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  1. We come back to The PTC Finals as we now prepare for our next match between Bulldozer and Dikey. Bulldozer’s theme song “ right here right now “ begins to play as Bulldozer comes out and does his now signature pose at the stage before walking down to ring. Next is Dikey who’s theme song plays next and he comes out and makes his way to the ring after he does a pose of his own at the stage. https://giphy.com/gifs/VzGajvc7JXbLWsZDiv Bulldozer and Dikey then stare each other down Bulldozer takes the first shot with a punch but Dikey sucks and kicks Bulldozer in the leg causing Bulldozer to take a step back Bulldozer then responds by faking another punch which Dikey goes to suck again as Bulldozer predicted before Bulldozer brings up his knee which hits Dikey in the face this then stuns Dikey who takes a few steps back as Bulldozer smirks as Dikey regatheres his thoughts. Dikey then charges Bulldozer but is met with another knee this time to the gut causing him to hunch over as Bulldozer is looking for a fast victory as he goes for the God’s ultimate blast and comes close to hitting it but no Dikey counters by sending Bulldozer into the air and catching him with a cutter out of mid air. Dikey then goes for the pin and gets a count of 2 as Bulldozer somehow kicks out but Dikey then picks Bulldozer back up and hits a few more strikes on Bulldozer before Bulldozer headbutts Dikey which makes him stumble towards the ropes as Bulldozer charges at Dikey who then stops the charge short with a brutal Elbow to Bulldozer’s face which drops Bulldozer to the mat who then stops to soak in the cheers of the crowd who begin to chat “ let’s go Dikey “ and “ Bulldozer sucks “ which causes Dikey to smile but then notices that Bulldozer is starting to stir so Dikey drags him back up only to be shoved back and into the ref! Bulldozer then sees the ref get bumped out of the ring because of this and follows up with a low blow. Dikey then drops to both knees and Bulldozer grabs his wrist and hits the Kamigoye on Dikey could this be the end?! Bulldozer then in the moment goes for the pin completely forgetting the ref got knocked out of the ring. Bulldozer who then remembers the ref is down goes outside and grabs a chair and slides back in and goes to hit Dikey with it as he swings it downward but Dikey rolls out of way and gets up and kicks the chair out of Bulldozer’s hands causing it to fly out of the ring then Bulldozer runs at Dikey only to get kicked in the chest by Dikey for his troubles thus dropping him to the mat yet again then Dikey gets into a full mount position over Bulldozer’s body and starts raining down elbow after elbow on his face eventually making Bulldozer bleed! Dikey then stops as the ref is back up and in the ring and pulls him off Bulldozer as the crowd erupts into cheers once they see how much blood is on Bulldozer’s face Dikey then pulls Bulldozer back up to his feet and is having to hold him up to keep Bulldozer from falling back down but suddenly Bulldozer starts throwing strikes like a madman which completely catches Dikey off guard and Dikey goes over against the ropes to catch his breath as the ref separates Bulldozer who then runs past the ref when he’s least expecting it after Dikey who then sends Bulldozer over the top rope and runs off the ropes towards the other end of the ring bouncing off the rope on that end and goes for a suicide dive but over shoots a tad and hits not only Bulldozer but the announcers table as well!!! This causes the crowd to explode into “ holy shit” chants and both men start to brawl more as they slowly make their way back to their feet and the ref who sees how much this match means to both men begins his count slowly and but before he can count both men out Bulldozer slings Dikey into the side of the announcers table again and quickly rolls back in and out of the ring in order to restart the count which was at a count of eight but Bulldozer rolls back out Dikey is already back to his feet and both men go for a super kick and both connect on each other dropping both to the floor!!! And both men after a count of six slowly make their way back to their feet and begin to brawl some more until they both get on the apron thus breaking the refs count for the count out and begin to read kicks to the ribs before Bulldozer hits Dikey in the stomach with his knee and oh my god he hits Dikey with a Bulldriver on the apron!!! The crowd then becomes completely unglued as they start chanting “ this is awesome” and “ fight forever” before Bulldozer slowly makes his way back up to his feet first and grabs Dikey and slides him back into the ring before rolling back in himself which the ref then pauses the match as he notices the Bulldriver on the apron has cut Dikey open badly but Dikey refuses to let the match end like this and gets on both knees and yells at Bulldozer to finish this like a man and Bulldozer then runs at Dikey and kicks him in the face thus causing the crowd to absolutely shower Bulldozer in boos who smiles at their dismay. However due to Bulldozer not going for the pin Dikey has had time to recover enough to make it to his feet but Bulldozer notices and goes runs towards the ropes for a springboard moonsault but no Dikey counters with a super kick right on the jaw in mid air as Bulldozer is upside down!!! Dikey then goes for the pin 1… 2… by no Bulldozer kicks out at 2.9!!! Dikey however makes a verteran move of not getting frustrated and immediately goes back to work beating down Bulldozer some more and then throws Bulldozer over the top rope for the second time and hits a massive Spaceman Plancha into the Cosmic ascension!!! Dikey then pulls Bulldozer back up and slides his body back into the ring and slides back in himself and goes for the pin but again Bulldozer kicks out at 2.9 but this time with the ref’s hand mere centimeters away from hitting the mat for the third and final time however Dikey still doesn’t lose focus of the goal and pulls Bulldozer back up but it appears Bulldozer recovered more than he let on as he shoves Dikey away and Super kicks him right on the jaw and falls into the pin 1… 2… no Dikey kicks out at 2.9 and Bulldozer is then seen laying on his side in frustration wondering just what it’s gonna take to beat Dikey here tonight at the PTC Finals and as both men sit up and look at each other the crowd erupts into chants of “ nxt” followed by chants of “bpz” and as Borge men the rise back to their feet Bulldozer quickly kicks out Dikey‘s knees and jumps up onto the second rope as Dikey is struggling to get back up and Bulldozer jumps and oh my god he hits the God’s ultimate blast but instead of going for the pin he grabs Dikey’s head and taunts him with smile on his face and makes a gun motion with his hand and points it at Dikey’s head and says bang as he pulls the imaginary trigger. Bulldozer then surprisingly pulls Dikey back up back up to his knees and attempts to run off the rope for one last big move but Dikey just drops to the mat after staying on his knees for a few seconds and Bulldozer himself even drops down to the second rope and onto one knee as he takes a moment to catch his breathe as this ruckus crowd tries to energize Dikey with their chants and get him back into the match. This does cause Dikey to start to stir as Bulldozer run at Dikey to hit a knee to the back of the head however Dikey hears his steps from behind him and ducks causing Bulldozer to miss horribly as Dikey then follows up with a dropkick to the back of the head after getting up and Bulldozer gets into a sitting position and Bulldozer rolls over in pain and his slowly trying to get up as Dikey grabs him and throws him in the corner and just continues to beat on him with various strikes doing a perfect blend of knees, kicks, chops, and forearms before separating and doing a massive running corner dropkick followed by vicious stomps to the head to Bulldozer who just has no time to recover from this onslaught. Dikey then picks up Bulldozer and stares him in the face before telling him he’s done and hitting the Cosmic Ascension and pinning Bulldozer 1 2 3.

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