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Hello and welcome to the brand new series Ups and downs of BPZ. Were I look at the events of BPZ and tell you what was good and bad about the Show. These are the Ups and downs from powertrip.

Brother NATO destroying BIC is an Up for me. Bother NATO has been amazing since coming into effect. He works the dark character so well and should continue to get pushed. And well us "smarks" Don't care about BIC if I'm Being honest.

Yelich beating all 3 Nexus members is unfortunately a Down

well that's the nail in the coffin Nexus is buried and now just needs to go away. They lost when they had a 3 to 1 advantage. And yelich probably won't even get a push now making this a pointless win. Nexus should of destroyed him. Terrible booking, way to go BPZ. 

Tamer beating ryan in a back and fourth match is a down for me

Personally I don't mind Tamer winning. Hes git great charisma and is great in the ring. But I believe Ryan should of won to continue the feud into summerslam. Now it just feels like they should move on when if Ryan won they could of had a big final showdown at Summerslam. 

Slim beating Bailey is a Up for me.

Now I like this alot actually. Were putting new stars over like Slim. Plus he just won the title he shouldn't lose it right away. This makes slim look great and he's hot going into summerslam. Where for Bailey I think this can kinda add a new side of him. Hes always been the winner at everything and now since he has returned he's been a loser. This can add something to his character maybe. Idk if his concussion is real or just Kayfabe but hopefully he'll be back at summerslam.  As for as this match tho a great decision by BPZ to put Slim over and build a New star in BPZ. 

Well that is it for the first addition of BPZ ups and downs I will see you Next week for Ups and downs of anarchy TV.

Powertrip was an UP

Edited by bailey14
First episode and i already have botched lol

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Hello I'm Joseph from Smarks Daily and this is a new series called the perfect 5 where I take a BPZ superstar and tell you 5 other Wrestlers we must see him wrestle.


The first guy of this brand new series is nebby amore.


#5: Bailey 


This is a match that needs to happen between the comedy of Nebby and the cockiness of Bailey could lead to great promo battles. And both could tear it up in the Ring.

#4 1297797602332_ORIGINAL.jpg?quality=80&si

The boss Brenden.. who the hell wouldn't want to see Nebby and the boss go at it. With the Charismatic ability of Nebby vs The Seriousness and the straight shooter of Brendens promos It could make top notch TV. And in the match it would be quickness against hard hitting. A great combination to have a fun physical match. And who doesn't want to see Nebby make fun of his own boss?

#3 Chris White 


The best man on the mic right now in BPZ and it's Dam true. But it would be awesome to see Nebby challenge him for that top spot as the man on the mic. Nebby has already shown more passion in his craft then some workers have in BPZ for a year. 2 hard working men battling it out on the stick and in the Ring oh lord i think I'm gonna have an organism.

#2 Prince Pretty Bashka 


The realist guy in the room vs prince pretty. First off Nebby can just talk About how ugly Bash actually is. And crack a bunch a jokes on Bash. Who wouldn't wanna see that. You have a man who is in love With himself vs someone who likes to make jokes about people that is gold and it needs to happen. And match wise you have a veteran like bash vs a newbie in Nebby. There can be some great storytelling there. 

And #1 is


Do I need to say much? You have the darkness and the no energy of brother NATO vs The energetic Nebby. It's basically a vacuum vs a bouncy house. That doesn't make sense but who cares! You have Nebby who creates fun and you have brother NATO who just sucks up all the fun and makes life feel empty. Those promo battles would be sick and the storytelling in the match would be off the charts good. It could be a Classic and I ain't lying. 

Well thats it for this episode of the 5. Come next time as we take a look at the Perfect 10 and find his perfect 5. 

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Hello I'm Kenny from Smarks Daily and this BPZ Booking!

This is where we go back and look at booking decisions and tell if you if they were good booking decisions or not and why.


Ah yes the annual BPZ King Of the Ring Tournament.The tournament that is held once a year in July, where 16 men compete for the name and the crown of King of the ring. Where the winner also gets a 1 on 1 title shot at any time they choose. 

Well what is their to say? The KOTR tournament is a joke. It's been booked horribly and it's irrelevant because the God Damn winner never Wins the tournament. Thanks to these god Damn assholes



Bailey and Flynn are the 2 culprits of why the KOTR tournament is irrelevant. Here is the stories 

The first ever KOTR tournament was an easy tournament really as tamer easily won the tournament with no problems at all. But then he met Bailey. And First of all why the fuck did he cash in on Free TV! Why the fuck? Who thought that would be a good idea to have such a big match for free? Why not just wait till summerslam? Stupid, stupid. God I hate Wrestling sometimes. But anyway it was built as this Next Big Thing vs The face of the company. And welll the next big thing never became the big Thing. The match didn't even have a winner. It ended a double count out What the fuck mates! It's not like they planned to keep both strong or something because tamer became a nobody for the next 6 months and Bailey lost the title out of nowhere just 2 months later but will get to that in another episode. The concept was ruined right after that because tamer Never became the face of the company making the KOTR tournament a joke. 

But hey let's give them another chance aye? Its a new year and it's time for the second KOTR tournament. They can't possibly fuck up again? Well they did and it was bad. 

They built up this whole European tour for the whole month of July which was great. It made tons of sense and made KOTR feel like a big PPV. And i Give Them credit, they put a few new guys over and had a little luck in tournament. They had Nate win the whole thing as this Irish Underdog who beat slim and Chris White to win the whole thing. It was a great And touching Moment and Then it was ruined 5 minutes later. Flynn comes out and dares nate to cash in and he Fucking does! Just like that nate cashed in and then just lost. Like literally just lost out of nowhere. Flynn hit a Powerbomb and then 1,2,3 it's over nate loses. Like wtf Man. 

So after 2 years of KOTR it's completely shit. It's irrelevant and I don't think it can recover. They buried the concept. The MITB concept is almost buried as well thanks to this fucker


Let's just hope they don't fuck up the royal rumble!


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19 minutes ago, CRM said:

This is a great idea, good work bailey

thanks for the comments but I'd prefer you too hit the green button and show me that way please and i think I can speak for everyone when I say that. So please hit me up or anyone else with rep over just Telling them you like it okay thank you 

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55 minutes ago, bailey14 said:

thanks for the comments but I'd prefer you too hit the green button and show me that way please and i think I can speak for everyone when I say that. So please hit me up or anyone else with rep over just Telling them you like it okay thank you 

He won't rep unless it's rep for rep we all know this. I did rep it though

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Heyo I'm Brian from Smarks Daily and this is Top 5 Moments In BPZ History. This is where we look at past PPVS and tell you the top 5 moments from the show. 


Summerslam will be our first Event since Well it's the next ppv coming up duh.

So let's begin with #5

#5 Suby dominating the first 10 minutes of the premium title match.

Yes the great old jobber Suby was actually dominating both sameer the champ and Cosmo..... Yes Cosmo :fpalm oh BPZ. But anyway Suby out of nowhere was leaving his wrath on the beast sameer and Cosmo it was a funny and unforgettable moment because before that suby was the one always getting crushed. 

#4 Bailey Defeating Nebakos for the WHC.

It was just a great match with alot of great storytelling. You had twist and turns. A Nebakos comeback, a Bailey comeback and a great finish. 

#3 Rise Of Flynn 

Yes this is where flynn really started his climb to the top of BPZ. He retained the European Championship in dominating fashion and then was able to hang with a big star like zombie in the same Ring and that really got Flynn over and stared his path to Greatness. 

#2 Neb Section 

Yes Summerslam 2015 is where the Great Neb section began. You had thousands of fans inside the Brooklyn arena all holding up Nebakos Sections and it really was a beautiful thing to get your eyes on. It was even better when it effected the WHC match because The Neb section chants lead Nebakos to a big Comeback in the match and it told some beautiful storytelling.

#1 5 Star Intercontinental Championship Match 

As I said earlier about flynn this where it got big for flynn. He was facing a Legend in zombie and man they put on a back and fourth classic. No one could get the advantage untill Zombie with his experience was able to get the pin late in the match. But this match was a 5 Star match, it was thrilling and suspenseful and it was even the whole way through. This is by far one of the best matches in BPZ history.



That's it for this episode of Top 5 see you next time.


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Hey it's me it's me it's Tommy! Well actually I'm now tommy the jobber....... I was the first one to botched something important and now I have to say I'm a jobber and I have to wear this stupid hat.


anyway this is our weekly show Power 5. It's basically the power rankings of BPZ. So yea let's get started 

#5 Yelich 


I mean duh. He beat 3 guys in 1 match. Of course hes gonna be on the list. He looks like an absolute Beast. He created Nexus and he buried Nexus what a man. 

#4 now this will be Split between 2 People. Ryan and Tamer


But here is just a picture of Ryan because Fuck Tamer! I still Like you tamer it's just we don't have enough budget to be showing 2 visuals for one Number. 

But anywho, the reason they are both #4 is because well Tamer didn't win.... I know I'm a fuck up they actually drew. So they both get #4 because they are both great but equal right now in my book. Let's hope they have one more match at summerslam 

#3 Broken NATO


I mean first off Broken NATO is awesome! Second he completely destroyed the NXT Champion BIC in the final deletion. I mean he basically raped Bic. His charisma is amazing and he's probably the favorite to win US. He'll probably rape BIC again. 

#2 Slim, I would call him King but he's not a King. Like why the fuck does he have the King In front of his name? He didn't win the tournament. He has no right to call Himself King but anyway.

Slim is on fire right now winning the IC title and Tag team title at KOTR and then beating Bailey at Powertrip. He's doing great right now but man he better put Nebby Amore over or ill be pissed. Nebby is life, Nebby is love, Nebby is God.

#1 and #1 is Akki no I'm just Kidding it's Flynn .


Of Course it's Flynn. He did us all a favor by making Nate Broken NATO. He retained his WHC at KOTR easily. He's looking strong going into summerslam and i don't know if anyone can beat the man. I won't be surprised if he goes to Mania with the belt . He's just a beast. 

And that's it for our Power 5, if you liked hit the Green button and Leave a comment on the show. I'm Tommy.... the Jobber and I'm outta here .

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Hello it's me, and my name is Joseph! And this the Top 5 Potential Breakout superstars in BPZ!

5: George 

bbc2358659f8b32ba128d054638a26d3_crop_noYea George has the potential of being a breakout superstar but it is a hit or miss. If we wins Nxt Championship at summerslam then he will be on the rise to becoming a top star but if he loses well then who Knows what is next for him.

4: Ropati 


Ropati is the Underdog in BPZ right? But he has a Chance to breakout and become a star. He got deep into the King Of the Ring Tournament showing off his Skills inside the Ring. Ropati is One big win away from becoming a major factor in BPZ. When will that win come out? Who the hell knows 

3: Yelich 


Well he buried 3 men in 1 match. He completely destroyed the Nexus. And yes I know Ropati was in that group but he can recover because he still had that dominate performance in KOTR but anyway this is about Yelich now.

Yelich is the odds on favorite to win the NXT title. He already made a big name for himself by winning a match in KOTR and of course completely destroying Nexus. If he keeps that up he'll be the NXT champion and a future World champion.

#2 BIC 


Listen I know that Bic got raped by NATO. But if he can recover from that...... at the end of the day he's still NXT Champion. Hes a strong contender for The United States championship. He'll have to face NATO again but he's gonna be fired up With vengeance. he's a prizefighter and that means he only works to win gold that's the attitude of a champion. BIC has a good future ahead of him 

#1 Prince 


The Self Proclaimed Legend Killer! Prince has taken BPZ by storm since returning. Hes got a goodshot at the European title since FDS is monkey Crap. It takes one OWHH to win the match for Prince. Hes got a bright future if he can win. But this is his last chance most likely and if he doesn't come through he might be on the Unemployment line come Monday morning.


Well that is it I'm Joseph and I will never see you again.

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My name is Kenny and I'm certified YouTuber and a bonafide Booker. Realist Booker in the room how you doin!

Omg cut that out that ring now.



And Welcome to the 2nd Edition of BPZ booking! And by all the comments and likes I'm glad to say this is the best show in smarks Daily history! Yes it's the best show so far in the channels 4 day run...... let's hope we can get through the first Week.

On this show we talk about The Church! Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life. Oh not that church okay.

We also tie it in with Flynn joining Evolution so let's go!

So let's get through the intro first quickly 

Flynn is in the church as the self proclaimed god. Razor is the priest and we have followers in Sameer, Apex, necces. Okay now in real life flynn just leaves and joins evolution but in fantasy we can book it better! God I need to grow up. 

Okay so Flynn stays in the church longer. For about a month and half. The church in that time looks unstoppable and Bailey never loses the title at bad blood in an open challenge god I hate BPZ sometimes. So after that month and half of dominating by church winning titles and shit.  

Then the church is standing in the ring. Flynn grabs the Mic and begins to speak.

"My followers we have dominated BPZ for a month now but there comes a Time where you either have to Adapt or perish..... he then beats the crap out of his followers. And then says I'm evolution .

Right he joins evolution but he doesn't change his personality right away. He Stays dark and then Starts to evolve into a different person. He adapts to the culture of evolution. It makes the words adapt and evolution actually Come to life then them just being words and catchphrases. Flynn actually adapts over Time instead of just becoming Normal right away. 

So then we have it all built up. Evolution vs church at survivor series. A 4 on 4 elimination match.

Bailey is still WHC. Ginge is European champion. Flynn is Intercontinental Champion. 

The church was taken over by Razor who is now the self proclaimed God. 

Now it doesn't really matter who Wins. IMO Evolution will win tho because it makes more sense for what happens the next night of course. But razor will be the last man standing vs all 4 members of evolution. He pins Ginge and Brenden making him look Like a star. But then Flynn and Bailey are just too much and they beat him. Flynn still attacks evolution the next night. Expect necces doesn't join legacy instead Tamer does. 

Now after Survivor series about 3 weeks later Razor Turns his back on his followers. He attacks Them with the help of Bizzy B, Elliot and Jason Black. Thus creating the Illuminati Effect. 

Now first there is no leader they are all equal. Jason is the leader of darkness.  Razor is a dark dark god. Bizzy is a Devil and Elliot is an unknown dark unique character. 

Nebakos will never join the group because when he joined he felt like the most important member because he was main eventing mania. We don't wanna it to feel that way. They should all feel equal. Plus the Illuminati Effect kinda died when Nebakos joined. And IE will also never become bodyguards for king flynn. 

Now I know Elliot had backstage problems but that won't happen because he will be kept happy by having a long tag and US title reign. Razor will dominate the IC division. Jason will be a team with Elliot and a great NXT champion. And bizzy will win MITB at mania. They will dominate BPZ until it feels like a good time to split them into single stars. Bizzy would eventually become WHC. And feud with Razor at a certain time for the belt. Elliot and Jason would dominate the Midcard scene until they were fully qualified for the Main Event scene.

The End. 

Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed and hit the Green button if you liked. Thank you and see you next time when we talk about the Royal Rumble and the BPZMANIA main event. So long 

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