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  1. Over the next few weeks I will be requiring a number of people (I'd love to have 10) to test the BPZ vs Twitch Mod that I have been creating. To become a tester you will need the following: - TOTAL EXTREME WRESTLING 2016 (FULL VERSION) - TIME TO PLAY THE GAME IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS - TIME TO PLAY 3 MONTHS WORTH OF SHOWS - THE ABILITY TO SEND ME SCREENSHOTS AND UPDATES OF WHATS HAPPENING - THE ABILITY TO INFORM ME OF ANY ISSUES WITHIN THE GAME AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED If you're a twitch subscriber you will be the first eligible to test the beta. I will call upon non subscribers if I cannot fill the numbers. When testing you will be allocated ONE COMPANY to play as. I want you to play as many shows as you can as that company and book shows for them. Inform me of your booking results and what is happening throughout the world. The things that I'm looking for are: - Picture issues (nobody has a picture or it is missing for a worker when they're under contract) - Any starting gimmick issues - High level workers having bad matches (really good stats but they're struggling to perform) - Monthly finance reports, I want to know how much money is company is making per month. Screenshots of the monthly reports at the end would be best. - TV deals being lost/removed - Workers doing MMA/Movies when they shouldn't be. - Workers retiring very early when they're not injured/injury prone. - Poor wrestlers featuring high on the top 500 list /great wrestlers not high on the list - Anything else irregular If you would to sign up post below and let me know if you're a twitch subscriber and what your twitch name is as well. I would like subscribers to have the first try at it. Also place your company preference in the post so you can play as the company you would like. If we have 10 people sign up, I would like 2 per each company for example.

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