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Free Agent Corner

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It is with great sorrow I announce that my interview with Aidan and Summer will be a shared interview, with the other half of the interview going on the Summer Gaming Talk Show. It is a poor show but I encourage you to watch it because I'm on it 

OOC: Thanks for your questions and tune in. Thanks to Summer for hosting a bit of the interview 

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Play Glorious Domination by CFO$ because Free Agent Corner is doing it's 10th episode baby with the debut of a new show, Evolve vs Carnage. Today, we do Episode 1, the draft. 

The winner of round 1 is ...

Well Evolve picked the stronger roster 1-0

Both shows have equal champions 1-0

Both shows were active in Kayfabe

Week 1 September 10th goes to EVOLVE

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Play Glorious Domination by CFO$. It is Free Agent Corner 11, and today I am joined by my opponents at Survivor Series, SummerGamz and Aidanator.

Josh: OK first question. How do you feel knowing that you will both lose to me at Survivor Series? I feel great about it.

Summer: Well, I don't know really. Considering you're not going to be the one winning here. Josh that was a cheap ass question get some originality and move on.

Aidan: I'm not gonna lose. Listen, I know you gotta act confident in front of all 2 of your fans, but have some common sense for once. I'm undefeated 3-0 and I'm part of one of the biggest stables that has ever stepped foot in BPZ Wrestling. So why don't you just admit that I'm gonna win already.

Josh: OK then, both interesting answers. Second question, recently we were compared to the NXT Three, how does that feel? I think it feels great and a honour to be compared to three of the best in history.

Summer: That's quite nice actually. I'd like to see myself as the new Slim. Unfortunately there is a problem. We weren't friends to begin with. You see Slim, Bizzy and Blade were friends for the most part. And we aren't friends now and I doubt we ever will be.

Aidan: I actually am really appreciative of that. Believe it or not, I too think we could end up as the new NXT Three. I mean, we all joined within 2 months of each other and we already are gonna be in a triple threat with each other at Survivor Series. But don't get me wrong, I am gonna end up more successful than any of you two could ever dream of.

Josh: Do you see us clashing again for another title at any point, like the original NXT Three did? I think we will, all the way up to the top.

Aidan: Yes, I do. I mean, it's basically set in stone. There's no one else to carry all the lower titles except for us 3 so I definitely see this happening.

Summer: I mean this is all theoretical but in truth we are the next top three talents emerging from NXT and there is a bright future ahead for all of us and maybe just maybe we could meet again in the future because you never know, right?

Josh: OK Summer, I know this is hard but shut up for one minute, I've got a question for Aidan. Will we see the Supremacy in your corner at Survivor Series?

Aidan: No, you won't. The Supremacy didn't help me win the title, and they don't need to help me defend it.

Josh: OK Aidan, thanks for your time. I may beat you at Survivor Series but that doesn't matter. Bye. Now for you Summer, after losing at Halloween Havoc, why do you feel like you have a chance this time?

Summer: Josh I don't know if you've been keeping up with the news lately but Aidan is vacating the title no matter what happens. Even if by some miracle he beats us then he still doesn't keep the title. If Aidan has any sense in his brain he would hand me the title because why take the pain if there isn't a gain?

Josh: OK Summer, I'll see you on the Stupid Idiot Show with good guests but a STUPID IDIOT HOST. No the Summer Gaming Talk Show, where we answer your questions. Get of MY set Summer.

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Ladies and Gentlemen it is early today but it is PREVIEW PPV. PLAY GLORIOUS DOMINATION BY CFO$. It is Free Agent Corner 12 and today I am reviewing Power Trip: Doomsday 

Hello and welcome to my predictions. Let's look at the card.

Nanovirus vs Prince: Debut Match for Carnage 

On November 10th, Prince was traded to Evolve with Bizzy for Alyx Wilde and Aidan. The day after, Nanovirus was signed to Carnage. This is strange because of two reasons. One it's a debut match when both men are legends of BPZ Pro Wrestling, a combined 33 months between them. And two, there hasn't been much buildup because of the short notice for the match, except yesterday when Nanovirus briefly mentioned it. But who will win

Prediction: Nanovirus 5-0

Please note that 5-0 means the number of votes my anonymous Pre Show Panel voted. All 4 voted for Nanovirus 

Kersey vs Yelich vs Sameer

Originally a triple threat Survivor Series qualification match but none of them made it onto the team, the match was announced on November 9th by Chris White. Sameer was very happy that he was getting the opportunity. Later however, White would announce the Survivor Series, with Sameer not being on it. Sameer would lose it and wants that match but White won't give it. Can he prove himself. 

Winner: Sameer (3-2)

Hades vs Hollow

The NXT Three. Bizzy has lost to Slim and now faces Hollow. So much history it would be hard to explain. Hades replaced Aidan in the original match after they traded for each other on November 10th. After losing to Slim Bizzy died and the God of the Underworld Hades replaced him. Now he has a lot to prove

Winner: Hades (5-0) 

Alyx Wilde vs Ark Universe 

Note: This match says it's for the US Title but White previously announced it wasn't so I will assume it isn't a Title vs Career match

Tea v Stars. The lovable Alexander Cuddlyzworth was feuding with Ark over his US Title until they became a team. Cuddlyzworth told us all There is No Fear In Love, then turned and joined The Supremacy. Ark wanted revenge and offered to put his career against Alyx Wilde as he is now named, title. White called off the Title vs Career match made by Bashka and replaced it with just a match. I reckon that it will end up being a Title vs Career match in the end. 

Winner: Alyx Wilde (4-1)

Main Event: Tamer vs Chris White: Last Man Standing Match 

White in the main event. He and Bashka made it a long time ago when they were the GM Team and after Tamer insulted Bashka, White was put against him in a Last Man Standing Match. It is Premium Champion vs Carnage GM. Who'll win.

Winner: Chris White (3-2) 

Will it be right? We'll soon find out. 

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Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 13. A few weeks ago I did a very liked list and I am going to count down all the top 10 of each championship until 7 weeks time when I rank the top 10 overall champions of all time. Today we look at the top 10 NXT Champions, a title I will soon win at Survivor Series. There have been 19 title reigns between 18 champs so everyone won't make the list but here we go.

10. Brad

Winning the championships in the January Championship Voting, making him the inaugural only lasted 28 days but he had an incredible reign and is one of the most successful NXT Champion 

9. Doc Sarcastic 

Going at more recent times. He held the title between Bad Blood and Halloween Havoc with feuds with Mario before eventually losing the title to Aidan. Now, talking of Aidan

8. Aidan

The current champ will reach 35 days at Survivor Series when he wants to vacate the title. Unfortunately, he will lose it to me but that isn't the point. He's been incredibly active and could be a future World Champ written all over him

7. Blade 

1/3 of the NXT Three. A man I have been compared to. Blade. At SummerSlam, Blade beat everyone else to win the title before losing it to Slim at Bad Blood, 35 days after winning it. But he isn't the highest ranked of the NXT Three

6. Slim

The second man ranked in the NXT Three, he had the same title length as Blade, but because of his later success he gets higher on the list

5. Wahoo World 15

Ranking above everyone else with 36 days, he is the only NXT Champion to vacate the title (and that will remain because Aidan won't be able to vacate the title and I'll never vacate it) after beating mrleedles for it at St Valentines Day Massacre. Talking of mrleedles 

4. mrleedles

He had a bit longer with 44 days and he is one of the 3 men whose reigns have lasted longer than 40 days and hasn't been a literal hot potato. He beat Jason Black in early January but just as the last one, talking of Jason Black

3. Jason Black 

December 2015 to March 2016 produced Jason Black, now a former Carnage GM under a different name, mrleedles and Wahoo World, 3 of the best NXT Champions ever. Black has been very successful and had a 47 day reign, the second longest in history 

2. Flynn

He is the longest reigning champions in history and lasted 58 days, winning it at Judgement Day before vacating it at SummerSlam. He has become extremely successful and is the most successful NXT Champion ever, coming second on the best World Champions too 

Please note I am sorry for not including, Purp, Milan, Sheepy, VI, OverHeel, Myers, Yelich and Ark 

Now Number 1


Also changing his name, he is the ONLY 2 time NXT Champion and is one of the few to not leave the title picture for a while. His first reign lasted 28 days, whilst his second reign lasted 35 days. He has 63 combined days, making him the longest reigning combined champ, getting him the top spot on the list

This is Free Agent Corner. Goodbye 

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4 minutes ago, JoshsNow said:

Not the puppy dog eyes. Just joking, you were 11th but you only reached a reign of 28 days. I did mention Brad so, you can take that

But not in the correct way. That's fucked up. And for hurting my feelings... You Just Made The Shit List. :crying1

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19 minutes ago, Nebakos7 said:

Good list, but Purp and Milan don't deserve to be above Brad just because they had a 7 day longer reign each since they were both shit compared to Brad's run.

THANK YOU! I feel like my reign as NXT Champion was a really good reign even though it lasted 28 days. 

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2 minutes ago, JoshsNow said:

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow will see an interview where a young, new free agent under the name of Joe Naples will be on Free Agent Corner in an interview, answering 4 questions for us all. If you have any suggestions please send them in below

What can we expect from young joe here?

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Please carry on sending in questions 

Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 14 and today we are going live to me about my new show Evolve vs Carnage.

Soon I will do a show called Evolve vs Carnage which I previewed earlier. The winner of each week will depend on appearances, overall content and who has more titles on their show. If a PPV is on that week which show wins the most gets a point, whilst 2 brand PPV'S will be pitted against each other. I gave Week 1 to Evolve and now we're going to do every week up to this week. Today is Week 2 and Week 3. 

Week 2: Evolve 

Week 3: Evolve 


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