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Found 3 results

  1. Hey ive been doing yt for a while and my universe mode takes me a really long because of my booking ideas but i still dont get any views. I dont about views i just want peoples reactions and reviews of my shows. Anyone got any advice?
  2. if you're looking to become a youtube partner I've got a few links to supply with you that you can use to apply to a youtube network to become a partner. Using these links will not only be the step in the right direction that you need to become a partner, but will also help me out as well. LINKS: Curse Network (my network) Requirements: 1,000 Subscribers or 8,000 views per month. http://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=gogkh9pzxznq02
  3. When requesting a review/feedback, you may request anything in relation to youtube to reviewed such as your channel, a video, branding, ideas etc. As long as it is your content and is in relations to youtube you may request feedback from the community. We ask that you don't spam this section with countless numbers of threads, if you could keep your content to one thread that would be advised, you can edit your thread to post any new content that you wish to reviewed there and can bump your forum. When requesting feedback we ask that you provide the following information: - What you wish to be reviewed - A link to your channel - A link to what you wish to be reviewed (video, images etc.) - A description on what you are requesting feedback on. Providing this information will allow the viewer to have a better understanding of your content and will be able to provide much better quality feedback on your content. If you don't post the minimum informaiton your thread may be locked. Of course you may add more onto the requested information, but we ask that you post the above as a guide and as the bare minimum information for your content.

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