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Free Agent Corner

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Welcome back to Free Agent Corner. Today is Episode 144 where we have a Monthly Review and in todays monthly review, I do the top 5 promos of the month and review all of the matches from the month before ending on the Power Rankings

Top 5 Promos of the Month

(5) "Pure Disappointment" by Bashka - July 12th 2019

Bashka managed to turn an entire Greek crowd against him, promising to take the Intercontinental Championship off Julius and also mocked the Greek legend Nebakos. This promo summed up the feud brilliantly, with Bashka eventually sticking true to his word and beating Julius

(4) "Allegro" by Arius - July 17th 2019

Symphony No.25 in G Minor began playing to start off this promo. Although it started as a typical Arius promo it evolved into something special as we saw the promo do a very rare thing. Typically a successful evolution of a character takes place over several promos but Arius, recovering from losing to Hans and George in the past few weeks, evolved his character masterfully over one promo as we saw him finish his alcohol and promise to win King of the Ring next year stronger. BPZ superstar Jonathan Brave was even quoted as saying "You are just wonderful in everything that you do." in reference to the promo

(3) "The Great One" by Sameer - July 4th 2019

Sameer is brilliant isn't he and he features on this list multiple times, this just being the first. I think every person in Phoenix was ready to attack Sameer after this one. He tore through Bailey in a stunning promo whilst taking time to mock the Phoenix Suns. Brilliant promo

(2) "The Beast" by Bailey - July 4th 2019

Whilst Sameer was promoing about Bailey, Bailey was doing the same, having the Brussels crowd laughing loudly as he mocked Sameers claim that he is a beast. He bought in a little Indian boy who kept saying "Ima beast" which Bailey "mistaked" for Sameer or as Bailey called him Jabrinimeer. He threatened the child, causing the child to run out of the room, one of the more humorous promos from this month 

(1) "Unimaginable" by Sameer and Bailey - July 2nd 2019

Based on who 3rd and 2nd were, its no surprise that this feud also produced this amazing promo. Sameer's original promo was amazing, going on an amazing speech about how the triple crown champ was the "Face of BPZ" which bought the former champ Bailey out. The staredown was electric and an amazing KOTR match was confirmed, after which Sameer attacked Bailey and floored him with a Curb Stomp. Brilliant

KOTR Review

Sameer vs Bailey ***3/4
Julius vs Hans ***1/2
Fatal 4 Way Tag Match *****1/4
NXT Title Battle Royal ***3/4
George vs Sameer ***1/2

Power Rankings

(10) Blade

Blade did his best work this month inside the tag division where he and George as Deadmans Hand became Number One Contenders to the Tag Titles

(9) Mikey

After months of trying, Mikey overcame all the odds and became NXT Champion at KOTR, only to vacate it later on

(8) Bashka

After failing to win the World title last month Bashka turned it on, taking home the IC Title and also attacking the boss BrendenPlayz

(7) Flynn

Flynn moves down one place from where he was last month but retained the title against Jonathan in a great KOTR match

(6) Arius

Arius moves down 2 places after the North American Champion got pinned for the first time during his match with George but still did enough brilliant work to earn 6th on the list

(5) Sameer

The World Champ moves down 3 places as although he retained his World title over Bailey, he also lost the Premium title to George

(4) Emperor Nate

Nate made an impressive return to BPZ as he went on a great run in the KOTR tournament when he beat KENJI and Alex Costa, only to fall to Hans in a great match

(3) George

George also made a great return this month, going on a great run to the semis of KOTR and then backing it up by, at the PPV itself, becoming NOC to the Tag titles with Blade and then winning the Premium Championship

(2) Hans

Hans moves up 7 places on this list because 1 month ago he was the inexperienced US Champion. Now hes a KOTR finalist and he also successfully defended his US belt to earn him a place in the top 2

(1) Julius

Julius keeps his place in first to the surprise of no one. To add to his PTC cash in that he already has, he became King Julius for the second year as we learnt at SummerSlam it would be Sameer vs Julius

Thank you for reading. Goodnight


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Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to FAC 145. Today I am counting down the top 10 Intercontinental Champions

(10) Bizzy

Lets start with Number 10 Bizzy. Bizzy won the belt at December to Dismember 2015 by beating future BPZ World Champ Sameer in a Fatal 4 Way Match also featuring Tamer and Apex. On BPZ TV he retained over Apex before he retained at the Rumble over Razor and Tamer. However 48 days into his reign, Apex ended his reign on BPZ TV. At the time Bizzy was only the 2nd man to make 3 defences with the IC belt and became the longest reigning champion

(9) Nebakos

Neb won the Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble 2017 by beating FDS and Flynn. He retained the following month over Apex and FDS but in a 5 Pack Challenge also featuring Apex, Kersey and BiC, FDS won the belt at BPZ Mania. Neb was the 2nd man to hold the title past the 60 day marker and bought prestige to the title, earning 9th on my list

(8) Julius

Julius dominated in his reign with the belt to the point where he ran out of challengers. After dethroning BiC at Backlash, he beat me at Mayhem and then his reign was ended by Bashka at KOTR. For a champ to be that dominant, he earns a place on my list

(7) Slim

Slim, please don't kill me. But yes. Whilst Slim was the longest reigning champ and became the first man to make 5 defences when he won the belt at KOTR 2016, it was his second reign that hurt him. He only lasted 1 month and for that other champs earn a higher place on my list

(6) Brad

Including Brad. Whilst Brads first reign lasted only 2 days, he won the title soon afterwards and in the process became the 2nd 2x IC Champ. When he beat Alyx Wilde for the belt at Judgement Day 2018, he became the 4th 3x IC Champ. When you have held the belt 3 times you deserve a high place

(5) Apex

Apex has featured plenty on this list and deservedly. He won his first belt on BPZ TV, beating Brad but losing the belt the next night at a house show. However 5 months later in February 2016, he became the first 2x IC Champ by beating Bizzy. His reign lasted 15 days when he lost the belt to Razor at St Valentines Day Massacre but he became the first 3x champ at BPZ Mania by winning back the belt. When he lost the belt to Bashka at Mayhem, he was the longest reigning IC Champ ever at the time. A history maker like this deserves number 5

(4) FDS

FD held the belt 3 times in the space of the year, winning his first belt at BPZ Mania II before his third reign was ended at BPZ Mania III. He lost the title to Smith at Backlash 2017 but beat Smith 7 months down the line at Survivor Series to win it back. He became the 8th 2x IC Champ in the process but lost the belt 2 months later at the Royal Rumble to Slim. He beat Slim at St Valentines Day Massacre to become the 2nd 3x IC Champ but lost to me at BPZ Mania.

(3) Flynn

Flynn beat Brad on BPZ TV in October to become IC Champ and when he lost the belt 47 days later to Sameer on BPZ TV he was the longest reigning IC Champ. At Takeover: No Rules December 2016 but lost the belt to Neb at the Rumble but he was the 6th 2x NXT Champ. When he beat me at World at War 2018 he became the 3rd 3x IC Champ before vacating the belt a few days later

(2) Bart

Bart had an incredible reign which started when he won a Battle Royal at SummerSlam, before BiC ended it at BPZ Mania, 7 months later. During that time Bart became the 2nd longest reigning champ of all time, a record he still holds. For anyone to hold the belt for over 200 days deserves a place on this list

(1) Smith

Was it any guess. Not only did he become the 7th 2x IC Champ when he beat FDS for the belt at Backlash, but he was still holding it 241 days later. Just for that reign alone, one of the longest in BPZ history, he earns Number 1 on this list

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