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4 hours ago, FDS said:

OOC: If you wanna create a second character sure but i would have to keep your old one still in as well. If you wanna change your character slightly then i can write a storyline about it  

No need to remove my old one, I was just thinking if you do need more of a roster I can create another lol.

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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Ark Universe

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: 5'10

Finisher(s): Cosmic Bang (Corkscrew Senton), Chemical Imbalance (Fall of Angels)

Signature(s) : Universe 79(because gold is number 79 on the table) {Jackie Chan by angelico) Top rope dropkick

Gimmick: Chosen One(believes he is gods gift to wrestling)

Attire: simliar to angelico in season 1 of lucha underground just instead of green its gold

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener

Tag Team: 

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On 8/14/2016 at 5:33 AM, Flynn said:

No need to remove my old one, I was just thinking if you do need more of a roster I can create another lol.

Create another one if you want just fill in the sign up sheet again with a different guy 

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at SFW Friday night Carnage 17 The Continental Title Tournament Continues as Daniel Vice Takes on Nathan Black, Overheel Takes on Dunstan 2k and Brett Storm and Liam Starr Finally settle things in a 1 on 1 match. Thats not all as We will be able to see Television Champion in Action as he takes on Jack Vice. Its a big Show so you don't wanna miss this! 

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SFW Friday Night Carnage 17

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to SFW Friday night Carnage BAYBAY! Tonight we will see More Continental Championship tournament action as well as our television champion Chris White in action but before that we actually have our general manager in the ring and he is going to address who will be challenging Chris white and David Haskins at SFW Bankheist.

FDHogan in ring segment

Whats up Brother! Now I’m not gonna beat up the bush and while we have 2 of our title matches basically in the books jack, we still have 2 more championships that need to be defended at the Pay-per-view which is why I have a plan. First the Television title, tomorrow night on SFW Battlefield we will have a battle Royal of everyone who has been unable to win in the continental championship tournament as well as a few other Surprise Entrants Brother! Next up we have the lightweight championship now the lightweight title is all about excitement which is why I have the perfect way to crown our New Number one contender for the title which is why tonight we will be having a fatal 4 way TLC Match to determine the number one contender for the title now this is a pinfall TLC match so the only way to win is Via pinfall or submission, well that part is pretty obvious brother but you’re probably wondering about the participants well unfortunately I cannot reveal them as I will have to wait for the results of tonight’s matches however I think I know what’s going to happen in those matches so I’ll get back to you on that. Now as you may notice we have a blank spot on the card so I figured jack that I’d make an impromptu match right now for our main event. Since King Slim decided to cost Ryan Reeves the world championship in our main event tonight Those 2 will Go one on one but kicking us off its time for our continental title tournament to continue as we have the debut of Dunstan 2K as he takes on Overheel So lets go Brother!

Match 1 SFW Continental Title tournament Round 1: Overheel VS Dunstan 2K

Alright Ladies and gentlemen right now we have the first match of round 1 for tonight as we see the debut of Dunstan 2K definitely on the smaller side of athletes however I don’t think his size will matter as he is facing off against Overheel. Interesting attire from Dunstan but hey I’m not one to judge. Ok Here we go the bell sounds and we are off Dunstan Goes straight after Overheel and nails him with a massive uppercut and then follows it up with a clothesline for a smaller guy he sure hits pretty hard. Dunstan Irish Whips Overheel against the ropes, Overheel rebounds, Dunstan Drops down, Overheel rebounds again and this time Dustan hits him with a back body drop, Now Dustan Gets Overheel back up, in position to suplex him but Overheel counters him and turns it into a swinging neckbreaker, Dustan back up Overheel Goes for a running Clothesline however Dustan Ducks it and then hits a leaping neckbreaker on Overheel. Overheel Back up but Dunstan hits him right back down to the ground with an Elbow Smash to the face of Overheel and following it up with a DDT. Cover by Dunstan 1…Kickout at 1 by Overheel. Dunstan now Applying a Headlock on the ground on Overheel, Overheel Trying to build momentum and he gets back up and now he pushes Dunstan off and into the corner, Dunstan Turns around and Overheel Runs at Dunstan goes for a running corner splash but Dunstan Moves out of the way, Overheel Turns around  and gets hit with a running knee! Cover by Dunstan 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Overheel. Dunstan now going to the top rope possibly going for the five star frog splash but Overheel back up and he hits an enzuguri on a prone Dunstan, Overheel now going up to the top rope and he gets Dunstan in position and hits a top rope Hurricanruna! Now he goes onto the ropes and hits a springboard corkscrew to a grounded Dunstan! I don’t think Overheel has ever done that! Cover by Overheel 1…2…thre- NO! Dunstan kicked out! Now Overheel frustrated he’s going up to the top rope but wait Dunstan Back up but Overheel isn’t staying on the top Rope he runs at Dunstan but Dustan tosses him in the air, POP UP SUPERKICK BAYBAY! Cover by Dunstan 1…2…3! Its over Dunstan Advances to the quarter finals!

Winner and Advancing to the quarter finals: Dunstan 2K

Although a strong showing from Overheel, Dunstan gets the victory and he will face the winner of Nathan Clarke and Flaming Dragon but up next we are gonna be continuing the tournament as Daniel Vice takes on Nathan Black.

Match 2 SFW Continental Title Tournament Round 1: Nathan Black VS Daniel Vice

These 2 men are quite familiar with each other both SFW Originals breaking together both of these men have had pretty good careers in SFW Vice was actually in the match to crown the inaugural SFW World Champion, of course he didn’t win but he did pretty good. As for Nathan he’s won a fair few matches in SFW although he hasn’t yet challenged for a title but hey he is a bit of a dark horse in this tournament so maybe he will get the win tonight and hell maybe even the whole tournament. Ok here we go Vice and Black lock up, Vice coming out ahead has him in a headlock, Black pushes Vice off, Vice rebounds off the ropes Goes for a rebound clothesline on Black but Black ducks it and hits a leaping neckbreaker on Vice. Black rebounds off the ropes and he hits a big Leg drop on Vice. Now Black going to the top rope goes for a diving Elbow Drop and he manages to hits it! Cover by Black 1…Kickout at 1 by Vice. Vice Back up  Black goes for Dropkick Vice blocks it, Black Back up and Vice Knocks him right back down with a big Clothesline turning him inside out, Vice now grabbing Black and gets him back to his feet and then gets him in position to suplex him and Gets him up and turns it into a jack hammer or Suplex powerslam or whatever you want to call it baybay! Cover by Vice 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Black. Vice gets Black Up again and he gets  him in the position to Powerbomb him (Angelo Catio’s music hits) Wait a minute what’s Catio Doing out here wait he’s walking down to the ring Vice distracted wait Black Turns Him Around and he hits the Blackout BAYBAY! Now Black Going to the top rope SWANTON BOMB BAYBAY! Cover by Black 1…2…3! Black Advances!

Winner and Advancing to the quarter finals: Nathan Black

It was a good match but I guess Catio getting even with Vice for last week when he cost Catio his spot in the tournament. Nonetheless Congratulations to Nathan Black who advances in the tournament he will be taking on BIC in the second round. Up next we take a short break from the tournament as Jack Vice Takes on Television Champion Chris White

Match 3: Chris White VS Jack Vice


Ladies and gentlemen this is the first time we have seen our TV Champion in action since SFW No Escape where he defeated Hollow in a steel Cage match. Tonight he takes on Jack Vice In a one on one match so here we go. Vice and White lock up, Chris coming out ahead and he German Suplexes Vice right out of the gate and now he’s working down the leg of Vice with him dropping a knee on it and then locking In an inverted Indian death lock holding it in there for a full 10 seconds before releasing it and then he locks in the Olympic lock and Vice is gonna tap! Damn that was quick!

Winner: Chris White

Well damn Baybay White finished vice off extremely quickly. It looks like White is calling for a Mic. Looks like he’s got something to say.

Chris White: Well it looks like tomorrow night at battlefield we’re crowning a new number one contender for My television title and I cannot wait because I have faced every challenge that has been thrown in my way so far so whoever I end up facing at SFW No Escape I’m sure we’ll have a great match!

Nathan Clarkes Music hits, He stands on the ramp with a mic in hand

Nathan Clarke: Chris, you have something I want and I know I’m in the television title tournament but I am here to announce that I will also be in the battle Royal to determine the number one contender for your championship. You see at Bankheist not only will I walk out as the SFW Continental Champion I will also walk out with SFW Television championship after I win the battle royal and beat your ass and prove that Ireland is the better country and that America and its athletes are nothing!

Chris White: Sure Nathan you can believe that but what if you get eliminated from the tournament and lose the battle Royal? Well I guess you haven’t thought of that, anyway I’ll see you there if you manage to win and I’ll win it for America!

Definitely some fighting words there if this match does take place I cannot wait to see who would win that match but that’s the possible future lets talk about what’s about to happen As the Continental Title Tournament continues and Brett Storm and Liam Starr finally meet one on one and the winner advances.

Match 4 SFW Continental Title tournament Round 1: Brett Storm VS Liam Starr

Well ladies and gentlemen this match has been brewing ever since Liam Starr’s debut back at SFW Warzone and although the 2 men faced off in a fatal four way at No Escape they now finally get to meet one on one and with extremely big stakes. Alright the match kicks off and both men just Run at each other and start hitting each other with lefts and rights and Storm the Street fighter coming out ahead Clotheslines Starr and Starr hits the Mat hard. Storm Gets Starr up and Whips him into the corner and hits with a clothesline in the corner now Storm Going up top he waits for Starr to get up goes for a Diving Axe handle on Starr but Starr Counters it and intercepts it with a drop Kick! Starr then goes for a springboard moonsault and he hits it! Starr Now Going up top possibly going for the Shooting Starr Press but Storm gets back to his feet almost straight away and Hits Starr in the face and then Storm climbing to Up to the top Rope with Starr, Double under hook on Starr and he Double Under hook Suplexes him off the top Rope! What a Move! Cover by Storm 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Starr. Storm Now Dropping standing elbows 1 elbow drop, 2 elbow Drops and 3 Elbow Drops By Storm. Storm now going up to the top Rope Trying for a Frog Splash but Starr Rolls out of the way, Storm feeling the effect of it and Starr Taking Advantage locks in a Boston Crab on Storm, Storm Crawling to the ropes and he just manages to make it forcing Starr to Break the hold. Storm Gets Back to his feet, Starr Runs at Him and he clotheslines him out of the ring, Starr Now running at the ropes, Rebounds and SOMMERSAULT PLANCHA! WOW! What a move by Starr! Starr Now gets Storm Back up and throws him in the ring, Starr then follows him but Storm Managed to get back to his feet and he hits Starr with a Vicious Knee to the Face! Storm Now locking in an STF On Starr, Starr Crawling his way over to the ropes and he just makes it and forces storm to break the Hold. Storm Gets Starr back up and German Suplexes him but it looks like he’s taking a page out of the Television Champions Book by suplexing him not once not twice but 3 times! Now Storm in the corner he makes a gun with his hand and he fires it off Looking for the bullet, He goes for it but Starr Ducks it, Storm Turns around and he gets hit with the Pelé kick! Storm now on the ground, Starr going up top Goes for the Shooting Starr Press and he lands it! Cover by Starr 1…2… Kickout at 2 by Storm! Starr Now calling for the SOS, Storm Back up, Starr goes for the SOS but Storm ducks under it and he Counters with a Bullet! Cover by Storm 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Starr! Storm Now Gets Starr up tries to go for the storm driver but Starr Reverses it into a Suplex now both men down. Now Storm and Starr Slowly getting back to there feet, Both men now trading shots, Storm getting a few more in and he goes and rebounds off the ropes and he goes for a clothesline on Starr but Starr drops down, Storm Rebounds again and Starr Runs at him and hits with a Running Crossbody, Starr gets Storm up kicks him in the gut, Goes against the ropes and rebounds and hits a Famouser! Now Starr Calling for the SOS, Storm gets back to his and this time Starr hits the SOS BAYBAY! Starr Not going for the pin instead he goes to the legs of Storm and he locks in the StarrShooter! Storm Trying his best not to tap but he has no choice he has to tap out! Starr wins!

Winner and Advancing to the quarter Finals: Liam Starr

What a match we just saw in my opinion that has been the best match in the continental title tournament so far, a well deserved victory for Starr he will face Jack Willow in the quarter Finals. Now it is time for our main event as Former World Champion Ryan Reeves takes on The self proclaimed perfect 10 king slim

Main Event: Ryan Reeves VS King Slim

Well this match is bound to be amazing, I don’t know if it will top Starr VS Storm but it sure as hell will be a good match. Reeves obviously Frustrated with Slim after he cost him the world title Last week so I think reeves is going to be pretty pissed.  Here we go Reeves goes for a clothesline right out of the gate but slim ducks it and as Reeves turns around he flashes the perfect 10 taunt, that obviously just aggravated Reeves even more as he charges at Slim but slim throws him into the corner and Reeves shoulder hits the post and Slim rolls him up 1…2…3! WHAT ITS OVER????
Winner: King Slim

What the hell? Slim just pinned Reeves extremely quickly and Now Slim is running away but reeves is chasing after him and runs at him and he clotheslines Slim down to the ground, Reeves is absolutely livid he gets Slim up and he Powerbombs him on the stage wait a minute Here comes the world champion now he’s running at Reeves and those 2 are now brawling Reeves Coming out ahead,  Reeves moves back and then hits the Sanity Breaker On Jack! Now Reeves picking up the world Championship and raising it above his head! Ladies and gentlemen that’s all we’ve got time for and we’ll see you tomorrow for SFW Saturday night Battlefield BAYBAY!  


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Don't Miss SFW Saturday Night Battlefield as we have an amazing main event as We Crown a new number 1 contender for the Television championship in a 10 man battle Royal. Not only that Daniel Vice has demanded a qualifying match for the heist match and he's getting one but he has to beat his younger brother Jack Vice, Not only that but our Lightweight Champion David Haskins Will be in action as he takes on Ropati in a non title match. We did originally plan on having a match to determine the number 1 contender for the lightweight title but that match will take place next week on SFW Friday Night Carnage. 

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SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 2

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to SFW Saturday Night Battlefield Baybay! Tonight we are going to see 3 amazing matches and some of the biggest names in SFW are going to be competing tonight so you don’t wanna miss this and We are kicking off with a battle Royal

Match 1: 10 man number 1 contenders Battle Royal for the SFW Television Championship (Nathan Clarke, Ropati, Will Slater, Connor Bramson, Jarrod Gardyner, Overheel, Brett Storm, Flaming Dragon, Drake Clover,    James Roman)

Alright here we go these 10 men have all been able to make into this match however the thing about 2 of these competitors is that if they win they could have to wrestle twice in one night those 2 men being James Roman and Nathan Clarke, Another interesting thing is the debut of 2 new Wrestlers in SFW Jarrod Gardyner and Connor Bramson i wonder how these 2 will fair against some of the guys who have been here for a good while like Brett Storm, Overheel and Ropati. Alright the ref sounds the bell and Right out of the Gat Bramson and Gardyner working together separating another one of the tag teams in SFW Flaming Dragon and Will Slater, Now Gardyner and Bramson Grabbing Both Slater and Dragon Irish whipping them onto the apron and the charge at them and They Hit them both with knees to the face and Just Like that Slater and Dragon are eliminated from the battle Royal. Wait from behind Nathan Clarke eliminating Gardyner! Now Brett Storm Grabbing Bramson, how will Bramson fair without his tag team partner it doesn’t look good as Storm is beating down Bramson in the corner. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Ropati and Overheel Working together to take on Clover and Roman. Ropati and Roman Going at it Ropati goes for a hurricanruna on Roman But Roman Counters it and turns it into a Powerbomb and Powerbombs Ropati out of the ring Eliminating him, Meanwhile Overheel and Drake Clover going at it, Clover going for a death valley driver out of the ring but Overheel lands on his feet on the apron, Clover goes for a clothesline trying to eliminate Overheel but Overheel ducks underneath and Clover falls out of the ring and Clover is eliminated! Overheel waving goodbye to clover. We are down to Overheel, Storm, Bramson, Roman and Clarke. Overheel goes for a springboard Clothesline on Bramson and he hits it! Overheel Grabs Bramson gets him up tries to eliminate but Bramson hangs on Overheel trying his best to eliminate him but Roman comes from behind and eliminates both of them! Wait Clarke going from behind and he eliminates Roman! Its down to Clarke and Storm these 2 are tag team partners and now they have to go at it. Clarke now turning to storm he goes for a running clothesline on storm but storm ducks it, Clarke rebounds and Storm hits the Bullet on Clarke! Now Storm goes to throw Clarke over the top rope but Clarke reverses and throws storm over but storm holds on but For not long because Clarke Hits the Brogue Kick Eliminating Storm and Ending the Match! The Number one contender for the TV Title is in Fact Nathan Clarke BAYBAY!

Winner and Number 1 Contender for the SFW Television Championship: Nathan Clarke

Clarke manages to pick up the victory which means at SFW Bankheist he will challenge the Television Champion (Chris Whites Music Hits) Speaking of which here comes the champion with the belt, Now these 2 men staring each other down and White Raising the championship above his head. Clarke looks at the championship and seems to be saying that’s going to be mine soon. Alright Now we got to get to our next match.

Match 2 Heist Match Qualifier: Daniel Vice VS Jack Vice

Here we go the battle of brothers, Daniel Wanted to get into the heist match so he could get his hands on Catio and Jack wanted another shot at getting into the match but he has to beat his brother who has been much more successful than he has so lets see how this goes. Alright the match Starts off with a handshake from the brothers and then the 2 men lock up, Jack Pushes Daniel into the corner and releases the tie up and hits Daniel with a chop to the chest and then a punch to the face, Jack runs back and then hits a corner clothesline on Daniel, Daniel Falls down in the corner now Jack goes for a knee to the grounded Daniel but Daniel moves out of the way, Jack turns around and Daniel hits him with a dropkick. Jack into the corner and Daniel Follows him with a corner Splash to Jack, Jack Moving out of the corner and he falls to the ground, Daniel now going up to the top rope and he goes for an elbow drop but Jack Moves out of the way, Daniel on the ground and Jack Hits a standing shooting star press. Jack Now gets Daniel on his feet, He Irish whips him into the ropes, Daniel Rebounds and Jack Flapjacks him. Now Jack going to the top Rope and he going for a frog splash and he hit it! Jack turns Daniel over into a cover 1…Kickout at 1 by Daniel. Jack now back up gets Daniel up, gets him on his shoulders firemen’s carry position possibly looking for the vice cutter but Daniel Counters it and slips out of it, Daniel Irish Whips Jack into the corner and then he gets him up onto the top rope, Daniel goes up with him, Daniel with the double underhook and he hits a double underhook DDT from the top Rope! Vice isn’t done he goes to the top rope and he goes for the Elbow drop and he hits it! Cover by Daniel 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Jack. Daniel gets jack up and whips him against the ropes, Jack Rebounds into a massive high knee! Now Daniel gets jack back up on his shoulders and he hits the Vice Cutter! Cover by Daniel 1…2…3! Its Over and Vice is going to be in the Heist match!

Winner: Daniel Vice

Very impressive win by Daniel Vice and now he’ll be able to get his hands on Angelo Catio (Angelo Catio’s theme hits he comes running down to the ring) it looks like Catio wants to get his hands on Vice Early and he jumps on him and starts beating him down with lefts and rights to the face but I don’t think Daniel’s brother is going to let that happen as jack throws Catio off of him and out of the ring obviously he’s not just going to let someone just beat down his brother. Alright well its time for our main event as our lightweight champion is in action against the man who has already competed tonight Ropati.

Main Event: David Haskins VS Ropati

Ok here we go 2 of the best competitors in the lightweight division hell I’d even say in the entirety of SFW BAYBAY! These 2 men have proven that they can compete at the highest level David Haskins of course is the lightweight champion and he won it after working his ass off and Ropati of course has been in SFW since the beginning unfortunately his win loss record is not the best however he has been able to put on amazing matches. Ok here we go Ropati hitting some kicks to the side of Haskins, Haskins then counters with a few chops to the chest of Ropati and then Irish whips him into the ropes, Ropati rebounds Haskins goes for a clothesline but Ropati ducks it and then hits a springboard neckbreaker on Haskins nice maneuverer there. Now Ropati going up to the top rope he goes for a moonsault on Haskins and he hits it! Cover by Ropati 1…Kickout at 1 by Haskins. Ropati now back up he goes for a Lionsault but Haskins rolls out of the way and now Haskins gets Ropati up and throws him into the corner, Haskins runs back into the other corner turns around and hits a corner Dropkick on Ropati! Ropati now on the ground out of the corner, Haskins going to the top rope he goes for an Elbow Drop and he lands it! Cover by Haskins 1… Kickout at 1 by Ropati. Haskins gets Ropati Up and he goes for a suplex on Ropati but Ropati lands on his feet And then hits a pele kick as Haskins turns around, Now Ropati going to the top rope and he goes for a double foot stomp on Haskins and he hits it! Cover by Ropati 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Haskins. Haskins back to his feet and Ropati Hits and RKO out of nowhere! Ropati now calling for sweet chin music, Haskins back up and Ropati Nails him with Sweet Chin Music BAYBAY! Cover by Ropati 1…2…3! OH MY GOD! ROPATI JUST PINNED THE CHAMPION!

Winner: Ropati

Ropati just pinned the lightweight Champion! My god! This could definitely give him the opportunity to get into the match to determine the number 1 contender for the man who he just pinned for the title. Anyway That’s all we have time for we’ll see you Friday for SFW Friday night carnage but for now thank you all for watching and we’ll see you Friday BAYBAY!  

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Coming up at SFW Friday Night Carnage the last 2 round 1 Continental Title Tournament matches will be taking place As the number 1 contender for the Television Championship looks to continue his hot streak by beating Flaming Dragon and James Roman Takes on Drake Clover to see who will advance in the tournament. Not only that but we will crown a number one contender for the SFW Lightweight championship in a fatal 4 way match as Ropati takes on Overheel, Will Slater and The debuting Ark Universe. Thats not all We will see the debut of SFW's newest tag team as Ice Pick, Jarrod Gardyner and Connor Bramson, Take on the Vice Brothers, Jack and Daniel Vice. To cap it all off our main event will feature our television champion teaming with our world champion as the team of Chris White and Prince Jack III take on the team of King Slim and Bic.

Now thats all for match card announcements we now have enough Tag teams to have an SFW tag division we however do not have enough tag teams for the creation of a tag team title.  

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SFW Friday Night Carnage 18


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to SFW Friday Night Carnage BAYBAY! Tonight we will see the tag team debut of SFW’s newest Tag Team Ice Pick, We will also be seeing the World champion and TV Champion teaming to take on King Slim and BIC. Not only that but we finish off the first round of the continental title tournament but before we get to all of that we are about crown a number 1 contender for the SFW lightweight Championship

Match 1 Number one Contenders Fatal Four way for the SFW Light Weight Championship: Ropati VS Overheel VS Will Slater VS Ark Universe

Here we go kicking off with the hottest division in SFW, in this division you are guaranteed to see highflying, fast paced action. What is interesting about this match is Slater, Overheel and Ropati have been members of SFW for a long time but this match is the debut of Ark Universe so the question is: How will he fair against 3 of the best in the SFW Lightweight division. Here we go All 4 men staring each other down you can tell that they all want the opportunity and now Ropati goes after Overheel and Ark And Slater begin to go at it, Ropati and Overheel hitting each other with punches to the head, Ropati coming ahead and he throws Overheel into the corner, gets him on the top rope he goes up with him and he goes for a suplex off the top rope but Overheel Blocks it and pushes Ropati off and he hits a Dropkick off the top rope! Meanwhile Ark has taken control off Slater, He Irish whips him into the ropes ark goes for a dropkick but Slater pushes him off and then he goes for a spring board dropkick on Ark and he hits it! Ropati now See’s Slater he grabs him and he German Suplexes him from behind! Wait but Ropati wasn’t paying attention to Overheel on the top rope and he hits Ropati with a Blockbuster! Now Overheel goes to the top rope goes for a diving corkscrew moonsault on Ark but Ark Rolls out of the way, Ark goes to the top rope Overheel back to his feet and he hits a top rope dropkick! Cover by Ark 1…2…Ropati breaks it up, Ark Gets up and he gets hit with an RKO By Ropati! Cover by Ropati 1…2…Slater breaks it up. Slater Grabs Ropati Impaler DDT! Slater looks like he’s going for a cover but he didn’t see Overheel get up and he hits him with a jumping STO! Overheel goes to the top and he hits Slater with the diving corkscrew moonsault BAYBAY! Wait A minute Ropati pulls Overheel up and hits him with Sweet chin music BAYBAY! Cover by Ropati 1…2…3! OH MY GOD ROPATI IS THE NUMBER 1 CONTENDER!
Winner and Number 1 contender for the SFW Lightweight Championship: Ropati

I did not expect that, Ropati becoming the number 1 contender for the lightweight championship (David Haskins music hits) well speaking of the lightweight champion here he comes now, Is Haskins gonna attack Ropati? Wait he’s extending his arm offering a handshake to Ropati and Ropati accepts! It looks like David Haskins just said, “good job you deserve it”. What a classy move by Haskins but we don’t have much time to cover it as now we have to get into round 1 action for the continental title tournament and remember at SFW Bankheist both the semi final matches and final match will be taking place but before that we have the two more qualifying matches starting with Drake Clover VS James Roman

Match 2 Round 1 SFW continental title tournament: Drake Clover VS James Roman

Alright this match a battle of the heavyweights Drake Clover and James Roman. Here. We. Go. And Roman right out of the gate with a massive big boot, Now Roman gets Clover up and he hits him with a Powerbomb! Now Roman going to the top rope, Clover back up and a Spear from the top rope! He Calls that Gravity’s Adjustment BAYBAY minus the BAYBAY! Cover by Roman 1…2…3! Wow that was quick!
Winner and Advancing to the quarter finals: James Roman

What a dominant performance by James Roman if you don’t have a pick for this tournament yet I’d put money on this guy I mean he just destroyed Clover within a few Seconds. Well I guess lets move onto our next match, a tag team match with 2 extremely good tag teams: The New Comers Ice pick take on The Vice brothers

Match 3: Ice Pick (Jarrod Gardyner and Connor Bramson) VS The Vice brothers (Jack Vice and Daniel Vice)

Well ladies and gentlemen this match actually makes history, we are witnessing the first ever Official SFW tag division match and what a way to kick it off the Vice brothers who are 2 SFW Veterans and Ice pick an internationally successful tag team. Now its time to see how the fair in the jungle that is SFW. Alright Jack and Bramson starting off this match, starting it with a basic collar and elbow tie up but then Bramson pushes Jack away and hits him with a dropkick, Jack back to his feet Bramson goes for a clothesline Jack ducks and hits a springboard Neckbreaker on Bramson, Jack gets Bramson up and throws him into the corner and tags in Daniel they get him in position for a double suplex and they hit it Cover by Daniel 1….2…Kickout at 2 by Bramson. Now Daniel with the chinlock on Bramson, Bramson trying to get out of it Gardyner calling for the crowd to cheer him on, Bramson getting up he elbows Daniel in the gut and then turns the headlock into a back suplex and then he jumps over to his corner to make the tag at the same time that Daniel Tags in Jack, Now Gardyner and Jack in, Gardyner hits Jack with a clothesline right out of the gate Jack gets back up but he gets sent right back down with a dropkick, Jack back up again but this time he gets german Suplexed by Gardyner, Now Jack Down Gardyner now runs over to the corner of Daniel and Dropkicks him off the apron and now Daniel now Gardyner in the corner waiting for Jack to get back he does and he turns around into a Shotgun Kick! He calls that the Crash Cart! Now Gardyner whips Jack into the corner and tags in Bramson, Bramson hits the Piece of mind and then into Gardyner’s Concussion Protocol! They Call that Mental Health BAYBAY! Cover by Bramson 1…2…3! And that is the first win in the SFW Tag Division!

Winners: Ice Pick

Now that was the first official match of the SFW Tag Division and there will be more to come but that’s all the tag division action for tonight although our main event is a tag team match. Now its time for the last first round match of the continental title tournament the quarter finals will be kicking off tomorrow night on SFW Battlefield however before we get to that we actually have an announcement from our GM FDHogan

FDHogan Announcement

Whats Up brothers! I have a huge announcement regarding SFW Bankheist, for the first time ever we will be having a pre-show! Now this won’t be just any old pre-show Jack! Its gonna be huge you see on the pre-show we are going to have a 3 matches on the pre-show, the first match being a tag team triple threat match to show off all the great SFW Tag teams we have to offer. Not only that we are also going to be seeing a number 1 contenders for the SFW lightweight Championship match, the winner of that match receiving a shot at the Lightweight Championship at SFW Heatwave. I will be announce the Final match tomorrow night on SFW Saturday Night battlefield BROTHER!

Match 4 Round 1 SFW continental title tournament: Nathan Clarke VS Flaming Dragon

Well here we go with the man who says he’s going to walk out a double champ at SFW Bankheist Nathan Clarke and he’s gonna take on Lightweight Veteran Flaming Dragon. Alright we kick it off with Clarke Hitting Dragon with an axe handle right out of the gate, Dragon wasn’t expecting that he’s still down now Clarke getting Dragon back up and he just throws him back down and now he’s got him a headlock and is just punching him repeatedly while he is trapped in the headlock before releasing on the 8th punch, Now Clarke Gets Dragon up on the tope rope and he German Suplexes him right back down! I don’t think he’s done now he’s going to the other corner and he gets Dragon up there and he German Suplexes him Down again, I think he’s doing it in every corner and he gets him up in the third corner and he Does it again! Now Clarke gets him up onto the last one and does it for a final time! Now Clarke Calling for Dragon to get up possibly looking to end this with the brogue kick (Chris Whites theme hits) Wait here comes the TV Champ and Clarke turns around now he’s yelling at him to get in the ring and he’s staring at White. WAIT A MINUTE FROM BEHIND DRAGON ROLLS UP CLARKE WITH A SCHOOLBOY 1…2…3! ITS OVER DRAGON MOVES ON!

Winner and Advancing to the quarter finals: Flaming Dragon

WOW! Dragon managed to get the win over Clarke just barely, I mean give a major assist to Chris White speaking of which Now White sliding into the ring and now Clarke pounces on him stomping on him calling for the brogue kick, Clarke goes for it but White catches and Reverses it and puts him into the Olympic lock! White has a match right now we need to get him off Clarke so he can wrestle this tag match and the officials manage to get White to release the hold wait a minute here comes our GM FDHogan

FDHogan: Listen Up brothers I think Clarke can wrestle one more match so I think we make this a six man tag team match its gonna be Nathan Clarke, Bic and King Slim VS Chris White, Prince Jack III and….RYAN REEVES!

Holy Crap we now have a huge match between 6 of the best in SFW. Lets kick this off Right now.

Main Event: Ryan Reeves, Prince Jack III and Chris White VS BIC, King Slim and Nathan Clarke

Here we go all 6 men out here Reeves and BIC starting off this match, they begin to lock up but BIC breaks it up and just pushes Reeves, BIC you don’t wanna do that and now he’s pissed off Reeves, Reeves now going psycho on BIC hitting him with hard shots, Now Grabbing his head and kneeing him over and over again, BIC down now he gets whipped against the ropes he rebounds an Reeves hits a clothesline, Now Reeves going up top possibly Looking for the crazed thrust but BIC slides out of the ring and now BIC, Slim and Clarke strategizing but not for long as Jack, Reeves and White Rush them, White taking on Clarke, Jack on Slim and Reeves on BIC. White gets Clarke up and A German Suplexes him! Jack Gets Slim up and hits a big vertical suplex and Slim Lands on the apron! Now Reeves gets BIC in a position and he hits a double Underhook Powerbomb! Reeves throws BIC in the ring and goes for a cover 1…2…Kickout at 2 by BIC. BIC is all alone right now as both of his partners have been laid out meanwhile Reeves and his partners are all in pretty good positions. Now Reeves tags in White, Reeves hits a Clothesline on BIC and White follows it up with a running Splash, Cover By White 1…2…Kickout at 2 By BIC. Damn BIC is resilient, Well Slim and Clarke are back up on the apron they both still seem hurt but they know they need to help out BIC so they’re both reaching for the tag, BIC Manages to create some separation between himself and White by hitting him with a Superkick! Now BIC reaching for the tag and he gets it and Tags in Slim! Slim gets White up and he hits him with a fishermen suplex! Cover by slim 1…Kickout at 1 by White. Now Slim Whips him into the corner and Tags in Clarke and they hit a double Back Suplex on White, Clarke Bridges into the cover 1…2…Kickout at 2 by White Now Clarke Gets him on the top rope in there corner BIC tags in Clarke as he does this and Clarke German Suplexes White to the ground and BIC hits a standing Shooting Star Press! And he taunts the crowd by Saying “that was perfect!” and the covers White 1…2…Kickout at 2 by White. Now BIC Gets White up, he goes for no Regret but White Pushes him off into the ropes. BIC rebounds and White German Suplexes Him not once, Not Twice But 3 times! White has made some separation between himself and BIC Now both men Crawling to their corners to make a tag and they Both make a tag White Tags in Jack and BIC tags in Clarke, Jack starts off with a huge Dropkick to Clarke, Clarke back up Jack follows it u with a Franken Steiner! Now Jack going to the top rope he goes for a senton bomb but Clarke Rolls out of the way, Now Jack back up and he gets hit with a brogue kick out of nowhere! Cover By Clarke 1…2… Reeves looks like he’s going to break it up but Slim catches him with a low blow that the ref didn’t see, then white goes for it but BIC Superkicks him knocking him to the ground! Meanwhile Clarke gets the 3 count winning the match!

Winners: BIC, King Slim and Nathan Clarke

Well these 3 men come away with the victory but even bigger news is that Clarke Pinned the world champ now the victors running away up the ramp, Wait a minute Reeves looking down at Jack looking frustrated, He helps Jack up and has him on his shoulder but then he gets him in the position for the destabilizer and he hits it! Now Chris Back up and He gets hit with the sanity Breaker, He’s obviously sending a message here. Well that’s all we have time for guys we’ll see you tomorrow night For SFW Saturday Night Battlefield but for now SEE YA BAYBAY!     

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The Quarter finals of the SFW Continental Title Tournament start tonight on SFW Saturday night Battlefield! Jack Willow takes on Liam Starr, Not only that we will see BIC take on Nathan Black and to end off the night James Roman Looks to continue his destructive path through the tournament and Advance to the Semi Finals as he takes on Alyx Wilde

Updated Tournament Bracket Below 

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 5.23.09 am.png


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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): "Lord" Dawg Morales 

Weight: 278

Height: 6'2

Finisher(s): Morals Teacher (Cross Rhodes) HA GOT EM (Roundhouse Kick)

Signature(s): In Da Hood (He pushes the opponent into the corner and when they bounce back he hits a neckbreaker)

Gimmick: Lord Dawg Morales came from Brookland New York and he tried to be like the other kids in his neighbourhood by acting like a gangsta but he didn't fit in and so he moved to Chelsea England at the age of 15 but has never forgotten his roots

Attire: will-smith-the-fresh-prince-of-bel-air_s

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Face

Tag Team: With someone who is willing to be as gangsta as he is

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SFW Saturday night Battlefield 3


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to SFW Saturday night battlefield! Tonight the Quarter finals of the SFW continental title tournament continue as we see Liam Starr Take on Jack Willow and I our main event James Roman will face Alyx Wilde but before those 2 quarter final match ups we have another as BIC takes on Nathan Black to kick us off tonight so without further a do lets get into this BAYBAY!

Match 1 Quarterfinal SFW Continental Title Tournament: BIC VS Nathan Black

Well this match is guaranteed to be great; these 2 have both been very impressive in their careers so far. So BIC and Black start off they look like they’re about to lock up but BIC rolls out of the ring and grabs a drink of water, Black Follows him out and he goes at BIC who’s leaning against the barricade separating the fans, Black goes for a clothesline into the crowd on BIC but BIC move out of the way and Black Falls down into the crowd onto the solid concrete, BIC then goes back into the ring breaking the count for him but black still on the outside ref up to a count of 4, now 5, Black gets back up and he slowly gets back in the ring at the count of 7 but as soon as he gets back in BIC stomping on Black keeping him on the ground and then he hits him with a knee drop to the face, BIC now applying a Boston crab on Black after pulling him away from the ropes but Black Crawling back to the ropes and he manages to get to them forcing BIC to break the hold but he holds onto it until a count of 4. Black gets back up and turns around but BIC Takes him right Back down with a Jumping STO! Now BIC In the corner calling for Black to get up, Black gets up and BIC Hits Him with a Running Knee! Cover by BIC 1…2…thre-NO! Kickout at 2 and a half by Black! Wow, that was incredible, I’m surprised Black could kick out of that I mean that knee was stiff and that STO on its own can put men down pretty easily, Now BIC Going up to the top Rope he goes for a flying clothesline Black ducks it, BIC Rolls through and turns around into a SUPERKICK! Now Black going up to the top rope he goes for a Senton bomb but BIC Rolls out of the way, BIC Gets Black up in a headlock and he hits him with NO REGRET BAYBAY! Now BIC grabbing the leg of Black and he puts him in an ankle lock, Black Struggling but then BIC puts it into a grapevine! And Black stuck in the middle of the ring and he’s forced to tap out! BIC Advances to the Semi-Finals which means BIC is going to Bankheist

Winner and Advancing to the Semi-Finals: BIC

 An impressive victory for BIC he will now face either Dunstan 2K or Flaming Dragon in the Semi-finals and if he wins there he will face 1 of 4 men those 4 men being Liam Starr, James Roman, Alyx Wilde or Jack Willow we’ll find out the first of the 2 men in the semi finals on the other Brackets as Alyx Wilde takes on James Roman about before that we have an announcement regarding the SFW Pre-show from our general manager FDHogan.

FDHogan Announcement

FDHogan: WHATS UP BROTHER! Listen up dudes we have one more pre-show match to announce and I’m about to do that right now. As you may know there is one spot available in the SFW Bankheist match and we will be filling that last spot with this.

FDHogan Lifts up a contract with four spaces for signatures

This contract is four a fatal 4 way match on the SFW Bankheist pre-show the winner of that match will advance to the SFW Heist match, now I’m going to leave this contract in the SFW locker room and first come first serve once the contract is filled with four signatures brother I will make the match, the contract will be there until SFW Friday Night Carnage 19 Jack, good luck to all of those who wish to get into the match. 

Match 2 Quarterfinal SFW Continental Title Tournament: James Roman VS Alyx Wilde

Alright here we go now these 2 men won their first round matches in completely different fashions, While Angelo Catio Cost Wilde’s opponent Daniel Vice the match, James Roman Destroyed his opponent in his first round match when he took on Drake Clover and Clover isn’t exactly a small guy. Alright here we go with the match starting off and Roman right out of the gate with a clothesline to Wilde, Wilde gets back up and Roman takes him back down with a back body drop, Now Roman Grabs Wilde by the left and Deadlifts him up into Powerbomb position and Wilde gets Powerbombed! Wait Roman isn’t done and he Powerbombs Wilde again! And a third time! Now Roman gets Wilde on his shoulders and he hits Heads will role! Now Roman going to the top Rope, calling for wilde to get up, Wilde gets back up and he gets hit with that massive Spear from the top rope BAYBAY! Cover by Roman 1…2…3! Mercifully its over and Roman Advances to the semi-finals!

Winner and Advancing to the Semi-Finals: James Roman

I feel bad for whoever has to face James Roman in the rest of the tournament, I mean from what we’ve seen of him he just destroys his opponents within a few minutes and once he hits that spear its over. Well speaking of his Opponent its time to find out who that will be in our main event for tonight as Liam Starr takes on Jack Willow

Main event Quarterfinal SFW Continental Title Tournament: Jack Willow VS Liam Starr

Well its time to see who will be James Roman’s Victi- I mean opponent, will it be the High Flying Liam Starr or this man Jack Willow and it looks like Willow has something to say

Jack Willow: my name is jack willow I am a certified g and a bonafide stud and you can’t teach that. When I look back at the SFW roster I see a group of fake tough guys, who I like to call a couple a daisies. How you doin? Look at this I some how have a Mic saber and cuppa haters. HOW YOU DOIN? Tonight I fight Liam Starr, he thinks he’s a star yet he can’t even spell it, so Liam Starr there is only 1 word to describe you and I’m gonna spell it out for ya: S-A-W-F-T, SAWFT!


Well….that was interesting I mean it’s a curious introduction considering last week Willow came out and he was respectful and he wrestled a good match now he comes out and disses his opponent, that doesn’t seem like a very good idea especially against one of the fastest rising stars in SFW no pun intended: Liam Starr! Ok here we go the 2 men lock up, Willow comes out ahead with a German suplex hold but Starr counters into a German suplex hold of his own and German suplexes Willow down to the ground he keeps him in the hold with a bridge into a cover 1…. Kickout at 1 by Willow. Willow back up Starr whips him against the ropes, Willow Rebounds Starr leapfrogs over him, and Willow rebounds again Starr goes for a drop kick but Willow blocks it. Starr gets back up but Willow hits him with an elbow to the face, Starr rocked and Willow now hits a massive knee to the face of Starr and Starr gets knocked down, Willow goes for a standing moonsault and he hits it! Cover by Willow 1…2…. Kickout at 2 by Starr. Willow goes for the big boot early in the match but Starr Ducks it and he hits a springboard elbow to the back of Willow. Now Starr going up to the top rope possibly going for the Shooting Starr Press and he goes for it but Willow gets the knees up! Willow back up, he gets Starr up and he Suplexes him to the ground, Willow now goes into position for the flying forearm, Starr back up, Willow goes for the Flying forearm but Starr ducks it, Willow roles through and turns around into a roundhouse kick from Starr! Now Willow dazed, Starr kicks him in the gut, Starr rebounds off the ropes and hits a Famouser on Willow! Cover by Starr 1…2…Kickout at 2 by Willow. Starr going up top he’s not looking for the shooting Starr press as he’s calling for Willow to get back up, Willow back to his feet and Starr hits a flying Cross body on Willow! Starr now going for a springboard maneuver calling for Willow to get up, wait is Starr going for the flying forearm OH MY GOD HE IS! Starr going for Willows Finishing move, AND HE HITS IT BAYBAY! Now to add insult to injury Starr now locking in the Starrshooter! And Willow Taps out! Starr adavances in the tournament! 

Winner and Advancing to the Semi-Finals: Liam Starr

Ladies and gentlemen thank you all for watching we’ll be back on Friday for SFW Carnage but for now that is all for now. SEE YOU NEXT TIME BAYBAY!

Backstage in the locker room backstage segment

Backstage in the locker room we see someone pick up the contract that FDHogan left in the Locker Room and they sign it, Next Up Brett Storm walks in

Brett Storm: I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before, I see you’ve signed the contract. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be signing it as well.

Brett storm takes the contract and signs his name on the contract

Chris Goliath walks in and snatches the contract out of Storm’s hand and signs it before leaving and dropping it on the ground

Brett Storm: I guess he’s the third that leaves one more spot open, I wonder who will sign it… oh god what the hell is a loser like you doing in here?

Overheel has just walked in with a pen in hand and he signs the contract

Overheel: Entering myself in the match of course

Brett Storm: Fine I guess its Goliath, Overheel, Storm and this new guy

The camera doesn’t show who the new guy is, it just fades to black ending SFW Saturday night battlefield


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Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Tamer.

Weight: 220

Height: 6'0

Finisher(s): Terminal Velocity (Cross Rhodes), Intervention (Reverse GTS)

Signature(s): Elevated Deep Six Lungblower, Reverse 450

Gimmick: Cutthroat competitor who cares about only getting to the top, and will work through anyone on the card to get there.

Attire: Benoit's WM20 Attire.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener

Tag Team: None (though available if you want to put me in one.)

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Tonight on SFW Friday Night Carnage we have a huge main event: A 10 man tag team match. BIC, James Roman, Hollow, Mil Almas and Daniel Vice will take on Liam Starr, Nathan Clarke, Yelich Anderson, Ropati and Angelo Catio that'll be a good one. Our world Champion Prince Jack III will be in action in a Champion VS Champion match as he takes on the lightweight Champion David Haskins. FDHogan will announce the 4 participants in the Fatal 4 way on the SFW Bankheist Pre-show as well as the participants in the triple threat Number 1 contenders match for the lightweight title, the participants of those 2 matches will be in action in a tag team match and a 1 on 1 match, that gives 1 of those men the night off. We also will be having the final Quarterfinal match of the SFW Continental Title tournament as Flaming Dragon takes on Dunstan 2K 

OOC: Carnage is going up late due to the fact that this week i had 2 assignments i had to work and i haven't had time to write it, it shall be up soon though so do not fear 

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