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  1. Austin Omega


    THE BPZ UNIVERSE SEE A FLASHING LIGHT ON THE TRON WHICH REVEALS TO BE AUSTIN OMEGA IN AN ABANDONED PARKING LOT. Ever since Day 1 of being a wrestler, i knew I was gonna be a star. I won championships on the indies- places like ACW, TPW, and SSW- I won championships, tournaments,awards, done that. When I was offered a BPZ contract, I gladly took it. That showed I was one of the best. At the house shows I’ve been winning,grinding, and staying focused. When this carnage match was announced, I knew it was my opportunity, my chance to back up everything I’ve said. I said I would be a star,
  2. *bulldozer comes out to the ring while dragging a trash can while the fans look around confused and after Bulldozer places the trash can in the center of the ring he grabs a mic* now I understand all of you people must be confused as to why i’ve brought a trash can out here with me and I understand that so I will explain it to all of you but not with words *bulldozer then pulls out a picture of Alex costa holding the nxt championship up after he won it and drops it in the trash can then lights up a match and drops in there with it* now then if that’s not clear enough for you
  3. [ The camera comes down a car that is parked in the parking lot however this time we can see the driver who is none other than Bulldozer who is accompanied by Alice who is sitting in the passenger seat doing her make up and it’s then we notice that Bulldozer has shaved off his beard since the last time we’ve seen him as he then turns to Alice ] Bulldozer : Are you ready, Alice? Alice : Of course I am we did come here to get answers of who your attacker is didn’t we? Bulldozer : Hopefully Alice, hopefully and if we don’t then well I don’t know what i’ll do but what I do know i
  4. [ it’s the August 13th episode of BPZ Carnage as we see a line of of fans all wearing BPZ merch boarding a big yacht which has been promoted as Mirage’s Birthday Cruise that he has invited all of wrestling’s fans to attend on the BPZ website as the line slowly ends as all the fans board the ship and the video cuts to the ship leaving the docks and then to a stage in the middle of the ship with plenty of speakers all around as well as a 65 inch minitron that begins to play the entrance video and music of Mirage as he walks up onto the stage wearing a very stylish silver suit with a gold colored
  5. [ the camera cuts back to Carnage as Bulldozer is seen cleaning something but his body is blocking the view off it but the camera picks up dust as the cameraman knocks on the wall getting Bulldozer’s attention who then turns around but his still blocking the view of whatever he was cleaning ] Ah my apologies I was quite the busy bee here and normally I would tear your spinal cord from your body for interrupting me, but this is actually something I want everyone to see. [ Bulldozer then steps to the side reveling a tombstone very similar to the one Dikey showcased when he went over
  6. [ After some pyro Carnage has begun as the fans are absolutely electric and excited to see the action tonight and go absolutely crazy with cheers once the video and music of Mirage plays yet Mirage doesn’t come out but instead appears the titantron ] Mirage : Hello everyone I am terribly sorry I can’t be there tonight for trust me I would love nothing more than to bath in you cheers my pretties, but unfortunately my flight was cancelled causing me to miss the show but fortunately one quick phone call to management was all it took and now I can speak to you all about some
  7. Biff : Hello everyone my name is Biff Buzzard and welcome to Flying with the Buzzards our guest today is a young up and coming wrestler in BPZ, Mirage. Mirage : Thanks for the introduction and the invitation to your talk show Biff i’m god to be here. Biff : You’re welcome Mirage now if you don’t mind myself and a few of my listeners have some questions for you. Mirage : I don’t mind at all in fact I would love to answer as many questions as I can. Biff : That’s great, now for the first question you’ve mentioned quite a bit recently that you saw Joshua Scott who was your
  8. [ Carnage continues to roll on a mere 3 days before Emergence as the titantron begins to play the entrance video of Mirage ] [ slowly though the video and music that accompanies it begins to fade out as no one comes out as the fans who were cheering then begin to go to silence as they are very confused as to why no one has walked out yet when suddenly a new video begins to play as the sound of the ocean’s waves can be heard and the video is of the beautiful Siesta Keys beach in Florida ] [ then suddenly the video is flipped around revealing the recorder of this now o
  9. [ the music of Bulldozer starts playing as the crowds erupt into cheers however no one comes out leaving the crowd confused and concerned for him ] [ However a different song then starts up peaking the crowd’s interest ] [ as a man walks out onto the stage holding a selfie stick and it’s Bulldozer! As he then walks down to the ring but stops at the ramp to take a selfie with some fans and then does a pose on the apron ] [ and he is wearing dazzling silver and beautiful cyan blue then he pulls a microphone out of his silver jacket ] First let me
  10. [ Bulldozer pulls up outside Wembley Stadium in a jet black limo as he can be seen brushing his hair back with a comb and turns opens the door and steps out but holds the door open for Alice as she steps out after him ] Bulldozer : So this is the great Wembley Stadium, I must say it’s rather impressive and London has been great city to visit but after July 28th I must make my leave of this city as I take my revenge. Alice : Yes you’ll have your revenge but you must remember the goal of the match and what awaits as the prize of victory Bulldozer. Bulldozer : Yes I know that ve
  11. Alright so I was was I reading through people’s favorite gimmicks and while that’s an interesting read and a great idea as we all know the best part of a gimmick is how it’s used in a storyline which brought me to this question what is everyone’s favorite storyline you have done in the kayfabe? Mine would have to either be my feud with Mikey as I feel that’s helped me improve the most and was great fun to do against one of the best and honestly fairly underrated guys in nxt and just the kayfabe in general or my current storyline where I have been ran down with a car and we are trying to
  12. Announcer 1 : It has been a great show here so far at Judgement Day and the action is only getting better and better with each match. Announcer 2 : Right you are there partner but what else would you expect from BPZ Wrestling who has the most talented roster in the world. [ Suddenly the announcement team is cut off as some very familiar music begins to play with a surprisingly mixed reaction ] Announcer 1 : Oh my god is that him the man that was ran over in the parking lot two weeks ago! I didn’t think he would be back already. Announcer 2 : Neither did I part
  13. [ we are live here in the sold out Capital One Arena here in Washington DC and the crowd is absolutely electric here tonight and the titantron then cuts to a video of Bulldozer laying down in a hospital bed who is ready to give an update on his condition as Alice is seen sitting next to him in a chair making sure he is recovering well ] Bulldozer : So I bet you are all wondering if i’ll be able to return to in ring action and i’ll be honest at first I didn’t think I would be able too but then I remembered i’m the best looking man on earth, the best wrestler on earth, and most importantly
  14. [ Bulldozer is seen walking backstage after his match with Dikey in which he came up short yet again when a member of the press that was allowed backstage to get reports from the action tonight at the PTC Finals runs up to him ] Reporter : Excuse me, Bulldozer a moment of your time if you will first of all I must say you put on a good performance tonight but I have to ask with this being yet another loss for you here in BPZ has this rattled you any? Bulldozer : You want to call that a good performance? That wasn’t anywhere close to good because if it was I would have came out on to
  15. We come back to The PTC Finals as we now prepare for our next match between Bulldozer and Dikey. Bulldozer’s theme song “ right here right now “ begins to play as Bulldozer comes out and does his now signature pose at the stage before walking down to ring. Next is Dikey who’s theme song plays next and he comes out and makes his way to the ring after he does a pose of his own at the stage. https://giphy.com/gifs/VzGajvc7JXbLWsZDiv Bulldozer and Dikey then stare each other down Bulldozer takes the first shot with a punch
  16. [ A video begins to play of Dikey back before he joined BPZ on the indies laying down on his back in the middle of the ring in a high school parking lot ] Even from the beginning you did nothing but fail Dikey. [ Another video plays of Dikey again on the indies as he yet again comes up short in yet another high school parking lot but this time it shows his friends in the front row look down in shame ] You even failed to follow through on the promises to your friends how can you hope to keep the ones to your new found supports. [ A third video plays but this time it’s Di
  17. [ the camera pans down at the foot of Mt.Olympus as we see Bulldozer walking down the mountain path and up to camera with a big smile on his face as Alice walks down the path with him ] Bulldozer : Well that’s one thing off the old to do list. [ Bulldozer and Alice then notice the cameraman standing patiently ] Bulldozer : Ah I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, however it was for a very good reason I assure you for you see there’s a reason I am the one and only true god of pro wrestling and that is because I am on God’s level, actually no I am above it fo
  18. [ the lights here in Madison Square Garden go out we return to Carnage and the crowd are confused before a sole spotlight is shined onstage revealing Bulldozer standing on stage doing his pose with a mic in his hand ] [ Bulldozer then turns around with a smirk on his face as his theme song right here right now begins to play and he walks down the ramp and into the ring as the crowd begin to boo him ] Alright that’s enough you all can and should shut your filthy mouths now, Because unlike all of you what I have to say actually matters and that is Bob we have a very
  19. The scene opens inside, what appears to be, a boxing gym. It's relatively small with little activity, apart from a couple of young muscle heads lifting weights in a corner. On the opposite side of the room, separated by an empty ring, hangs a heavy bag used for practicing powerful body punches. A 6'3" 255 lb man in his early 30s wails on the bag with bare fists. *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* *thump* *thump* *thump* *smack* The same pattern of strikes continues and echoes throughout the building. "You're going to need to change your name from The Fist to The Cast if
  20. Voice : for far too long i’ve been seen as nothing more than a joke and a loser but that all ends at Mayhem when I take what is rightfully mine. [ the camera then turns around revealing the voice to be coming from none other than Bulldozer who seems to be alone talking to himself oblivious to the cameraman next to him ] Bulldozer : At BPZ Mania I lost focus, at WAW I got careless, and at Backlash I got cocky and it not only cost me the match but a partner that I trusted, but now I’m done making mistakes. [ Bulldozer then walks off camera as the camera cuts back to ringside he
  21. Toxik431


    [ Carnage returns from commercial break as we see Bulldozer sitting all by himself backstage in a dark room lit only with a gathering of candles Bulldozer then looks up at the camera which he apparently grabbed from an equipment box ] Destiny truly something that people never completely understand and very few even realize what their destiny is and even fewer accomplish it. [ Bulldozer then blows out one of the candles ] However one man has learned of his destiny and that man is Bob “ the bomb “ Sparks. [ the fans can be heard cheering at the mention of Bob’s name ]
  22. *we see FJA walking backatage and finding Stan* FJA: Hey! Stan: hi FJA how is it going? FJA: Fine, i was searching you to ask you something Stan: ok?, and the question would be? FJA: what if we form a tag team?, think about it, you and i had our first match as a team against Fireware and it was our best match in the company!, and if we did that without experience as a tag team, imagine how good our matches would be if we were an active tag team and what we would be able to accomplish! Stan: I think i'll accept your request of forming a tag team with me, it could m
  23. [ the camera cuts to backstage after coming in from a commercial break hyping the second round of power trip cup, and pans down on Bulldozer who is sitting on a metal equipment box getting his gear on when Alice walks up ] Alice : Bulldozer I just wanted to say thanks for dropping me off at the hotel last week. [ Bulldozer looks up at Alice but is still focused on making sure all his gear is on just right ] Bulldozer: Yeah no problem Alice but judging from how you’re standing im guessing you want another interview? Alice : No actually I wanted your advice on that you se
  24. [ Carnage returns from commercial break hyping up the upcoming Power Trip Cup tournament as a new interviewer name Alice is running after Bulldozer who is seen walking to his car ] Alice : Bulldozer! [ Bulldozer Then turns around thinking it’s a fan who snuck backstage ] Bulldozer : sorry kid I don’t do autographs anymore. Alice : No i’m not a rouge fan i’m Alice the new interviewer. Bulldozer : I see well I guess I can spare time for an interview. [ Bulldozer then closes the door to his car and leans against it ] Alice : Well firstly thanks for your ti
  25. [ Right here right now covers the whole arena as Bulldozer comes out and makes his way towards the ring while being covered in boos and is also carrying a fold out chair with him ] [ Bulldozer then unfolds the chair and sit down in it and raises the mic that he had in his other hand to his lips and begins to speak ] Now at Backlash I was unsuccessful in my quest to winning the number one contenders match for the tag team championships alongside my partner Birdman however that’s not why i’m out here tonight. [ The crowd then continue to boo Bulldozer as he speaks y

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