘s knees and jumps up onto the second rope as Dikey is struggling to get back up and Bulldozer jumps and oh my god he hits the God’s ultimate blast but instead of going for the pin he grabs Dikey’s head and taunts him with smile on his face and makes a gun motion with his hand and points it at Dikey’s head and says bang as he pulls the imaginary trigger. Bulldozer then surprisingly pulls Dikey back up back up to his knees and attempts to run off the rope for one last big move but Dikey just drops to the mat after staying on his knees for a few seconds and Bulldozer himself even drops down to the second rope and onto one knee as he takes a moment to catch his breathe as this ruckus crowd tries to energize Dikey with their chants and get him back into the match. This does cause Dikey to start to stir as Bulldozer run at Dikey to hit a knee to the back of the head however Dikey hears his steps from behind him and ducks causing Bulldozer to miss horribly as Dikey then follows up with a dropkick to the back of the head after getting up and Bulldozer gets into a sitting position and Bulldozer rolls over in pain and his slowly trying to get up as Dikey grabs him and throws him in the corner and just continues to beat on him with various strikes doing a perfect blend of knees, kicks, chops, and forearms before separating and doing a massive running corner dropkick followed by vicious stomps to the head to Bulldozer who just has no time to recover from this onslaught. Dikey then picks up Bulldozer and stares him in the face before telling him he’s done and hitting the Cosmic Ascension and pinning Bulldozer 1 2 3.
  7. [ A video begins to play of Dikey back before he joined BPZ on the indies laying down on his back in the middle of the ring in a high school parking lot ] Even from the beginning you did nothing but fail Dikey. [ Another video plays of Dikey again on the indies as he yet again comes up short in yet another high school parking lot but this time it shows his friends in the front row look down in shame ] You even failed to follow through on the promises to your friends how can you hope to keep the ones to your new found supports. [ A third video plays but this time it’s Dikey’s first shot at a championship belt on the indies and the full match is shown which last for around 12 minutes but again Dikey falls short and loses yet again ] Ah yes the ever so popular phrase “ so close yet so far “ fits this scene perfectly as you were so close to getting a fluke win for a championship yet you were and still are so far away from deserving to hold any kind of championship. [ One last video then plays of Dikey after his BPZ debut as he is sitting backstage completely exhausted and drained and looks very mortal and weak ] Look at you Dikey now your true colors have be shown for the whole world to see yet again just like they will at PTC Finals when I destroy you. [ A camera then turns around revealing the face of Bulldozer who is revealed to be the mysterious voice and who’s been playing all of these videos ] See you there, Dikey that’s if you’re foolish enough to show up to be exposed as the absolute weak, pathetic, and most importantly worthless fraud pretending to be a pro wrestler and more importantly a “hero” to these people because to put it simply Dikey, at the PTC Finals I will end you. [ the camera then faded to black ending this segment ]
  8. [ the camera pans down at the foot of Mt.Olympus as we see Bulldozer walking down the mountain path and up to camera with a big smile on his face as Alice walks down the path with him ] Bulldozer : Well that’s one thing off the old to do list. [ Bulldozer and Alice then notice the cameraman standing patiently ] Bulldozer : Ah I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, however it was for a very good reason I assure you for you see there’s a reason I am the one and only true god of pro wrestling and that is because I am on God’s level, actually no I am above it for you see I didn’t come here for enlightenment no quite the opposite in fact I came to enlighten the gods and goddess of Greece, for you see I am wiser than Athena the goddess of wisdom, stronger than Aries the god of war, faster than Zeus the god the lighting and thunder, more calm than Poseidon the god of the ocean, and more sadistic than Hades the god of death and the underworld. [ Bulldozer takes a moment to savor the sights of Greece because it’s not everyday you get to visit such a beautiful place as Alice begins to speak ] Alice : Yes indeed that is all very true Bulldozer but you forgot to mention that you’re a better shot with bow and arrow than Apollo and Artemis combined. Bulldozer : Ah yes of course thanks for reminding me Alice. [ Bulldozer then picks up a bow and a quiver of arrows off a nearby table him and Alice must have set up earlier and takes aim at a target that’s easily two hundred feet away and fires ten arrows and hits bullseye every time and spilts each arrow that came before it leaving the tenth and final arrow the only one unsplit ] Alice : Simply divine marksmenship Bulldozer but I would expect nothing less from a man more beautiful than Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. [ Bulldozer then sets the bow down and walks back over ] Bulldozer : Sorry Alice I couldn’t hear you from the distance and the noise from the nearby market place what did you say? [ Alice then blushes slightly before responding ] Alice : Nothing just telling the how world how much better you are than everyone else in BPZ. Bulldozer : Well thank you for that Alice it’s much appreciated, however there’s just one last thing I need to mention before I defeat the strongest warriors Greece has to offer in combat, and that brings me to you Dikey you see because after our match at the PTC Finals you’ll end up worshiping Dionysus the god of wine in a Futile attempt to drink away the depression I ultimately put you in after you lose our match and you realize you just aren’t good enough to hang with the best much less a god of pro wrestling. [ Bulldozer and Alice then walk away towards the city laughing off the threat of Dikey as the camera fades to black ]
  9. [ the lights here in Madison Square Garden go out we return to Carnage and the crowd are confused before a sole spotlight is shined onstage revealing Bulldozer standing on stage doing his pose with a mic in his hand ] [ Bulldozer then turns around with a smirk on his face as his theme song right here right now begins to play and he walks down the ramp and into the ring as the crowd begin to boo him ] Alright that’s enough you all can and should shut your filthy mouths now, Because unlike all of you what I have to say actually matters and that is Bob we have a very important issue because you see these past few weeks i’ve noticed something and that’s all the so called fans on the internet are constantly talking about how invested they are in our battles against each other and normally I wouldn’t care but the reason why they are invested is what caught my attention. [ the sold out crowd here in Madison Square Garden is then confused and are eager to hear Bulldozer out ] For you see Bob they care because we are “ polar opposites “ two sides of the same coin if you will you’re the big strong guy while i’m the small but lethally fast and agile guy, you’re their hero while i’m their enemy, you fight for them while I fight against them and at first I did something I never thought I would do I actually agreed with them until I thought more about it and realized how wrong they are yet again. [ The crowd then boo Bulldozer again but not as loud this time as now they are curious about what he’s got to say ] Because quite frankly Bob we are more alike than either of us wants to admit, I mean just think about it I also used to be their hero and fight for them and we both deep down enjoy the pain and suffering we put our opponents through in our matches and deep down inside you know all of this to be true you know that deep down inside you’re just as aggressive, just as vindictive, just as evil as I am but the one difference is you don’t want to admit it you don’t want to let your darkness out you want it bottled up and thrown away where as I let it flow through me, But yet again that’s where we are just alike because I also used to neglect my inner darkness and deny it. After all we both have beaten people so bad they haven’t even dared to show their faces here again since you with Necce and myself with Resin. [ The crowd then are so stunned at this as half of the crowd is starts to see Bulldozer’s point and agrees with it while the other half deny it and boo causing the crowd to erupt in a chant battle with one half chanting “ Bulldozer rocks “ and the other half chanting “ Bulldozer sucks “ but then they all stop once Bulldozer grabs at his head showing signs that perhaps part of him still enjoys the crowd cheering him but he then shakes it off and resumes his speech ] So Bob let me ask you this why do you deny your inner darkness? Why not just let it free and flow through you and embrace it and finally give into you sadistic and more evil side? [ Bulldozer then stands in the ring waiting to see if Bob will respond as the spotlight goes away and the lights go back to normal ]
  10. The scene opens inside, what appears to be, a boxing gym. It's relatively small with little activity, apart from a couple of young muscle heads lifting weights in a corner. On the opposite side of the room, separated by an empty ring, hangs a heavy bag used for practicing powerful body punches. A 6'3" 255 lb man in his early 30s wails on the bag with bare fists. *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* The same pattern of strikes continues and echoes throughout the building. "You're going to need to change your name from The Fist to The Cast if you don't put on some damn gloves, kid." And older man's voice comes from behind Kelly and he turns around to see an old friend and former manager, Tony Williams. Tony continues to approach Kirk, allowing his walking cane to support his weight as he moves. Kirk smiles and wipes the sweat from his brow, "They let you out of the hospital, Old Man?" "Of course not ... I escaped." Both men share a laugh. "Great to see you again, Tony. What brings you here?" "Well, I heard you were signed with the guys over at BPZ and I wanted to tell you that you're an idiot." Tony points at Kirk's right knee with his cane, "How's that knee doing?" "It's a lot better. Damn near 100%, I'd say." "You would? What would your doctor say?" There's a brief moment of silence. "Damn it, Kirk, you're going to end up like me! You shouldn't have come back to the business. You should've stayed out while you still have your original knees and hips. What have you got to prove?" "What have I got to prove? I've still got plenty in the tank, Tony. I'm not going to let a knee injury keep me away from entertaining the world and showing them I can still compete at a top level. Besides, have you seen all of the young guys on the roster these days? It's sad." Kirk grabs a sip from his water bottle, "Their skills just aren't there. Even the champions in the BPZ are mildly interesting at best. The world needs me. The BPZ needs me. The fans need me." Tony studies Kirk for a moment ... then he lets out a heavy sigh, "You're so much like me when I was your age." Tony shifts his gaze to the window and peers outside as if lost in thought. "I could only hope to be a fraction of how good you were in your prime." Tony looks back at Kirk, "If you're really going to do this, you need to stop underestimating the talent in BPZ. Most of those guys are nothing to scoff at. You've got plenty of ring rust and I think you'll find if you try to jump back in that ring with those guys, you'll be punching up." Somewhat annoyed, Kirk turns back to the bag and is about to start throwing more punches when Tony places his cane on Kirk's arm. "You're right, Kirk. In some ways you are right. I think the BPZ could benefit from you. That SSW Club is causing a lot of trouble and becoming a big distraction. They need a guy like you to go in and help fix some problems. But, you're not going to do it hitting this bag. I know how powerful that uppercut is. Your Jawbreaker is one of the most devastating finishing maneuvers I've ever seen. You've got the arm strength ... but ..." His voice trails off as he turns and points his cane to the empty ring. "Have you still got the ring skills? If you're going to do this, you need to be prepared. So, get your ass in that ring and let me see what you've got" Kirk smiles and nods, "You've got it."
  11. Voice : for far too long i’ve been seen as nothing more than a joke and a loser but that all ends at Mayhem when I take what is rightfully mine. [ the camera then turns around revealing the voice to be coming from none other than Bulldozer who seems to be alone talking to himself oblivious to the cameraman next to him ] Bulldozer : At BPZ Mania I lost focus, at WAW I got careless, and at Backlash I got cocky and it not only cost me the match but a partner that I trusted, but now I’m done making mistakes. [ Bulldozer then walks off camera as the camera cuts back to ringside here at Carnage ] GRV : Well that certainly was interesting now let’s get back to our regular sho. [ GRV is suddenly cut off as Bulldozer’s music hits and he steps out on stage and does his new pose ] [ Bulldozer then walks down to the ring with the mic in his hand ] Bulldozer : Listen up and listen good because I am not a fan of repeating myself, I am the future of this whole company actually no the entire wrestling industry! [ The crowd then boo very heavily at Bulldozer ] Bulldozer: Go ahead boo all you want it’s not going to change the fact that it’s the truth, Now as for the NXT championship battle royal match at Mayhem i’ve got a list of some names I am going to go over stored right up here because unlike worthless nobodies I don’t need to read off a paper. [ Bulldozer points at his head while referring to his list of names he’s gonna discuss as the crowd boo him even more ] Bulldozer : Now then firstly let’s start with my fellow member of SSW Club, Mave,Well our friendship with each other is certainly well known by now I just can’t allow that to stop me from achieving my current goal, but worry not as I will spare you from my full strength. [ the crowd then erupt into even more boos that continues for 3 minutes before settling down ] Bulldozer : Good now that you’ve all remembered your place and shut your mouths now onto my next person Sir Raven, You betrayed me and the rest of SSW Club and I wish you hadn’t because now I’m gonna have to tear you apart which admittedly does pain me because we’ve been friends for a good while now even before our time here in BPZ but you threw that all away when you sided with these marks! [ The crowd then start to boo but are cut off as quickly gets out of the ring and stares down an elderly member of the audience in the front row who then stops booing and sits back down as Bulldozer gets back in the ring ] Bulldozer : Now I trust there won’t be anymore interruptions? No, good because I’m not going to repeat myself on this next one, Bob “ the bomb” Sparks well i’ll admit you’ve done very well in the Power Trip Cup but what you fail to realize is that success will be your own undoing as the further you progress into that tournament the more wore down your body becomes and on top of that your match with Bic is at Mayhem meaning you’re in not one but two matches at Mayhem both of which require you to be at one hundred percent but let’s face it you won’t be for either of them so you can kiss winning either of them away. [ Bulldozer then laughs to himself as the crowd boo him ] Bulldozer : Now as for my next person Dikey well I would tell you why he’s going to fail at Mayhem and the PTC Finals but i’d rather show you. [ Bulldozer then turns to titantron as a video of Bulldozer’s brawl with Dikey backstage a few weeks ago plays out ending with Bulldozer hitting the God’s ultimate blast ] Bulldozer : See there’s all the proof you’ll ever need about why Dikey will fail at both Mayhem and the PTC Finals, now for the worst person in the match and someone who really only in it to fill up the numbers for the match, Arrow well where to start let’s see he can’t speak more than two and half sentences before needing to catch his breath, he can’t even find his way out here without the help of backstage personnel guiding him, and lastly he’s Arrow and that’s really all you need to know about why he’s going to be tossed out onto the floor where he belongs at Mayhem. [ Bulldozer is then surprised as he is very surprisingly cheered for discussion of Arrow as the cheers last for four minutes and slowly turn to “ Arrow’s a joke” chants ] Bulldozer : Well I must admit i’m rather surprised at that reaction, but don’t think for a second it means I care what you people think now onto the last man in the match, Epic the new guy, the Elite one is what they call you huh? Well I guess we will just have to wait and see about that one but you didn’t look very elite when I put you through the table for running your mouth about SSW Club, but bring your best at Mayhem because believe me you’re gonna need it and more. [ Bulldozer then drops the mic on the floor and exits the ring and walks up the ramp only stopping at stage to do his pose as the crowd boo him before he heads backstage and the camera fades first to a crimson red then black ]
  12. [ the camera cuts back to Carnage as Bulldozer is seen cleaning something but his body is blocking the view off it but the camera picks up dust as the cameraman knocks on the wall getting Bulldozer’s attention who then turns around but his still blocking the view of whatever he was cleaning ] Ah my apologies I was quite the busy bee here and normally I would tear your spinal cord from your body for interrupting me, but this is actually something I want everyone to see. [ Bulldozer then steps to the side reveling a tombstone very similar to the one Dikey showcased when he went over his thoughts on the battle royal for the nxt championship at Mayhem except this one has his name on it ] You see I have a very special message for Dikey and that’s don’t show up Dikey run away, hide, quit the company do whatever you need to do to get out of this match with me at the PTC Finals because if you don’t well to be perfectly honest it’s gonna be absolutely destructive to your health and well being, because I will leave you broken, beaten, and ultimately shattered in a hospital bed and not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. [ Bulldozer then laughs to himself before continuing ] Now trust me when I say this Dikey you made the biggest mistake of your life challenging me to this fight and if you don’t back out of it now like the coward we all know you are then i’ll show you exactly why the phrase don’t poke the bear became so popular. Well don’t poke it unless you are myself of course which you obviously aren’t anyway let me explain, you see Dikey when I was younger back in my early teens I went out camping on the Smokey Mountains in Alabama and if you aren’t aware bears are very common there and I was confronted by one such bear that attacked me and naturally it was either me or the bear, I chose me so I kicked the bear down and stomped it’s head in which is exactly what I’m going to do to you should you continue on this deluded path you are on right now. [ Bulldozer is then cut off as Alice walks on screen ] Alice : Bulldozer please I wish you wouldn’t concern yourself with someone that’s so far below you like Dikey, just beat him down and be done with it. Bulldozer : Alice I normally would yet he’s gone and made this silly challenge of his and now i’m going to show him the error of his ways and just exactly why they call me the god of pro wrestling. [ Bulldozer says as he smirks very arrogantly ] Alice : Believe me I know that Bulldozer but don’t you think you have bigger matters to discuss? [ Bulldozer ponders this question for a moment ] Bulldozer : Yes of course but first i’ll seek advice from the only people I can trust in this company Josh, Mave, and Massa, oh and as for you Dikey for your sake I hope I don’t see you soon because if I do say goodbye to your career. [ Bulldozer walks off screen with Alice following very closely behind seemingly concerned for Bulldozer is there something she knows that he doesn’t? ]
  13. Toxik431


    [ Carnage returns from commercial break as we see Bulldozer sitting all by himself backstage in a dark room lit only with a gathering of candles Bulldozer then looks up at the camera which he apparently grabbed from an equipment box ] Destiny truly something that people never completely understand and very few even realize what their destiny is and even fewer accomplish it. [ Bulldozer then blows out one of the candles ] However one man has learned of his destiny and that man is Bob “ the bomb “ Sparks. [ the fans can be heard cheering at the mention of Bob’s name ] You see Bob’s destiny is simple come here suck up to management and the fans and get endless opportunities but what he doesn’t understand is that i’m the one who stands in destiny’s way i’m the one who breaks destiny into pieces and i’ll do the same thing to him. [ Bulldozer then blows out another candle ] You see unlike Bob I wasn’t destined to be here in BPZ but I beat my so called destiny and made it bend to me now I control my own destiny and i’ll control Bob’s at Mayhem along with the other foolish challengers for the NXT championship sparing only my good friends in SSW Club. [ Bulldozer then chuckles to himself before blowing out yet another candle ] The same thing shall also happen to the worthless loser Dikey at the PTC Finals but here isn’t like Bob he doesn’t have a big grand destiny laid out for him just like I used to be but unlike me he fails to see to that and he shall suffer for it. [ Bulldozer blows out yet another candle ] For you see BPZ universe when it comes to Bob you may have picked him to be your new so called hero but I see the truth he’s just the shiny new toy and once I break him into pieces at Mayhem you’ll just throw him aside with all the other broken toys just like you did me on the indies. [ Bulldozer then smiles before blowing out a candle with a plate next to reading “ the fan’s hopes and dreams “ while Bulldozer clearly enjoys this action ] Now I feel I should make something clear I harbor no ill will towards Bob as he is only doing what his destiny tells him to do like the obedient mindless sheep he is and just like you all are that’s why you resonate with him but because of that connection is why I must make him suffer why I must break him into pieces and why I must win the NXT championship. [ Bulldozer then blows out yet another candles this time tho slower as the light from the candles shows a picture of Bob giving a fan an autograph ] Yes that’s correct I am only doing this because it’s what I must do and while I do control destiny as I have since I recovered from my injury on the indies I also have a mission to complete and that mission is to tear everything you pathetic so called fans love down to the ground and watch your collective faces as you have no choice but to watch on in horror at what I do to each and every single so called hero to you and Bob is just simply the next name on that list. [ Bulldozer then then blows out another candle that sat next to the door ] That’s right I’m not here to entertain you or be your hero i’m here to crush your hopes and dreams BPZ universe because unlike Bob my original destiny never had this for me but i’m in control of my destiny and I have made it my new destiny to destroy your heros and at Mayhem I take control of Bob’s destiny as well. [ Bulldozer then Blows our the last candles temporarily leaving the room in complete darkness until Bulldozer opens the door to find Alice standing there waiting for him ] Alice : come on Bulldozer hurry up! Bulldozer : Don’t worry Alice I didn’t forget schedule to train with SSW Club, now why don’t you go find some worthless loser like Dikey to interview after all he probably doesn’t get much attention from women. [ Alice then laughs and nods in agreement and walks off as does Bulldozer but not before closing the door leaving the camera in darkness ]
  14. *we see FJA walking backatage and finding Stan* FJA: Hey! Stan: hi FJA how is it going? FJA: Fine, i was searching you to ask you something Stan: ok?, and the question would be? FJA: what if we form a tag team?, think about it, you and i had our first match as a team against Fireware and it was our best match in the company!, and if we did that without experience as a tag team, imagine how good our matches would be if we were an active tag team and what we would be able to accomplish! Stan: I think i'll accept your request of forming a tag team with me, it could make us the most interesting thing of the entire tag team division and become tag team champions, now the thing is: which would be our tag team name? FJA: well, i had thought of Ace of Diamonds as our tag team name, what do you think? Stan: Fine by me *Stan and FJA shake hands*
  15. [ the camera cuts to backstage after coming in from a commercial break hyping the second round of power trip cup, and pans down on Bulldozer who is sitting on a metal equipment box getting his gear on when Alice walks up ] Alice : Bulldozer I just wanted to say thanks for dropping me off at the hotel last week. [ Bulldozer looks up at Alice but is still focused on making sure all his gear is on just right ] Bulldozer: Yeah no problem Alice but judging from how you’re standing im guessing you want another interview? Alice : No actually I wanted your advice on that you see being an interviewer in a big wrestling company was my dream but then I realized how passionate you are about your beliefs and now I have a new dream, and that dream is to manage you and the rest of SSW Club. [ Bulldozer hops down from the equipment box before responding ] Bulldozer : Look Alice that’s not my call to make that’s entirely your decision but if you want the trusty then there’s only one real option and if you want i’m more than willing to show you just how fickle those fans are. Alice : I see well thank you i’ve made up my mind as of today I will no longer be an interviewer besides there’s something different about you a different story than the others and I plan to figure that story out. [ Bulldozer then chuckles to himself ] Bulldozer : Look for any story you want Alice but just know I prefer to keep this agreement completely professional. Alice : I was hoping you would say that and not view me as just another piece of eye candy like some of the other guys on the roster. [ Alice then walks off ] Bulldozer : At least she isn’t blind to the truth of the fickleness of the fans like Bob who I guess i’ll just have to beat the truth into. [ Bulldozer then gets out his phone and calls the other members of SSW Club to inform them of a new plan he has ending this segment ]
  16. [ Carnage returns from commercial break hyping up the upcoming Power Trip Cup tournament as a new interviewer name Alice is running after Bulldozer who is seen walking to his car ] Alice : Bulldozer! [ Bulldozer Then turns around thinking it’s a fan who snuck backstage ] Bulldozer : sorry kid I don’t do autographs anymore. Alice : No i’m not a rouge fan i’m Alice the new interviewer. Bulldozer : I see well I guess I can spare time for an interview. [ Bulldozer then closes the door to his car and leans against it ] Alice : Well firstly thanks for your time Bulldozer and I have a few questions for you first of which what are your thoughts on Alex Costa’s recent remarks on you? Bulldozer : Ah yes those remarks well you see I only called him out on what he was doing because unlike other people in this industry I care for the championships, so my problem was never his attitude with me it was his attitude with the nxt championship. Alice : I see well onto my second question you recently spoke of your time on the indies with Bob do you care to follow up on that story? Bulldozer : Actually yes thanks for asking you see Alice even tho they betrayed me I had every intention to return still their hero but on the drive there I realized the reason they never showed up to the hospital or sent get well soon cards, it’s because they loved my style and not me, they loved watching me risk my body and life for them and supporting their actions so that day on my return I stopped and sure when my music played they all cheered and chanted my name but they stopped real fast when I completely ignored them and proceeded to destroy another one of their heros. Alice : I see but surely they at least. [ Bulldozer then places his hand on Alice’s shoulder which surprises her enough to stop talking ] Bulldozer : Alice look don’t worry i’m not gonna hurt you after all you are just doing your job and I respect that but those fans they don’t care about me, they don’t truly care for Bob, heck they probably don’t care for you either because they have no respect not for any of us or even for themselves. Alice : I don’t get it what makes you say that? Bulldozer : You see Alice while they have the right to voice their opinions about us because they pay for that right I also have the right to not care about their opinions, and to answer your question more directly name one time you’ve seen or heard of wrestling fans helping people. Alice : well come to think of it I haven’t. Bulldozer : Exactly that’s because they just don’t care. Alice : Oh my god you’re right, t-thank you for showing me the truth and for your time. Bulldozer : You’re welcome. [ Bulldozer Then opens the car door and gets in ] Alice : Um this is embarrassing but I actually had to take a taxi here do you mind driving me to the hotel? Bulldozer : I don’t mind hop in. [ Alice then opens the other door and gets in and closes the door and Bulldozer closes his and then proceeds to drive off ending this segment ]
  17. Toxik431


    [ Right here right now covers the whole arena as Bulldozer comes out and makes his way towards the ring while being covered in boos and is also carrying a fold out chair with him ] [ Bulldozer then unfolds the chair and sit down in it and raises the mic that he had in his other hand to his lips and begins to speak ] Now at Backlash I was unsuccessful in my quest to winning the number one contenders match for the tag team championships alongside my partner Birdman however that’s not why i’m out here tonight. [ The crowd then continue to boo Bulldozer as he speaks yet this time there is no sign of emotion or care on his face at this reaction which confuses the crowd enough to make them stop ] No feel free to express your opinions all you wish but they will no longer effect me because i’ve realized that’s been my whole problem i’ve done nothing but care about your opinions so I could crush them but fooled myself into believing that I didn’t care for them but now I have purged that from within myself. [ the arena is stuck in dead silence as the weight of what Bulldozer has just said is too much and brings along a massive impact that causes the crowd to remain silent as Bulldozer continues his speech ] Well if you won’t speak then I will you see it’s time you all realize just how much say and control I have over this show so for the lightning crew backstage when I snap my fingers I want all the lights to go out and the spotlight shown on just myself and if you don’t do that then we all know exactly what will happen. [ Bulldozer then raises his free hand and gets his fingers into position for a snap and then follows through with it and the lights immediately go out leaving only a spotlight on Bulldozer ] Good job now as you all can see I am like Thanos from Marvel in a way all I have to do is snap my fingers and I instantly win however my opponents at Mayhem will not escape with just a mere snap of my fingers no quite the opposite I will beat them into the ground and win what is rightfully mine and that being the NXT championship. For you see this spotlight is very accurate to myself for I am the cleansing light of BPZ I am the light in the darkness and at Mayhem I will cleanse the NXT championship of the darkness that has plagued it for far too long. [ Bulldozer then stands up out of the chair and continues to speak ] Now I know what your all thinking how can I win a belt I have already failed to win at BPZ mania well it’s quite simple really because I am now more focused than I ever have been in my life and I won’t stop until I raise that championship high into the air and bring it safely home to SSW Club and believe me when I say that I will accomplish this feat because I am exactly what I say I am and that’s the one and only true god of pro wrestling! [ Bulldozer then stands in the ring in his spotlight with his message delivered ]
  18. [ following a commercial for avengers endgame right here right now hits and the crowd immediately burst into a sea of boos as Bulldozer makes his way down to the ring with a mic in his hand ] Ok that’s enough out of you stupid marks because unlike each and every one of you I have something important to say and that is the future of SSW Club now as you know or at least should know each and every single member is penciled in for a match at Backlash now that’s for a good reason because we are the single best group of competitors here and we have all joined forces. [ Bulldozer is then interrupted by even more boos and then responds by glaring at the crowd which eventually makes them go quiet ] Good now as I was saying at Backlash my tag partner Birdman and I will obviously become the number one contenders for the tag team championships and beat the big ballers for those championships, however that isn’t all as Maasa will also walk out as the brand new Premium champion at Backlash. But wait there’s even more as Mave Deltzer will demolish and conquer Arrow and leave him as a broken and defeated shell of a man which let’s be honest with ourselves he already is, but there still is more as the newest member to all of you at least Josh has recently been added to the world championship match as he should and he will then bring that coveted championship to SSW Club. [ Bulldozer is then booed even more when he suddenly loses his patience with the crowd ] All of you shut your mouths right now! Good now as I was saying that means boys and girls that SSW Club will hold the world championship, the Premium championship, and the tag team championships but there is also another championship that will belong to us very soon and that’s the nxt championship as Mave will dethrone Hans Clayton for that very championship post Backlash meaning each and every member of SSW Club will hold a championship so all of you marks have two choices hop on the bandwagon now or keep booing us and be proven wrong constantly but for those of you that are smart and choose the first option and already have you can believe in us and believe in SSW Club because we are just too sweet! [ Bulldozer then stands in the ring with a giant smirk on his face ]
  19. [ Carnage returns after a commercial for Pepsi Max with Bulldozer sitting alone in a chair in the ring in a empty arena ] You know back on the indies I used to think BPZ was the best company in the world and that only the best of the best competed here but now I see that was nothing more than the false illusion that BrendenPlayz created to allure people in and to a degree it has worked and for that i’ll give him credit however I can’t and won’t do the same for Royal Flush. [ Bulldozer then looks around the empty arena with a smile on his face as this is normally the time he would be booed for his comment ] For you see Jonny boy you claim to be a god while you are indeed talented and have had plenty of success here right now you are just a mere child playing dress up for there is only one god in this match and that’s me for I am the one and only true god of pro wrestling! [ Bulldozer waits for a moment as his screams vibrate throughout the walls of this empty arena and out into the street ] And as for the self proclaimed “ Queen “ I get it you think just because you have someone with the pedigree of Jon that it will mask your failures and your lack of skill. Well let me tell you something cupcake you couldn’t be any more wrong in that assumption. [ Bulldozer then chuckles to himself while looking at the rows of empty seats ] So in closing Sheridan Jon “ Royal Flush “ or whatever you choose to call yourselves let me tell you a little something about myself and that’s some men in this world just want to see the world burn and I am one of those very men and at Backlash I will take oh such great pride in beat you both down and watching your entire worlds burn together as I then go on to become one half of the new tag team champions and repeat the process with the “ Big Ballers “ so see you at Backlash kiddos. [ Bulldozer then starts to laugh maniacally as the camera fades to black ]
  20. [ Right here right now fills the arena as Bulldozer makes walks out onto the stage ] So a little birdie told me that apparently the new tag champions the Big Ballers don’t have a number on contender team to face so in order to fix the problem management decides to make a number one contenders match coming up at Backlash now normally that wouldn’t be an issue. [ Bulldozer is then interrupted by every member of the crowd booing him ] Shut up all of you! [ The boos then get louder and louder each time Bulldozer raises the mic back up to speak again ] I said shut the your mouths right now and if you don’t i’ll destroy every last one of your so called heros!!! [ The crowd then start to quiet down slowly and after a few minutes all the boos stop completely ] Good about time you all learned your place here in Boston. Anyway as I was saying normally that decision to make a number one contenders match wouldn’t be an issue however the reason behind it is completely and totally false and that’s because the more than worthy number one contenders have been here the whole time and i’m one of them that’s right SSW Club are the rightful number one contenders for the tag team championships and not only that we are the next tag team champions!!! [ Bulldozer then gets in the ring as he has been taking a slow walk down the ramp and only stopped when he argued with the fans ] However management was smart enough to put us in the match so we will destroy anyone and everyone else who even thinks or is unlucky enough to be forced into the match and then we will go on to win what is rightfully ours and that is the tag team championships!!!! [ Bulldozer then looks around at the 10,000 fans here in the sold out arena all of which are starting to boo him again but stop once they see the expression on his face change from a annoyed one to a very angry one ] That’s right you all shut up when i’m out here!!! Anyway that’s not all SSW Club will accomplish at Backlash one of the newer members in Maasa who i’ve had issues with in the past as you may remember will win the Premium championship from Marker. [ The crowd then boo at the idea of Maasa winning the Premium championship and at Bulldozer and Meko becoming number one contenders for the tag team championships and possibly winning them] Shut up right now!!! Good now as I was saying then our newest member who revealed himself as our new member at World At War in the ladder match Mave Deltzer now while yes he did hit me in the head with a steel chair in that match I have since forgiven him as I realize it was a complete and total accident and he has other goals in mind such as challenging that waste of space Arrow Dream to a steel cage match in which Mave will completely and totally mame and destroy him in that cage while myself and the rest of SSW Club sit backstage and watch with giant smiles on our faces and should Arrow get lucky at all in anyway we will all be ready to pounce and stomp out his luck!!! [ The crowd then boo Bulldozer and the rest of SSW Club and their goals and plans for Backlash ] It doesn’t matter what you morons do now as this was the one and only time any of you have ever been involved in something relevant so with that goodbye and good riddance!!! [ Bulldozer then walks out of the ring up the ramp and into the backstage area ending this segment]
  21. [ right here right now fills the arena as Bulldozer makes a later than usual arrival on stage and looks absolutely furious.] [ Bulldozer then gets in the ring and demands a microphone while being booed heavily by the fans. ] ALL OF YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTHS I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY!!! [ the fans are then stunned for a moment but then resume booing but this time twice as loud. ] OH YOU THINK YOU CAN BE LOUDER THAN ME WELL GUESS WHAT I’M THE ONE WITH A MIC SO SHUT UP!!! [ Bulldozer then turns the volume on the microphone up. ] Now then i’ll Admit I got cocky at BPZ Mania. [ A clip then shows Bulldozer going over the top rope while eliminating Resin. ] And I also admit I was fool recently at World At War. [ Another clips plays showing Bulldozer getting full of himself at the World At War ppv. ] BUT NONE OF THAT WILL HAPPEN EVER AGAIN!!! [ Bulldozer is then met with a mix of cheers and boos as some in the crowd believe Bulldozer is turning face. ] WHY YOU MAY ASK WELL IT’S SIMPLE I’M DONE BEING A JOKE AND I’M DONE MAKING MISTAKES FROM NOW ON I’M TAKING NO PRISONERS AND I’M GONNA BURN THIS WHOLE COMPANY TO THE GROUND!!! [ The segment ends will Bulldozer slamming the microphone down and storming out of the ring and up the ramp towards the backstage area whil he is covered in a sea of boos once more. ]
  22. *A cameraman is running at full sprint backstage in an attempt to meet up with Bulldozer when he turns the corner and finds Bulldozer waiting for him with an upset look on his face* Your late... but your lucky I don’t have time to reschedule this so i’ll let it slide just this once. *Bulldozer then gets up in the cameraman’s face and the camera shows Bulldozer grabbing the cameraman’s tie* but if your ever late like this again i’ll personally put you in ER do I make myself clear! *the cameraman is then heard saying yes and apologizing for being late* Good now walk with me while I talk about the North American championship ladder match a bit. *Bulldozer then starts walking off and the cameraman follows but you can tell from the camera shaking slightly that he is afraid for his own safety* You see I could repeat myself from my past speeches and I would still be completely honest and accurate however I am not here to repeat myself. *Bulldozer then pauses for moment as he watches backstage producers and stage hands prepare the equipment for to the stage and ring at World At War* You see I have yet to mention my goal for after I win the North American championship and that goal is quite simple really it’s too show the whole world they are wrong and that I am right and to show and treat it with the proper respect as only I am capable of doing. *Bulldozer then stops his speech briefly as he picks up a poster of World At War with the main event of the show taking center stage but also has the North American ladder match and title design next to Maine event picture* You see I understand why guys like the big baller brand and the saviors are taking center stage they are the main event after all and the main event must always take center stage on the posters however the main event is not always the best match on the show. *Bulldozer then points to ladder match picture* For you see this match shall be the best and most important match of the show because not only will I become the inaugural North American champion and hold the championship quite possibly forever but I will also steal the show for one simple and obvious reason a ladder match just suits me perfectly and the rest of my competition regardless of how great or talented they may be just don’t match up well with a ladder match their styles just won’t allow that however mine does and mine loves these matches. *Bulldozer then sets the poster down and walks to a tv monitor where he plays video clips of him on the indies and more specifically in ladder matches* See this is exactly what I mean watch as I absolutely steal the show as only I can a ladder match is my element my domain and it shall be the downfall of all seven of my opponents at World At War while also being my very first of many crowning achievements here in BPZ. *Bulldozer is then interrupted by a backstage stage hand who accidentally trips and bumps into the tv monitor and Bulldozer knocking the monitor down and breaking it however only causes Bulldozer to stagger as it was shoulder to shoulder* JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING WALKING INTO ME LIKE THAT!!! *Bulldozer then grabs backstage stage hand and shoves him up against the wall then delivers a vicious knee to the gut followed by several more strikes and finally a God’s ultimate blast then Bulldozer grabs the cameraman as he was trying to slowly back away but got caught* Oh no your not going anywhere you coward. *Bulldozer then does the same thing to the cameraman except before delivering the God’s ultimate blast he places the cameraman’s head in a chair then stomps on it which is then immediately followed by Bulldozer picking up the camera off the floor as it fell once Bulldozer attacked and brutally and mercilessly destroyed the cameraman* and this is for all of my so called competition in the ladder match stay out of my way... oh and for my good friend Birdman don’t worry pal I won’t injure you in the match after all how would we win the tag belts after Backlash. *Bulldozer then sets the camera down and walks off while dusting himself off and the camera fades to black*
  23. *right here right now fills the arena as Bulldozer comes out to the ring in a fancy suit* Hello everyone as you know by now I’m going to be competing in the North American championship match and while yes I have a ton of great and able challenges in that match I am very confident in my ability to put perform all of them. *the crowd then boo Bulldozer very heavily* Ok all of you can shut up now because someone of actual importance is speaking and for you morons that means I am speaking so all of you shut the hell up! *Bulldozer then gets booed even more by the crowd when suddenly he screams so loud his scream can be heard all the way to the parking lot* I TOLD YOU MORONS TO SHUT THE HELL UP!!! *the crowd are then too stunned to react anymore and as Bulldozer regains his composure he continues his speech* Good now that you all know your place it’s time to get back to business so for all of my opponents in the North American championship match be warned that I will not hold back at all and that I will give it everything I have and I will win the match and the North American championship and as for my tag partner Birdman truly may the best man win but know that while I will fight you as well I will also keep you from any unfair double teams in the match and after Backlash we will become the BPZ tag team champions! *Bulldozer then raises his hands up in the air as if he’s already won the championship*
  24. * Carnage returns to air after a commercial break hyping up the upcoming pay-per-view World At War and shows a dojo where the cameraman goes into showing Bulldozer training hard and viciously but stops once he notices the camera and walks over* I presume your here to inform me of me being in the match to determine the inaugural North American champion. *the cameraman then says yes and is about to leave when Bulldozer stops him and says he has more to say and the cameraman stays* Well the match will definitely be a legendary match regardless of the outcome and may very well be the biggest match i’ve ever been in my short time here at bpz however that will not stop me. *Bulldozer then grabs a bottle of water and takes a sip then sets it back down and continues* Now then as I was saying the reason this match is so big is due to the names in Hans Clayton who did manage to win the nxt championship at bpz mania and earned that accolade, but we also have more familiar foes such as Aaron North the punk prince of imperfection if you ask me who has recently moved up to the US division. *Bulldozer then grabs the bottle of water again and takes another sip presumably due to the exhaustion of training in this dojo for so long as the sweat on his face shows he has been training here many hours* However that won’t stop me and neither will Kenji the Japanese legend and while he performed admirably at bpz mania and came so very close to winning closer than myself even he won’t get as close this time around with this time around, now onto the newer foes first the biggest name of them Arius the US champion and while that’s a great honor he holds and he will be a big challenge for me he will also fall victim to me, the same can also be said for Yelich he will be a big challenge no doubt but be beaten down just like the rest. *Bulldozer then takes another sip of the water then pours some on his head to energize himself back up* Now as for Buddy Ace he is also a new opponent for me and while he does have experience here in bpz and i’m sure has his fair share of big time matches he hasn’t ever faced someone like me someone with the drive and fire that I have! *Bulldozer then chuckles and smiles* Then lastly but most certainly not least my good friend and tag team partner Birdman this match shall be his grand debut here in bpz now despite what you may think a victory for him or me will not separate our formation as a team no quite the opposite it shall only make it stronger however with that said I won’t go easy on him just because we are partners and friends I will battle him just as much as I would my biggest rival and he shall do the same to me. *Bulldozer then takes a big deep breath and is ready to finish his speech* Now with all that said I shall be the one to walk out with the gold I shall be the one to have the honor of being the very first ever North American champion and it’s legacy will be all the much greater for it and I shall be known and feared as the god of not just pro wrestling but also of North America! *Bulldozer then laughs and motions for the cameraman to leave as he sets the water down and gets back to training and the camera fades to black*
  25. Right here right now fills the arena as Bulldozer makes his way to the ring Hello everyone as you know I have been forming a very elite and exclusive club however in order for that club to succeed and truly be a club it needs more people and more importantly people you can trust. [ the crowd starts to boo as they are against the idea of an invasion] Boo all you want it’s not gonna change the fact that ssw club is forming and that we will takeover this company and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it!!! [ Bulldozer screams this with a very angry tone before regaining his composure ] Now as I was saying I need people I know and that I trust so I sat done on my couch at home and thought about this then I decided to make a few phone calls to a couple old friends of mine so all of you marks in the crowd shut your mouths and give a a round of applause to my good friend and newest member of ssw club. [ Bulldozer starts clapping his hands while waiting for the newest member of ssw club to come out ]

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