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Tonight in our main Event We will See a tag Team match with The television Champion Prince Jack III and The World Champion Ryan Reeves team up to face the Team of Angelo Catio And Chris White, Also on Tonights show we see the debut of 2 New signess to the SFW Roster Yelich Anderson and Overheel, this should be a very interesting episode of SFW See you tonight BAYBAY! 


OOC: Also I will be adding a fourth match to the card as we now have enough people signed up that we can have more than 3 matches i will be making it 5 in the future and 6 during the PPVs 

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Match 1: Jack Vice and Nathan Black VS The Flaming Dragon and Will Slater

Alright baybay here we go with a heated rivalry between the 2 newest tag teams here on the SFW Roster, Vice and Black haven’t been doing so well in recent weeks losing to both Dragon and Slater in singles matches but this is a tag team match so we’ll get to see everyones skills on display and how well the 2 teams work together. Black and Slater Starting this match off the 2 men faced off at SFW Clash of the Titans Slater won that match due to interference from Dragon. Black and Slater Lock up, Slater Comes out ahead gets him in position for a DDT and nails it right on the head, Black back to his feet but Slater Hits him right back down with a Clothesline, Slater gets Black back up whips him into the corner tags in Dragon, Slater Whips Dragon but Pulls him back in as Dragon Clotheslines Black, Falls to the ground as Dragon Goes to the top Rope in his corner and hits a moonsault on Black after being tagged by Slater, the question did he see it? Yes did he leaves the ring onto the apron and Slater hits an Elbow Drop, Cover by Slater 1..2.. Kickout By Black. Black Gets back to his feet Slater goes for a clothesline but Ducks it and Tags In Vice! Vice Clotheslines Slater Knocks Dragon of the apron, Slater back to his feet but gets with a Spinebuster By Vice! Vice gets him back up and hits the Vice Cutter! Cover by Vice 1…2..Thre- NO Dragon breaks it up! Vice Throws Dragon back out of the ring but Wait a minute! Slater Rolls up Vice 1..2..3! its over!



Winners: The Flaming Dragon and Will Slater

Slater and Dragon Re-entering the ring beating down Black and Vice now, they’re obviously not happy about the way that they lost. Hold on a second Drake Clover coming down to Save Vice and Black it looks like Clover. Running into the ring But Dragon and Slater roll out. Clover helping Vice and Black to their feet but wait a minute! Clover kicks Vice in the gut Tiger Bomb! And Black Trying to hit Clover but Clover Spears Him! I guess we Know where Clover stands.



FDHogan Comes out

FDHogan :Well brother it looks like they’res only one way to settle this a six man no DQ Tag Team match at SFW warzone so Black and Vice you guys will need to find a partner.




Match 2: Overheel VS Ropati



Alright here we go the debut of Overheel, We’ve heard about this guy although relatively new to the Wrestling Scene he’s been very impressive lately but Can he beat a veteran Like Ropati. The two men lock up, Overheel gets the advantage and german suplexes Ropati. Ropati back to his feet almost instantly, Overheel Running at him but Ropati counteres with a hurricanruna, Overheel Back up Ropati goes for a dropkick Overheel Ducks it and counters with a Pele Kick! Cover By Overheel 1..2.. Kickout by Ropati, That was close though. Overheel gets Ropati back to his feet Looks like Overheels about to grab him but RKO by Ropati! Cover by Ropati 1..2.. Kickout By Overheel. Overheel Gets back up Ropati tries to get the GTS with Overheel on his shoulders but overheel reverses it into a neckbreaker! Overheel Goes for a Diving Corkscrew Moonsault and he hits it! Wait a minute Ropati Rolls through gets him on his shoulders GTS! Cover by Ropati 1..2..KICKOUT! Overheel back to his feet but He runs into  Sweet Chin Music by Ropati! Cover 1..2..3! its over!




Winner: Ropati

Neither man has anything to be disappointed about, wait Ropati helping Overheel back to his feet, Ropati offering a handshake and Overheel Accepts and shakes his hand.




Announcement by FDHogan



FDHogan: Well brother last week I announced the creation of the SFW Lightweight Championship and Tonight I announce the 4 men who have decided to participate. The first man is David Haskins, The second man Is Mil Almas, The third is the man you just saw Debut Overheel and the final participant is Ropati. That should be one face paced match and its definitely gonna be one Unpredictable match.




Match 3: Yelich Anderson VS Drake Clover with Will Slater and The Flaming Dragon

Yelich Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen I am here to announce that SFW’s newest star Weighs in at 243 and ¼ pounds and is 6ft Tall YELICH ANDERSON!

Well that was a curious introduction By the newest member of the SFW Roster but here we go Baybay Clover VS Anderson. Clover clotheslines Anderson to the mat and starts just punching Anderson repeatidly in the face, Cover by Clover Anderson kicks out almost instantly. Anderson back to his feet Clover attempted to go for another clothesline but Anderson ducks it and hits a clothesline of his. Anderson going to the top rope, Clover back to his feet but Gets with a flying fist to the face by Anderson he calls that the Mic Drop! Cover by Anderson 1..2.. Kick out by clover. Clover gets back up Anderson grabs him looks like he’s trying for the mic check but Clover powers out of it and kicks him in the gut, Powerbomb position double underhook into a tigerbomb! Cover by Clover 1..2.. Kick out by Anderson. Clover going for that Cloverleaf but Anderson Pushes him off, Grabs him and A Mic Check! Cover by Anderson 1..2..3! Its over!

Winner: Yelich Anderson




Anderson celebrating but Clover, Slater and Dragon are all beating him down but wait minute here comes the cavalry! Nathan Black and Jack Vice! Fighting off Slater, Dragon and Clover, It looks like Vice and Black have found there Tag team partner Baybay!


Main Event: Chris White & Angelo Catio VS Ryan Reeves & Prince Jack III

Here we go time for our main event, The Champions VS the Challengers. Catio and Jack starting this match off, the 2 men lock up, Jack Gaining Control grabbing the arm  and arm drags Catio Down to the ground and locks in an Armbar early on in this match but Catio manages to get to the ropes. Jack Holding the armbar in as long as possible almost the whole 5 count but he does release it. Catio Gets back up but Jack Drop kicks him back to the ground. Jack gets Catio back to his feet whips him into the corner and tags in reeves , Jack puts catio onto the top rope and hurricanruna’s him to the ground followed by a standing elbow drop by Reeves. Reeves gets Catio back up and suplexes back down. Reeves goes to the top rope, Catio gets back to his feet, Reeves Jumps at Catio and hits the Crazed thrust! Cover by Reeves 1..2.. Kick out by Catio. Reeves gets Catio up, gets him on his shoulders going for the destabalizer but Catio gets out of it and kicks him in the head and tags in White. White german suplexes Reeves not once not twice but 3 times! Reeves runs off and tags in Jack, he’s left the ring, he’s grabbing his championship and walking out, he’s left Jack alone in this match and he’s distracted White behind Jack turns around and hits the All-American Slam! Cover by White 1…2..3! Its over

Winners: Chris White and Angelo Catio





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5 minutes ago, Ryan Reeves said:

Fuck you, Jack. You were useless in that match. You people ain't seeing me carrying around someone else's ass in a match. I am the goddamn World Champion. So Brad, you keep your mouth shut and we'll see how it goes at Warzone.

We will. We'll see me AAing your ass and walking out champ.


Udpated MS:

Sig: Five Knuckle Shuffle 

Sig: Springboard Stunner

Fin: AA

Fin: STF

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We have a huge main event for SFW 9 as World Champion Ryan Reeves takes on Television Champion Prince Jack III after what happened at the end of SFW 8 and thats not all all 4 participants of the Lightweight title match will be in singles action as Ropati takes on Overheel for the Second time and David Haskins takes on the Unpinned and unsubmitted Mil Alamas. Not only that Angelo Catio will take on Chris White in a battle to see who the better wrestler is 

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Guest Smith

Wrestling Name: Liam Starr

Weight: 168

Height: 5'8

Finisher(s): Save Our Starrs (Kofi Kingston's SOS), Starrshooter (Sharpshooter)

Signature(s): Shooting Starr Press, Famouser

Gimmick: Rebel

Attire: Black and white CM Punk attire

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Whatever you need him to be

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Match 1: Ropati VS Overheel (Rematch from Overheels debut)


Alright here we go a rematch from SFW 8 when Ropati just managed to beat Overheel so its time to see whether or not Ropati was just lucky. So here we go, Overheel Runs at Ropati and hits a dropkick and drives Ropati into the corner, he follows it up with kicks and chops to Ropati In the corner followed up by a monkey flip out of the corner, Ropati gets back to his feet but Overheel Bulldogs him back to the ground. Cover by Overheel 1…Kick out. Overheel Gets Ropati back up Looking for a suplex but Ropati Reverses it into a suplex of his own, Overheel back to his feet but gets knocked back down with a dropkick from Ropati, Overheel gets up but Gets German Suplexed by Ropati, Ropati bridges into the cover 1..Kickout. Both men back to their feet staring each other down, the 2 men Lock up, Overheel comes ahead and hits an armdrag and then turns it into an armbar, Ropati manages to get to the ropes and breaks the hold, Ropati gets back to his feet but gets hit with a Pele kick From Overheel! Cover 1..2.. Kick out at 2 by Ropati. Overheel going to the top rope looks like he’s going for that diving corkscrew moonsault, He goes for it But Ropati Rolls out of the way, Overheel back to his feet but Runs into an RKO By Ropati! Cover 1...2.. Kickout at 2 by overheel. Ropati Gets Overheel up on his shoulders going for a GTS but Overheel Counters it with A superkick! Overheel Going up top maybe this time he’ll hit it, Going for that diving Corkscrew moonsault and he nails it! Hooks the leg Cover 1…2…3! Its Over


Winner: Overheel


Overheel with an impressive Victory heading into Warzone, Ropati Gets back up he looks at Overheel and nods at him before the leaving the ring obviously a sign of respect from one of the veterans here in SFW


Match 2: David Haskins VS Mil Almas


This is a very big Match guys, The undefeated Mil Almas takes on one of the rising stars in SFW, Almas and Haskins lock up to start this match, Haskins comes out ahead and gets a german suplex hold on Almas however Almas counters it by hitting some elbows to the face and follows it up with a frankensteiner, Almas goes for a superkick but Haskins ducks it and reverses it into an armdrag followed up by a leg drop, Haskins going to the top rope possible going for the moonstomp except he’s facing the other way so probably not, Haskins going for a shooting star press baybay but Almas rolls out of the way, Haskins slowly get back to his feet but meets a superkick from Almas! Cover by Almas 1..2.. Kickout by Haskins. Haskins tries to get back up but he gets hit with the Corredor de la muerte! Cover by Almas 1…2…3! And Almas still has not been pinned or submitted.


Winner: Mil Almas


Backstage Segment: Yelich Anderson, Nathan Black and Jack Vice confronted by Drake Clover, Will Slater and Flaming Dragon


Anderson: Well it looks like you 2 have helped me get an opportunity at SFW Warzone so thank you and trust me your tag  team partner YELICH ANDERSON will definetly help you to victory


Black: Alright Glad to here but remember this is No DQ so anything is legal just keep that in mind


Vice: Relax Black I’m sure Yelich Can handle…it


Vice Notices that Slater, Clover and Dragon have all walked over to where the 3 of them were


Clover: Look what we got here a bunch of guys who think they’re gonna win at warzone when in reality they’re all just gonna get their asses kicked


Anderson: Let me just Remind you Clover I beat you 1 2 3 in the middle of the ring last week and trust me when I say the result will be the same at Warzone.


Slater: Well would you look at this the rookies got a mouth on him well I’ll make sure to shut you up at Warzone


Dragon: Look the 3 of you are nothing but a bunch of guys who scrambled together last week, we on the other hand are a cohesive unit and we will be able to beat you 3 easily


Clover, Slater and Dragon all Walk away as the camera Fades to Black on Vice, Black and Anderson as they discuss Strategy for Warzone


Match 3: Chris White VS Angelo Catio


Alright here we go Catio VS White this is sure to be a great match, the 2 number one Contenders for the Television and World Title Respectively so lets get right into this match Baybay, Catio and White lock up, White Comes out ahead managing to get a Guillotine headlock, Possibly going for a DDT wait no White turns it into a suplex, Catio back to his feet White goes for a clothesline but Catio Manages to Duck it and reverses it into a shoulder block of the ropes and Catio Bounces off the ropes again hitting another shoulderblock, White gets back up Catio going for a springboard stunner but White just manages to move out of the way, Catio gets back to his feet White grabs from behind and nails a german suplex oh but white isn’t done he hits another one and another one before bridging into the cover on the third 1..2.. Kick out by Catio. White Watching Catio possibly Looking for that All-American Slam that’s but so many opponents away. White going trying grab Catio but Catio ducks underneath Whites grasp and hits a springboard Stunner! Cover by Catio 1..2..Kick out by White. Catio looking for that AA, Catio gets white on his shoulders but White slips out of it and hits the All-American Slam! Cover By White 1..2.. Thre- NO! Kick out By Catio! White Looks likes trying to lock in the Olympic Lock but Catio Pushes out of it, Gets White On his shoulders, AA! Cover by Catio 1..2.. Thre-NO! White Kicked out but Wait a minute! Catio locks in the STF! Centre of the ring and Whites got no where to go and he’s gotta tap!


Winner: Angelo Catio


Catio with an impressive win and now he’s helping Chris White back to his feet and Catio Raises his hand in a sign of Respect. What an Impressive Match by these 2 young Men.


FDHogan Announcement


FDHogan: Whats up Brother I have an announcement to make about Warzone, The Television Title Match is now going to be a Last Man Standing Match Brother! And the Lightweight Title Match will be Contested under Tables, Ladders and Chairs Jack! But That’s not All the Main Event Reeves VS Catio Will be a Hell in a Cell Match, So Whatcha Gonna Do Brother When Reeves And Catio Face off inside of the Hell in A Cell!


Main Event: Ryan Reeves VS Prince Jack III (Champion VS Champion)


What An announcement By FDHogan BAYBAY! But that’s Tommorrow Tonight We are about to see one of the biggest Matches in the History of SFW, Now while its true these 2 have faced each other before at the time both men were very new to the SFW Roster now they are both the champions so lets see who the better man is. These two starting this match off Baybay by locking up In the centre of the ring but Reeves breaks it up and Clotheslines Jack down to the mat and then hits an elbow Drop, Reeves Gets Jack back up but Jack Counters with a pele kick! Reeves bounces of the ropes goes for a clothes line Jacks ducks it and hits a springboard Dropkick, Reeves gets back up, Jack for an Enzuguri and he hits it! Reeves rolls out of the ring, Jack goes after him. Jack Running at Reeves but Reeves Smacks him in the Face with a steel Chair and that’s gonna cause a disqualification!

Winner Via DQ: Prince Jack III


Jack wins here but only by DQ and I don’t think Reeves is done, He’s just Brutalising Jack throwing into the barricade and hitting with that steel Chair, (Catio’s Music hits) Hold on a Second! Here comes help Catio running at reeves getting rid of that steel chair, grabbing Reeves getting him on his shoulders going to the announce table and hitting an AA through the Announce Table! Catio has sent a message to Ryan Reeves here tonight. Thank you all for watching and we will see you tommorrow night at SFW Warzone.

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SFW Warzone Match Card

SFW Lightweight Championship TLC Match: Ropati VS Overheel VS Mil Almas VS David Haskins 

Six Man No DQ Tag Team Match: Yelich Anderson, Nathan Black and Jack Vice VS Drake Clover, Will Slater and The Flaming Dragon 

Liam Starr VS Nathan Clarke (Debut Liam Starr) 

SFW Television Championship Last Man Standing Match: Prince Jack III (C) VS Chris White 

SFW World Championship Hell In a Cell Match: Ryan Reeves (C) VS Angelo Catio 

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SFW: Warzone


Match 1: Liam Starr VS Nathan Clarke


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to SFW: Warzone, Tonight we will see 3 huge Championship matches and a six man No DQ Tag Match but before all that we see the debut match of Liam Starr however I’m not sure if Starr is going to be able to win this match. He’s Facing Nathan Clarke who doesn’t show up often but from what we’ve seen of him he is a dominant force, in his debut match he destroyed Chris Goliath and Goliath isn’t exactly the smallest guy so just think of what Clarke could do to a smaller guy in Starr. Alright lets start this off Starr going up to Clarke right from the beginning hitting some kicks to the side then whips Clarke into the corner and hits a running dropkick in the corner, Starr going for a running cross body in the corner but Clarke moves out of the way and Starr eats the turnbuckle. Clarke graps Starr and Lifts him up for a powerbomb! And then follows it up with an Elbow Drop onto Starr. Starr Gets back to his feet but gets knocked right back down with an axe Handle from Clarke. Clarke gets Starr back up and hits a backbreaker on him and then follows it up with an elbow drop. Cover by Clarke 1..2.. Kick out at 2 by Starr just staying in it. Wait a minute! Clarke Locking in the Cloverleaf, Starr Crawling to the ropes and just manages to make it however you gotta think that’s a lot of pain and could effect the outcome of the match weakining the lower back. Clarke in the corner calling for Starr to get back up going for the brogue kick but Starr ducks it and Starr Hits the Save our Starrs! Cover By Starr 1..2…3! What the hell! What an upset Victory by Starr!


Winner: Liam Starr


Starr running out of the ring, running away staring at Clarke but wait a minute! From behind here comes… no way it can’t be its Brett Storm and he hits the bullet on Liam Starr. Storm Gets Starr Back up and Hits the Storm Driver! It looks like we just saw the Debut of not one But 2 new Wrestlers here at SFW Warzone


Match 2: Yelich Anderson, Nathan Black and Jack Vice VS Drake Clover, Will Slater and The Flaming Dragon (No DQ Six man Tag)


This six tag team match is about a lot this has been building for weeks and its finally time to see who the better team is. Alright Looks like Black and Dragon are going to start off this match, not that it matters since this match is no DQ. Black and Dragon lock up but Dragon breaks it and leaves the ring and Grabs the first weapon of the match in the form of a steel chair , Black Leaves the ring goes after Dragon but Dragon just smacks him right in the face with that Steel Chair, Slater Joining Dragon, Slater Gets Black up for a powerbomb as Dragon Climbs onto the Apron, Slater hits the Powerbomb and then Dragon with a shooting star press onto black, it looks like Vice and Anderson have seen enough both going under the ring and grabbing weapons, Vice with a  kendo stick and Anderson with a chair and here comes Clover and Slater while Dragon inflicts some more damage onto Black. Vice and Anderson just mauling Clover and Slater with those weapons. Clover and Slater both knocked to the ground Anderson Grabbing Clover bringing him up to his feet, Anderson has clover in suplex position and he manages to hit that suplex. Dragon still taking it to Black on the other side of the ring but out of nowhere Anderson hits Dragon with the Mic Drop off the apron! Anderson Throws Dragon into the ring, Black Follows Anderson into the ring. Black Going to the tope rope While Anderson hits a Mic Check on Dragon! And Black with a Senton Bomb! Cover By Black on Dragon 1..2..3! Clover and Slater were Distracted with Vice on the other side of the ring its over Baybay!


Winners: Yelich Anderson, Nathan Black and Jack Vice



Match 3: SFW Lightweight Championship TLC Match: Ropati VS Overheel VS Mil Almas VS David Haskins


This match is the first of its kind Baybay, our general Manager FDHogan Made this announcement about this match a few weeks back and the introduction of this title is huge. Here we go Overheel And Haskins in one corner of the ring, while Almas Tosses Ropati out of the ring and then does the same to Overheel Pulling him off of Haskins then throwing him out of the ring, Haskins and Almas staring each other down these 2 faced off last night at SFW 9. Almas runs at Haskins moves out of the way and Almas goes shoulder first into the post. Haskins rolls out of the ring goes for a ladder but gets dropkicked from behind by Overheel, Overheel Goes for the ladder and brings it into the ring with him but gets Super-kicked by Almas! Almas grabs the ladder and sets it up but before he can begin to climb it Ropati Runs in and hits a bulldog on Almas! Ropati Begins to climb the ladder but Haskins runs it and Pulls Ropati off the ladder, Then Haskins hits a roundhouse kick on ropati! Haskins Climbing the ladder, Almas back to his feet climbing up the ladder on the other side, Haskins Reaching for the title but Almas Makes sure that doesn’t happen hitting him in the face. Overheel back to his feet he goes to the ladder, Overheel Pushing it down as Both Haskins and Almas fall to the outside, Overheel Pulling the ladder back up, Going to Climb it but Ropati stops him pulling right off as the 2 men start to brawl But wait a minute! Almas Crawling back into the ring, Climbing back up the ladder going for the title and he’s got it! WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED BAYBAY!


Winner and New SFW Lightweight Champion: Mil Almas


Almas took the opportunity everyone else was distracted and now he’s the first ever Lightweight Champion as he runs out of the ring. The other 3 men confused into what just happened baybay but one thing is for sure Mil Almas is your new Lightweight Champion



Match 4: SFW Television Championship Last Man Standing Match: Prince Jack III (c) VS Chris White


This match has been brewing since SFW Clash of the titans but you gotta think that the Champion isn’t at 100% after the beating Jack Suffered at the hands of World Champion, however White isn’t exactly walking in with a lot of momentum suffering a loss to the Number 1 Contender for the World title in Angelo Catio but either way these two men are going to have to go through a war in this last man standing match. Alright baybay here we go White and Jack lock up, Not sure who this match benefits consider both men are more technically orientated compared to brawling which is the prefered for a last man standing match, anyway White comes ahead from the 2 men locking up and then he hits a german suplex. White gets back up and then grabs Jack and brings him back to his feet, White gets jack in the position to hit a verticle suplex but Jack counters out of it with some fists to the gut of White, Jack tosses White out of the ring to get a bit of breathing room, White goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair. White Slides the chair into the ring and gets back into the ring, White runs at Jack but Jack counters with a drop kick to White. Jack Picks up the chair that White had slid into the ring, Jack starts Mercilessly beating White with the chair. Jack is now ordering the Ref to start counting 1..2..3..4..5.. White gets back to his feet. White back up but Jack catches him with an Enzuguri! Jack Signalling for the ref to count 1..2..3..4…5..6..7..8..9 BUT WHITE GETS BACK UP AT 9 BAYBAY! Jack leaves the ring looking annoyed as hell, Jack goes under the ring and grabs a table! Jack sets it up, As White goes out of the ring Jack kicks him in the gut gets him up on his shoulders going for the one winged angel through the table, White gets out of it, Jack Runs at white going for a clothesline in front of the table But White gets Jack up and hits the All-American Slam through the table! White gets back up and tells the ref to start counting 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10! We got a new SFW Television Champion Baybay!


Winner and New SFW Television Champion: Chris White


Chris white is now back in the ring celebrating his title win BUT WAIT A MINUTE FROM BEHIND WHO IS THAT, IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS! IT IS! HOLLOW FROM BEHIND HITS WHITE WITH THE MADMEN CUTTER! Hollow Looking at Whites newly won Television Championship and Hollow Taking the title walking out of the ring and the arena with a belt. Well that’s one way to make a debut.



Main Event: SFW World Championship Hell In a cell Match Ryan Reeves (c) VS Angelo Catio


This match has been stirring since Catio Became the number one contender for the world title, The question is can Catio Get it done inside the cell? Well were about to find out as the cell is lowered and Reeves and Catio are locked inside starring each other down. Alright the Ref is calling for the bell and Reeves starts it off with a running clothesline onto Catio. Reeves now with some Shots to head of Catio, Reeves getting off of Catio then slides out of the ring, Reeves goes under the ring and Grabs a baseball bat,  Reeves back in  the ring with a baseball bat, Reeves Calling for Catio to get back up, Catio Gets back up Reeves Swings with the baseball bat, Reeves Misses it Catio goes against the ropes and then hits a shoulder tackle on Reeves. Catio rolls out of the ring goes underneath and Grabs a chain, Catio gets back in the ring with a chain coiled around his fist, Catio Goes for punch to the face of Reeves but Reeves ducks it and picks his baseball bat back up, and Reeves hits Catio in the back with the baseball bat, Reeves continues to wack Catio in the back with the bat, That bat is made of solid wood baybay you gotta think how much that hurts. Reeves drops the bat goes for the cover on Catio 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Catio. Reeves goes back outside the ring, he goes underneath the ring and grabs a steel Chair, Catio gets back to his feet and Goes out of the ring going after Reeves, Catio Runs at Reeves but Reeves smashes Catio in the face with a steel Chair. Reeves Grabs Catio and then he hits a DDT onto the chair! Reeves lines up Catio against the cage and then hits a running drop kick on Catio. Reeves gets Catio back in the ring but Wait a minute Catio gets back to his feet and He hits a shoulder block and another one and then he hits a springboard stunner! Catio preparing Reeves, Catio going for a Five Knuckle Shuffle and he hits it! Catio Going for the cover 1..2… Kick out at 2 by Reeves. Catio in position going for the AA, Catio Gets Reeves back on his shoulders but Reeves gets out of and then he runs at him hitting the Sanity Breaker! Cover by Reeves 1..2..3! Its over!


Winner and Still SFW World Champion: Ryan Reeves


Ryan Reeves retains the world title while the cell is raised, (Prince Jack III’s theme music hits) Oh I don’t think Reeves’ night is over yet as the Former Television Champion makes his way to the ring and he gets reeves on his shoulders and he hits the 1 Winged Angel! Jack Looking at the title and He raises it over his head and then draps it over the body of the world champion and Jack leaves the ring. I think we just saw the next Challenger for the SFW World Title. Thank you all for watching Baybay and goodnight!


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Updated Roster: 

Daniel Vice 

Nathan Black

Drake Clover 

Chris Goliath 

The Flaming Dragon 

Jack Vice 

Will Slater 

Ryan Reeves (world Heavyweight Champion)


Prince Jack III   

Angelo Catio

Chris White (Television Champion) 

David Haskins 

Mil Almas (Lightweight Champion)


Brett Storm 

Nathan Clarke 


Yelich Anderson 


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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): James Roman

Weight: 350 pounds

Height: 6ft

Finisher(s): Gravitys adjustment (spear off the ropes) Heads will roll (GTS) 

Signature(s) Powerbomb 

Gimmick: The mercenary. Not trusted easily

Attire: walks in wearing tight vest. Heavy boots. Hair slicked back. Cargo Jeans

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): tweener

Tag Team: Only if part of a stable

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