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Found 5 results

  1. I created this for everyone who continued the TNA Save to discuss how it went. So to me it didnt started in the best of ways because on my first Impact I tried to do a Feast or Fired match to start a rivalry between MEM and Y2J and also it was a way to fire Goldberg but I didnt put the winner correctly so Muhammad Hassan was with big morale issues. He did won a briefcase and he did won the Global title. However he lost it right away because I had feeling that he was gonna quit that eventually came true. Then I did Lesnar vs Lashley match to up Lashley's pop but he botched a move and injured Brock. However he was the one pissed. And also left the company. Troughout it has also left Scott Steiner, Ric Flair, NAO. But it wasnt everything bad because the shows were doing really good. With AJ beating everyone until Lockdown where he lost his title to Abyss. He had akayfabe injury and in the meanwhile his buddy Yuji Nagata fought in his place against Abyss losing and then going to WWE. AJ finnally had another shot at Slammiversary losing as well. Abyss was just the guy that he couldnt beat. But he won the BFG series and he will fight one last time against the monster. The Knockouts have been Mickie James having a run even defeating Melina, wich mad her so mad she left the company but not to WWE, then face Gail Kim won the title and now Awesome Kong turned on Kim and is challenging her for the title. The tag team titles has been a good run by the Hardy Boyz that then lost to MCMG, who had have the best run yet defeating all face teams at least once. The Global title was from Nakamura to Hassan to Nakamura to A Train to Samoa Joe. The X- Division title has been Homicide to CM Punk. Yes CM Punk a guy that I pushed very hard first alongsidde Colt Cabana and now solo. He won the X-Briefcase and then casshed in to become champion. And without any cheat he is 100 pop. Yes mainly because of his promos and his feud with Fallen Angel. And alongside Abyss he is the most popular guy in the company. So now I will put down here my BFG card and after its done Im just a few weeks away I will let you know the results and yeah I have lost a lot but I also bought a lot of new talent. no cheats Abyss vs AJ Styles TNA World Heavyweight Rock N Sock Connection vs Sting & Jeff Jarrett CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero X-Division Title Roderick Strong vs Austin Aries Samoa Joe vs Christian Cage vs A-Train vs Fallen Angel vs Hiroshi Tanahashi Global title Kurt Angle vs Mil Muertes SaNiTy ( Eric Young and The Briscoes) vs LAX (Homicide, Hernandez and Low KI) street fight Motor City Machine Guns vs Nakamura and Jericho TNA Tag Team title Beer Money Inc vs The Hardy Boyz Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong Knockouts title Probably a battle royal Say what do you think of my series and my BFG card and tell everyone your story of the TNA save
  2. WCW SuperBrawl 1992! Next Sunday! Card (from opener to main event) 'Miss Texas' Jackie More vs Akira Hokuto vs Bull Nakano vs Lisa Moretti - First WCW Women's Champion Elimination Match Barry Windham vs Steve Austin (c) - WCW World Television Championship The Steiners vs The Young Pistols (c) - United States Tag Team Championships Junkyard Dog vs Rick Rude (c) - United States Heavyweight Championship Arn Anderson vs Sting Terry Taylor vs Jushin Liger (c) - WCW Light Heavyweight Championship MAIN EVENT Ricky Steamboat vs Lex Luger (c) - WCW World Heavyweight Championship
  3. Hello everyone I thought of this idea just a moment ago and I think this is great as idea as a good number of us play TEW and as such get interested in the saves of fellow members of the forums so I decided to make this post for people to link, suggest, and talk about some of your favorite TEW mods and ones you’ve recently started playing that you are enjoying so far. So please tell us about your favorite TEW mods.
  4. Well,I started my NJPW save in tew2005(yes 2005,old school)in game time in 2014,now i´m am in 2016 in game time and it´s time for the G1 CLIMAX! And i will post all the matches of the G1. Now let´s know the participants: =A BLOCK= Tama Tonga Bobby Lashley Kenta Tomohiro Ishii Minoru Suzuki(IWGP Tag Team Champ) Kota Ibushi(Never Openweight Champ) Yuji Nagata Bad Luck Fale Toru Yano Manabu Nakanishi =B BLOCK= Lance Archer Zack Saber Jr(IWGP Tag team and IWGP Us champ) Shibata Satoshi Kojima Hiroshi Tanahashi Aj Styles Tetsuya Naito(IWGP intercontinental champ) Kazuchika Okada(IWGP Heavyweight Champ) Matt Hardy Shinsuke Nakamura Before we have the G1 climax,here comes:DOMINION Crowd:10.000 Year in game:2016 Begin of the game(in game year):July 2014 Killer Elite Squad defeat Suzuki Gun(Minoru Suzuki and Zack saber jr) for the IWGP Tag team titles,New champs(B) Kota Ibushi defeat Tomohiro Ishii to defend the Never Openweight title(B+) Prince Devitt defeat La Flamita to defend the IWGP Junior title(B-) *Naito makes fun about Toru Yano*(B+) Tetsuya Naito defeat Toru Yano to defend the IWGP Intercontinental Title(B) Kazuchika Okada defeat Cody to defend the IWGP Heavyweight title(A) *After the match was confirmed that Kenny Omega,former Iwgp heavy is leaving njpw..* Total:B+ Titles: Iwgp Heavy:Okada(2 time) 1 defence,1 month as champ Iwgp IC:Naito 4 defences,4 months Iwgp junior:Prince Devitt 12 defences,1 year as Champ Iwgp junior tag team:Hardy Boys 0 defences,1 day as champs Iwgp Tag team:Killer Elite Squad 0 defences,1 day as champs IWGP Usa:Zack Saber Jr 2 defences,4 months as champ Never Openweight:Kota Ibushi 3 defences,4 months as champ,second reign as champ G1 climax is coming..... *more info* in my save ,as njpw ,I reached internacional level and Wwe doesn’t exist anymore(yeah I kill wwe) kenny omega is leaving njpw because i failed the contract renew time. Prince Devitt is the longest champ in my njpw. Cody is not a bullet club member Okada first iwgp heavyweight reign have a 1 year duration. Aj styles was the start wgp heavy champ and is a former iwgp ic champ after defeat Nakamura for the title.
  5. I was watching the stream the other day and I kept think how cool it would be to have a form of merch that represents the company i’m on so I was wondering what everyone here thought of it and if you like the idea what kinds of merch would you want me personally I would want the regular stuff such as a shirt a hat or even a jacket

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