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SFW Friday Night Carnage 42


WHATS UP BAYBAY! And Welcome to SFW Friday Night Carnage! We have a card filled to the brim with action so without further ado let's get right into it.

Opening match: The Anti Heroes & David Haskins VS Strike Force

The Anti Heroes and Haskins out here first, the 3 men look ready as Haskins sprints to the ring while the Anti heroes follow not so far behind as the three men get in the ring and they pose. Strike force then come out, they immediately run down to the ring and a massive brawl ensues as Haskins goes after Masters, Reeves goes after Clarke and Johnson goes after Storm. The Anti Heroes and Haskins catch them in position and then they nail them with stereo suplexes! Strike Force roll out of the ring as the Anti Heroes and Haskins stare at Strike Force, Strike Force go to leave but as they get to the front of the ring they are met by Suicide Dives from behind! Haskins grabs Masters and throws him back into the ring as the Anti Heroes dismantle the other two members of strike force at ring side, Haskins slides back into the ring but Masters catches him in a front face lock and begins to knee Haskins in the gut with knee after knee, Masters then throws Haskins into the corner, Masters goes to the opposite corner and he goes for a hesitation dropkick but Haskins moves out of the way, Masters rolls back out of the corner, Haskins grabs him from behind with a waist lock goes for a snap german but Masters counters with elbow strikes to the face of Haskins, Haskins releases the waist lock, Masters goes for a jumping clothesline but Haskins moves out of the way. Haskins takes this opportunity to grab Masters by the face and locks in a dragon sleeper but Storm comes in after getting away from Johnson hitting Haskins with an Enziguri! Haskins releases the dragon Sleeper but before Storm and Masters can double team Haskins, Johnson comes in and hit both men with a dropkick! Johnson helps Haskins up to his feet, Masters and Storm back to their feet Haskins then grabs both men and whips them into Johnson who hits them with a double clothesline! Haskins then runs at Johnson who picks him up and Deep Sixes him onto Storm! Haskins back up, Johnson gets him up on his shoulders in Electric Chair position and Johnson throws him onto Masters! Cover by Haskins on Masters but Clarke comes in and he throws Haskins off of Masters then kicks Johnson in the face with a big boot! Johnson walks backwards and falls on top of Storm. Reeves now gets in the ring and he stares down with Clarke, Clarke distracted by Reeves he grabs him by the throat looking for a chokeslam but from behind Johnson back to his feet and Reeves breaks the choke grip of Clarke and they hit him with a superkick sandwich! Clarke now kneeling, Reeves grabs him up by the head and puts him in suplex position, Johnson goes onto the apron, Reeves picks up Clarke and Johnson dropkicks Clarke down as Reeves hits him with the Suplex! Haskins comes in with the assist out of nowhere hitting a springboard frog splash on Clarke! They kick Clarke out of the ring, Storm and Masters now back to their senses. Johnson and Reeves don’t notice them as they grab them from behind and nail The Anti Heroes with stereo german suplexes. They get back up but as they do Haskins nails them with a double Running Cross body! Storm rolls out of the ring, Masters still down in the middle of it, Haskins goes up to the top rope, he’s setting up for the moonstomp but Storm comes back up on the apron and he grabs the foot of Haskins, Haskins trying to get his foot loose but by the time he does Masters gets back up and pulls him down hitting him face first onto the turnbuckle. Haskins rocked, Masters grabs him from behind and nails him with a massive Saito suplex! Masters now gets Haskins up and he goes to hit him with that bloody sunday kick but Haskins grabs Masters by the waist and nails him with a german suplex into the corner! Both men down, Haskins calling for the support of the crowd as both men get back to their feet in opposite corners, Haskins immediately runs at Masters and nails him with a corner Clothesline and then rolls out of the corner with him nailing him with a Uranage! Haskins now in the corner calling for Masters to get back up. Masters back to his feet but Storm runs in the way and stands in front of Haskins, Storm thinking he has it all figured out but then Johnson back in the ring and Johnson grabs Storm, turns him around and nails him with a superkick which he follows up with a butterfly DDT! Clarke then comes in a tries to brogue kick Johnson but Reeves in and nails Clarke with a Sanity Breaker! Clarke and Storm down, the Anti Heroes signal for Haskins to climb to the top rope. Haskins goes to the top rope, Johnson gets Masters up in electric chair position and the Anti Heroes hit Masters with Slaying the demon before flipping him over as Haskins hits him with the moonstomp! Cover by Haskins and He gets the 3 count!

Winners: The Anti Heroes and David Haskins!

What a massive victory for Haskins and The Anti Heroes going into winter warfare and they should be feeling pretty good. Strike force on the other hand might have a lot of regrouping to do going into Winter Warfare. Speaking of Winter Warfare we have a Winter Warfare qualifying match up next as Gary Kirby takes on Yelich Anderson.

Winter Warfare Qualifying Match: Gary Kirby wth Liam Starr VS Yelich Anderson

Anderson coming down to the ring now not doing his intros as he has informed me that he will be reserving that for Pay-Per-Views only now. Anderson is looking very focused right now but he’s still high fiving the fans. Anderson in the ring and now here comes the future starrs, this time though Kirby will be the only one competing here tonight as Starr failed to win his qualifying match so let’s see if this divides the two men depending on who wins. Alright both men in the ring and lets see how this goes, Anderson and Kirby start off with a respectful handshake obviously no bad blood between these two men. Kirby and Anderson lock up, Anderson comes ahead with a headlock, Kirby counters out of it into a hammerlock, Anderson slips out of that and then gets Kirby with a waist lock, Anderson takes Kirby down to the ground controlling the back of Kirby, Anderson rolls Kirby over and gets him into a gutwrench, Anderson picks up Kirby and Anderson nails Kirby with a gutwrench suplex. Kirby ends up in the corner and he gets back to his feet, Anderson then goes for a corner splash, Kirby moves out of the way though, Kirby grabs Anderson catching him with a schoolboy, Anderson up at 1, both men back to their feet, Anderson goes for a clothesline but kirby ducks it, Anderson turns around, Kirby springs up for a hurricanrana but Anderson counters it into a powerbomb position, Kirby counters though passing over with a sunset flip, Anderson up at 1, Anderson rolls through in seated position and kirby catches him with a seated dropkick! Anderson down, Kirby goes to the top rope, Anderson back to his feet, Kirby goes for a diving Crossbody but Anderson counters catching Kirby, Anderson sends Kirby back first into the turnbuckle and then hits him with a powerslam! Cover by Anderson but Kirby up at 2, Anderson then picks up Kirby, he gets him up in position could be looking for the anderbomb, Kirby though counters it though into a hurricanruna! Anderson gets back up, He charges at Kirby but Kirby yells at him to stop, Kirby goes for the Enzuguri but Anderson ducks it, Kirby on the ground his back turned to Anderson and Anderson grabs the leg of Kirby and locks in an Ankle lock, Kirby though quickly gets to the ropes. Anderson releases the ankle lock but as Kirby gets back to his feet, Anderson gets him out of the ring with a clothesline. Kirby now back on his feet but he doesn’t see Anderson who in a surprising display of agility nails Kirby with a tope con hilo! Kirby goes down, Anderson throws Kirby back into the ring, Anderson now gets back in the ring with Kirby, Anderson gets Kirby up and he nails him with the Anderbomb! Cover by Anderson but Kirby up at 2! Anderson now gets up and he’s calling for the mic check, Kirby back to his feet, Anderson sets Kirby up for the mic Check but Kirby counters with elbow strikes to the face of Anderson, Anderson breaks the hold and ends up on the ropes, Kirby then hits Anderson with a massive Dropkick sending him out of the ring, Kirby then goes to the top rope and he goes for a Moonsault and he takes out Anderson on the outside! Kirby throws Anderson into the ring, Kirby picks up Anderson and he sets him up for the dickhead plex, Kirby holds him for a total count of 20 Dickheads! And then he puts him down and pokes him in the eyes! Anderson falls down after the blood rushes to his head, Kirby now goes to the corner and he prepares for the zoidberg elbow as he calls for it, Kirby goes for it but Anderson rolls out of the way! Kirby down, Anderson gets him back up and he sets him up and nails him with a second Anderbomb! Anderson now picks Kirby back up and he gets him in position and nails him with the Mic Check! Cover by Anderson and he gets the 3 count! Anderson qualifies for the Winter Warfare match!



Winner: Yelich Anderson


Anderson picks up a victory in an incredible match against Kirby but Anderson now leaving the ring. Showing his respect to Kirby BUT WAIT A SECOND ICE COLD HAVE APPEARED AND ARE ATTACKING THE FUTURE STARRS! THEY’RE ATTACKING THEM BUT ANDERSON NOW RUNS BACK INTO THE RING AND ICE COLD RUN OFF! Anderson now brings his mic down.

Yelich Anderson: You know you two really annoy me so tomorrow night at SFW Saturday Night Battlefield the two of you can find one of your friends in the roundtable to take on The Future Starrs and YELLICCCCCHHHHH ANDERSON! ANDERSON!

Well Anderson issuing a challenge for tomorrow night but as for right now SFW Lightweight Champion Prince Cutler is about to take on Ark Universe in a non title match revisiting an old rivalry.

Prince Cutler VS Ark Universe

Cutler now making his way out to the ring, holding his championship title over his shoulder. The fans obviously displaying their dislike towards Cutler. Ark now making his way out here, the fans showing their support towards him. Ok both Ark and Cutler in the ring and here we go with Cutler right out of the gate attacking Ark with a corner clothesline, Cutler then goes for a short arm clothesline but Ark ducks it and Ark nails Cutler with a German suplex! Cutler now gets back to his feet, the two men charge at each other, Ark goes for a clothesline but Cutler ducks it, Cutler then grabs Ark for an Inverted DDT but Ark  Slips out of it for a suplex but Cutler lands on his feet, Cutler goes for a neckbreaker but Ark turns himself around and pushes Cutler into the ropes and Ark then grabs Cutler in a full nelson and nails him with a dragon Suplex! Cutler now gets back up on the ropes, Ark then goes to send Cutler out of the ring but Cutler throws Ark over with a back body drop but Ark lands on his feet on the apron, Ark pushes Cutler away and then Ark springboards in with a springboard bulldog! Cover by Ark but Cutler up at 2, Ark now gets Cutler back up and whips him into the corner, Ark now charges at Cutler and nails him with a running dropkick! Cutler comes out of the corner and Ark catches him with a running neckbreaker! Ark now gets back up and he goes up to the top rope, he goes for a moonsault but Cutler moves out of the way, Cutler then grabs Ark and he catches him with a massive fishermans Neckbreaker! Cutler bridging into the Cover but Ark up at 2! Cutler now gets Ark up and he sets him up for the Kingdom Keeper but Ark Slips out of it and he nails Cutler with a Snap Brainbuster! Ark heads to the top rope, Ark calls for Cutler to get back up, Cutler back to his feet and now, Ark Goes for the top rope dropkick but Cutler moves out of the way! Ark dazed, Cutler picks up Ark and he nails him with the Kingdom Keeper! Ark rocked now and Cutler gets Ark up again and nails him with Long Live the Prince! Cutler though not going for the pin he gets Ark backup and he hits him with another Long live the prince! Cutler now goes for the Cover and he pins Ark for the 3!



Winner: Prince Cutler


Cutler picking up a much needed victory here tonight but now he’s still attacking Ark stomping on him and now he’s got him up and he drops him with another Kingdom Keeper! Cutler now relentlessly beating down Ark but now wait a minute Josh Scott running down and Cutler leaves with his championship. Scott and Cutler are staring down each other, Cutler now just raising the championship as Scott stares down with Cutler.

The Roundtable of Excellence VS Tamer & Prince Jack III

Well Jack and Tamer making their way out here first and to be honest they look like they’re in good tag team form. Now here comes the Roundtable but wait it’s just Slim on his own, Slim is smiling and he’s just staring at Tamer and Jack but wait a second Aidanator attacks both men from behind! Aidan now throws Jack out of the ring and then he picks up Tamer and drops him down with a piledriver. Slim now goes over and Grabs Jack on the outside and nails him with a Talite! Now here comes security attempting to escort the Roundtable out of here after they blind sided Tamer and Jack, medical personnel now checking on Tamer and Jack. Well I guess that means we have to move onto our next match with this one not taking place.

Main Event (Street Fight): Mil Almas VS BIC

Almas making his way out here first with the SFW Television Championship this of course is a non title match as requested by both men. Almas gets in the ring and he immediately gets ready as BIC makes his way out to the ring, BIC takes of his entrance gear at the top of the stage and he immediately charges at Almas starting the match with the two men brawling! They’re trading strike after strike and they send each other out of the ring but now they get back to their feet and they continue to trade blows, BIC comes ahead and then he drops Almas with a DDT on the outside! BIC then goes under the ring and he brings out a steel chair! BIC then goes to hit Almas with the chair but Almas got back up and he superkicks the chair into BIC’s Face! BIC Drops the chair and BIC is now leaning on the Apron, Almas then grabs BIC and throws him face first into the ring post! BIC now visibly bleeding, Almas goes under the ring and he brings out a kendo stick! Almas then goes over to BIC but BIC stops him and nails him with a massive Clothesline! BIC then snatches the Kendo Stick from Almas and starts Caning the back of Almas with the Kendo Stick! BIC keeps caning the back until the kendo stick snaps in half! BIC then goes underneath the ring and he brings out a Table! BIC Leans the table in front of the timekeepers Area, BIC turns around BUT ALMAS GETS BACK UP AND DROPKICKS BIC INTO THE TABLE! The table not broken though, Almas gets BIC up and he goes for a suplex through the table but BIC blocks it and then drops Almas with a brainbuster on the Floor! BIC now takes two chairs from underneath the ring and he lays Almas’ Head onto one and with the other he’s about to hit Almas with Conchairto but Almas rolls out of the way! Almas and BIC staredown with BIC holding a chair, BIC throws the chair away and then they go back to brawling trading vicious strikes, BIC comes ahead again and he throws Almas into the ring post! BIC then grabs Almas and he grabs both his wrists and continuously pulls Almas face first into the ring post by the wrist slamming him headfirst into it before finally dropping him. Almas now bleeding as well, BIC picks up Almas and then sets him up in front of the table, BIC charges at Almas and he spears him through the table! Almas and BIC both down now, BIC crawls out of the corner and he crawls underneath the ring. BIC slowly emerges from underneath the ring with another table! BIC now sets this one up like he would if he were going to eat from it but I don’t think he’s going to eat from it this time, BIC then turns around into another superkick from Almas! BIC rocked Almas takes him up onto the Apron, both men bleeding Immensely, Almas looking for a DDT onto the Apron but BIC drives Almas Back first into the Ring post! Almas releases the front face lock, BIC gets into the ring,  Almas then follows suit quickly after. Both men bleeding heavily still and they both get back up, Almas goes for another superkick but BIC catches it BIC then spins Almas around and he catches him with a massive German suplex! Almas down, BIC rolls out of the ring, BIC brings in a bag from under the ring but as BIC gets back up on the apron Almas hits BIC with a sunset flip powerbomb through the table! Both men down Almas now picks up the bag and he takes it into the ring, he empties the bag all over the floor and covers the rings floor in thumbtacks! BIC though gets back up and he grabs a Steel Chair off the floor, Almas goes to Grab BIC and BIC throws the Chair into the face of Almas knocking him down! BIC Now goes under the ring and he brings out… A BARBED WIRE BOARD! BIC Slides the board into the ring and then he leans it in the corner, BIC then grabs Almas and throws him into the ring, BIC then gets Almas up and he whips him into the barbed wire board but Almas Reverses it! AND BIC GOES BACK FIRST INTO THE BOARD! ALMAS NOT DONE THOUGH AS HE CHARGES AT BIG AND SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE BOARD! Almas now somehow gets up, He picks up BIC and he goes for a uranage but BIC COUNTERS INTO A LEAPING REVERSE STO! BIC now gets Almas up and he puts him on the top rope, BIC now grabs Almas on the top rope and BIC NAILS ALMAS WITH A SAITO SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!!!!!!!!! Neither man can move! Both are extremely bloodied and the Ref is calling for the bell? What does this mean? OH THE REF HAS CALLED THIS MATCH TO A NO CONTEST! WELL THATS GONNA DO IT FOR TONIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW NIGHT BUT UNTIL THEN SEE YA LATER BAYBAY! OH MY GOD SOMEONE GET THEM SOME HELP!

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SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 18 Lineup 

Opening Match: Josh Scott VS Overheel 

Strikeforce (Brett Storm & Adam Masters) VS Ryan Reeves & David Haskins 

Aidanator VS Will Slater 

Main Event: Yelich Anderson & The future Starrs (Liam Starr & Gary Kirby) VS The Roundtable of Excellence (SFW Tag Team Champions Ice Cold & SFW Lightweight Champion Prince Cutler)

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OOC: Testing out a new format for weekly shows. PPVs will still be written up in full. This is mainly due to my increased schedule outside of the forums.

SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 18


Opening Match: Overheel VS Josh Scott


This match was a very interesting clash of styles in a reignited rivalry. Scott went for multiple power moves but Overheel managed to cut him off for most of the match until Scott countered a Hurricanrana attempt into a buckle bomb which he then followed up with a european uppercut. Scott then seemed to have the match in hand but his opponent for Winter Warfare SFW Lightweight Champion Prince Cutler appeared and distracted the referee which prompted for Scott to hit Cutler off the apron with a european Uppercut. However this distraction allowed for Overheel to hit Scott with a Cutter, then a fisherman’s buster then finished the match off with a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope. After the match Overheel and Cutler then beat down Scott until Red Arrow came down and made the save taking out Cutler and Overheel with a springboard Clothesline. Arrow then made a challenge for next week on Carnage for a tag team match. Which Cutler and Overheel Accepted.

Winner Via Pinfall: Overheel! Rating: 6/10


Strikeforce VS Ryan Reeves and David Haskins


The Intensity of this match was off the charts. Right out of the gate the four men started brawling with Reeves and Haskins getting the advantage and then hitting stereo suicide dives on Masters and Storm. The match continued with them hitting strike after strike, locking in submission after submission, suplex after suplex. There really wasn’t a clear team with the momentum in this match, at one point Reeves hit a crazed thrust on Storm and was about to hit a Sanity Breaker to Finish the match but then Nathan Clarke came down and tried to distract Reeves but it didn’t matter since Bart Johnson came down and then pulled Clarke off the Apron then nailed him with a butterfly DDT on the outside which allowed for Haskins and Reeves to hit a destabilizer on Storm and then Haskins would follow it up with a moonstomp to win the match. After the match Johnson got on the mic and challenged Clarke to a match next week on Carnage, Clarke then would get back up and accept Johnsons Challenge.

Winners: David Haskins & Ryan Reeves! Rating: 7/10

Aidanator VS Will Slater


In a short match, Aidanator destroyed Will Slater. Nothing Really to say here, Aidanator just threw Slater around the ring in a dominant display, hitting a DDT then a spear then a piledriver to finish off the match. After the match Aidanator would get on the mic and hyped himself up talking about how he would win the Continental Championship at Winter Warfare. Aidantor though would then be interrupted by Tamer who would grab him from behind and nail him with Terminal Velocity standing over one of his Winter Warfare opponents.

Winner: Aidanator! Rating: 4/10

Main Event: Yelich Anderson & The Future Starrs VS The Roundtable of Excellence



In a match that was high intensity and high energy from start to finish The Roundtable of Excellence’s (bottom) Prince Cutler (Left) and Ice Cold (Connor Bramson, Right, and Jarrod Gardyner, Centre) took on (Top) Yelich Anderson (left) and The Future Starrs (Liam Starr, Centre, and Gary Kirby, Right). The match started with the Future Starrs taking out the Roundtable with Stereo topes and then Anderson hitting a triangle moonsault on Cutler. Surprisingly Anderson was good enough able to keep up with the 5 lightweights in this match hitting multiple flips and he even managed to take out Cutler by springing up to the top rope and taking him out with a top rope Mic Check. The match finished up with the Future Starrs nailing Gardyner with a Starr Collider followed up with a Shooting Starr Press to end the match and giving the Future Starrs a huge victory over the Tag Champions.

Winners: The Future Starrs and Yelich Anderson! Rating: 8/10

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SFW Friday Night Carnage 43


Opening Match: Josh Scott & Red Arrow VS Overheel and Prince Cutler



This match was a great showing of the lightweight division with two members of two different stables teaming up with Cutler and Overheel taking on two young hungry wrestlers in the form of Josh Scott and Red Arrow. Overheel and Cutler seemed to have a game plan all set with them attacking Arrow and Scott right out of the gate with the four men exploding into a brawl early on in the match with Red Arrow having a great showing after the brawl spilled to the outside and Arrow hit his opponents with a tope con hilo inadvertently taking out his tag partner as well. The match Continued with the four men battling out and even a point where Arrow and Scott hit a superkick followed up by a european Uppercut on Overheel. Overheel and Cutler however were successful in mounting a comeback after Countering an attempted Great Scott on Cutler into a backstabber Double Stomp combination. The match continued very back and forth until the end when Overheel took out Arrow with a Fisherman Buster on the outside which allowed for Cutler to get Scott up for the kingdom keeper but Scott countered it into a small package which Overheel failed to break up giving Scott and Arrow the Victory. Arrow and Scott would then run away from the ring in order to avoid a further attack from Cutler and Overheel. FDHogan would then announce that Arrow would have the chance to compete for the final spot in the winter warfare match next week as he would be in a 4 way with two of the participants recieving a second chance to enter the Winter Warfare match those two men being Liam Starr and Ark Universe, the fourth? None other than the Returning Titan.

Winners: Josh Scott and Red Arrow! 6.5/10


Bart Johnson VS Nathan Clarke


In a brutal affair of a match Bart Johnson Took on Nathan Clarke with the two men beating the crap out of each other from the moment the bell sounded with the two men charging at each other nailing each other with strike after strike, they would then both attempt clotheslines on each other which they would both miss. Clarke would then attempt a german suplex which Johnson would counter, Johnson would then attempt an STO but Clarke would power out of it. The two men would trade blows and hard throws throughout the match. Clarke would even hit his German Suplex off the top rope but it seemed to have no effect on Johnson who got right back up and superkick the taste out of Clarke’s mouth. The Two Men would continue to fight and it looked like Clarke was gonna win after Strikeforce’s Brett Storm and Adam Masters came down and tried to distract Johnson but luckily Ryan Reeves and David Haskins came down and took out the rest of Strikeforce which allowed for Johnson to stop the attempted brogue kick from Clarke then catch him with a butterfly DDT for the win. After the match Strike force, The Anti Heroes and Haskins all had a massive brawl with the Anti Heroes and Haskins Standing tall over Strike force. FDHogan would then come out and make a massive 10 man tag team match for next week: All of Strikeforce and Aidantor taking on the Anti Heroes, David Haskins, Tamer and Yelich Anderson.

Winner: Bart Johnson 6.5/10


Aidanator VS Tamer


This match… barely got started before both men got counted out with the two of them beating the hell out of each other around the arena. Tamer and Aidan didn’t even really start the match the two men just beating each other out of the ring then going around the arena beating the living hell out of each other. The Chaos came to an end when Tamer hit Aidantor with a moonsault off of a balcony which drove the fans crazy but also ended up taking both men out for a while which required for both of them to get assistance to the back.

No Contest


Yelich Anderson and BIC VS Hollow and Ropati



A match pitting 4 of the currently known Winter Warfare Participants against each other in a tag team match Anderson and BIC took on Hollow and Ropati. Hollow and Ropati tried to attack BIC and Anderson before the match but they were ready and they got Hollow and Ropati back into the ring to start the match off. The team of Anderson and BIC didn’t really demonstrate extreme displays of team work but effective enough that they could hold themselves up to Hollow and Ropati who were working together as a crazed demonic Unit. Hollow and Ropati managed to keep control of the match with consistent tags and high violent moves. The match would come to an end with Hollow and Ropati taking out Anderson with a doomsday Device off the Apron and isolating BIC then hitting a Sweet chin music into a Madmen Cutter for the win. After the match Hollow and Ropati beat the hell out of BIC and Anderson which prompted for FDHogan to come down with Security to seperate Hollow and Ropati from them. FDHogan would then announce that tomorrow night the 5 confirmed winter warfare participants would face each other in a 5 way match in the tomorrow nights main event.

Winners: Hollow & Ropati 7/10


Main Event (non title): Prince Jack III VS Mil Almas


In tonight's main event there was brilliant action between the two men involved with an amazing back and forth contest between the two men. The match showed off an almost perfect blend of the Lucha Libre Style next to a Purely technical style with the Heir to the Throne Winner taking it to the SFW Television Champion in what really could be considered a dream match scenario. The match was extremely good with each armbar being countered, each hurricanrana stopped. It seemed the match would never end until a reverse frankensteiner was countered into a One Winged Angel for the Win on the part of Prince Jack III. After the match Jack would staredown with the SFW World Champion King Slim before a massive brawl broke out which had to separated by security with Slim raising the championship as Jack stood tall.

Winner: Prince Jack III! 9/10

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(1) Amazing match between these 2 rivals and although Arrow looked strong I'm expecting Titan to win the Fatal 4 Way Match 9/10

(2 and 3) A great war between two rivals and a massive 10 man tag for next week. I expect Strikeforce and Aidan to win 7/10

(4) A brutal tag match and a big fatal 5 way for next week. I expect BiC to come out on top. 6.5/10

(5) A short main event but ending with a great staredown 6.5/10

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SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 19



Opening Match: Angelo Catio VS Tamer


Kicking us off tonight we had an excellent match between Angelo Catio and Tamer with the trading of high speed offense taking place. The match had Tamer playing some underhanded tactics like faking out his opponent to hit him with other moves, eye pokes. Catio would be leaving things quite clean hitting multiple moves. One interesting moment was when Tamer countered the Five Knuckle Shuffle and as Catio was running back over Tamer kiped up and then nailed him with the Deep Six Lungblower. Tamer would then get Catio up and try for the Intervention but Catio would slip out of it and take him down with Belly to Back Suplex. Catio and Tamer would continue to trade moves after moves. The Match ended as Tamer was about to hit a Terminal Velocity on Catio but Catio reversed it into tombstone piledriver and would then Follow it up with an F-U to win the match. After the match as Catio was making his exit, his opponent for Winter Warfare Daniel Vice would make his entrance, the two men would look at each other as Vice entered. Catio would then stand at the bottom of the stage awaiting the match to begin.

Winner: Angelo Catio! 7/10


Daniel Vice VS David Haskins


Haskins and Vice would then face each other as they would viciously beat the hell out of each other to the glee of Angelo Catio at ringside with Haskins right out of the gate nailing Vice with a flurry of suicide dives, Vice would respond with a series of strikes and knees which lead into an Omoplata Crossface which Haskins would get to the ropes to break up. The match would continue with a series of trading suplexes, strikes and other hard hitting moves with Haskins hitting that running Double Stomp, Vice would then Respond Later on with a Fisherman’s Backbreaker. The match would continue on with Haskins even locking in a Stretch Muffler but it was too close to the ropes which allowed for Vice to break out of it. The Match would finish after Vice would move out of the way of the Moonstomp and then get Haskins up and hit him with a Vice Cutter before nailing him with a Shotgun Knee to win the match. After the match Vice and Catio would stare down but did not lay a hand on each other.

Winner: Daniel Vice! 7/10


Los Dragones VS Strikeforce



In a quick match before the main event Strike force brutally attacked Los Dragones before beating them down throughout the match with them even powerbombing Slater onto the Apron before isolating Dragon and finishing him with the Brogue Kick Brainbuster Combo. After the match Storm and Clarke would insult their opponents for winter warfare saying that they’d destroy the Anti Heroes like they did tonight.

Winners: Strike Force! 5/10


Main Event Winter Warfare Last Chance Qualifier: Titan VS Red Arrow VS Liam Starr VS Ark Universe


Originally this would’ve been a 5 way featuring the currently confirmed participants however Overheel was unable to make the show tonight and thus the 4 way qualifier would take its place and it would be announced that next week on Carnage it would be a 6 pack challenge featuring all 6 winter warfare participants with the final one being decided tonight. The four men would face each other with the 3 smaller wrestlers attempting to take out Titan to start with attempting a triple a superkick to take out Titan but it barely phased him, Starr would then hit a Massive Springboard Dropkick on him, Arrow would hit him with a massive jumping knee and Ark would finally take him down to the ground with a top Rope dropkick. Titan would then roll out of the ring leaving the smaller men to go at it with them trading moves with Starr coming ahead to begin with hitting a shooting starr press on Ark but Titan would then come back in the match and take out everyone with clotheslines and big boots. He would then hit a full nelson bomb on Starr but Would then be taken down with a total elimination from Arrow and Ark. Arrow and Ark would be left alone in the ring with the two men trading blows with Ark attempting a Universe 79 but would be avoided by Arrow and Arrow would then catch Ark with a superkick and would then follow it up with a Hurricanruna. Arrow would then go for a Red Arrow on Ark and while he would hit it Titan would come back in and begin taking out his opponents and he would spear Arrow before he could win the match. Liam Starr would then come back in with a massive rally taking out Titan Somehow and eventually locking a sharpshooter but he would be surprise attacked by Ice Cold before he could win the match and the two men would then throw Starr into the Barricade taking him out of the rest of the match. Arrow would then recover and go to the top rope and while he would hit the red arrow he would be then grabbed by Ark and he would get hit with a chemical imbalance to win the match and enter the winter warfare match to close the show.

Winner: Ark Universe! 8/10

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Benjamin Wolf 

Weight: 205 Lbs

Height: 6'0

Finisher(s): Wolf Out (Curb stomp) 

Signature(s) Full Moon (Gourdbuster GTS or GTS) Spinning Heel Kick 

Gimmick: Pete Dunne Style where he uses his Brute Force and isn't afraid to do anything to get his way

Attire:trunks with Wolf Logo with boots and a t-shirt saying Wolf out and also hair like Lio rush but Black.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Heel

Tag Team: No but if needed to be put in a tag team that's fine  

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SFW Friday Night Carnage 44 Match Card (Last Carnage before Winter Warfare)


Opening Match: Liam Starr VS Jarrod Gardyner



Gary Kirby VS Connor Bramson



Prince Cutler VS Red Arrow


Prince Jack III, David Haskins, Tamer and the Anti Heroes VS The Roundtable of Excellence (King Slim & Aidanator) & Strike Force (Adam Masters, Brett Storm & Nathan Clarke)




Main Event, Loser starts Winter Warfare Match: Ark Universe VS Hollow VS BIC VS Yelich Anderson VS Ropati VS Overheel



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