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Tonight at SFW 11 we will crown a New Number one Contender for the SFW World Championship in a fatal 4 Way match up with Angelo Catio, Prince Jack III, Daniel Vice and David Haskins. Not only that we will see the In-ring Debuts of Hollow and Brett Storm, both men debuting at Warzone we'll see what they have to say and how their actions will rock the state of SFW. 

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Dunstan 2K

Weight: 9 and a half stone

Height: 5.9ft

Finisher(s): Pop Up Superkick, Five Star Frog Splash

Signature(s) Running Knee, Spider Suplex

Gimmick: Lone Wolf

Attire: Traniers, Trackes, shirt

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener

Tag Team: Perferably not

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SFW 11


Match 1: Brett Storm VS Nathan Black


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to SFW, Tonight we have a colossal main event match up not only that we have lightweight action but kicking us off we have the In-Ring Debut of Brett Storm. Alright here we go Storm starts out with punches to the gut of Black, Storm has black in the corner and then hits him with a clothesline in the corner, Black out of the corner and Storm hits black with a Bullet! Black Rocked Storm gets him suplex position gets him up and hits the storm Driver! Cover by Storm 1…2…3 its over!


Winner: Brett Storm


Impressive victory by Storm but I don’t think he’s done going underneath the ring, grabbing a kendo Stick and now Storm back in the ring beating the hell out of Black with that Kendo Stick (Liam Starr’s Theme Hits) wait here comes the cavalry Starr coming out here to make the save running into the ring but Storm slides out of the ring and just walking away taunting Starr who he beat down at Warzone. This is obviously not over between these 2 men



Match 2: The Flaming Dragon VS Overheel


Now we got a lightweight match Overheel, Dragon here we go. Now the 2 men lock up, both men in this match unfortunately suffering a loss at warzone as Overheel comes ahead controlling the arm and then hits an arm drag on Dragon and then as Dragon gets back to his feet Overheel hits dropkick on Dragon. Dragon back up Overheel goes for a clothesline on Dragon, Dragon ducks it and then hits a dropkick onto Overheel, Overheel back up and Dragon hits a hurricanruna on Overheel. Overheel back up and Dragon hits an enzuguri on Overheel. Cover by Dragon 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Overheel. Dragon back up and so is Overheel, Dragon Going for a Neckbreaker Overheel pushes out of it, Dragon goes against the ropes runs, Overheel already on the ropes and Overheel hits a Springboard Corkscrew! Overheel going up top and he goes for that Diving Corkscrew Moonsault! Overheel into the cover 1…2…3! Its over!


Winner: Overheel


Match 3: Hollow VS Drake Clover


Time for the in ring debut of Hollow, at warzone he made a statement stealing the SFW Television Championship from the newly crowned Champion in Chris White. Well its time to see what the self-crowned champion can do in the ring as he takes on Drake Clover. Hollow starting things off by locking up with Clover and Hollow comes out ahead and then hits a deep arm drag on Clover. Clover gets back up and then Hollow hits a clothesline on Clover. Hollow going against the ropes and hits a leg drop on Clover. Hollow gets Clover back up and then he hits a neckbreaker on Clover. Clover gets back up, Hollow goes for another clothesline on Clover, Clover ducks it, Clover hits a pele kick on Hollow, Hollow rocked and Clover hits a Superkick on Hollow! Cover by Clover 1…2... Kick out at 2 by Hollow. Clover going for a spear, Hollow moves out of the way and Hollow counters with a running Neckbreaker! Hollow going to the top rope and he hits a Top rope diving headbutt! Hollow getting Clover back up and he hits the Madmen cutter! Cover by Hollow 1…2…3! Hollow gets the Victory!

Winner: Hollow


Hollow celebrating his Victory here in his in Ring Debut with Chris White’s championship (Chris Whites theme music hits) speaking White here he comes to get his title back as Hollow slides out of the ring with White’s championship. Hollow running up to the ramp and he raises the title over his head claiming that he owns that championship, as he walks away laughing.


Match 4: Nathan Clarke VS Will Slater


Well this will probably be quick. Clarke nearly destroyed Liam Starr at Warzone, although he did lose. Alright here we go Slater v Clarke, Slater goes for a clothesline on Clarke, Clarke just brushes it off and then hits Slater with a clothesline of his own. Slater gets back up and Clarke takes him right back down with a shoulder tackle. Clarke gets Slater back up, Clarke puts him on the top rope and then German Suplexes him back down to the ground and locks in a cloverleaf on Slater. Slater no where to go but just manages to make his way down to the bottom rope, Clarke taking advantage of the full five count, Clarke waiting for Slater to get back up and he runs at Slater and Hits a Brogue Kick! Cover by Clarke 1…2…3! Its Over Clarke with another win.


Winner: Nathan Clarke


Main Event: Angelo Catio VS Prince Jack III VS Daniel Vice VS David Haskins (Number 1 contenders match for the SFW World Heavyweight Championship)


Here we go the main event match of the evening the fatal 4 way to determine the number 1 contender for Ryan Reeves world championship, Frankly Baybay I’m surprised that Prince Jack III traded in his Television title Rematch for the opportunity to become Number 1 contender for the world title, going for the top prize I guess baybay. Alright here we go Vice, Jack, Catio and Haskins 2 of these men have challenged for the title before those 2 men being Vice and Catio, so will we see the return of a previous Number 1 contender or will we see a new Number 1 contender for the title. Ok so as the match starts Vice and Catio start going at it both men know what is at stake here, as Haskins and Jack lock up, Haskins coming out ahead, Haskins has a german suplex hold on Jack, he goes for the suplex but Jack stops him and turns it a german suplex of his own. Meanwhile Vice and Catio still brawling on the other side of the ring as the Catio hits a clothesline on Vice and then follows it up with an Elbow Drop. Vice back to his feet and then Catio tries to clothesline him out of the ring but Vice moves out of the way and then hits an outside dive on Catio! Wait a minute on the other side of the ring Haskins whips Jack across the ring and Jack hits a plancha on Catio and Vice! Haskins sees all three men getting back to there feet and he goes for it a senton to the outside and takes out all three men! Haskins gets back up and then he grabs Catio and throws him back into the ring following him soon afterwards, Catio back to his feet, Haskins going for the roundhouse kick but Catio ducks it kicks him in the gut and then hits Dirty Deeds! Vice Slides back in the ring and gets Catio on his shoulders and hits the Vice Cutter! Wait a minute Jack back in the ring gets Vice on his shoulders, electric chair position and hits the 1 winged Angel! Cover by Jack 1..2..3! ITS OVER!


Winner and New Number 1 contender: Prince Jack III


Jack has done it! He has become the number one contender for the world championship (Ryan Reeves theme music hits) speaking of the world championship here comes the champ Reeves standing on the stage as he raises the championship over his head. Thank you all for watching and we’ll see you next time


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At SFW 12 we will witness a tag team match in our main event as Prince Jack III teams with SFW Television Champion Chris white in order to take on SFW World Champion Ryan Reeves and Hollow. Thats not all we will also crown a number 1 contender for the SFW Lightweight Championship As Ropati, Overheel and David Haskins will all compete for the opportunity to face Mil Almas who will also be in action against Liam Starr. 

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): King Slim

Weight: 217

Height: 6'0"

Finisher(s): Perfect Ten (Single Knee Facebreaker), Perfect Ending (Headlock Driver)

Signature(s): Superkick, Backstabber

Gimmick: Tye Dillinger

Attire: Seth Rollins tights, Kevin Owens wrist-tape, Perfect Ten shirt

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Heel

Tag Team: Nah fam

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SFW 12


Match 1: Mil Almas VS Liam Starr


Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to SFW tonight we have a large amount of great matches including a number 1 contenders match for the SFW lightweight championship and a huge tag team main event but kicking us off is the Lightweight Champion himself Mil Almas taking on the rising Starr Liam Starr. Alright so Starr and Almas start this match off by locking up and Almas comes ahead and hits a nice arm Drag on Starr but Starr retorts getting back to his feet and hits a dropkick on Almas. Almas back to his feet goes for a clothesline on Starr, Starr ducks it and then hits a powerslam on Almas, Starr transitions into the cover on Almas 1..Kickout by Almas. The thing about the lightweight division is its not slow if you like a long drawn out match this is not the division you want to be watching. As Almas goes for a superkick but Starr ducks it and hits an Enzuguri on Almas. Almas gets back up Starr goes for a famouser but Almas Moves out of the way and then hits A superkick on Starr! Cover by Almas 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Starr.  Almas calling for the Corridor de la Muerte but Starr rolls out of the way and gets back up, Kicks Almas in the gut and then hits a Famouser! Cover By Starr 1…2… Kick out by Almas. Almas gets back up Starr for the Save our Starrs but Almas Ducks it and hits another superkick, Almas calling for Starr to get back up goes for the Corredor de la Muerte and he hits it! Cover by Almas 1…2… thre- NO! Starr kicked out! Oh My God! Starr back up and Almas goes for another superkick but Starr ducks it and hits a Superkick of his own, Starr going up to the top going for the Shooting Starr Press (Brett Storms theme hits) Oh come on not now as Brett Storm Waiting on the ramp, Starr gets down the rope as Starr staring down at Brett Storm Wait a minute Roll up by Almas 1…2…3! Its over!


Winner: Mil Almas


Almas leaving the ring as Brett Storm Enters and starts beating down Starr, Wait he’s calling for Starr to get back up and he hits the Bullet and then Storm gets starr up verticle suplex position and hits the storm Driver! Well that’s Storm Making a Statement


 Match 2: Daniel Vice VS Will Slater


Alright here we go we saw Vice last week in a losing effort in a number 1 contenders match for the SFW World Title. So here we go Vice trying to rebound and he hits a clothesline on Slater, Slater gets back up and Vice hits another Clothesline. Vice kicks Slater in the guts gets up and hits a sit out powerbomb on Slater cover by Vice 1…2…Kick out at 2 by Slater. Vice Calling for Slater to get back up, Vice Gets Slater on his shoulders goes for the Vice Cutter but Slater slips out of it and hits a neckbreaker on Vice, Slater Standing there and hits running knee on Vice Cover by Slater 1…2… Kick out by Vice. Slater Gets back up goes for a twist of fate but Vice Pushes out of it kicks slater in the gut verticle suplex position and hits a Vice Driver! Cover by Vice 1…2…3! Its over!


Winner: Daniel Vice


Daniel Vice: Now lately I haven’t been doing that good, I lost my match for the SFW Championship at SFW Clash of the titans and I wasn’t even on SFW Warzone, However I’m going to make sure that is not the case at SFW No Escape because I am Laying out a challenge to one man and that man Is Angelo Catio! What do you Say Catio?


Angelo Catio comes out with a mic in hand


Angelo Catio: Well Vice you really think you have what it takes to take on the franchise? Well if you think you have what it takes fine I Accept! But I am warning you now that I will not hold back


Daniel Vice: I wouldn’t expect anything less


Match 3: Ropati VS Overheel VS David Haskins (Number one Contenders for the SFW Lightweight Championship)


Wow so we just made a match for SFW No Escape and we’re about to make another as we crown the next Number 1 contender for the SFW Lightweight Championship. Haskins, Ropati and Overheel normally these matches are fast paced like what we saw in tonight’s opening match. Alright here we go as the 3 men stare down, Ropati and Overheel turn to Haskins and they both dropkick Haskins as he hits the floor and rolls out of the ring and then Overheel hits a clothesline on Ropati, Ropati back to his feet Overheel goes for Super kick but Ropati ducks it and hits an enzuguri, Overheel rocked and then Ropati hits a Dropkick on Overheel and he falls to the ground and Ropati goes for the cover 1… Kickout by Overheel. Haskins back in Ropati Dropkicks Overheel and then Haskins hits a reverse hurricanruna on Ropati cover by Haskins 1… Kickout by Ropati 1 and a ½.  All three men back up Haskins and Overheel both Grab Ropati and Whip him against the ropes, Ropati rebounds and Haskins and Overheel hit a Shoulder Block Clothesline Combination followed by a wheelbarrow Senton onto Ropati. Overheel gets back up and turns around and gets hit with a roundhouse kick from Haskins! Haskins going to the top rope and hits A moonstomp! Cover by Haskins on Overheel 1…2…3! ITS OVER!  Haskins is the number one contender!


Winner: David Haskins


Haskins celebrating his victory as the new number 1 contender and wait a minute from behind Mil Almas hits Haskins with the championship! And then Almas in position waiting to strike and he hits the Corredor de la muerte! Almas putting one foot over the body of Haskins raising the Championship above his head and our Champion has made a statement.



Match 4: Yelich Anderson VS The Flaming Dragon


Now 2 of the future stars here in SFW Dragon and Anderson but first Anderson has something to say.


Yelich Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen I am coming to you here in SFW weighing in at 243 and a quarter of a pound, at 6 feet tall: YELLLLLLICH ANDERSON! ANDERSON!


Alright well that was the regular intro from Anderson and here we go Dragon and Anderson lock up to begin this match, Dragon comes ahead gets a head lock on Anderson, Anderson reverses pushing Dragon off him and then hits a clothesline on Dragon as he rebounds off the ropes, Dragon back up Anderson goes for another clothesline, Dragon ducks it and hits a dropkick on Anderson, Anderson back to his feet and Dragon hits a chop to the chest of Anderson and another and another, Anderson Staring down at Dragon Now and he punches him in the face and then Dragon hits Anderson in the face and then Anderson Clotheslines Dragon down to the ground. Anderson going to the top rope, Dragon back to his feet, Anderson goes for the mic drop, dragon moves out of the way and Dragon hits a hurricanruna on Anderson! Cover by Dragon 1…2…Kick out at 2 by Anderson. Dragon goes for a second Hurricanruna but Anderson catches him this time, Lifts him back up and hits the Ander Bomb! Legs for the shoulders of Dragon Cover by Anderson 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Dragon. Dragon back to his feet Anderson grabs him goes for the mic check but Dragon pushes out of it and hits the Breathe of Fire! Cover By Dragon 1…2…thre- NO! Kick out at 2 and a half by Anderson. Dragon Waiting for Anderson to get back up probably for another Breathe of Fire Anderson pushes out of it, Dragon against the ropes and Anderson Turns his rebound into belly to belly Suplex. Anderson Calling for Dragon to get up and he grabs him and he hits the mic Check! Cover by Anderson 1…2…3! Its over!


Winner: Yelich Anderson


Anderson celebrating his victory but wait a second Nathan Clarke Sliding into the ring and he hits a brogue kick on Anderson! Clarke Obviously making a statement by laying out Anderson.


Backstage Segment Ryan Reeves, Prince Jack III and FDHogan

FDHogan: Now listen up Ryan and Jack dude, I have an announcement to make about your tag team match tonight the winning team will earn the right to choose the stipulation for your championship match on Sunday got it Brother?


Ryan Reeves: Your wasting your breathe old man telling jack about this you might as well have just called me in here and asked me what stipulation I wanted because Its not like Chris and Jack are gonna win


Prince Jack III: Well I guess your gonna be disappointed when you lose the match tonight


Ryan Reeves: Oh Jack your just a kid you know nothing about this business your about to get beaten just like the way I beat you in the World title tournament

Prince Jack III: Well things have changed since then and I’m gonna show you why you shouldn’t be taking me lightly


Ryan Reeves: (Laughs) Yeah Right


Segment Ends


Main Event: Chris White & Prince Jack III VS Ryan Reeves & Hollow


Now here we go, Remember the winner of this match picks the stipulation for the world title match so if Jack and White win then Jack picks the stipulation and if Reeves and Hollow win well Reeves picks the stipulation. Alright Starting this match off Hollow and Jack, Hollow goes for a clothesline right out of the gate but jack ducks it and begins to hit some kicks to side of Hollow, Jack whips Hollow into the ropes and hits a dropkick on the rebounding Hollow, Hollow back up gets whipped into the corner of White and jack by Jack, Jack tags in White, White back Suplexes Hollow as Jack goes to the top Rope and hits a frog Splash! Cover By White 1…2… Kick out by Hollow, White Grabs Hollow goes for a German suplex but Hollow reverses it into a German Suplex of his own, White gets back to his feet Hollow kicks him in the gut, hits the ropes and hits a Scissor Kick! Cover by Hollow 1…2…Kickout by White. Hollow gets white back up and whips into the corner, Hollow Tags in Reeves, Hollow whipping Reeves into White as he hits a clothesline! Reeves going up top as Hollow tags in, White back to his feet but Gets with a Crazed Thrust! And Hollow Coming in going to second Rope and hits a Leg Drop! Cover by Hollow 1…2… Thre- Jack breaks its up. Hollow Grabs Jack and Throws him out of the ring as white gets back to his feet, Hollow Turns around and gets hit with an All-American Slam! Cover by white 1…2… Reeves Breaks it up and Now Reeves starts pounding on White with a Lou Thesz Press and now he’s out of the ring Hollow back up preparing to hit a madman cutter, Hollow goes for it running from behind but White Pushes him off and then hits a German suplex but he’s not done and he hits 2 more German Suplexes. White is out of energy on the ground but he also took down Hollow with him as both men lying in the middle of the ring. Both attempting to make a tag as both Reeves and Jack get back onto the Apron, Both Hollow and White Make the tag. Reeves runs at Jack going for a clothesline but Jack Ducks it and hits a Springboard Moonsault on Reeves, Reeves back up and Jack hits an Enzuguri! Jack not going for the cover instead whips Reeves into the corner and tags in White, Jack going up top as White hits an All-American Slam and Jack hits a Senton Bomb! Cover By White as Jack Watches for Hollow 1...2…3! Its Over!


Winner: Prince Jack III and Chris White


Well there you have it folks White and Jack picking up the win and I guess we’ll find out later this week what the stipulation will be when I interview both Jack and Reeves, thank you all for watching and We’ll see you all later.



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FDSlater: Ladies and gentlemen today I am going to be interview the SFW World Champion Ryan Reeves and The number 1 contender for the SFW World Championship Prince Jack III. Alright lets get right into it with the first question, Jack lets get the elephant in the room out of the way what stipulation will you be picking for SFW No Escape

Prince Jack III: Now, I was actually planning on telling this to everyone who sorts the match so it would be a surprise to Ryan, but since you are putting me on the spot. I hate Ryan and he hates me, we want to fight each other so bad that the other cannot stand, so that made me come to the conclusion that this will be a last man standing match. By the way, for those little historians out there they should know that before I came to SFW I was a master at Last Man Standing matches, this is my territory

FDSlater: Ryan your opinion on this?

Ryan Reeves: Last Man Standing match? Now how fun would that be? The match will be over faster than you can say "Trump Loves Mexicans!". I was hoping that you'd pick an I Quit match. So that i could play without as long as possible, not even having to worry about you not being able to keep up. Or maybe an Iron Man match, just to see the look of desperation on your face when the clock hits zero and I'm 5-0 up. But you decided you want to see me stand above you, you want me to torture you to the point that we'd need a new pair of feet for you? Well, then I'll play this game along. FD, this pair of knuckies are straight-ass deadly. Imagine what i can do with all the toys at my disposal during that Last Man Standing match? I almost feel sorry for you,Bashy. But no worries, I'll make sure that we'll play through that long....exciting....night.

FDSlater: Interesting, Now Jack i was surprised when you said you wanted a last man standing match because well at SFW Warzone you lost your Television championship in a Last man Standing match, Are you sure this is a smart move?

Prince Jack III: Let me ask you a question, if I wasn't sure it was a smart move would I have chosen the stipulation? No. I'm certain it is a smart move and it will help me reach the top of the company, but won't know I have made it until I see Ryan in a pool of his own blood, beneath me. That is what I want to see, I don't care about losing my Television Championship, it is leading to better things to come at No Escape. So, yes, I'm sure it is a smart move.

FDSlater: Alright if you say so, Now Ryan you have been extremely dominant since winning the SFW title all the way back at Clash of the titans but it looks like your luck could be turning around, Do you think that Jack could be the biggest threat to your Reign as Champion 

Ryan Reeves: Jack? Biggest Threat? Dude, you must be joking. You see, the word "Jack" and "threatening" shouldn't be in the same sentence. Just like "butter" and "bread" shouldn't..... oh wait, wait,wait no. Just like "Kardashians" shouldn't be anywhere associated by the word "entertaining". And my luck turning around? FD, you've only seen what i want you to see. I wanted you to see how destructive i can be, how important i really am to your show for the first few months. I wanted to make an impact and win this strap we all adore so much, and i destroyed everyone. But now, i have no point to prove. I've shown you all that i can beat Jack, and i did. There's no reason whatsoever that i won't do it again. But what you see right now, is me illuminating your eyes. Deluding you from the painful, sadistic truth that whoever you put against me must face. It's the fact that i'm indestructible. You're already inside the game of my mind, unknowingly playing the last ever and most agonizing game of your life. It's a matter of time before i told you that it's game over for you. And for Jack, No Escape is his Game Over.

FDSlater: Alright this last question is for both of you: What does the world heavyweight championship mean to you 

Ryan Reeves: What does this mean to me? This my most important possession. This is the ultimate prize in the game of my mind. It's the starting point and the epilogue of everything. This is the reason i go into your DAMN ring each week. It's the reason your show even exist in the first place. And it's mine. I own this thing, i own you. Through this, i possess the right to call you mine. Every blood, sweat, and tears stained in that ring is of the result of this belt. I have beaten everyone for this, and i will not let this out of my sight. This is the reason why i'm The Greatest Export Of SFW. And you should be grateful for the existence of this belt, because it is the object that brings you all in to my game. And every single one of you, will be able to play it soon. But Jack....... it's your turn. [maniacal, hysterical laugh]

Prince Jack III: Ok, freak show thanks for giving me a turn. Well, the belt means reaching the top of the company, it is the reason each and everyone on the roster wakes up each day, to fight to be the man, to be at the top. After all of my hard work I have finally come closer than ever to holding that belt, and I will not screw up this chance, that belt is my life, and I will claim it.

FDSlater: well thank you 2 for your time and I am looking forward to your last man standing match at No Escape 

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Alyx Wilde 

Weight: 190 lbs

Height: 5.11 ft

Finisher(s): Firemans Carry Roundhouse (Man vs Wilde)


Signature(s): Leaping Double foot stomp (Wildestomp)


Gimmick: Cocky, High Energy

Attire: (Picture Attached(

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener

Tag Team: If it fits


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At SFW 13 we will see a huge match with the main event of the show being the SFW World Champion Ryan Reeves taking on an old rival of his in Angelo Catio and not only that we have a blockbuster announcement regarding 4 unnamed members of the SFW Roster and a unique opportunity, Not to mention we will see SFW Television Champion Chris white taking on Daniel Vice in a never before seen match and Since Ropati demanded from FDHogan an opportunity at the SFW Lightweight championship he will take on number 1 contender David Haskins and if he wins he will be inserted into the SFW Lightweight title match at SFW No Escape. And if that wasn't good enough we will also see Nathan Clarke in action against Yelich after what happened last week.

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SFW 13




Match 1: Ropati VS David Haskins

Alright kicking off SFW 13 with Lightweight Action as Ropati takes on Haskins now this has happened before but this has a bit of a twist if Ropati wins then he will be inserted into the SFW Lightweight Championship match at SFW No escape. Alright here we go Ropati and Haskins lock up to start off this match Haskins comes out ahead gets a German suplex hold and then takes Ropati down to the ground holding onto to the back then drives the knee into the back of Ropati, Ropati gets back up Haskins goes for a clothesline Ropati ducks it and then hits a jumping neckbreaker from behind and then follows it up with a standing elbow drop onto Haskins, Ropati going up top goes for a double foot stomp and Haskins rolls out of the way, Ropati rolling through and Haskins hits a Double foot stomp on Ropati! Now both men down, one of these men have to get back to there feet and start to build momentum, Now both men slowly getting back to there feet Haskins punches Ropati and Ropati hits back and then Haskins Hits A roundhouse kick on Ropati! Ropati rocked Haskins goes against the ropes runs at Ropati and Ropati Counters with the RKO! Both men Back down, Ropati slowly getting back to his feet Haskins still down, Ropati going up top goes for a shooting star press but Haskins rolls out of the way and Ropati eats the mat, Haskins gets back up and then hits a baseball slide on the leg Ropati and then elbow drops Ropati’s Right leg then locks in the stretch muffler! Ropati crawling to the ropes as the crowd wills him on and he just makes it to the ropes Haskins taking advantage of the full five count before releasing the hold and then he drags Ropati to the middle of the ring and then Haskins going up top he goes for the moon stomp and he hits it! Cover by Haskins 1…2…thre- NO! WHAT! ROPATI KICKED OUT OF THE MOONSTOMP! OH MY GOD! HASKINS CAN’T BELIEVE IT, Now Haskins goes up top again goes for a second moon stomp and Ropati rolls out of the way he saw it coming Ropati back up stomping in the corner, he goes for sweet chin music and he hits it! Cover by Ropati 1…2… thre- NO! HASKINS KICKED OUT! THESE 2 MEN ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO WIN HERE TONIGHT! Now Ropati back up and he’s calling for Haskins to get up, He gets haskins on his shoulders going for the GTS but Haskins counters and Catches his leg then Turns it into the Stretch Muffler! Ropati in the centre of the ring as he crawl his way to the ropes and he just makes it. Now Haskins drags Ropati to the middle of the ring and he goes up top going for the Moon stomp for a third time, He goes for it but Ropati Rolls out of the way and then Hits the RKO on Haskins! Ropati now in the corner in position calling for Haskins to get up as he stomps away and Haskins gets back to his feet and eats a second Sweet Chin Music! Cover By Ropati 1…2…3! OH MY GOD ROPATI IS GOING TO BE IN THE LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! HE’S DONE IT BAYBAY!

Winner: Ropati


Match 2: Daniel Vice VS Chris White

What a match we just witnessed and quite the upset pulled off by Ropati but now its time for us to see what will most likely be a great match between the SFW Television Champion Chris White and Daniel Vice, Here we go Vice and White start this off by locking up, White comes ahead with a German suplex hold, Vice reverses it into a German suplex hold of his own and quickly takes him down to the ground, Vice holding the back of a grounded White and White Counters it and gets a German suplex hold on Vice and then Suplexes Vice down to the ground and bridges into the cover 1… Kickout, Vice and White stare down at each other and then Both Vice and White Rush at Each Other and hit a clothesline on each other, both men get back up almost instantly and Vice Kicks White in the gut and he goes for suplex and White counters it and hits a neckbreaker on Vice, White             gets Vice back to his feet and then gets him up and hits a body slam on Vice, White goes against the ropes s he goes for a body splash but Vice gets back up and hits a clothesline on White as both men fall to the ground. The ground chanting for both men, its split 50/50 both men slowly getting back to there feet, Vice starts with a strike to the head of White and White responds with a strike of his own, Vice whips White against the ropes he goes for a clothes line, White ducks it and rebounds off the ropes again and then goes behind Vice and German Suplexes him! But he’s not done he hits another and another before bridging into the cover 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Vice after those 3 German Suplexes. White Gets back up he looks like he could be going for that All-American Slam, White in position Vice turns around but Vice Counters it with a clothesline taking White down, Vice Gets White back up, he gets White in the position for a suplex and he hits it, and then follows it up with 2 Knee Drops and 2 Wrist Elbows, Vice gets White back up, Kicks him in the gut, Powerbomb position and hits a sit-out Powerbomb on White! Vice moves his feat over the shoulders of White converting the Powerbomb into a cover 1…2… Kickout at 2 by White, Vice Calling for White to get back up, Vice Gets White on his shoulders looks like he’s going for the Vice Cutter but White Gets out of it, Vice Turns around and White hits the All-American Slam! (Hollows Music Hits) Hollow making his way down the ramp holding White’s SFW Television Championship belt above his head Distracting White but White needs to watch his surrounding as Vice Gets White on his shoulders as he turns around and then he hits the Vice Cutter on White! Cover by Vice 1…2…3! Vice gets the win over White!

Winner: Daniel Vice  

As Vice Starts to walk away from the ring Hollow Slides in and starts beating down White, Hollow just dismantling Whit but Wait a minute! Vice turns around and Gets back in the ring getting Hollow off of White and guarding him to the approval of the fans. What an Honourable move by Vice.


Match 3: Yelich Anderson VS Nathan Clarke


Last week Clarke assaulted Anderson after a match by Brogue Kicking Anderson

And now Anderson wants his revenge against Clarke. So here we go, the Two Men lock up but Clarke just breaks it and then hits an Axe handle on Anderson, Anderson back up Clarke goes for another axe handle Anderson ducks it and then hits a clothesline on Clarke, Clarke gets back up, Anderson kicks Clarke in the gut, Suplex position Anderson tries to Suplex Clarke but Clarke Over powers him and Suplexes Anderson, Clarke gets Anderson back up and then hits with a sidewalk slam! Cover By Clarke 1…2…Kick out at 2 by Anderson as Clarke Flips Anderson Over and Locks in the cloverleaf on Anderson! Anderson locked in the cloverleaf in the centre of the ring, Anderson slowly crawling to the ropes and he just makes it but wait a minute hold on what the hell what is Brett Storm doing out here and he’s running at Anderson who’s got his head in the ropes at he just hits a massive boot to the head of Anderson and that’s gonna cause a disqualification.

Winner Via DQ: Yelich Anderson

Well now all hell has broken Loose with Storm and Clarke Beating down Anderson in the middle of the ring (Liam Starr’s theme music hits) Wait a minute, Here comes some help for Anderson as Liam Starr makes his way down to the ring, Storm Turns around as Starr Runs in and hits the S.O.S on Storm, Some revenge for Storm did to Starr at Warzone, Starr turns around and Runs into a Brogue Kick from Nathan Clarke! Clarke has cleared the ring.

FDHogan Comes down

FDHogan: Well you know something brothers I was going to make an announcement about the Unique Opportunity later but since you 4 are the 4 I meant to talk to I guess I’ll just tell you 4 now Jack. Since the 4 of you love beating the hell out of each other so much Jack, You 4 will be in a fatal 4-way match and the winner will qualify for the Heist match at the PPV after SFW No Escape, SFW Bankheist. The Winner of the heist match will receive 1 of 2 things that I will reveal after the heist match Brother but until then good luck to all 4 of you.


Match 4: Overheel VS Will Slater

What an announcement by FDHogan Baybay! Not only did he tell us what the unique opportunity was he also told us the participants compete for the unique opportunity. Anyway now we have more lightweight action as Overheel takes on my son Will Slater. Alright the match starting off with the 2 men going around the ring and Slater goes for a clothesline, Overheel ducks it and responds with leaping neckbreaker, Will Slater back to his feet Overheel runs at Slater, Slater Hip tosses Overheel and then follows it up with a leg drop on Overheel. Overheel Back up, Slater goes for a Clothesline, Overheel ducks it and then hits a springboard cross body on Slater! Overheel Calling for Slater to get back up, Slater back to his feet and then Overheel springboard Corkscrew! Overheel Drags Slater to the underneath the turnbuckle, Overheel Goes up top and he hits a Diving Corkscrew Moonsault! Cover by Overheel 1…2…3!

    Winner: Overheel

Overheel with an Impressive win and yet again showing off what the lightweight division can do, Wait who’s that out in front of me who just slid in the ring, Wait a minute is that… CHRIS GOLIATH! He’s Back! And he just Hit a Massive Big Boot on Overheel and now he’s locking in the mortal Destroyer on Overheel! And Overheel just passed out and Now Goliath locking the mortal Destroyer on Slater! And Slater Just Passed out. Now Goliath demanding a microphone

.Chris Goliath: I’M BACK! And now I am here to do one thing, I’ve heard there was a new division in SFW, The lightweight Division. Well I am back to destroy all the lightweights in the division and At SFW No Escape I will be starting with Overheel!


Well Goliath just dropping the Mic and Walking Away.  Well I guess we know that goliath is back and he’s not a fan of the lightweight Division.


Main Event: Ryan Reeves VS Angelo Catio

Well after what we just saw its now time for our main event. Catio and Reeves this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a match like this, these 2 faced off at SFW Warzone, Reeves of course came out with the win as he is still the SFW World Champion but anywhere that’s the passed and here we go. Reeves right out of the gate clotheslines Catio down to the ground and then Reeves gets Catio in a headlock and starts punching his head while he’s trapped in that headlock. Reeves releases Catio from the Headlock and he rolls out of the ring and he’s going under the ring, HE’S GOT A KENDO STICK! Reeves Back in the ring Caning the back of Catio and that is going to cause a DQ

Winner Via DQ: Angelo Catio

Reeves isn’t done he’s still caning the back of Catio and he broke the cane Over Catio’s back! He’s going back out of the ring and he goes under the ring no way he’s got a bag of thumbtacks no Reeves don’t do this, He spreads the Thumbtacks along the floor of the ring (Prince Jack III theme hits) Here comes the man who will be facing Ryan Reeves Jack fighting off reeves getting him out the ring and away from the thumbtacks. Reeves has grabbed a Mic

Ryan Reeves: Jack you wanted me in a last man standing match and that’s exactly what your getting but you see what I did to Catio? That’s just a mere fraction of the pain I’m going to Cause you, See you at No Escape Jack and good luck surviving your gonna need it.

Well reeves has sent a message to his challenger and I guess we have some brutality to look forward too at No Escape. Thank you all for watching baybay and we’ll see you next week.  

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Before SFW No Escape we have SFW 14 the go home show will feature a No disqualifications tag team match in the main event, Ryan Reeves teams with Mil Almas for the first time to Take on the team of Angelo Catio and Prince Jack III, Yelich And Liam Starr will also team together to take on Brett Storm and Nathan Clarke, Chris Goliath's path of destruction will be starting early as Will Slater has demanded a match with him from FDHogan and if all that wasn't good enough We will see the debut of James Roman as he takes on Nathan Black. 


OOC: ok so i am thinking of starting a tag division in SFW so i need tag teams, Say who you want to team with and i'll see what i can do 

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