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Free Agent Corner

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Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 21. Today it is just a single episode where we preview the Evolve Takeover: No Rules pay per view with my new pay per view panel. It’s the third Evolve PPV, the previous ones being very successful. It features 2 Evolve vs Carnage, 2 title matches, a ladder match, a No Holds Barred Match, a Rage in a Cage match, an I Quit Match and a Falls Count Anywhere.

Kieron Black vs Prince: No Holds Barred

Josh: Black has been kidnapped by his brother Jason, and tortured into being an emotionless monster. His opponent is Carnage’s Prince, the former, broken down European Champion, a legend of 2 years and a former Evolve star. I think Kieron Black will win. He should win, has promoed for this match in a different way and deserves all the rep he has

Gary: Prince

SweedinFerg: Kieron

Ropati: Prince

Pinkest: Kieron Black, because of what Jason has done to him he will annihilate Prince.

To The Top Match: Natedog vs SummerGamz vs Joshua Scott vs Ropati vs Yelich

Josh: Slim has announced the creation of an Evolve match. To The Top. The winner will receive a title shot at the next PPV. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Although there’s two champions in the match, this ladder match could change someone’s life. I think I’ll win, because I’m Joshua Scott

Green: I think Summer will win

Josh: Say what again.

SweedinFerg: Josh

Ropati: Ropati

Josh: You’re lucky we’re friends Ropati.

Pinkest: Josh, I don’t wanna get fired

Winner: Joshua Scott (3-1-1) (1’s to Summer and Ropati)

Evolve vs Carnage: Slim vs Sameer: Falls Count Anywhere

Josh: Slim is desperate to show the whole world that he steals the show. In the match I’m most excited for, it’s Evolve vs Carnage, as Sameer needs to prove himself. Who can win. Slim, he is active, has quantity and deserves a win

Gary: Slim

SweedinFerg: Sameer

Ropati: Slim

Pinkest: Slim, he’s the boss of the damn show, he will go to any length to defeat Sameer, and bloody him in the process

Winner: Slim (4-1)

Rage in A Cage: Hollow (c) vs Flynn: WWE Intercontinental Championship and if Hollow wins he gets freedom from his Evolve contract

Josh: Hollow is upset he got moved from Carnage, his home. He wants freedom. He wants to go home. In his way is a Beast. Flynn. But Hollow can lose a lot more as his newly won WWE Intercontinental Championship is on the line. It takes place in Rage In a Cage, pitting a beast and a crazy person against each other, who can win. I think Flynn. Better IC Title material rep and post wise, doing quality and quantity.

Green: Flynn

SweedinFerg: Flynn

Ropati: Flynn

Pinkest: Hollow, he thrives inside a cage, the more sadistic he can use things the more difficult he is to beat, and he has a big steel weapon encasing him, so he will be very hard to defeat, so he will beat Flynn

I Quit Match: Alyx Wilde (c) vs Chris White: WWE United States Championship

Josh: Chris White has promised to make sure Alyx Wilde doesn’t break his record, which he is only a few days off completing. White vacated the title, in which Wilde, as Alyxander Cudddlezworth, took the title. White wasn’t too bothered until Halloween Havoc, where he desperately chased the championship, with the pressure of being Carnage’s #1 Draft Pick and wanting to keep his reign upon him. White was in the final 2 at Survivor Series but a now heel Wilde beat him. Wilde has told us his story, whilst White has invaded Wilde’s homes in a praiseful, comedic performance. The loser must Quit. Who will win. I think White will win because he is on fire now. He is funny, in the US Title picture, quite active and deserves to win.

Gary: White

Ropati: Wilde

Pinkest: Wilde. White made a big mistake revealing those home videos. Remember it’s No DQ, so my prediction is Mertle is gonna kiss Chris until he says I Quit, because family work together.

SweedinFerg: White.

Winner: Chris White (3-2)

Ladies and gentlemen this is 21. See you for episode 22. Goodbye.

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Ladies and gentlemen this is 21. See you for episode 22. Goodbye.

Welcome to Free Agent Corner 22. Today we are just going through the news in the past month

New Champions

A lot of this to cover but the following have won championships
NXT: Joshua Scott [Survivor Series]
Euro: Alyx Wilde [Survivor Series]
IC: Hollow [Survivor Series]
Premium: Nate [Survivor Series]
Tag: Supremacy [Survivor Series]
Tag: Vacated
IC: Flynn [No Rules]
US: White [No Rules]

Kayfabe Shows

Talking Smack has returned, Wrestling Central has debuted, whilst Common Sense, Yelich’s Yell and The Summer Gaming Talk Show seem to have taken breaks, which Free Agent Corner will soon be doing

Formation of teams

The Shield and The Illuminati Effect both reformed at Survivor Series. Illuminati Effect seem to have stopped but The Shield have been active with Neece joining them now. Kings of Wrestling and DeadSec have formed as well, at Survivor Series time

Yelich and Nate turn

Nate and Yelich have sold out to join The Supremacy. This means that Decay are no longer a team

The Top Shield

A massive alliance has formed with The Suprmacy and The Shield merging to have the 8 most powerful members in a stable

No Rules and Survivor Series

Two PPV’s have occurred in No Rules and Survivor Series. I have mentioned some title wins but also on the Survivor Series card, Wilde and Slim both retained their championships, I got a contract, Nanovirus drew with Razor and Team Evolve beat Team Carnage. At No Rules, I was cheated out of the To The Top Match by Yelich, who won, and Nate, with Summer and Ropati also taking part

Bragging Rights

Evolve and Carnage fight again at Carnage’s next PPV, where Hollow faces Gill, Kings of Wrestling face Summer and Kieron, Shield face off against EOG and in the main event Slim defends against Nano

Summer joins Evolve

Sarcastic applause. I won a match for a contract, Summer just gets it. Wow

PPV Schedule swapped

The PPV schedule has been switched so Carnage now get Evolves dates and vice versa from Carnage.

Free Agents

The show that’s called Free Agent Corner is ironic as it’s host is no longer a Free Agent. However, young star JoeNaples has signed up, NXT Challenger ST has signed up and former champion Dunstan 2K has signed up

The Return

Our final story is The Return of Elliot. Tonight, only on the BPZ Network, the former US Champ announces what brand he shall join.

3 More episodes until the season finale of Free Agent Corner, until then, I’m Joshua Scott, goodbye.

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Scott's on the phone.
You stupid idiots. You understand.
He turns to the camera
Free Agent Corner has been cancelled.

Episode 25 will be the final episode of Season 1, before taking a break. The other piece of bad news is I'm not allowed to fire people on the preview panel if they go against me. Gary Green.
But good news, I can host something else on the BPZ Network between Season 1 and Season 2. It shall be called Awarding: A Tale of Predicting. Don't miss it, it shall air soon.

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Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 23. Only 2 more episodes. Tonight, is another Super Show which consists of my rant at Kayfabe first

Let me just start by going OOC here. This rant is to be taken with a grain of salt. I’m just making things up and most things that come out of my mouth make no sense to me Now back IC here.
In proper companies we have proper matches on shows. WWE have Raw and Smackdown, TNA have Impact and WCPW have Loaded. We have Evolve and Carnage, but there are no matches only segments. My GLORIOUS solution would be to have a main event every week Also, Dave Meltzer doesn’t rate the company with stars. Dave doesn’t bother so we just have to rate ourselves, which I normally do. Finally, NXT should have it’s own brand. Us guys in NXT are straight on the main roster. I say we should have developmental. Sure, we have the indie scene but NXT should become it’s own separate brand, with the following superstars drafted
Obviously more would join as Free Agents come to build up a proper brand and change the title requirements a bit but until then, who knows what can happen

Next part, I count down 10 of the 11 greatest Premium Champs ever. The only person not to make the cut was Poidust or Enlightenment

10.       Taiter
The inaugural champ held the championship for a month before losing it in the first title voting
9. Nate
The current champ hasn’t held the championship for too long which keeps him from moving further up.
8. Ryan
Ryan is another recent addition, holding it to The King of The Ring PPV, where he held it for 28 days
7. Neece
Also holding it for 28 days, Neece beats his Shield brethren because he won the title on the grandest stage of them all, BPZ Mania, and is the only person to have won the title at Mania
6. FDS
The man who ended the streak. FDS may have only been a 1 time champ and held it for 35 days but he has a great reign for ending Sameer’s unbeaten streak as the champ in August of last year.
5. Smith
57 days is the 6
th longest reign as champ but is still impressive. 5th is right as he sits in the middle of the Premium Championship and the HOF is one of 5 men to take the Premium and World Titles.
4. Bashka
With one last match against Neb coming up, Bash is 2
nd on the World Championship and 4th here. Similar to Smith, 60 days, a HOF and won the Premium and World
3. Jon
Another World Champ, Jon is one of two men to be a 2-time Premium Champ, with 94 days combined as champ. He lost at BPZ Mania but regained the title at Backlash the next month.
2. Tamer
Once again, a World Champ, he is one of the most recent additions holding the title from King of the Ring to Survivor Series. Tamer almost beat Sameer’s reign for longest champ and would have done if Nate hadn’t beaten him at Survivor Series. The second longest reigning champ in history. But first…
Sameer. 243 days as a combined champ, making him the longest reigning champion [152 days], longest combined reigning champion and most reigns with 2. Sameer became undefeated and has the longest reign out of all championships in history. He lost to FD at an Open Challenge but regained the title until Smith topped him around DTD last year.
Now for Part 3


I’m stepping back into the past to review the Survivor Series PPV that happened nearly 4 weeks ago. The matches are in order of how good they were.

7. Tag Team Championship Match – 2.75 stars
The easily predictable contest saw Aidan and Alyx take the titles
Winner: Supremacy NEW CHAMPS
7. IC Championship match – 2.75 stars

Although unpredictable and a ladder match, it did as good as the tag match, with Hollow winning
Winner: Hollow NEW CHAMP
7. World Championship Match – 2.75 stars

Like the tag match. Easily predictable. Slim takes it
Winner: Slim
6. Joshua Scott vs King Pin vs TheGRV: Contract Match – 3 Stars

A bit more exciting match which ended when Pin Pedigreed GRV. Scott Codebreakered Pin and hit a Great Scott to GRV to win. He then chose Evolve
Winner: Joshua Scott
6. Premium Championship Match – 3 Stars

It ended with Nate hitting Nano with the Sweet Chin Music, before shockingly aligning with The Supremacy
Winner: Nate NEW CHAMP
5. US Championship Match – 3.75 Stars

Alyx Wilde fought for the match and was left 20 minutes into it with Aidan and White. Despite tension being teased between The Supremacy they made up but White eliminated Aidan with a Whiteout. White and Alyx killed each other until Wilde took control with a Dropkick and a Suicide Elbow. White hit a mid air Whiteout but Wilde kicked out. Wilde would reverse with Man vs Wilde but White would kick out. Wilde would bust White open but White played possum and tried to roll him by the tights before Wilde kicked out. One kick later and a Middle Rope Rampage, Alyx Wilde retained
Winner: Alyx Wilde
4. Euro Championship Match – 4 Stars

Wilde wanted the triple crown and The Supremacy then interfered when Slim Superman Punched Cpe before the match started. Alyx was shocked as Aidan threw Cpe into the steel steps. Cpe then fought back with a Big Boot to Slim and a Monitor hit to Aidan before reversing a Spear to send Slim through the barricade. Wilde is still confused although Cpe thinks he ordered the attack. Aidan holds Cpe as Slim returns to Spear him, before Aidan grabs a chair. As they look to beat Cpe with it Wilde stops them, so he can do it himself. Cpe couldn’t stand up and Wilde wins by forfeit
Winner: Alyx Wilde NEW CHAMP
3. NXT Championship Match – 4.25 Stars

Aidan, Scott and Summer. It would have been if Aidan hadn’t have vacated the title before the match started. No DQ, Scott and Summer. A battle of taking control began. Although a punching war starts Summer took control with a Lariat, Double Underhook DDT, a Modified STF and a Running Knee even after Scott tried a Sleeper Hold. Scott retook control with a Superkick followed by a Frog Splash. He then hit a Killswitch before beating Summer with the steel chair. Summer would fight back with a Master Bomb but Scott hit a Jumping DDT before grabbing the kendo stick. Summer would hit Scott with the kendo stick twice and hit a Running Knee to the back of Scott’s head. Scott would punch Summer before hitting a Codebreaker but Summer kicked out. Scott would try a Walls of Joshua unsuccessfully. Scott and Summer would hit their finishers, Summer a Samoan Drop and Scott the Great Scott but both were unsuccessful. Summer would hit a second Samoan Drop to supposedly win but Ropati would interfere with two Curb Stomps and putting Scott on Summer to win
Winner: Joshua Scott NEW CHAMP
2. Nanovirus vs Razor: Hell in a Cell – 4.5 Stars

An incredible match full of so many highlights I have to show a report of the match by Dave Meltzer

 Winner: Draw
1. Evolve vs Carnage – 5 Stars

This could be up there for one of the best matches of all time. It starts with The Illuminati Effect and The Supremacy helping both teams. FDS was down 8 on 1 after Evolve were beat but FDS sold out to Evolve and let Bailey beat him. The second elimination happened after Aidan interfered with a Piledriver before Slim pinned Hades. Ryan Reeves returned to attack Slim during the match. Black would hit a Superkick and Curb Stomp to Slim to win. The 4th member of Supremacy would interfere and Wilde would hit a Middle Rope Knee to Black to take it to 3 on 3. Wilde would be eliminated quickly by Chris White who hit a Whiteout to do it. 2 on 3. Neb would eliminate his enemy Bailey with an AA to make it White and Sameer vs Neb and Flynn. White would hit a second Whiteout to eliminate Neb, before turning on Sameer with a third Whiteout. White would lie down to Flynn and reform the Shield, giving Evolve to win. Here’s a table of elimination





Eliminated by

Move of Eliminations






Laid down






Aidanator interfered with a Piledriver





Kieron Black

Curb Stomp



Kieron Black


Alyx Wilde

Middle Rope Knee



Alyx Wilde


Chris White












Chris White







White turned on him with a Whiteout






Laid Down



Flynn (Evolve)



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Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. WELCOME BACK TO FREE AGENT CORNER. It feels good to be back and now everything will be done on time. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 24. It's a new day, a New Year and we are going to go back in time 3 weeks. We'll be going to Evolve Takeover: No Rules, and I'll be doing 5 Ups and 3 Downs from Evolve Takeover: No Rules. We'll end on a positive with the 5 Ups but we start with the 3 Downs

Down 3: Prince
Right now, the legend that is Prince need some time to relax but he isn't getting it because even though he is inactive right now he keeps getting booked in matches that he can't possibly win, and gets killed in them all. He just needs time to relax.

Down 2: Strange Turn
To The Top was good but Yelich's turn was booked strangely. When betrays a Tag member, they usually do it face to face but Yelich didn't even have the guts to turn on Hollow, just tell him about it.

Down 1: Flynn dominates Hollow
As Flynn's partner Slim said, Hollow can't be dominated by Flynn at No Rules. Oh wait, he was. A good match in the making, Flynn ended up destroying Hollow. This completely destroyed the Rage In a Cage stipulation, and spoilt the glorious history of Rage In A Cage.

Now for the Ups

Up 5: #ThankYouWilde

There have only been two attempts in the history of BPZ that can become the longest reigning US Champion in history, Chris White, the current, and the courageous attempt by Alyx Wilde/Alyxander Cuddlezworth. #WildeWins has been tweeting but Wilde's attempt was a phenomenal reign that can only be awarded with #ThankYouWilde.

Up 4: The Supremacy

The Supremacy got a 4th member and an Up will talk about another moment but for now, Yelich and Nate, although strange, dominated To The Top, Slim and Wilde put on incredible matches against Carnage Stars. Although only 1/4 of them won their matches, the Supremacy owned the show

Up 3: To The Top

I don't like the man but To The Top was a genius idea by Slim. You could get a Title Match of your choice, which is massive, and the match was brilliant. A great match, but ANNOYED THAT I LOST TO STUPID BOOKING

Up 2: Wilde vs White

This match has more Up Points than any other match. The reason why. A great match, preceded by an incredible build-up that made the US Title the most prestigious in the company, and succeeded by Up 1. After the phenomenal build up, these 2 stole the show in an incredible, brutal, gruelling, 45 minute contest. And finally ....


What a way to end the event. The Shield reformed to help Chris White after the match and stared down with The Supremacy. A dream contest there with the Alliance a week later fitting in with this PPV well

Tomorrow we see the Episode 25 special with the James Ropati interview, the DTD Preview where we look at who got the most predictions right, a FAC highlight package and we go back in time to the No Rules review again. Then no more Time Travel as we're up to date. Goodbye, this was the resurgence, of FREE AGENT CORNER

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A highlight package plays. It shows set men setting up the set of FAC as Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. It shows the highlights of FAC, featuring quick videos of Episode 1, the first Evolve vs Carnage, the New NXT Three on set, the first preview panel and all the praise. It then shows Joshua Scott.
Scott: Without Free Agent Corner I would never have won the NXT Championship, or have any credibility. Without this, I would just be the guy who couldn't recover from his awful start
The audience clap as Scott appears
Glorious Domination by CFO$ re-plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 25. The celebrations begin below and today is the final super-episode and the final episode of Season 1. Season 2 shall air starting on 9th January so not too long. Today we have an interview with James Ropati, we go back in time in my special time machine to review No Rules and then make a special announcement

Scott: Hello Ropati and welcome to the set
Ropati looks to speak but Scott interrupts.
Scott: OK Ropati question 1, what made you side with the "great" Joshua Scott.
Ropati looks a bit surprised
Ropati: Well the reason I teamed with the "great" Joshua Scott is because I saw some talent that can be improved
Scott: OK then. Question 2, where do you see yourself at BPZ Mania in 2 and 1/2 months time
Ropati: Most likely in the Tag Team title match and the US title match but you never know what might happen  
Scott: Good, Question 3, What do you think that you've only had 2 wins in your 8 month BPZ career
Ropati is getting annoyed
Ropati: Um actually I've had 5 win which was against Dunstan in the king of the ring round of 16 Ark in the quarter finals of king of the ring bob the destroyer at some nxt takeover and Marvsta at 2 Evolve takeovers
Josh: OK then, congratulations to you. Question 4: How do you feel that your friend Joshua Scott has won more titles in 2 months than you have in 8.
Ropati gives him the "You made these questions up yourself" look
Ropati: Well josh was in a easy division but he does have talent so maybe he could of won the title when I was NXT who knows?
Josh: Fair point. Thank you Ropati do you want to stay to watch the time machine. No don't answer you don't have a choice
Now we are going to play this clip of me reviewing No Rules last month.
The Clip plays at it shows Josh reviewing it

4. Hollow (c) vs Flynn:  BPZ Intercontinental Championship Rage In a Cage Match - 3 Stars

A 20 second match, that was over with one Powerbomb. Flynn deserved to win and got his just deserts.

3. Prince vs K.Black - 3.25 Stars

K.Black was attacked by a kendo stick but was met by a Superkick before Prince went for a steel chair and attacked Kieron with it. Black was busted open but low blowed Prince then asked Prince "Don't make me do this. Prince then attacked him with a low blow, driving Black insane who kills Prince with steel chair shots, busting him open too, before breaking the chair and covering Prince. The lights went off and Jason appeared, convincing Black to Punt Prince for the win. Black deserved to win so this went well.

2. Slim vs Sameer: Falls Count Anywhere - 4.5 Stars

Slim and Sameer started their phenomenal match with each hitting their finisher. Sameer hits a Superkick, and Slim countered a Springboard with a Pedigree. Slim would take Sameer to the outside and attacked him with a kendo stick twice and two suplexes, a Belly to Belly and a German into the barricade. Sameer hit a Jumping DDT through the table and attacked Slim. Sameer let Slim get up before Slim hit a giant Spear. Sameer was bust open with steel chair shots and a drop into the barricade. Slim would pummel Sameer but Sameer hit a big Dropkick to delay the attack. Sameer hit a clothesline into the apron, followed by Slim's Drive-By, before hitting a Zig Zag. He covered but the ref was knocked out from being thrown over the barricade by Slim. He tried to revive the ref, but gave in and tried for a second Superkick to be countered into a German Suplex from Slim. Sameer escaped a Powerbomb but Slim sweeped the legs. Slim revived the ref but walked into a Superkick but Slim kicked out. Sameer lost his cool, putting a table over the steel steps. He would be taken by Slim into a rope roll-up kicked out. Sameer would roll up Slim after Slim attempted to break Sameer's arm with an Armbar. Slim bashed Sameer with a Sledgehammer after Sameer used Slim's Kliq symbol, but Sameer kicked out. Sameer looked for a Superkick, but Slim escaped before Suicide Spearing Sameer through the table-steps. Sameer got the arm over Slim to win. I think Slim deserved to win but Sameer picked up the win here in the end.

2. To The Top Ladder Match - Nate vs Yelich vs Summer vs Josh vs Ropati - 4.5 Stars

The match started with Nate and Yelich brawling whilst Kings of Wrestling hit Summer with a steel chair. Nate hits Yelich with a chair and brings a ladder into the ring. Josh tried to stop him but got his response with a Superkick from Nate, before Nate and Ropati Superkicked each other. All 5 men are unconscious until Ropati and Yelich first get up. Ropati attacks Yelich, sets the ladder up, and follows it up by putting a ladder between the ropes and Powerbombing Yelich through it. Meanwhile, Nate attacked Josh and Summer with chair shots, before Nate and Rop both climbed the ladder. They brawled, but Nate was pushed off the ladder through the other ladder with Yelich. Ropati looked to win but Yelich Out of Nowhere got up to Back Body Rop through the other ladder. Yelich got to the top but Summer pushed him off onto the ropes and Clotheslined him out of the ring, only to be met by an Enzuigiri fro Scott. Josh looks to climb the ladder but Nate would Superkick him and hit a Diving Elbow off the top of the ladder. Yelich set up two tables and a ladder through the barricade and apron on the outside of the ring before Ropati grabs him and throws him into the ring. Ropati looked for a Piledriver onto the ladder but Nate helped Yelich and Full Nelson Suplexed Ropati onto the ladder. Summer returns to DDT Nate onto the ladder before climbing up the ladder himself. Josh met Summer up there, and their rivalry resumed, punched each other until Yelich pushed the ladder down, causing Summer and Josh to go through the tables. Yelich and Nate were left in the ring until Yelich hit a DDT onto the ladder followed by a Michonoku Driver onto the ladder. Josh returned to Clothesline and Brawl with Yelich, before looking for a Piledriver onto the ladder. Nate stopped Josh and pulled him out of the ring, before hitting a Superkick and laying him on the table. Nate looked for an Elbow Drop through the table but Scott rolled off the table causing Nate to go through. Yelich climed the ladder but Rop and Summer double teamed to knock him off with steel chairs. Rop and Summer would fight with DDT's and Suplexes but Ropati gained the first upper hand by throwing Summer into the ladder. Summer would equalises by Superplexing Ropati off the ladder when he was about to win. Summer through Rop out of the ring, only to be thrown into the barricade with a Buckle Bomb from Ropati. They went brawling up the ramp, onto the tallest ladder where they both climbed, punching each other in the skull. Rop would look for a Superplex, before Summer reversed into a Superplex, but Ropati would reverse with a Mid-Air Powerbomb through a table. Left in the ring was Nate, Josh and Yelich, with a ladder between the 3. Nate and Josh fought each other, as Yelich, who was now without face paint, grabbed a steel chair from under the ring. It looked like he would hit both men, but he attacked Josh only after pushing Nate away, giving Josh a crimson suit. Nate guarded Yelich as Yelich won. EVEN THOUGH JOSH DESERVED TO WIN THE MATCH. I'll keep calm, don't worry

1. Alyx Wilde vs Chris White: I Quit Match for the BPZ United States Championship - 4.75 Stars

Chris White vs Alyx Wilde. The great feud with such a great ending. Chris said the word "Mertle" causing Wilde to slap him, driving White insane, with him taking Wilde down and pummeling him with closed fists, until the ref tried to stop White, causing Wilde to poke White with a thumb to the eye before kicking him off and Shoulder Tackling him into the corner. Wilde would hit a Vintage Flying Knee but was hit with a Mid Air Dropkick after he tried for a Middle Rope Knee. White took control by barging Wilde into the barricade, and almost breaking his shoulder with a Big Boot to it into the barricade. Wilde retook control when he caught White's leg, put it in the middle rope and Superkicked it, trying to break Chris' knee. Alyx threw him by the hair into the ring, and locked in a Figure 4. Chris refused to quit, knocking the mic out of the ref's hands. Alyx, upset at Chris laughing, locked in a steel ringpost Figure 4, but when White again showed his resilience, Wilde hit a Big Boot onto White's knee, trying to break it. Wilde got to the top rope for a Mid Air Double Stomp but White managed to sweep the legs, causing Wilde to land badly and White to try make him Quit with an Armbar, but was unsuccessful. Both men were struggling after this and as Wilde charged at White, Chris would hit a White-Out to the shoulder of Wilde, before saying that it was "dislocated." He trapped Wilde by his bad shoulder in the ropes and kicked it viciously, causing Wilde to be in extreme pain and beg for reason with White. Wilde was ripped from the ropes and as White celebrated, Alyx kicked his knee, causing him to fall. Wilde managed to get to his feet and bought two things to the ring, a steel chair and a sledgehammer. He put the chair through White's knee and cockily walked to the corner as White started to stand. Wilde didn't see White standing up and taking the chair off, so he decided to jump with the sledgehammer onto the knee of White, but White knocked Wilde out cold with a mid air chair shot. He was bust open, and White, trying to wake him up to get him to say I Quit, hit slaps on Wilde and Wilde awoke, only to knock White down with an elbow. Wilde showed a bit of sympathy as he bust White open with more elbows, before falling next to his rival. Wilde was now trying to wake White to no affair, as after 2 minutes EMP's ran to the ring as Wilde shouted make him say it. Wilde then made a big mistake as he said "It isn't ending this way." He picked White up, only to be locked in a Liontamer, which he eventually said "I Quit" to. Chris White deserved to win, and got a long reign deserved.


Ladies and gentlemen, a few months ago I started a preview panel. I am going to start it again as I have their December to Dismember predictions and Final 6 predictions in the Rumble. I will spice it up by adding a points system with the person with the most points getting an FAC Predictions Championship. I would like to announce the inaugural FAC Predictions Champion, with 4.5 points, as JAMES SWEEDINFERG. If you would like to join the Preview Panel then post it here and I will add you to a waiting list to join the Panel as the number will rise to 7, so you better be quick to take the 2 places.

Josh smiles. What a journey it has been. See you tomorrow, for Free Agent Corner Season 2. Goodbye



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Three Announcements here

One, @Devlin Rhodes [TheRyan] and @SummerGamz[Going by SummerGamz] have both been accepted onto the preview panel, begrudgingly on Summer, by a board of people. To spice things up, the two men with the lowest predictions will be kicked off the preview panel. Good luck, you can still join with the Hashtag #FACPreview Panel

Secondly, @Alyx Wildeand @Natedogboth will receive an interview on Monday. Please leave questions with #FACMonday

Final one, should Free Agent Corner think it should keep it's name as it's host is no longer a Free Agent. A vote will be held and say either #FACYes or #FACNo. I say #FACYes because it is the brand name and I will invite Free Agents for interviews. Sorry for all the hashtags but it keeps everything together. Tune in for todays episode with the Preview Panel previewing DTD. Can SweedinFerg retain his title with a 1 point advantage called Champions Advantage. Join us then.

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Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Season 2 and Free Agent Corner 26. Today we are going to go back to the preview panel and I am going to give a little point preview you get 1 point for getting it right, 1 point for Champions Advantage and 1/2 point for voting for me. Actually, forget I said that last part. Let's just move on to the show.

A clip plays showing the preview.

NXT Championship Match

In the picture of this title right now is “moi” the champ, Summer, Legends and STSMVs. ST has posted a lot of graphics on Twitter and is famous for that, whilst Legend posts about his 2K17 Universe Mode on Twitter. These 2 go in with a Twitter following, but have stayed out of the war that is Joshua Scott vs Summer. Both coming in close together, Summer lost an NXT Championship match at Halloween Havoc, before Scott entered the scene. Both men were set to compete for a contract at Survivor Series but Summer got an Evolve contract early meaning Scott won the match. He too chose Evolve. Later that night Scott swooped in and did a “Blade.” Just as Summer was expected to win the championship and was hand-groomed to, he did a “Slim” and didn’t win. Scott was the champ but the only reason was because Ropati interfered with two Curb Stomps. Summer waged war against the “Kings of Wrestling” and took out Ropati in a To The Top Match while Scott was distracted. Summer has friends too but could we see them get involved in this match. 2 Evolve stars and two free agents. One guy from March 2015, one from July 2016, one from October 2016 and the other from November 2016. Who can take the gold. I think it’s close here. Me to win it. Why? Here’s why. I am just the most active and have made 15 quality posts since Thursday, whilst Summer has made 15 since Wednesday. I have topped the leaderboard 3 times, but none of us are technically fully in the picture as our rep soars the NXT picture.

Gary: Same as you almost Josh. Summer first. This is because I think Summer has better quality and quantity in the forums history and you may have been more active recently but overall Summer for me.

Josh: I see

I’m calm


SweedinFerg: Summer has shined on my pick. He's been working his ass off to win the title. He looks as the title not as a stepping stone title, but THE title. 

Josh: So have I

Ropati: got to go with josh here he's proved that he's the best nxt wrestler and tonight he'll prove it again

Pinkest: Josh

Josh: Then it's 3 votes for me and 2 for Summer

US Championship Match

Josh: The card has been announced for a 6 man elimination match, featuring White defend his title against Aidan, who seems to still be injured, James Ropati, BiC, 2016 To The Top Winner Yelich and the returning Elliot. Elliot announced the return but is overdue on announcing whether he’s Evolve or Carnage. Many of these have collided in the past, but recently Yelich and Ropati fought in the To The Top Match which Yelich won. Chris White has held the title for 1 week but doesn’t want it to stay that way. Elliot is a former US Champ, whilst BiC and Aidan have claimed the NXT Title 2 times and once respectively. Who can take the gold. White is got that quality about him and has topped the leaderboard, giving him my place

Green: We think alike

Ropati: Chris has just been the best in the us divison

Pinkest: Chris

SweedinFerg: I got to go with Chris White. Who the hell else is in the division

Josh: That is 5 votes for Chris White

Euro Championship Match

Josh: There are 3 men in the picture. The champ Wilde, Cpe and Neece. With Cpe injured, I think the most likely scenario here is Neece vs Wilde, although if it was a Triple Threat Cpe wouldn’t win anyway. However Wilde did injure Cpe, who has got a lot of bones to pick with The Supremacy, which gives them lot of blood. Down to Wilde and Neece, No Rules ended with them staring down each other when Neece returns, and The Shield vs The Supremacy feud, despite The Unholy Alliance, is still burning. Who can take the gold though. Wilde here. It’s a no-brainer for me. He may have lost his US and Tag Titles but this one crown can stay on his head. He is perfect for the Euro scene and is incredibly active.

Green: Neece's return is going to be fully capped off with a win to Neece.

SweedinFerg: For the same reasons as US, Alyx Wilde.

Ropati: Alyx has been the best in the Euro division

Pinkest: Alyx Wilde

Josh: That is 4 votes for Wilde and one for Neece

BiC vs Ark Universe: Hells Chamber

Josh: Ark has become new and is now leading a group called DeadSec. Meanwhile BiC attacked Ark after taking a leave of absence. Ark would accuse BiC of being Physco in disguise and interrupt his Birthday Bash. Ark and BiC would brawl and live on BPZ Chat, Slim announced that BiC would face Ark inside Hell’s Chamber. Who ends this feud. BiC is just better with that quantity, quality and activeness and has built up this feud very well.

Green: Agree, BiC

Ropati: great feud here but i see bic picking up the win

Pinkest: Ark

SweedinFerg: A feud that became one of my absolute favorites in a while. I see BiC getting the well deserve victory.  

Josh: That is 4 votes to BiC and 1 vote for Ark

Tag Team Championship Match

Josh: Aidan is forced to fight again when he and Alyx must defend the titles against The Unholy Alliance, Kings of Wrestling and former champs Empire of Greatness. Supremacy and Empire of Greatness. EOG and Supremacy have had wars in which the Supremacy injured Ryan Infinite at Resurgence before taking the titles at Survivor Series. EOG look to get revenge. Meanwhile, after Aidan got injured, it seems that the titles will be up for grabs as they’re vacated. Me and Ropati enter the scene with promos after a formation at Survivor Series, and with Flynn wanting a World Title shot, he must win the Tag Titles with Slim to get it in The Unholy Alliance. Who can win. Kings of Wrestling.

Green: Slim and Flynn

SweedinFerg: Kings Of Wrestling for me. Underrated stars with everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

Pinkest: Kings of Wrestling

Ropati: only kings can beat satan and god and thats why i'm going with Kings of wrestling

Josh: Thank you everyone that is 4 votes for Kings of Wrestling and 1 for Slim and Flynn

Premium Championship Voting

Josh: Nate and Nano have been getting in each other’s faces a lot recently. Sameer and Ark have stayed out of the war with Nate and Nano confronting each other. These two collide at DTD. It started when Nate won the title at Survivor Series before The Top Guys attacked Nano. They welcomed him to “The Unholy Alliance” but it was all a ruse. Nano needs this to prove himself. Nano will take the gold. He is just got the quality, quantity and is the most active In My Opinion.

Green: I agree with Nano

Ropati:  i got to go with nate i think the top guys will distract nanovirus and nate will steal the win

Pinkest: Nate

SweedinFerg: I have to pick Nanovirus. He's been showing what he's truly made of with hard work this entire month and I feel like he deserves it. 

Josh: That's 3 votes for Nano and 2 votes for Nate

IC Championship Voting

Josh: Hollow managed to take the title at Survivor Series after being desperate to finally get it. FDS was desperate to win it but failed and transitioned into El Ingobernable, the greatest man who ever lived, so he could take the gold. The first man was Flynn who beat Hollow at No Rules to take the gold in seconds, and now both FDS and Hollow, with Nano included, want to take the title. Who can do it. Flynn and Nano are close but Flynn edges it for me because he is active with quality and quantity.

Green: I agree again. Flynn

SweedinFerg: I'm going with Flynn, who when he wants something, he achieves it. And he wants to retain the championship at the pay-per-view.

Ropati: got go with flynn here i mean who else is going for it

Pinkest: Flynn

Josh: That's 5 votes for Flynn

World Championship Voting - Slim vs Sameer

Josh: I don't even have to go with the past between Slim and Sameer. Slim gets it here. Future greatest champion in history right now and Sameer may just get there with the picture title wise but Slim has what I keep saying, quantity and quality with activeness.

Green: Slim. I agree once more

Pinkest: Slim

Ropati: got to go with slim here sameer got lucky at no rules but he won't be so lucky at the ppv

SweedinFerg: Gotta hand it to Slim. He's been unstoppable as of late since winning the World Championship. But I see Sameer bringing Slim to a whole new other level after tonight. 

The clip ends

Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of tonight, ending it with 7.5 points and still your FAC Predictions Champion. JAMES SWEEDINFERG. Congratulations to him, I didn't see him retaining. Goodnight. See you tomorrow



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Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 27. Today, we are going to play the clip where our preview panel predict the Final 6 in the Rumble.

The clip starts

Josh: The Royal Rumble. A massive time of year. In the competition is 30 names, including mine, but also in that tournament include the following. Flynn - Slim has just turned on him before Flynn attacked him, the top-off for Flynn would be taking the title from Slim. Alyx Wilde has also had recent problems with Slim, can his rise to fame include topping his mentor? Chris White - with rumours circling backstage of his fight with Slim maybe this could be White's revenge. We've seen Brian Gillman and Slim stare off as of late and maybe it could happen at Mania. Summer, my old arch nemesis could have the quickest rise to fame in history. Yelich, the Global Champion, has made a big impact and could face his friend to keep the title in the Top Guys. Sameer is fresh off beating Slim, but has lost a few since then. Could his fight carry on? BrendenPlayz is the boss and hopes to take down any of his rebelling stars. Nate is the same as Yelich here. Ark is fighting as a underdog and hasn't given in once. We saw a confrontation between Kieron and Slim at Bragging Rights, could it be repeated at Mania. Any of these stars could win. I am going to go with me, Ryan, Nate, Johnny, Nebakos and Yelich. 1.5

Green: Wilde, Summer, Flynn, Chris, Nate and Johnny 5

Josh: Not me. Really Gary

SweedinFerg: Flynn, Wilde, White, Gill, Summer and Josh 5.5

Pinkest: Wilde, Gill, Flynn, Yelich, Sameer and BrendenPlayz 2

Josh: I could fire you all for this blasphemy

Ropati: Wilde, Summer, Flynn, Nate, Kieron and Ark 5

Josh: If Ropati wasn't my friend you'd all be fired for BLASPHEMY

And on an unrelated note to what I just said the votes for the final 6 are 4 for Wilde, 4 for Flynn, 3 for Nate, 3 for Summer, 2 for Chris White, 2 for Yelich, 2 for me, 2 for Gill, 2 for Johnny, 1 for Ryan, 1 for Neb, 1 for Sameer, 1 for Brenden, 1 for Kieron and 1 for Ark.

The clip ends.

Josh: And ladies and gentlemen, the final results. In 5th place, me with 1.5 points. 4th, Matthew Pinkest with 2 points.

As for the final 3, Green and Ropati got the most predictions right with 5, to SweedinFerg's 4. But with Champions Advantage, although Gary Green and Ropati got 2nd with 5 points, your winner AND STILL SOMEHOW THE CHAMPION JAMES SWEEDINFERG.

SweedinFerg arrives with his title as the show ends.


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