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SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 22



Opening Match: Ice Cold VS Los Dragones


To open up the show Los Dragones took on SFW World Tag Team Champions Ice Cold in an incredibly fast-paced tag team match. Los Dragones returned to SFW for the first time in a long time with Slater and El Dragone showed off why they were finalists in the tournament to crown the inaugural tag team champions. Los Dragones demonstrated the exciting Lucha libre style they had developed over years of wrestling but Ice Cold didn’t take them lightly hitting them with the dangerously stiff offence before finishing them off with mental health. After the match, the Anti Heroes came out from the crowd and beat the living hell out of the tag team champions demonstrating their anti-hero status taking Ice Cold out with a taming the dragon before posing with the SFW World Tag Team Championships.

Winners Via pinfall: Ice Cold! 7/10


Match 2: Prince Cutler VS Red Arrow


In a short match, SFW Lightweight Champion Prince Cutler took on Red Arrow. The two wrestlers demonstrated that they were key figures in the lightweight division at least at first until Cutler started being a lot more vicious before putting Arrow away with long live the prince. After the match, Cutler got on the mic and stated that he’d be watching the 8 man tag team match very closely tonight.

Winner via pinfall: Prince Cutler! 5/10


Match 3: Angelo Catio VS Aidanator


This match didn’t even get started as before Aidanator and Catio could go one on one SFW World Champion King Slim attacked Catio from behind and Aidan would assist his factions leader as they would take the number one contender out with multiple hard-hitting devastating moves, luckily before Slim could take out Catio with the Sit out tombstone piledriver Yelich Anderson came out and chased off the round table of excellence.

No Contest


Main Event: Strike Force VS Julius Jones, Prince Jack III & The Future Starrs



In the main event of the evening, a high impact 8 man tag team match took place as Strike Force took on Julius Jones, Prince Jack III and The Future Starrs. The two teams hit each other with everything they had, The Future Starrs taking out Overheel and Brett Storm with fast paced high flying impact moves, Jones going after the Continental Champion Adam Masters as Masters tried in vain to escape, while the heavyweight Nathan Clarke squared off with Former SFW World Champion Prince Jack III. The 8 men showed off why these are 8 of the fastest rising stars in SFW. The match came to an end in disappointing fashion as when Liam Starr was about to hit Overheel with the Save our Starrs when the roundtable of excellence would take out every man in the match. Cutler would then take out both his challengers and pose with his championship to close the show.

Double Disqualification

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SFW Friday Night Carnage 49



Opening Match: Prince Cutler VS Overheel


To Open up the final Carnage before Goldrush two-thirds of the lightweight championship match faced each other as the Lightweight champion Prince Cutler took on Strike Force member Overheel in a fast-paced physical affair. The two men threw everything they had at each other, Overheel utilised a lot more of his high flying tactics than usual utilising hurricanrunas, moonsaults and a variety of modified suplexes. Cutler attempted to ground Overheel with a variety of suplexes, facebusters and DDTs but Overheel was able to keep himself in the match. The match came to an end when Overheel countered the Kingdom Keeper into an exploder suplex, Overheel would then hit Cutler with a massive pele kick before following it up with a diving corkscrew moonsault on the Lightweight Champion for the victory going into Goldrush. After the match, Cutler was blindsided by a superkick from Liam Starr before following it up with a Save Our Starrs to Overheel. Starr would then pose with the Lightweight Championship over his two opponents on Sunday.

Winner: Overheel! 7/10


Match 2: Julius Jones VS Nathan Clarke


In the next match, a heavyweight collision took place as Julius Jones took on Nathan Clarke. The match started with Clarke attempting to take down the Number one contender to the SFW Continental Champion by ramming him into the corner but Julius would shove Clarke back and push him down, Clarke would then run at Jones only to get met with a massive uranage onto the mat. Julius would then throw Clarke into the ropes and nail him with a massive lariat. Julius looked to win the match with the hells welcome but just before he could, the Continental Champion Adam Masters would slide into the Ring and Smash Julius in the back with a chair causing a disqualification… but Jones wouldn’t even flinch. Brett Storm would then come from behind with a chain and Choke out Julius with a Chain. A 3 on one beat down would then take place as Strike force would take it to Jones beating him down after the beat down was finished, FDHogan would come out and announce that due to Strike Forces actions that now if Masters were to get counted out or disqualified at Goldrush then he would lose the championship.

Winner via disqualification: Julius Jones! 4/10


Match 3(Non-Title): Prince Jack III  VS Mil Almas


In an excellent contest, the SFW World Television Champion Mil Almas took on the former SFW World Champion Prince Jack III. The two men began the match with a technical trade, exchanging holds, Jack would obviously take control of the beginning of the match by locking in multiple submission holds but Almas would manage to break out of them. Almas would then attempt to quicken the pace but every time Almas tried to apply a dirty tactic or implement some of his lucha style Jack would counter his maneuvers into submission holds or suplexes. The match continued with this back and forth until a Almas finally managed to begin to counter the maneuvers of Jack, Almas would be setting up for Corredor de la Muerte when suddenly the music of BIC would hit, BIC would then come out distracting Almas momentarily so as Almas went to hit Corredor de la Muerte Jack would bring Almas up and counter it into the One-Winged Angel for the Victory.

Winner: Prince Jack III! 7/10


Match 4: BIC VS Aidanator


This next match never even got started with BIC getting attacked before the bell by Aidantor on the stage, Almas would also come and attack him after he was cost his match by BIC. Prince Jack III would look like he was about to break things up but would instead just opt to leave allowing for BIC to get beat up by the SFW Television Champion and the enforcer of the Roundtable of Excellence. Aidanator would hit a piledriver on BIC on the stage and then Almas would hit Corredor de la Muerte on BIC before posing on top of him with the Television Championship ahead of Goldrush.

No Contest


Main Event : Yelich Anderson & Angelo Catio VS Ice Cold



In the main event, The Number One Contender to the SFW World Championship and the man who will be entering the goldrush match at Number 1 took on the SFW World Tag Team Champions. The two teams took each other to the limit with everything either team had been thrown at each other. Anderson would go for every possible move he knew in order to best either of the tag team champions while Catio would go for every move he could think of. Suplexes, DDTs, backbreakers, neckbreakers, facebusters, everything but the kitchen sink being displayed here in this match. The match finally came to a dramatic end when Catio was distracted by SFW World Champion leaving Anderson alone in the ring with Ice Cold who would hit mental health on Anderson to win the match. After the match, Slim would brawl with Catio which Catio would surprisingly come out on top nailing Slim with the AA through the announce table. Catio would close the show posing with the SFW World Championship.

Winners: Ice Cold! 9/10

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): KENJI

Weight: 223Ibs

Height: 6'0

Finisher(s): Horizon Suplex Hold (Bridging Package German Suplex), Bermuda Triangle (Triangle Armbar Choke), Horizonsault (Moonsault)

Signature(s): Gaudi Bakudan (Gory Bomb), KJR - KENJI Revolution (GTR/Headlock Lariat Backbreaker)

Gimmick: Foreign Star from Japan

Attire: Red, Attire 1: Red, Gold, Black and White (Kento Miyahara) | Attire 2: Blue, White and Purple (Wrestle-1 Sanada) | Attire 3: Black and White (Cold Skull Sanada)

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Face

Tag Team: Whatever is needed

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SFW: Goldrush Preview


Possibly the biggest opportunity of the year for some men, this is where dreams can become reality, this is where champions are proven, This Is Goldrush!

Opening Match No Disqualifications: Hollow VS Ropati


To Kick off the show, a feud that has developed for months on end beginning all the way back at Heatwave where Ropati defeated Hollow in a steel cage match. Since then Ropati essentially became the brainwashed servant of Hollow, taking beatings at the command of Hollow, doing whatever dark tasks Hollow commanded but now Ropati has broken free of the control of Hollow. Over the last month, the two men have been brutally attacking each other and fighting at every possible opportunity and thus this No disqualifications match was made. Can Ropati make it 2-0 against Hollow and Prove he didn’t need his dark side to win? Or will Hollow demonstrate that the Darkness is more powerful than anything else?


Match 2 SFW Continental Championship, If Masters get counted out or disqualified he will lose the championship: Adam Masters (c) VS Julius Jones


In a match set up at the end of Masters’ last title defence, Julius Jones debuted and challenged Masters for the championship and that championship contest will be taking place at Goldrush. Masters has tried everything in an effort to take down the Destroyer but the only that works is the only thing he isn’t allowed to do. If Strikeforce interfere and the ref catches them: Masters loses the title. If Masters uses a weapon and the Ref sees it: Masters loses the title. If Masters goes low: Masters loses the title. If Masters Can’t beat Jones: Masters loses the title. Will Masters be able to defeat the unstoppable destroyer and retain his championship? Or will Julius Jones be the inevitability that brings Masters’ Title Reign to an end?  

Match 3: Tamer VS David Haskins


In less of a grudge match and more of a matter of respect, David Haskins will take on Tamer. The ungovernable one and the Underrated have both been in a bit of hole in terms of Wins as of Lates, Tamer unfortunately recently losing the Continental Championship and failing to regain momentum and Haskins since moving up to the Heavyweight division being unable to gain the success he had in the Lightweight Division. In this pseudo-Number One Contenders match who will walk out with the victory? Will the Ungovernable begin his rise to yet another Heavyweight Championship Reign? Or Will the Underrated prove his namesake and pull off the upset?

Match 4 SFW World Tag Team Championship: Ice Cold (c) VS The Anti HeroesTJ0f_G6CGTP8FW-_1E_jVZMcL7Gm38HRwOnSTgExAE3F5jnr8T12AlpQIvhLdkI8rt2xBVRxqiSM5WnLJ11AcVTv0KGAjLz83JBpjaJqIwB1IvtYMPGh0gTCLMTddo2DgV0j3UZr

After finally ending their rivalry with Strikeforce The Anti Heroes earned an opportunity for the World Tag Team Championships only problem: Standing in their way The Premier Tag Team of SFW. Ice Cold has dominated the Tag Team division for months, unseating the former champions and defeating The Future Starrs at Winter Warfare and that’s only including their title defences and win. The Anti Heroes, although got off to a rough start, rebounded fairly quickly with multiple wins as a team. The Former SFW World Champion and the Anti Hero have proven that they are one of the most capable tag teams in SFW and have defeated a large number of teams in their own right. Will the Tag Team Champions make it defence number 4 of the titles? Or Will the Anti Heroes begin a new reign of dominance over the tag team division?   

Match 5 SFW Lightweight Championship: Prince Cutler (c) VS Overheel VS Liam Starr


In one of the most athletic matchups in SFW History, the SFW Lightweight champion Prince Culter will defend his crown against the Premier lightweight of Strikeforce Overheel and the Starr of SFW Liam Starr. This match came about after a double pinfall in a fatal four-way match to determine the number one contender for Cutler’s title when Starr and Overheel both pinned someone. Cutler has reigned supreme as Lightweight Champion for a long time now winning the championship all the way back at End of Days and since then Cutler has defended the championship against multiple of the best Lightweights in the world defeating the likes of Ark Universe and Josh Scott. Will Cutler make defence number 4 of his championship? Or Will Strikeforce bring another championship into their fold? Or Will Starr pull off the upset?

Match 6 SFW Television Championship, Last Man Standing: Mil Almas (c) VS BIC


In a blood feud that almost ascends the championship, The SFW World Television Championship is on the line as Mil Almas defends against his former stablemate and tag team partner BIC. BIC was originally a member of the Roundtable of Excellence but after losing the Continental Championship he was kicked out of the group and replaced by Aidanator. BIC was then out for a month after being kicked out of the group before returning and becoming a thorn in the side of the group. BIC would then earn himself an SFW Television Championship by winning the Winter Warfare match, he would then continue to be a thorn in the side of Almas and the Roundtable of Excellence. Almas has held his championship since Redemption after cashing in the Bankheist briefcase to win the title since then he has had many defences of his championship defending it on Pay-Per-View and on live TV. BIC and Almas have such a hatred of each other it will be interesting to see who will be the last man standing. Will Almas end this vicious feud against BIC and continue his reign as Television Champion? Or Will BIC vanquish his former Partner and take the Television Championship in the process?

Match 7 SFW World Championship: King Slim (c) VS Angelo Catio


In a match that features two different sides of SFW, The SFW World Champion King Slim will defend his championship against Angelo Catio. Catio was able to earn this championship match by defeating Daniel Vice in a No Disqualifications 60-minute Ironman Match. The differences between these two men are quite apparent. When Slim first joined the company he almost immediately placed himself into the SFW World Championship scene and he has taken no prisoners as champion since winning the title all the way back at Bankheist defeating The first ever SFW World Champion and one of the most decorated wrestlers in SFW History. Since then Slim by hook or by crook has held a tight grip on the main event scene in SFW. Catio, on the other hand, has had to work for everything he’s gotten. Catio had to work to win number one contenders matches and would often lose title matches. He has one championship to his name in the form of a tag team championship which he lost after a month. Catio is one of the biggest workhorses in SFW. Will Catio finally be able to capture the SFW World Championship and win his first singles championship? Or Will the King reign supreme once again and remain world champion?

Main Event: Goldrush Match


20 men. 1 match. 1 opportunity. This is one of the highest stakes matches in SFW History. In the gold rush match, 2 men will start off the match and every 90 seconds a new competitor will enter the ring until all 20 men have entered the match, eliminations can take place by being thrown over the top rope or by pinfall or submission. The men announced for the match currently include Yelich Anderson (who will be entering at number one) and Prince Jack III. That means that 18 spots are open for competitors to enter. We could see faces from the SFW Japan Tour, debuting faces, former Champions or even international stars! Who will be the one to walk out as the winner of the Goldrush Match and go onto Headline Clash of the Titans? Find out at SFW Goldrush!

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Dikey

Weight: 195

Height: 6'0

Finisher(s): Fallen Star (Burning Hammer into piledriver/codebreaker) and Cosmic Ascension (Cross Rhodes/Queens Crossbow) 

Signature(s): Shooting Star Press and V-Trigger

Gimmick: A lone wolf who does not affiliate himself with others and does everything for his own good.  Also mysterious, doesn't talk much or show much emotion.

Attire: In ring - red/white wrestling pants with white boots or black/red wrestling pants with black boots

Regular (promos, interviews, entrances, etc.) - black leather jacket with three red dashes on the left of the chest and torn black jeans

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Heel

Tag Team: None

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Wrestling Name: Hans Clayton

Weight: 213

Height: 6'0

Finisher(s): Shooting Hans Press ( Shooting Star Press )

Signature(s) Lionsault, 450 Splash

Gimmick: Show Stealer

Attire: Black and Blue (Typical AJ Styles Attire)

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Face

Tag Team: None

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): “The Architect Of Anarchy” Azrael 

Weight: 242 lbs or 109 kgs

Height: 6’4

Finisher(s): Pure Anarchy (Northern Lights Bomb) 7C4F505B-2CE9-4929-AD18-11248F979755.gif.18c2af7af19ba796d600f8ad1d8ab5ef.gif

450 Splash

Signature(s) Sip Of Poison (PTO) Pierce The Veil (Cross Legged Michinoku Driver)

Gimmick: He is generally a badass, doesn’t speak much if at all. Very mysterious. Has a heavy metal edge. Note: is from Switzerland but he still speaks fluent English.

Attire: black and white face paint, wears black and white tights with some type of writing on them. Wears a black leather trench coat to the ring. Slicked back black hair.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): wrestles like a heel but the crowd loves him.

 Tag Team: He’s down, but wants a singles run too.

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Ring name: Arius
Weight: 230 lb
Height: 6ft 2
Finisher:  "Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper with Scissors, "The Sentence" Omega Driver
Signature: Lifted Osaka Street Cutter , Kick and Sweep combination
Gimmick:  Intertwining his passion for the arts and the technical marvel of processional wrestling, he brings spectacle and intrigue where he goes. But behind his painted mask he can be a ruthless equaliser in the ring and will gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their potential gifts in this industry 
Attire: Papa Emeritus
Alignment: Tweener

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