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Proposed Brand Split Idea

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So, before you shoot this down, hear me out. This "brand split" would be nothing like a brand wars type of thing, it would be a kayfabe brand split where Brenden and Bailey would be the GMs in a 50-50 thing like Vince McMahon and Ric Flair were back in 2002. So, basically, Brenden and Bailey flip a coin or use a randomizer, and the winner gets first pick. Then a draft would start until everyone "active" is picked.

As for titles, we get rid of the Premium and Tag Team Championships. Face it, Premium isn't needed, and Flynn/Ryan are the only ones really committed to tag. So here's how the titles would go. Let's say for the sake of this Mayhem and Warzone are the names. So Mayhem would get the BPZ Heavyweight Championship, IC, and NXT. While Warzone would get World Heavyweight Championship (2nd World Title), Euro, and US. KOTR and MITB would be both brands can compete for it.

So this is just an idea, I feel like Kayfabe needs to be spiced up a bit, because everyone is feuding with a lot of the same people. All I ask is for this to be considered.

EDIT: While talking to people in chat, it has decided we could do two premium titles with them being called the Premium TV and Premium Global.

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I like the concept of having a brand split it could be kind of fun. I also don't think we need to alter much for title requirements. For the most part everything could legit remain the same, Id say get rid of NXT and replace it with Light Heavyweight Champion or cruiserweight. US and That title would be the lower title of the brand split, IC and Euro can be for the mid card and then we would have our top title for both shows.


However so many things has changed between no number on contender matches, and you can only go for n title at a time that every one would have to be in agreement for this type of action to work, Good idea Slim, hopefully other people will have some input in this as well.

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