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SFW 14


Match 1: Will Slater VS Chris Goliath


Welcome everyone to SFW 14 and we are kicking the show before No Escape with Lightweight Will Slater Taking on the man who has returned to destroy the lightweight division. So here we go Goliath, Slater one on one. Goliath Starts out with a big clothesline to Slater, Goliath gets Slater back up and Irish Whips him into the corner and then hits a running corner splash. Goliath Gets Slater back up, he’s going for a body Slam but Slater gets out of it and hits a neckbreaker. Goliath Back up and Slater hits him with a drop kick, Goliath gets back up and Slater hits him with a bulldog! Now Slater going up top he goes for a frog splash but goliath rolls out of the way, Slater Back to his feet and A Spear From Goliath! And Goliath Locks in the Mortal Destroyer and Slaters got to tap out.


Winner: Chris Goliath


Goliath Refusing to let go of Slater keeping the mortal destroyer locked in (Overheel’s Music Plays) Here comes Overheel and Goliath lets go of slater as Overheel hits Springboard Clothesline On Goliath! Now Overheel Going up top going for the corkscrew moonsault and he hits it on Goliath! Overheel sending a message to his opponent at No Escape.


Match 1: Liam Starr and Yelich Anderson VS Nathan Clarke and Brett Storm


Well what a statement made by Overheel but that’s not important now we see the 4 participants in that fatal 4 way qualifying for the Heist match but tonight Starr and Anderson team together as do Clarke and Storm. Now Storm and Clarke have been working together for a while helping each other get wins but I wonder how they’ll fair as a tag team but before we find that out Anderson has something to say.


Yelich Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen my tag team partner and myself come to you at a total combined weight of 411 and quarter of a pound. I am YEEEELLLIICH ANDERSON! And my Tag Team Partner Liam Starr!


And Anderson and Starr continue to make their way to the ring but Storm and Clarke aren’t going to wait as the rush them and the 4 men begin to brawl. Storm and Starr Continue to brawl outside of the ring as Clarke and Anderson get back the ring and the ref is ringing calling for the bell to signal the start of the match. Clarke and Anderson Continue to beat the hell out of each other with Punches and Kicks and now Clarke Delivers a headlock Takedown to Anderson and keeps the headlock applied while continuing to punch him in the face before finally releasing the headlock. Anderson back to his feet, Clarke Going for a running Axe handle but Anderson ducks it and hits a neckbreaker and he follows it up with a standing Elbow Drop. Anderson goes for the Cover not 1… Kick out by Clarke. Anderson Calling for Clarke to get up could be attempting to go for the Mic check, He’s got Clarke in position for the Mic check but Clarke Powers out of it and hits a massive Clothesline on him, Clarke goes to his corner and Storm now back up on the apron tags in. Anderson Gets back up and Storm Hits him with a running Bulldog, Storm Going to the top Rope, He’s calling for Anderson to get back up, Anderson back to his feet and Storm hits a Diving Clothesline on Anderson!  Cover by Storm 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Anderson. Now Storm Calling for Anderson to get back up, he goes for the bullet but Anderson moves out of the way and Powerslams Storm down to the ground and now both men down, Starr Calling for a tag and so is Clarke and both men make the tag. Starr comes in and hits a dropkick on Clarke, Clarke back up and Starr Takes him back down with an arm drag, Clarke Back up and Starr hits the Famouser BAYBAY! Cover by Starr 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Clarke. Starr Going to the top rope possibly going for the Shooting Starr Press but Clarke Rolls out of the way, Clarke takes Starr to the tope Rope and then German Suplexes him down to the ground, Clarke hits an axe handle on Anderson Knocking him off the apron.      Now Clarke calling for the Brogue Kick and He hits it BAYBAY! 1…2…3! It’s over baybay Clarke and Storm Chrpick up the win 


Winners: Nathan Clarke and Brett Storm


Storm Celebrating His victory on the top turn Buckle Clarke behind him, Storm Turns around AND CLARKE HITS STORM WITH A BROGUE KICK! Looks like Clarke is sending a message to Storm saying he doesn’t care who he has to beat in order to get into the heist match.


Match 3: James Roman VS Nathan Black


All right here we go, Roman makes his way down to the ring, this is a very different kind of Wrestler to what we’ve seen so far in SFW but hey I guess a new Signing is a new Signing. All right here we go Black and Roman lock up but Roman Just Pushes him away and hits him with a clothesline. Black back up and Roman German Suplexes him. Black Back up, Roman kicks him in the gut, he gets him up and hits a Powerbomb on Black. Roman gets black on his shoulders, Fireman’s Carry position and he hits Heads will roll! Cover by Roman 1…2…3! Its over


Winner: James Roman


And Roman Just leaving the ring walking away he obviously doesn’t care about his opponent as he just walks away from black left lying in the middle of the ring


Match 4: Hollow VS Daniel Vice


Alright After what transpired last week with Hollow attacking the Television champion Chris White before Daniel Vice came in for the save so now we have this match up but Vice isn’t waiting for the bell to ring he slides out and he goes and starts beating down Hollow, Now both men trading shots outside the ring and Daniel Vice gets whipped into those steel steps. Hollow gets Vice Back in the ring he goes for a cover 1…2… Kick out by Vice at 2. Hollow getting Vice back up possibly going for the madmen Cutter, Hollow Runs in but Vice pushes him off and he just hits the ground hard, Hollow tries to Recover by going for a clothesline but Vice Counters with a huge powerslam and Vice Transitions into the cover 1… Kick out by Hollow. Vice now with the chin lock on Hollow but Hollow Gets out if it by elbowing him in the gut a couple of times Hollow gets Vice in the position to Suplex him and hits a Suplex and transitions into the cover 1…2…Kickout by Vice and Hollow Transitions from the cover to a Lou thesz press. Hollow now in position looking for the madmen Cutter and he hits it BAYBAY! Cover by hollow 1…2…thre-NO! Vice Kicked out! What the hell does Hollow have to do to finish off Vice! Now Hollow Setting up for the madness Clash but Vice Flips Hollow off of him and then Spear! A Spear By Vice! Cover by Vice 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Hollow. Vice in position kicks hollow in the gut as he gets back to his feet, Going for the sit out Powerbomb but wait Hollow Reverses it into a Cover! 1…2…3! Its Over Hollow Gets the Win Baybay.


Winner: Hollow


Hollow Celebrating with that championship that doesn’t belong to him and Wait a minute Chris white just slid in the ring he’s behind Hollow, Hollow turns around and White hits the All-American Slam BAYBAY and Hollow rolls out of the ring but he grabs the championship just before White can get it back.


Main Event: Ryan Reeves and Mil Almas VS Prince Jack III and Angelo Catio (No DQ)


Well this match is the last match before No Escape and what a match it is, a No disqualifications Tag Team Match, World Champion Ryan Reeves teaming with the lightweight Champion Mil Almas to take on the team of former Television Champion Prince Jack III and Angelo Catio. Here we go and Jack going after Reeves Straight Away and Almas And Catio going at it, Reeves and Jack both outside the ring now and Reeves Throws Jack into the Barricade and Reeves going under the ring and he’s got a kendo stick Reeves runs at Jack with the kendo stick but Jack Kicks him in the face and reeves drops the Kendo stick and backs away, Jack picks up the kendo stick and starts beating the hell out of reeves with it. Meanwhile in the ring Almas and Catio going at it, Almas going for a moonsault but Catio rolls out of the way, Almas back to his feet and Catio takes him back down with a shoulder block, Almas is used to facing smaller guys in the lightweight Division he’s not used to facing bigger guys as he is the lightweight champion but he’s doing pretty good all things considered as he hits a DDT on Catio and he follows it up with a standing Moonsault, Outside the ring Jack and Reeves still brawling they’re by now announce table and Reeves takes Jack down with a nice drop kick, Reeves gets jack back up in suplex position just in front of my announce table and He suplexes him through the announce table! Oh My God! I think Reeves might have taken Jack out of this match. Now Reeves sliding back in the ring calling for Catio to get back up and Reeves hits the sanity Breaker on Catio, Now Almas in position, Catio on his hands and knees and Almas hits the corridor de la muerte, Cover by Almas 1…2…3! Its over.


Winners: Ryan Reeves and Mil Almas


It doesn’t look like Almas and Reeves are done as Reeves gets Catio on his shoulders electric chair position possibly going for the destabalizer (David Haskins music hits) Wait a minute here comes the cavalry as Haskins who’s not alone coming with Daniel Vice the opponent of Angelo Catio this Sunday at No Escape and Now these 4 men Brawling (Hollows music Hits) Hollow also coming out to Join the brawl and here comes Chris white running down to the ring and now the entire locker room coming out and everyones just Brawling before no escape ladies and gentlemen this has been SFW 14 and we will see you guys on Sunday at SFW No Escape BAYBAY!.



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SFW No Escape Card 

Match 1: King Slim VS Flaming Dragon 

Match 2: Overheel VS Chris Goliath

Match 3: Yelich Anderson VS Nathan Clarke VS Brett Storm VS Liam Starr Winner goes into the Heist match at SFW Bankheist 

Match 4: Daniel Vice VS Angelo Catio 

Match 5 SFW Lightweight Championship: Mil Almas (c) VS David Haskins VS Ropati 

Match 6 Steel Cage Match SFW Television Championship: Chris White (c) VS Hollow

Main Event SFW World Championship, Last man Standing: Ryan Reeves (c) VS Prince Jack III 

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SFW No Escape 


No Escape poster.jpg



Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the third Pay-per-View Event In SFW History tonight we have a stacked Card: The World title is on line as Ryan Reeves defends against Prince Jack III in a last man standing match, not only that but Chris White Defends his Television Championship against Hollow inside a steel Cage, not only that but we have a lightweight title triple threat match as Mil Almas Defends against David Haskins and Ropati, All that and more coming up later on in the show but first we have a debut match.



Match 1: King Slim VS Flaming Dragon


Here we go King Slim Making his debut in SFW taking on Lightweight Competitor Flaming Dragon, Dragon has competed in some high profile matches but he’s never been very successful against other competitors, maybe his luck will change but probably not considering he’s facing the Perfect 10 baybay the debuting King Slim, don’t know why he calls himself a king but I guess we’ll find out right now. Alright Here we go Collar and Elbow tie up Dragon Comes ahead wrenching the arm, Slim Reverses it and takes his back German suplex position, Looks like he’s going for a German suplex but he just puts him back down and elbows him in the back of the head, Dragon turns around and Slim holds up the 10 symbol at him. Dragon Runs at Slim but gets caught with arm drag, Dragon back up slim whips him against the ropes Dragon rebounds Slim goes for a clothesline dragon ducks it, spring board crossbody by dragon, slim catches him role through firemans position Dragon gets out of it and hits a reverse frankensteiner on Slim! Cover by Dragon 1…Kick out at 1 by Slim. Dragon Looking for the breathe of fire Cutter but slim pushes him off, Dragon back to his feet but Runs into a superkick BAYBAY! Cover by slim 1…2… Kick out by Dragon at 2. Slim calling for Dragon to get up possibly going for the perfect ending, Dragon back up Slim catches him in a headlock, Dragon pushes him off, Slim rebounds into a BREATHE OF FIRE CUTTER BAYBAY! Cover by Dragon looking to spoil Slims debut 1…2…thre- NO! SLIM KICKED OUT BAYBAY! What an opening Contest we are seeing here, Dragon calling for a second Breathe of fire, Slim back up, Dragon goes for it, slim pushes him off and catches him in a headlock PERFECT ENDING BAYBAY! Cover 1…2…thre- WHAT! Dragon Kicked out! Holy shit Baybay! What an opening contest. Slim Standing behind Dragon as dragon gets back up and he hits a backstabber on Dragon, Dragon Straight back down Slim moves in front dragon on his hands and knees and He hits the Perfect 10! 1…2…3! Slim picks up the victory!


Winner: King Slim


What an amazing match we just saw but wait it looks like slim has something to say.


King Slim: Ladies and gentlemen you just witnessed the perfect 10 for the first time and let me tell you something I didn’t come here to be second best I came here to be on top so whoever wins in tonight’s main event they’re looking at their next challenger and that man is the Perfect 10!


Will he’s pretty cocky but he can back it up in the ring so I think that cockiness is earned but challenging the world title right away, that is very bold.  Anyway coming up next it’s time for Chris Goliath’s path of destruction to continue or will Overheel manage to pull of the upset and defeat Goliath that’s about to happen right now


Match 2: Overheel VS Chris Goliath


Well this match if there ever was a more literal interpretation of David vs. Goliath I have not seen one, I mean maybe if it was David Haskins in this match but this is pretty damn close. Look at the size of Goliath I mean he is 6’7 and 300lbs compared to Overheel 5’9 and 169lbs this is going to be insane. Here we go Overheel Starts it off With a Dropkick onto Goliath and he’s in the corner, Overheel follows it up with a corner splash goliath out of the corner, Overheel goes for a hurricanruna but Goliath Reverses it and Powerbombs Overheel to the outside of the ring! Goliath Follows him out and he gets Overheel up and whips into the steel steps, Goliath Gets Overheel up and lines him up against the barricade, SPEAR THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Referee at a count of 8 but goliath doesn’t care he’s just brutalizing Overheel, hes got a steel chair but it doesn’t matter because the ref has reached a 10 Count it’s a double count out


Winner: Draw via Double Count out


Goliath doesn’t care that he didn’t win he’s bringing the steel chair over to where Overheel is and now he’s viciously beating Overheel with a chair and now he looks in the Mortal Destroyer but wait a minute here comes More of the lightweights Will Slater and Flaming Dragon their trying to get Goliath off him and they force Goliath to break the Hold but they both get clotheslined for there troubles Goliath has laid out 3 members of the lightweight Division and he’s obviously sending a message to the rest of the division.  Anyway before our next match our General Manager has 2 announcements concerning SFW Bankheist which is our next Pay-per-view so going over to FDHogan while the medics tend to Slater, Dragon and Overheel.


FDHogan Announcements


FDHogan: What’s up Brother!  I hope you’re all enjoying SFW No Escape and its been a great show so far, I can guarantee that Chris Goliath will be punished for his actions jack but I will not be discussing that now. As you know our next Pay-per-view is SFW Bankheist and on that show we have the heist match and I am going to announce what the reward for the winner of that match will be, you see the winner will have 2 options with heist briefcase. The first option is a shot at the SFW Television Championship, the SFW Lightweight Championship or The New SFW Continental Championship, which I will discuss soon, at any time. The Second Option is very interesting you see we have a Pay-per-view at the beginning of the year called Goldrush, where we have a match called the Goldrush match, Subtle I know, basically the winner of that match will receive an SFW World title match in the main event of clash of the titans, that’s where the second option comes in you see if the winner wishes to they can exchange the briefcase and they can secure a spot in the goldrush match and pick their entry spot. Now I mentioned Earlier the New SFW Continental Championship now this is a brand new championship belt and the inaugural champion will be crowned at SFW Bankheist through a 16 man tournament that will take place over the next few weeks leading up to bank heist, the only thing about this tournament is that no one in the tournament will have held a championship so we are guaranteed a brand new champion Brother, you see with the large amount of new talents coming into SFW I thought we needed a new championship for people to fight for brother. That is all and now its time for the first heist match qualifying match in this fatal four way brother!

Match 3: Yelich Anderson VS Nathan Clarke VS Brett Storm VS Liam Starr


Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for a fatal 4-way match but first Yelich Anderson has something to say


Yelich Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen I am coming to you standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 243 and a quarter of a pound, YEEELLIICCCH ANDERSON!



Well that’s Anderson for you and now Here comes the favourite of the match Nathan Clarke this guy is huge and I don’t mean he’s a big star I mean he actually is massive, 6’4 246lbs he is definitely the favourite in this match. Coming to the ring now is Liam Starr a lightweight competitor but he can definitely hang with the bigger competitors and finally here comes Brett storm the man who debuted at SFW Warzone attacking Starr and that’s one of the things that set up this match. Alright here we go the winner of this match goes into the heist match and now Anderson going right after Clarke and Storm and Starr going at it on the other side of the ring. Clarke and Anderson now brawling outside of the ring as Clarke Irish Whips Anderson into the barricade and the hits clothesline on him as he leans against the barricade now beating him down, looking back in the ring Storm has a headlock on Starr, Starr pushes him off, Storm rebounds Starr ducks down, Storm Rebounds again and Starr Hits a dropkick! Storm back up Starr goes for a clothesline but Strom reverses it into a neckbreaker, Storm Turns around and he hits a standing elbow drop and now Clarke back inside the ring he turns Storm around and hits a clothesline on storm, Anderson still laying on the ground outside the ring meanwhile in the ring Starr and storm staring down Clarke Now both of them seem to have formed a temporary alliance, as the both irish whip Clarke against the rope he rebounds and they hit a double hip toss, Clarke back up Starr and Storm get in position and they hit a double northern lights suplex and Clarke rolls out of the ring and Starr hits a pele kick on Storm. Starr going to the top Rope goes for the shooting starr press and he hits it! Cover by Starr 1…2... and Anderson gets back in the ring and breaks it up. Anderson Gets Starr up suplex position and he hits a suplex on Starr, Clarke back in the ring and he hits an axe handle on Anderson, Storm from behind hits an inverted DDT on Clarke. Storm now in the corner looking for the bullet, Starr gets back to his feet and he eats a bullet from Storm! Cover by storm 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Starr. Starr gets back to his feet getting chopped by storm, Anderson also getting back to his feet he grabs storm turns him around and hits him with an elbow to the face wait Anderson gets Storm in spine buster position, Starr rebounds off the ropes and they deliver a hart attack to Storm! Now Anderson and Starr staring each other down, both men lock up Starr comes out ahead goes for a German suplex, Anderson gets out of it and goes for a German suplex, Starr lands on his feet and he hits a superkick! Cover on Anderson 1… Storm pulls Starr off Anderson going for the storm driver but Starr reverses it into a suplex and now Starr locks in the Starrshooter! Will storm tap wait Clarke back up rebounds and he hits a Brogue kick on Starr BAYBAY! Anderson back up catches Clarke and he hits a mic Check BAYBAY! Cover by Anderson 1…2…3! Anderson is going to Bankheist BAYBAY! 


Winner: Yelich Anderson


Ladies and gentlemen Yelich Anderson is the first man to be put into the Bankheist match and not only that he managed to pin one of his rivals Nathan Clarke well its time for our next match and this one should be a technical classic


Match 4: Daniel Vice VS Angelo Catio


Well this match is going to be epic you have to think that the winner of this match could be next in line for a world title match but I guess we’ll have to find out. Here we go Vice and Catio start by locking up Catio coming out ahead gets a headlock on Vice and takes him down to the ground and he still has the headlock on, Vice gets out of it and applies a head scissors on Catio, Catio gets out of it as the 2 men stare down. Catio tries to Whip Vice against the ropes but Vice overpowers Catio and whips him into the ropes instead, Vice goes for a clothesline, Catio Ducks it and hits a neckbreaker on Vice. Vice back up Catio goes for a hip toss but Vice Blocks it and Turns it into a hip toss of his own and now Vice locks in an Armbar, Catio turns himself over and pulls his arm out, Both men back up and Catio hits an arm drag on Vice. Catio rebounds off the ropes and he hits a leg drop on Vice. Cover by Catio not even a one count. Catio grabs Vices leg and he hits a leg DDT and then follows it up with an elbow drop to the leg of Vice. Catio Now getting Vice back up, Grabs his leg looks like he could be going for a dragon screw but instead Vice hits him with an Enzuguri! Cover by Vice 1…Kickout at 1 by Catio. Vice gets Catio up and whips him against the ropes, Catio Rebounds and he gets hit with a big Boot and Now Vice going to the top rope looking for the frog splash, Vice goes for it but Catio rolls out of the way, Catio turns Vice over and he’s now locking in the figure four in the middle of the ring, Vice turns it over and reverses the pressure crawling to the ropes and he just makes it, Catio keeping that figure four on as long as he can before releasing it, Catio gets vice back up and he hits a German. Catio bridging into the cover 1…2…Kickout by Vice. Vice gets back up, Catio goes on the ropes and he hits a springboard stunner! Vice rocked and Catio gets Vice on his shoulders and he hits the AA BAYBAY! Cover by Catio 1…2…thre-NO! VICE KICKED OUT BAYBAY! What a match we have seen so far, Catio In position could be going for a second AA, He gets vice up but Vice slips out of it and hits a neckbreaker. Vice in position Gets Catio up Powerbomb position and he hits a sit out Powerbomb! Vice immediately getting Catio back up and on his shoulders Vice Cutter Baybay! 1…2…thre- NO! Catio Kicked out! Both Men have kicked out of each other’s finishers, Vice Gets Catio up goes for another Vice Cutter but Catio slips out of it and then locks in the STF! In the middle of the ring and Vice has got to tap.


Winner Via Submission: Angelo Catio


Catio picks up the win and he’s celebrating as Vice gets back up. Vice offering a handshake and Catio accepts. I don’t think this is the last time we will be seeing this match and what a match it was but that could be the future lets talk about the present which is what’s about to happen the first Championship match of the night as lightweight champion Mil almas defends his title against David Haskins and Ropati in a triple threat match.


Match 5 SFW Lightweight Championship Match: Mil Almas (c) VS David Haskins VS Ropati


Here we go with the hottest division in SFW the lightweight Division, Mil almas has been a very good champion so far being undefeated but could his luck finally be running out in this triple threat match, this is Almas first title defence and it’s a triple threat match. Almas has no champion’s advantage in fact he’s at a disadvantage, as he doesn’t need to be pinned to lose the title. Ok here we go the 3 men staring down Ropati and Haskins staring each other down they look like they’re about to go at it but wait a minute they turn back to almas and both men throw Almas out of the ring. Haskins and Ropati now locking up, Ropati comes out ahead with the arm of Haskins, Haskins counters it and now controlling the arm of Ropati, now hammer lock on Ropati, Haskins wrenching the arm before striking him in the back of the head with an elbow, Ropati turns around and gets Hurricanruna from Haskins. Haskins going up top Possibly going for the moon stomp early on, He goes for it but Ropati rolls out of the way, Haskins landing on his feet, Ropati Turns Haskins around and he hits an RKO! Almas back in the ring        He turns Ropati around and he hits a Super kick! Cover to retain the title 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Ropati. Haskins back to his feet, Almas doesn’t see him and Haskins comes from behind with a bulldog, Ropati still down and Haskins hits a leg drop on Ropati. Haskins still the only one up he’s calling for almas to get back up, Haskins going for that roundhouse kick but Almas ducks it goes behind Haskins and hits a German Suplex, Ropati back up but Almas hits another Super kick on Ropati, Ropati on his knees and Almas hits the Corredor De la Muerte But wait a minute Haskins Turns Almas around and he hits a Roundhouse Kick. Haskins going up to the top Rope and hits a moonstomp on Almas BAYBAY! 1…2…3! NEW LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION BAYBAY!


Winner and New Lightweight Champion: David Haskins

Oh my god Haskins just pinned the Champion to become the new lightweight champion and he also ended Almas’ undefeated Streak but wait a minute I don’t think almas is too happy about that and he Turns Haskins around and he Super Kicks him! Haskins on his hands and knees and Almas hits the corredor de la muerte on Haskins. Almas obviously pissed and now he’s got something to say


Mil Almas: Haskins you may have won the battle tonight but I assure you that you won’t win the war because tomorrow night I want my rematch for the championship


Match 6 SFW Television Championship Steel Cage Match: Chris White (c) VS Hollow


Well we already have a championship match for SFW 16 but before that we still have 2 more matches live here at SFW No escape and this match is very impressive, a steel cage match for the television title. White is the champion however Hollow is sporting the championship as you can see, he stole the title from White back at SFW Warzone. So now its time to see who the real champ is. The steel cage is lowering and both men are now trapped inside the ring, Here we go now and White going straight after hollow backing him into the corner hitting him with more strikes than White usually hits his opponents with more technically offense but he is just brutalizing Hollow this time around. White puts Hollow on the top rope in suplex position goes for it but Hollow blocks it and pushes White down and hits a missile drop kick on White. Hollow gets White back to his feet and he hits a swinging neckbreaker on White, Hollow gaining control here, he rebounds of the ropes going for a leg drop but White Rolls out of the way, Hollow on the ground White gets back up, he gets Hollow up, German Suplexes him not once not twice but three times. Cover by White 1…2…Kickout at 2 by hollow. White Gets hollow back tries to Irish whip him into the cage but hollow reverses it and Whips White into the cage. White is down Hollow is going to the top rope and he hits a diving head-butt on Chris White. Now Hollow trying to escape the cage he’s at the top but wait a second white following him extremely quickly and he gets to the top of the cage with Hollow. White has Hollow in the position for an all American slam and he does off the top of the cage into the ring BAYBAY!  White tries to get a cover but hollow rolls away both men are down neither man has gotten back to there feet, the ref is checking on both men they both appear to be unconscious. White crawls over to hollows lying body he puts his arm on Hollow cover here 1…2… thre- NO Kickout at 2 and 3 quarters. How the hell did Hollow Kickout of that! White gets back to his feet so does hollow, White goes over towards hollow going for those triple German Suplexes, Hollow elbows White in the face to get out of it MADMAN CUTTER BAYBAY! Cover by Hollow 1…2…thre- NO! WHITE KICKED OUT. Hollow Gets white back to his feet trying to go for the Madness clash but White Flips him Over and then he turns around and Locks in the Olympic Lock on Hollow BAYBAY! , Hollow Grabs the rope but it doesn’t matter because this is a steel cage match and that’s gonna force Hollow to Tap out!


Winner Via Submission and Still SFW Television Champion: Chris White


Main Event for The SFW World Championship Last man Standing Match: Ryan Reeves (c) VS Prince Jack III


Now for the match we’ve all been waiting for, 2 of the biggest names in SFW the first TV champion VS the First World champion, If that isn’t the biggest match in SFW History I don’t know what is baybay. Ryan reeves coming to the ring with a kendo stick in hand I think we know what he’s going to do with that, Of course Reeves the world champion holding the title since SFW Clash of the Titans where he defeated Daniel Vice to become the inaugural champion and in that same night Reeves’ opponent Prince Jack III managed to win a 4 man ladder match to become the first ever SFW Television Champion. Jack not holding the title as long as Reeves’ has held his championship but it was a pretty good reign. Jack has proved that he can hang in the main event defeating many SFW Wrestlers. Its time to see if he can defeat the world champion now as this last man standing match kicks off, Reeves going for the shot with the kendo stick right out of the gate but Jack Moves out of the way and he hits a dropkick to the back of Reeves, Reeves straight back up to his feet and jack clotheslines him straight back down and reeves rolls out of the ring grabbing the kendo stick, Jack slipping out of the ring with him he turns Reeves around but Reeves hits him with a shot to the gut with the kendo stick and now he’s caning the back of jack with the kendo stick. Reeves going under the ring and he grabs a steel chair now beating the back of Jack with that chair just beating him down as much as possible and now he locks in a sharpshooter wrenching the back of Jack, Reeves can’t win like this though why is he wasting his time with a submission? I guess he is just trying to weaken Jack. Reeves releases the submission now telling the ref to count 1…2…3…4…5…6…. Jack gets back to his feet. Reeves going for a clothesline, jack manages to duck it and he hits a jumping neckbreaker. Jack brings reeves back to his feet and now he Irish whips reeves into the barricade, now Jack running at him and an Enzuguri against the barricade! Jack telling the ref to count 1…2…3…4…5… Reeves back to his feet. Jack Goes for a dropkick, Reeves blocks it, Jack Back up and Reeves hits a bulldog, Reeves going under the ring grabs a ladder and he sets it up, Going to the top of the ladder, Jack back to his feet and Reeves jumps down and hits a Crazed Thrust! But Reeves took himself out as well as taking out Jack. Ref Counting now 1…2…3…. 4 Reeves back up…. 5…. Jack back up. Now both men Trading Strikes and Jack Super kicks Reeves and then hits a standing Moonsault on Reeves, Ref Counting 1…2…3…4…5…Reeves back up. Jack gets Reeves up going for the 1-winged angel but reeves gets out of it, Jack Turns around SANITY BREAKER BAYBAY! Reeves hit the Sanity Breaker! Ref Counting 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9… JACK GETS BACK UP! MY GOD WHAT DOES REEVES HAVE TO DO TO KEEP THIS MAN DOWN! Alright Reeves Gets him on his shoulders possibly going for the Destabilizer but Jack Gets out of it He kicks Ryan in the gut, catches him and Hits the Package Powerbomb! But jack isn’t done he gets Reeves on his shoulders, 1-WINGED ANGEL BAYBAY! The Ref Counting 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10! OH MY GOD WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION BAYBAY!


Winner and New SFW World Champion: Prince Jack III


Ladies and gentlemen I think it’s the beginning of a new age in SFW with a new world champion and without a doubt Jack has proved he is the very best in SFW, Thank you all for watching and we will see you at our Next Show BAYBAY!    






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Continental Championship tournament Bracket plus some announcements 


Starting from SFW 16 we will be re-branding as SFW Friday Night Carnage and we will kick off with 3 matches in the Continental title tourne, a lightweight title match and the main event being Prince Jack III Defending his world Championship in a rematch against Ryan Reeves. We will also be launching a second smaller show to highlight the smaller guys (OOC: A superstars/main event kind of thing) Which will be where the first 3 Heist Qualifying match Will Take place and we will be calling it SFW Saturday Night Battlefield. Not to mention I will be releasing an interview with 2 opponents at a pay-per-view. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.26.26 pm.png

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SFW Friday Night Carnage 16



Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the rebirth of SFW under the new branding of SFW Friday night Carnage I am your commentator FDSlater BAYBAY! Tonight we will be seeing not one not two but three New Wrestlers here in SFW as a part of the tournament for the continental championship not only that but in our main event the world championship is on the line as Newly Crowned champion Prince Jack III defends against Former Champion Ryan Reeves in a rematch but before all that we are going to kick off with a rematch from SFW No Escape for the SFW Lightweight Championship.

Match 1 SFW Lightweight Championship: David Haskins (c) VS Mil Almas


For those who have not had the chance to see the SFW lightweight division in action well you’re in for a very special treat, this division is high octane, fast paced, death defying action this is the SFW Lightweight division and these 2 men are arguably the 2 best in the division the only thing is David Haskins has never defeated Mil Almas one on one its time to see if he can really do it. Alright the 2 men begin with a collar and elbow tie up, Almas comes ahead controlling the arm locks in a hammer lock, Haskins gets out if it and locks in a hammerlock of his own, Almas gets out if it and hits a jumping neckbreaker on Haskins, Haskins back to his feet Almas goes for a Superkick early on but Haskins manages to duck it and then he follows it up with a dropkick to Almas, Haskins Gets Almas right back up Irish whips him into the ropes he drops down, Almas rebounds Leap Frog by Haskins, Almas rebounds again and Haskins hits a sling Blade on Almas. Cover by Haskins 1… Kick out at 1 by Almas. Almas gets up and Haskins and Almas stare at each other from across the ring, both men go to lock up but Almas breaks it by kicking Haskins in the gut, Almas rebounds of the ropes and then hits a leaping DDT on Haskins, Almas Pulls Haskins to underneath the turnbuckle, Almas going up top and HE HITS A 450 SPLASH BAYBAY! Cover by Almas 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Haskins, wow we don’t see Almas bust that out very often but that sure was something, Haskins back to his feet Almas hits a chop to the chest, He tries to rebound off the ropes but Haskins Counters Almas with a drop kick Almas gets back up but gets sent straight back down after a spring board elbow from Haskins. Almas back up but gets sent straight back down with the Double Foot Stomp from Haskins! Haskins going up top Goes for the Moonstomp but Almas rolls out of the way SUPERKICK FROM ALMAS TO HASKINS BAYBAY! Cover by almas 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Haskins, Haskins back up and ANOTHER SUPERKICK FROM ALMAS TO HASKINS! Almas going up top and 630 SENTON BY ALMAS! Cover by Almas 1…2…thre-NO! HASKINS KICKED OUT BAYBAY! Almas in position going for the Corredor de la muerte but Haskins moves out of the way and Gets back up ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Haskins going up to the top rope MOONSTOMP! Cover By Haskins 1…2…thre-NO! ALMAS KICKING OUT OF THE MOONSTOMP BAYBAY! Wait Haskins immediately transitioning into the stretch muffler! AND ALMAS TAPS OUT! HASKINS RETAINS THE TITLE!

Winner and Still SFW Lightweight Champion: David Haskins


Congratulations on the victory for Haskins and it was such a great match to kick off Now its time to see the first of three Debuts tonight and this is a big one

Match 2 SFW Continental Championship tournament Round 1: Alyx Wilde VS Angelo Catio


So here we go with a massive debut with Alyx Wilde talking on an SFW veteran in Angelo Catio this match is going to see if Wilde has what it takes to hang with one of the best in SFW. Here we go starting off with a collar and elbow tie up, Wilde immediately pushes out of it and starts taunting Catio, Catio runs out at him goes for a clothesline Wilde ducks it, Catio rebounds off the ropes and Gets Dropkicked but Wilde, Catio back up Wilde kicks him in the gut, sets him up for a suplex Catio Powers out of it Irish whips him against the ropes, Wilde goes for a rebound Clothesline Catio ducks it and then hits a running neckbreaker on Wilde, Wilde Gets back up and runs into a clothesline from Catio, Catio Grabbing Wilde’s leg and then hits a leg drop on it and then stomps on it and now he’s locked in that figure four leg lock on Wilde, Wilde flips over Catio and Manages to crawl over to the ropes and Catio breaks the hold but only after a count of 4, Wilde gets back up and Catio German Suplexes him down to the ground Now Catio In position going for the five knuckle shuffle (Daniel Vice’s Music hits) Wait a minute hold on here comes Catio’s opponent from SFW No escape of course Catio got the win but whats he doing out here Catio Distracted by vice wait a minute roll up by Wilde 1…2…3! HE GOT HIM! WILDE ADVANCES!


Winner and Advancing to the quarter Finals: Alyx Wilde


My God Wilde with the assistance of Daniel Vice has pulled off the ultimate upset against a former number 1 contender for the SFW World title and he is the first man to advance in the tournament he’ll be either facing James Roman or Drake Clover who ever wins that match next week well we have more Continental title tournament action next as we see the debut of a new lightweight Competitor going after the continental championship so lets see how this goes as Jack Willow takes on Ropati


Match 3 SFW Continental Championship tournament Round 1: Jack Willow VS Ropati 

Alright one of the first and only lightweight matches in the SFW Continental Championship Tournament as Jack Willow has a huge test In taking on Ropati who has challenged for titles most of the time and has proved how good he is in the ring even if he doesn’t win every match he’s put in. Ok Willow and Ropati Look like they’re about to lock up but Ropati decides to just go straight into the headlock Willow pushes him off Ropati rebound and into a hurricanruna almost instantly, Ropati Back up Willow goes for a clothesline Ropati ducks it and then hits an inverted DDT, Ropati gets Willow shoulders going for the GTS, Willow slips out of it and then hits a Neckbreaker on Ropati. Ropati gets back up Willow Irish Whips him against the ropes, Ropati Rebounds Willow going for that big boot Ropati ducks it and he hits a bulldog after rebounding off the ropes. Ropati going up Top goes for a frog splash but Willow moves out of the way, Ropati gets back up and Willow Hits the big boot on Ropati! Cover by Willow 1…2…Kick out at 2 by Ropati. Willow goes out the ropes and he’s looking for that flying forearm but Ropati ducks it, Ropati gets Willow on his shoulders and he hits the GTS! Cover by Ropati 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Willow. Ropati looking for Sweet chin music but Willow ducks underneath the kick and then he hits a dropkick on Ropati Willow going to the top Rope, Ropati back up FLYING FOREARM BAYBAY! Willow gets back up and Locks in the Calf Crusher on Ropati! And Ropati Taps out!

Winner and Advancing to the quarterfinals: Jack Willow  


  Very impressive victory by Willow he will now advance to the quarter finals were he will be facing either Brett Storm Or Liam Starr that match will be taking place next week but before that we have the last Tourne match and Debut match of the night and that is one of the hottest signings for the tournament. Ladies and gentlemen up next is BIC VS Will Slater 




Match 4 SFW Continental Championship tournament Round 1: BIC VS Will Slater


Well ladies and Gentlemen here we go with the final Continental title Tourne match for this week and they will not be on tomorrow night SFW Saturday night battlefield but we have something that’s just as good that being the Bankheist qualifying matches but that’s tomorrow tonight we have the Round 1 matches for the tourne so here we go BIC VS Slater this match is going to be good I mean both of these men are very good in the ring and I’m not just saying that because my son is in the ring. Alright here we go BIC and Slater start with a collar and Elbow Tie up Slater Comes ahead locking in a headlock then hits a headlock takedown on BIC, BIC Counters into a headscissors, Slater does a kip up and gets out of it both men now staring each other down. BIC irish Whips Slater across the ring, Slater Rebounds and Bic hits a back body drops Slater. Slater back up Bic Goes for a clothesline Slater ducks it and then he hits a neckbreaker on BIC. BIC Gets back up Slater Irish Whips BIC across the wing, Leap Frog by Slater, BIC Rebounds again and Slater ducks down Slater goes for a dropkick BIC Pushes him off and then BIC Turns Slater around and then hits a running bulldog on Slater. Slater back up and Then BIC hits a nice Jumping STO! Cover by Bic 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Slater. Slater Back up BIC going for His finisher No Regret  but Slater pushes out of it, Slater Kicks Bic in the gut and then hits an Impaler DDT! Cover by Slater 1…2… Kickout at 2 by BIC. Slater Gets BIC back up going for the Twist of fate but BIC Pushes out of it BIC Catches Slater in a headlock NO REGRET BAYBAY! Cover by BIC 1…2…3! BIC Advances to the next round!


Winner and Advancing to the quarter Finals: BIC

Nice win by BIC and a pretty good match but now its time for our main event and oh boy is this a big match but apparently we are going live into FDHogan’s Office were Mil Almas is talking to Hogan

FDHogan Mil Almas segment


FDHogan: What’s up Almas Brother! What can I do for you Jack?


Mil Almas: Hogan I don’t care that I lost my rematch to Haskins I want another shot


FDHogan: Almas I can’t do that brother. That was your rematch you don’t get another one I’m sorry.


Mil Almas: Well Hogan if that’s the case then I demand you give me the opportunity to get into the Heist Match at SFW Bankheist


FDHogan: You know what that is perfect actually brother for tomorrow I needed to get an opponent for a certain competitor to see who gets a spot in the match so this works out for everyone


Mil Almas: Alright great. Who’s my opponent Hogan?


FDHogan: Well Brother your opponent is… Ropati!


Mil Almas: Great I can’t wait to get my hands on the man who Cost me the lightweight Championship


Main Event SFW World Championship Match: Prince Jack III (c) VS Ryan Reeves

Well what a great match made by FDHogan for the first ever Edition of Battlefield but that’s tomorrow right now we have the Our Main event Championship match as Prince Jack III Makes his first Title Defence against the former Champion Ryan Reeves. This match is very interesting Considering that these 2 are actually tied up in victories, Reeves Defeated Jack in the tournament to crown the first SFW World Champion and of course last night Jack Defeated Reeves in a last man standing match so lets see who the better wrestler is in this sort of tie breaker match. Alright that bell signals the start of it and Reeves Clotheslines Jack Right Out of the Gate, Jack Back up Reeves Irish Whips him into the Corner and then hits a running Cross Body on Jack in the corner, Jack Comes out of the Corner Reeves Goes against the ropes and hits a rebound bulldog on to Jack, Early Cover by Reeves not even a 1 count as Jack Kicks out almost instantly. Reeves Gets jack Back up goes for a suplex but Jack Counters and turns it into a suplex of his own. Reeves back up Jack Nails him with a dropkick. Reeves back up Jack goes for a clothesline but just like almost every single time someone goes for a clothesline he ducks it, Reeves rebounds and Hits Running Neckbreaker. Reeves Gets Jack up Irish Whips him into the Ropes Jack Rebounds and Reeves hits a spinning Spinebuster on Jack. Reeves goes against the Ropes goes for a running Leg Drop Jack rolls out of the way, Gets back up and hits a Superkick! Reeves is Stunned then Jack hits an Enzuguri! Cover By Jack 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Reeves. Reeves back up but Jack not wasting any time getting reeves on his shoulders electric chair position looking for the one winged angel but reeves reverses it into a roll up pin 1…2… Kick out at 2 by Jack. Jack Back up and Reeves hits him with a Massive Clothesline, Reeves going to the top Rope Looking for crazed thrust, Jack back up and Reeves hits Crazed Thrust! Cover by Reeves 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Jack. Reeves in position looking for the Sanity Breaker (King Slims Music Hits) Wait what the hell is King Slim Doing out here running to the ring both Jack and Reeves back up, Slim Runs in and Clotheslines Both men Down to the ground and that’s gonna cause a no Contest


Winner: No Contest


Now King Slim just Viciously Beating down both men, He gets Reeves up and he hits the Perfect Ending! Now He gets Jack up and Delivers the Perfect Ending to Jack as well. Now Slim has a Mic lets see what he’s out here to do


King Slim: Last week at SFW No Escape I Told all of you that I came here to be on top and that’s why I needed to make a statement tonight in the world title match so I want FDHogan to come out here and make it official for Bankheist Prince Jack III VS King Slim for the World Title!


FD Hogan Comes out and begins to talk to slim 


FDHogan: Listen up King Slim Brother I’m not going to give you a 1 on 1 championship match at Bankheist because you just interrupted a great match between Jack and Ryan but I will give you a shot at the world title at Bankheist. You see Brother the main event of SFW Bankheist will be Prince Jack III Defending his world title against Ryan Reeves and King Slim in a triple threat ladder match brother!

FDHogan leaves the arena

Well it looks like Slim is getting a world title opportunity and I can’t wait to see who wins that triple threat ladder match what a huge match made for Bankheist. Anyway we will see you all tomorrow night for the first instalment of SFW Battlefield Thank you all for watching and we’ll see you next time BAYBAY!  







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Coming up tonight for the first ever Episode of SFW Saturday night Battlefield Tonight we will see 3 Heist Match Qualifiers as Jack Vice Takes on Hollow, Angelo Catio Takes on Will Slater and In the main Event Mil Almas Takes on Ropati. You do not want to miss this 

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SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 1

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first ever edition of Saturday night battlefield BAYBAY! Tonight we have 3 more heist match qualifiers these being one on one unlike the fatal 4 way that took place at SFW No Escape but enough about that its time for the first match to ever take place on SFW Saturday Night Battlefield!

Match 1 Heist Match Qualifying Match: Jack Vice VS Hollow

This match is a very good showing of wrestlers in the Television Championship Division so lets see who will be making their way into the Heist match. These 2 men are very impressive and are 2 of the best men in SFW. The Match Starting off with Hollow and Vice locking up Hollow Lets go though and just laughs at Vice, Vice goes for a clothesline Hollow ducks it and then hits a big forearm to the back of Vice’s head, Vice turns around and he eats a dropkick from Hollow. Vice back up Hollow tries to punch him Vice Blocks it and then hits Hollow with a DDT, Hollow back up and Vice Drop kicks him. Vice Going to the top rope Hollow back up and Vice Hits Hollow with a flying Cross Body. Cover by Vice 1… Kickout at 1 by Hollow. Hollow Back up Vice whips him against the ropes, Hollow Rebounds Vice Goes for a clothesline but Hollow Ducks it and Hits a Jumping Neckbreaker on Vice, Vice back up and Hollow hits him with a chop to the chest, Hollow then Irish whipping Vice against the ropes, Hollow then Rebounds Behind Him and he hits a Rebound Bulldog on Vice. Hollow going to the top rope going Goes for a Frog Splash but Vice Rolls out of the way, Then Vice Goes Behind Hollow and he hits a german suplex on Hollow! Now Vice in the corner possibly Looking for the Spear, Vice Runs at Hollow but Hollow Moves out of the way and Vice Runs Shoulder first into the Metal post! Vice Turns Around Hollow Kicks him in the gut goes off the ropes and then hits him with a Scissors Kick! Hollow in position gets Vice up and then sets him up and hits the Madness Clash BAYBAY! Cover by Hollow 1…2…3! Its over and Hollow is going to the Heist Match and he is the second Confirmed participant for the match!

Winner: Hollow

Very Impressive Victory By Hollow Capitalizing on the mistake Vice made but coming up next we have yet another Qualifying match as 2 men who failed to pick up a victory last night as Angelo Catio Takes on Will Slater

Match 2 Heist Match Qualifying Match: Angelo Catio VS Will Slater

Here we go the 2 men who failed to win there matches last night but Catio was kind of distracted by Daniel Vice in his match but good news for Catio, Vice is banned from Ringside in this match. Ok here we go Slater Runs at Catio with a dropkick right out of the gate! Catio Back up but Slater knocks him straight back down with a clothesline, Catio gets back to his feet Slater Whips him into the corner, Slater going for a running corner Splash but Catio Moves out of the way, Slater turns around and Catio Superkicks him! Slater a bit Groggy and Catio Catches him and hits a Nice Suplex on Slater. Catio now Grabbing the leg of Slater and stomping on it and then he grounds it and drops a knee on the leg of Slater, Now Catio Locking in a half Boston Crab on Slater but he was too close to the rope as Slater easily Grabs the rope, Catio Taking advantage not releasing the hold until the ref gets to a 4 count. Slater down for a bit but eventually gets back to his feet Catio Goes for the springboard stunner but Slater pushes him off, Catio Turns around and SLATER HITS THE TWIST OF FATE BAYBAY! Cover by Slater 1…2… thre-NO! CATIO KICKED OUT! MY GOD! Slater looking frustrated going to the top Rope goes for a Frog splash and he hits It! Wait a minute Catio Rolls through and he hits an AA on Slater! Now Catio you can’t see me to Slater, he goes for the five knuckle Shuffle and he hits it! Now Catio Turning Slater over and he locks in the STF! And Slater is gotta tap! Catio advances to the Heist Match!

Winner Via Submission: Angelo Catio

Impressive Victory by Angelo Catio and now in the heist match as the third participant But coming up next we will be seeing our main event for this evening and the final qualifying match for tonight as 2 of the top lightweights in SFW face off for the 4th spot in the heist ladder match as Mil Almas Faces Ropati and that match is right now

Main Event Heist Match Qualifying Match: Mil Almas VS Ropati

These 2 are 2 of the top lightweights in SFW and possibly the world they have put on stellar matches but surprisingly this is the first time they will be facing off one on one although they have faced off in multi man matches. Alright here we go Almas and Ropati Locking up, Ropati Coming ahead with a headlock, Almas Pushes him off and then pulls him back for a Clothesline but Ropati ducks it and hits a nice one armed Straight Jacket Takedown. Almas back up Ropati Whips him against the ropes, Almas Rebounds, Ropati goes for a hip toss, Almas Blocks it and turns it into a hip toss of his own, Ropati Back up, Almas Goes for a dropkick Ropati blocks it, Almas gets back up and then Ropati hits a hurricanruna on him, Almas now enters the corner, Ropati runs at him and then he hits a Monkey Flip from the corner on Almas. Ropati going to the top rope goes for a double foot stomp and he hits it! Ropati going for the cover early on 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Almas. That was a pretty close pinfall for so early on in the match. Almas Back up Ropati Goes for another Hurricanruna but Almas reverses it and Powerbombs Ropati! Almas going to the top Rope goes for a Frog Splash but Ropati moves out of the way, Almas Back up Ropati kicks him in the gut and then hits him with a vicious DDT, Ropati then rebounds off the ropes goes for a running Legdrop but almas rolls out of the way. Ropati Gets up and then he eats A Superkick from Almas! Almas going up top now goes for a 450 splash on Ropati and he nails it! Cover by Almas 1…2….thre- NO! Kickout by Ropati! Almas in position Ropati Trying to get up but he gets hit with the Corredor de la muerte BAYBAY! Cover by Almas 1…2…3! Almas is going to Bankheist!

Winner: Mil Almas

Congratulations to Almas on the win but what a hard fought match we saw between Almas and Ropati. Definitely fitting of the first ever main event of Saturday night battlefield. Thank you all for watching and we’ll see you guys next week BAYBAY!

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Name: Jarrod Gardyner

Age: 19

Height: 6’3

Weight: 179 pounds


Allegiance: Face

Gimmick: Ice Man

Alliance: Ice Cold (Conor Bramson)

Fighting Style: Agile Technician

Strengths: Mat Wrestling, Ring General, Workrate

Weaknesses: Mic Skills, Charisma, Singles


Signature 1: Crash Cart (Shotgun Kick)

Signature 2: 450 Splash

Finisher 1: Concussion Protocol (Fisherman Snap Brainbuster)

Finisher 2: Dementia (Dragon Sleeper w/ body scissors)

Tag Team Finisher: Mental Health (Fisherman Snap Brainbuster + Piece Of Mind)


Name: Conor Bramson

Age: 22

Height: 5'10

Weight: 196 pounds


Allegiance: Face

Gimmick: Psycho Killer (Ciampa's Gimmick)

Alliance: Ice Cold (Jarrod Gardyner)

Fighting Style: Strike Heavy All-Around

Strengths: Stiff!, Oozes Charisma,

Weaknesses: Stamina, Too Stiff Sometimes


Signature 1: Suergeon's Precision (Kota Ibushi Strike Combo)

Finisher 1: Absolute Zero (Bridging Package Powerbomb Into a Middle Turnbuckle)

Finisher 2: Piece Of Mind (Bomaye To The Back Of The Head)

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27 minutes ago, Flynn said:

Gotta say I got a little behind on this FD but your still doing a great job writing it all out for sure. If I may ask, are we allowed to create another character and I apologize if it's already been asked/answered.

OOC: If you wanna create a second character sure but i would have to keep your old one still in as well. If you wanna change your character slightly then i can write a storyline about it  

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