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WWE Current Brand Split vs AEW 2019

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Monday Night RAW Live From Memphis Tennese: 


1: Eric Bishoff  Starts the Show off by Bringing Roman Reigns out first. Reigns has his words for Lesnar that he is the guy to beat him and that he will be the next universal champion but he's not here tonight to talk. He tells the beast to get his ass out. But before a brawl can start Paul Heyman has a few words to say to Roman bascially saying he isnt the one to beat Brock Lesnar that Lesnar can't beaten. When then Brock comes out and they Stare down. Brock Raises the belt as then Roman goes a right hook but Lesnar dodes and tackles Roman to the ground. They Brawl it out and then Security comes and separates them.


2: Elias is out in the ring doing his normal concerts. Where he announces himself as the first entrant into the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. He is then interrupted by Jericho who also says he will be competing in the match. He also announces that this year's winner will get a title shot at either the United States Championship or the Intercontianl Championship at a time of their choosing.  Elias tries to cheap shot Jericho but fails and a match between them is made.


3: Chris Jericho Defeats Elias In 9:24 after hitting the Codebreaker after the Match Dean Ambrose attacks Jericho and Elias and hits Dirty Deeds.


4: Asuka defeats Alicia Fox in 4:37 after making her tap out to the Asuka Lock. After The Match Ember Moon confronts Asuka and points to the Wrestlemania Sign. Asuka screams  "No one is ready for Asuak!" 


5: Titus Brand Defeats Enzo and Cass in 11:25 after Apollo Crews hit the Chariot on Enzo Amore. After the Match American Alpha attacked Titus Brand officially turning heel. 


6: Braun Strowman Defeats The Big Show in 10:14 with the Powerslam.  After the match he makes the statement that no one can stop him . 


7: Balor Club defeats Golden Truth in 3 on 2 handicap match in 6:53 After Balor hit Coupe De Grace 


8: Kevin Owens And Samoa Joe are backstage showing Owens apologizing to Joe about what happened last night. It gets a little heated but they are calmed down by Triple H as they have to get focused for the Main Event.


9: Bobby Roode and Rob Van Damn Defeat Smaoa Joe and Kevin Owens in 14:41 After outside interference by Cesaro who made his Return . Cesaro , RVD and Roode are brawling with Joe and Owens when then Owens accidentally super kicks Joe. Cesaro and the other two stand tall.

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Good show Bailey. The ATGMBR is shaping up to be good - with the likes of Elias, Ambrose, Jericho and Reigns/Lesnar and Asuka/Moon both show promise. I also see a program for US with Joe, Owens, Roode and RVD in it. Officially making Alpha heel is great and their match against Titus Brand should be good. A feud with Cesaro and Hunter is good, not sure about a feud between The Club and Golden Truth but it gives them both something to do. Feel like Joe will lose his title match and turn on Owens and that Undertaker will confront Strowman

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RAW Live From Cleveland Ohio 


1: In the opening segment Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are in the Ring. Triple talks about Cesaro and what he did last week will not be tolerated that he will have him arrested when then Cesaros music hits. Triple H rushes to the back to see what is going on when then from under the Ring comes out Cesaro. He has a microphone and then grabs Stephanie McMahon by the hair and tells HHH that he will put her in the Swiss Swing if he doesn't get his job back and a match at Wrestlemania against HHH. After a few minutes and Cesaro dropping Stephanie to the ground Triple H gives him what he wants.  Cesaro lets go of Stephanie and then triple h comes sprinting into the Ring only for Cesaro to dodge and hit the spinng uppercut off the ropes. Cesaro leaves through the crowd as HHH and Stephanie Look on. 


2: Shelton Benjamin Defeats Jason Jordan in 10:24 after hitting paydirt. After the match the Titus Brand signals they are coming for those tag belts at Mania. 


3: Finn Balor defeats Eric Rowan in 6:23 after hitting the Coupe De Grace 


4: Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns go face to face as Heyman tells Roman once again he isn't the one and he will lose. Roman bascially says I'm going to beat Lesnars ass and I will see in next week in  Brooklyn 


5: Dean Ambrose defeats Chris Jericho and Elias in 13:47 after he hits Dirty Deeds on Elias but then gets thrown over the top rope by Jericho. Jericho celebrates but then from behinds get thrown ovet the top rope by Dolph Ziggler who taunts to end the segment. 


6: Bobby Roode defeats Samoa Joe in 17:24 after botched interference by Kevin Owens who accidentally super kicks Samoa Joe and then Joe gets hit with the Glorious DDT. After the Match Joe finally snaps and attacks Owens leaving him out cold. 


7: Asuka and Ember Moon defeat Emma and Alicia Fox in 5:54 after the match Asuka  tries to attakc Ember but she's sees it coming as they then Stare down to close the Segment!


8: Braun Strowman Defeats Mark Henry in 6:28 with the Powerslam after the Match he Screams Who's Next! 


9: Braun Strowman Defeats Billy Gunn in 7:31 with the Powerslam! After the match he Screams WHO'S NEXT!

when then the Lights Go Out and the Gong Hits!


10: The Undertaker Makes his way to the Ring as Braun Strowman Looks on. They look at the Wrestlemania Sign as Braun Strowman Laughs.  He takes the Mic and Screams You're ON! Braun Closelines Taker and goes for the Powerslam but taker gets out of it and Hits the Chokeslam to close the show!

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Called it - Strowman vs Taker and Cesaro Vs HHH. Two great matches. Ziggler is an interesting addition to the ATGMBR and Joe Vs Owens shall be a good feud. The stare downs between Moon/Asuka and Reigns and Lesnar/Heyman build the feuds up well, and as for the other matches I see Alpha losing to The Brand and as for Roode I don't know other than pairing him with RVD.

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Fastlane 2018


AJ Styles Defeats Sami Zayn in 23:45 after hitting the Styles Clash 


Hardy Boyz defeated The Revival in 14:29 with a twist a fate.To retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.  After the match The Usos attacked both teams. 


Luke Harper Defeats Sheamus in 10:34 to win the Intercontianl championship. 


Charlotte defeats Paige in 12:10 to retain the Smackdown Women's Championship 


Randy Orton Defeated Bray Wyatt,  John Cena,  Seth Rollins,  The Miz and Baron Corbin in 68:24 after hitting the RKO on John Cena to retain the WWE Championship 

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2.75/5. Average show Bailey. Orton Vs Nakamura? Certainly a surprising choice. A deserving win for Styles, Hardy Boyz and Charlotte, although I'm surprised that Revival challenged for the belts again. The main event was certainly surprising, and I'm surprised you went with Orton/Nakamura. Anyway, it's interesting and I can't wait for more

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RAW Live From Brooklyn New York 


Roman Reigns opens up the show calling out Brock Lesnar and looking for a fight when then Eric Bishoff comes out and tells everyone that Brocks flight got canceled and won't be here tonight and then books Roman Reigns in the Main Event against Braun Storwman 


Chad Gabel Defeats Apollo Crews after outside interference by Jason Jordan and would get the quick roll up. American Alpha ran away after Benjamin came running in.


Braun Strowman had a backstage interview where he told everyone that he isn't afraid of the Undertaker and he isn't fisnhed with him that he will beat the Deadman at Wrestlemania just like he will beat Roman Reigns tonight 


DIY would enter themselves into the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and then would beat Dolph Ziggler and Elias in 13:57 after the match their would be a big brawl between those 4, Jericho and Ambrose when then The Big Show music hit and he came out and took everyone out.


Triple H would choose Finn Balor to take on Cesaro.  The match would end with Cesaor winning by DQ after HHH attacked him and hit the pedigree.


Kevin Owens would be shown backstage getting ready for his match against Smaoa Joe when Roode shows up and ask how is he doing and if he needs some backup.  When then Owens looks at him and tells him this is all his fault and then attacks him taking out Roode.


Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens ends in a no contest at 11:27 when Bobby Roode intefers and takes both men out. 


Asuka and Ember Moon have their contract signing and the stare down and Asuka Raises her belt!


Braun Strowman Defeats Roman Reigns in 14:51 after Roman is Distracted by Brock Lesnars music and gets hit with the Powerslam. After the Match Brock Lesnar beats down Roman Reigns and finishes it with an F5 to close out the show 

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Wow, these feuds keep getting better and better. Your 3 part time feuds - Cesaro Vs HHH, Reigns Vs Lesnar and Taker Vs Strowman are all doing good and so is your title scene. Women's is amazing, Tag with heel American Alpha is too and I'm guessing you'll do a Triple Threat for US? As for ATGMBR you're doing a good job and the 7 men in it are good at brawling. Great episode Bailey and can't wait for more

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Smackdown Live from Brooklyn New York 


AJ Styles starts the show off in front of the Brooklyn Crowd and addresses his plans for Wrestlemania by Challenging Finn Balor to Brand Warfare Match at Wrestlemania 34. Saying that they have both been the top guys on each other brand. That they both walked out of last year's Wrestlemania as The world champions and this year he wants to beat Finn Balor.


Seth Rollins Defeats Sheamus in 9:38 after hitting the Curb Stomp.  After the match Rollins tells the world he wants to win the Intercontianl Championship at Wrestlemania when then Bray Wyatt comes  on the Titantron and says that it is him who has unfinished business  with Luke Harper 


The Usos defeat The Hardys in 10:25. After the Match The Revival looked to get Revenge on the Usos and Hardys but the New Day got involved and a 4 way Brawl was started with the New Day coming out on Top.


Curtis Hawkings announced himself for the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and then Kane beats him down and then says he will also be in the Battle royal 


Becky Lynch Defeated Paige , Naomi and Naytala in 13:54 to become the Number One Contender for the Smackdown Women's Championship at Wrestlemania 34


Shinsuke Nakamaura Defeats Jinder Mahal in 5:10. After the Match Randy Orton struck Shinsuke Nakamaura with an RKO


The Miz Defeats Luke Harper in 7:24 with a Roll up Victory 


Kurt Angle Challenged John Cena to a Match at Wrestlemania where John Cena would go on to accept. They Would Shake Hands when then Angle would hit the Angle Slam to close the show!

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Angle vs Cena will be an incredible match, as will Lynch/Charlotte, Styles/Balor and Nakamura/Orton which are all feuds that have worked. The 2 F4W matches for IC and Tag that I’m guessing will be and ATGMBR will be good. Good show Bailey and excited for more

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Monday Night RAW Live From Dallas Texas 


The Undertaker would start the show off explaining on what Braun Strowman isn't ready for. That he might be the Monster Among Men in this world but in the depths of hell he is nothing but an immortal Human being. When then Braun Strowman comes out they fight right away ending with the Undertaker sending Braun Strowman over the Top Rope with a closeline 


The Big Show defeats Dolph Ziggler in 9:32 with a KO Punch after the match Elias would hit Big Show over the head with his guitar taking the giant out. 


American Alpha defeated Golden Truth in 7:20 after the match Benjamin and Apollo Crews challenged them to fight right now but American Alpha would walk away. 


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are in the ring and Paul Heyman does the usual hype up for Brock. But then he adds that no matter what Champion or Not Brock Lesnar is going back to fight in the UFC because they are willing to pay him more. When then Roman Reigns comes out but gets jumped by a few UFC fighters that were in town for the show. They bloody him up and send him into the ring to get hit with an F5.


Finn Balor defeats RVD in 10:31 and then goes on to accept AJ Styles challenge. And then leaves the Ring with saying the Boys are back together 


Kevin Owens Defeats Bobby Roode in 15:37 after Samoa Joe super kicks Roode into a pop up powerbomb. Then Kevin attacks Joe from behind and hits a pop up powerbomb on Joe.


Ember Moon Defeats Alexa Bliss in 11:44 as Asuka looks on


Cesaro Defeats Dean Ambrose and Elias   in a handicap match at  12:26 After the Match Triple H Comes out Attacks Cesaro and Pedigrees him. 

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All 4 of your title matches were set up well,  with a UFC vs WWE feud brewing up with Reigns/Lesnar, Asuka playing a heel well, Owens and Joe making US interesting and American Alpha being reborn as heels for Tag. Andre the Giant is being built up well and Elias is an early favourite for me. Bálor/Styles will be amazing, as will Taker/Strowman and Cesaro/HHH. Good show Bailey and I can’t wait for more 

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Smackdown Live from Houston Texas


John Cena Defeated No Way Jose in 5:34 after hitting the AA as Kurt Angle looked on in commentary they had a stare down until Angle came into the Ring and asked for a match himself which would be his first match on SD since he has returned 


Kurt Angle Defeated  Jinder Mahal in 4:31 with an Angle Slam.  As cena looks on clapping for Angle.


Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt vs the Miz vs Sheamus didn't have a finish when Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn  and Rusev got involved Ruining the Match. Daniel Bryan came out an announced at Wrestlemania it will be an 8 Man Ladder Match for the Intercontianl Championship Featuring all 7 men in the Ring and The Intercontianl Champion Luke Harper.


AJ Styles Defeated a local Japanese Wrestler in 3:39 with a phenomenal Forearm. After the Match AJ Styles said that he was always the better man than Finn Balor and the guys Balor runs with know it too! 


The Usos defeat The Revival in 10:45 after the Match The Revival attacked the Usos


Charlotte Attacks Becky Lynch backstage taking her out and yelling that she is the Queen of Womens Wrestling 


The Hardys vs The New Day ended in a no contest with the Revival taking out both Teams 


Shinsuke Nakamaura and Randy Orton Defeated Blake and Murphy in 8:57 after Randy Orton hit and RKO after tagging himself in. He then went for an RKO on Nakamaura dodged this time and gave Orton a no no movement with his finger. 

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Great show Bailey, all 4 title matches were set up well, with Charlotte, Revival, Nakamura and Rusev all looking strong. Styles vs Bálor is looking better and better and Angle and Cena both winning quickly building up the feud well. Good shoe Bailey and excited for more 

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Live from Detroit,  Michigan 


Cesaro starts the show trading words with Triple H just two weeks before Wrestlemania when then Triple H tries to cheapshot Cesaro but Cesaro counters and sends triple h running away


Titus Brand and American Alpha defeated the Accession and Primo and Epico in 8:34. During the Match American Alpha walked out leaving Titus Brand in a 2 vs 4 match. 


Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler in a Triple Threat Match in 12:45 after hitting Dirty Deeds on Jericho. After the match Enzo and Cass attacked all 3 guys and beat them down. 


Finn Balor defeats a Local Talent in 3:21. After the match he sends a cryptic message to AJ Styles that they will see him soon.


Roman Reigns is out talking about Brock Lesnar and basically said he will not get in his way and he will not stop him that he will send his ass back to the UFC.  When then Ken Shamrock makes his return to the WWE. He tells Roman how he is gonna get his ass kicked by a real fighter. Roman goes on to superman punch Ken and then hit a spear. 


Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens have a backstage sit down interview that turns physical ending with Samao Joe beating both men down 


Braun Storwman Defeats Eric Rowan in 4:57 with the Powerslam.  After the Match he tells the Undertaker he will catch these hands next week 


Asuka Defeats Sasha Banks in 17:20 with an Asuka Lock. After the Match Ember Moon attacks Asuka and lays her out and then raises the RAW Womens Championshp to close the show  


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Another good episode Bailey. Ember ambushing Asuka was a great way to end the show and makes Ember look strong, whilst Reigns beating up Shamrock was a great idea and made Reigns look like a star. Joe standing tall makes him a favourite and Titus Worldwide will be favourited after winning a 2 on 4 match. Cesaro and Braun being so dominant is great heading into such big matches and your 2 inter brand matches are good - Bálor and Cass are 2 favourites at the minute. Great show Bailey and I’m excited for more

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