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Found 14 results

  1. Ok so today I am starting my reviews of wrestling championships and please feel free to give suggestions either as a reply here or as a dm message in the discord but anyway today I will be reviewing the wwe championship with the winged eagle design. as you are probably very aware this is a classic design and for good reason and also for those same good reason a very beloved championship design and one of my personal favorites however the main plate is a tad small for my personal liking however that is just me and maybe shrink the side plates by an inch or two and increase the main plate by a few inches and I say it’s a perfect belt other than that I really enjoy the design and this belt is an absolute beauty and a gem and deserves all the love and praise it gets. and that will be all for this edition of my belt design review please feel free to either give suggestions for the next championship review or even your own reviews and thoughts on the belts.
  2. Bart

    WWE wishlist

    The road to Wrestlemania has just concluded yet there is a whole new season of WWE wrestling ahead of us. What would you like to see happen this year (year: from Payback to Wrestlemania) I would like to see a NXT Invasion angle, in which we can see nxt superstars take over RAW and Smackdown with alot of guys turning sides troughout. What would you like to see happen this year?
  3. Hey so I figured I would ask what everyone’s favorite wwe wrestling match is and feel free to say why however it’s not a requirement anyway my personal favorite is The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 because I was a massive fan of dx at the time and I didn’t want that to end from Shawn retiring but I also didn’t want the streak to end so I was super emotionally invested into the match and I still remember the jumping tombstone at the end
  4. My worst WWE match that I have watched is Michael Cole v.s. Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania 27. This match should NEVER exist in the first place.
  5. What are you favorite moments in the WWE TLC Pay-Per-View? My favorite from the Pay-Per-View had to be the six man tag team TLC match that featured "The Shield" (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns) going up against the team of Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) and Ryback. It just solidifies The Shield as Main Event talent as of today.
  6. Hey ive been doing yt for a while and my universe mode takes me a really long because of my booking ideas but i still dont get any views. I dont about views i just want peoples reactions and reviews of my shows. Anyone got any advice?
  7. What is the worst Wrestlemania Pay-Per-View that you do not want to go back and watch it again? My opinion on what is the worst Wrestlemania PPV is Wrestlemania 27. It really felt watching a Monday Night Raw than a Pay-Per-View and having matches that are really terrible. For example, Michael Cole v.s. Jerry Lawler, Snooki in a tag team match (Yes, I said it), and the Main Event having The Rock stand tall and left The Miz and John Cena as an after thought.
  8. How would you book WWE in Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 in the year of 2018? They are in a down slope as of this moment and they really need to step up their game since NXT (their developmental show) is a lot better than the main roster shows (Raw and SmackDown). There are other companies that have been wiping the floor with them by having great matches and great angles to build up their rivalries which are more superior to what we have now.
  9. I heard about these rumors that The Rock will win the 2019's version of the Royal Rumble and will face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 35. The plan was suppose to be The Rock v.s. Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, but since Roman Reigns has lukemia as of right now, the match is cancelled, but Brock will take Roman's place. What do you think of this huge rumor that many people are talking about and will it affect the Wrestlemania card to be terrible? Let me know in the comments below.
  10. I personally think that Aleister Black, Shayna Bazler, and Johnny Gargano would be the Main Roster call ups for the year of 2019.
  11. Am I the only one who is not watching Raw right now? It seems to be poor like the last week that they had.
  12. So, yesterday I came across a video on YouTube that gives “gratification” to wrestling events, tv shows and wrestlers. I honestly don’t care about others opinion, for the sole reason that everyone has their own way of looking at things, especially wrestling. Now, I will clarify that even tho I don’t care I still do respect others opinions, but that has its limits. I respect the wrestling industry as much as I respect firefighters, police, and other jobs that put their life on the line. Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch comparing wrestling with jobs like those, but unlike cops and firemen, wrestlers do it to ENTERTAIN. In other words for nothing but other people’s amusement. So, to my point, don’t be negative about wrestling or wrestlers. Yes, you can love or hate whoever you want, but respect them and what they do. “Alexa Bliss sucks at wrestling, she can’t put on a good match” are you f#cking kidding me? That woman can do more things than most of the human population could ever dream of. “Roman Reigns sucks” ok, let me be clear I’m not a Reigns fan, but I respect the wrestler and what he does. Even though people might “hate” him for the way he’s booked, you can’t deny his talent (he may not be so good on the mic, but you get what I’m saying). Wrestling is not for everyone, and if you’re one of the people who have never even been inside a ring and have taken at least one bump, you sir/ma’am CANNOT criticize what wrestlers do in the ring. Wrestling is the only Sport (yes, I said it) where you MUST take care of your “opponent”, and so must we as fans of the industry, we must respect and realize that wrestling is an art, a sport and one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Thank you, for reading this “rant”, I’m not usually a person that does this, especially on the internet, but you guys are awesome so here you go lol. Happy Rusev Day people. Also if you have your own opinion on this topic, feel free to join the discussion. 😎🤓
  13. You guys can come over and predict some of the matches for Wrestlemania (except the ones we already know about).
  14. TWITCH: noyplays So, since I can’t put much of my time on my YouTube channel’s Universe Mode for now, I’m gonna take 2 hrs when ever I can to at least do something with you guys. Here’s what went down on Feb 12, 2018 edition of UM. The first episode of Kitsune (Japanese for FOX) Pro Wrestling had 5 matches in the card. Two Fatal 4 Ways which the winners of their respective matches would face each other at Great Balls of Fire for the Kitsune Heavyweight Championship. Also the superstars who don’t get pinned or submitted will go on to another Fatal 4 Way at GBOF for the Intercontinental Championship. There were also two Tag Team matches where the winning teams would face for the Tag Team titles at the PPV. Lastly a 6-Woman battle royal for the Women’s Championship. The night started with a Fatal 4 Way between Drew McIntyre, Bobby Roode, TJP and Chris Jericho. The Best in the World manage to STEAL the victory after pinning TJP who received a Glorious DDT from Bobby Roode. That match was followed by the first of two World Tag Team Championship Qualifying matches which involved the team of SAnitY’s Killian Dain and Eric Young going up against The Hardys. SAnitY picked up the victory after a massive move by Young on Jeff for the pin. The Women’s Championship Battle Royal was next, Peyton Royce, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Nikki Cross and Becky Lynch battled for the coveted price. Alexa Bliss managed to last eliminate Asuka to become the first ever Kitsune Women’s Championship. The second and last Tag Team Championship Qualifier went underway as the team of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose faced the Usos. Rollins and Ambrose picked up the win after Rollins delivered the Black Out for the 1, 2 and 3. The Main Event was up and the second Fatal 4 Way between Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Aleister Black and Finn Bálor began. Aleister Black picked up the win with a devastating Black Mass to Bálor after failing to deliver the Coup de Grace. The matches for Great Balls of Fire are set: In the main event Chris Jericho will face Aleister Black in a ladder match for the KITSUNE Heavyweight Championship. Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre will face in a Elimination Fatal 4 Way to crown the first ever Intercontinental Champion. Rollins and Ambrose will go up against the team of Killian Dain and Eric Young from SAnitY for the World Tag Team Championship. Also the new Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss must defend her newly won Championship against the last woman to be eliminated in the Battle Royal: Asuka. And Finn Bálor faces TJP in singles competition. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Results: Chris Jericho wins the KITSUNE Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match. AJ Styles became the Intercontinental Champion. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose won the World Tag Team Championships. Alexa Bliss managed to retain the Women’s Championship. Finn Bálor defeated TJP by Pinfall. You can join the fun on Twitch @noyplays help me book the matches and rivalries. PS: 9am east USA or 10am east USA

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