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Green Agent Corner

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Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 125. Today is a super episode as we see the series finale of FAC Series 5. Wow. We celebrate it with a preview, review and ups and downs of Survivor Series

NXT Championship Match: GeorgeAK vs LegendsOrigin
Josh: Ever since joining my Josh-Tourage George has been unstoppable. He cleared out the NXT divison and issued out an open challenge for anyone who thought they could take him down. Out stepped LegendsOrigin. Can Origin take him down? Or will George prove he is the king of the division? George
GreenSaying Legends
Josh: We have a split decision. One vote for Legends, one for George 

United States Championship Match: Echo Wilson vs Peter Wilchester
The second match in this rivalry sees a very prestigious belt on the line. This started 3 months ago when Echo Wilson trashed Peters beloved house and started a fearsome rivalry. In their first meeting Echo won but tonight Peter looks for revenge. Can he gain it? Or will Echo retain? I’m saying Echo
Green: I agree.
Josh: Full house for Echo Wilson

Tag Team Championship Match: Slim and Akki vs The Josh-Tourage (JoshsNow and GeorgeAK)
New Tag Team Champions will be crowned when Slim and Akki meet the Josh-Tourage. Slim announced a great alliance so many were shocked when it turned out to be Akki. Meanwhile Josh has played mind games with everyone, making George a stunt double and teasing a 3rd man, only to say it was Slim. Will the mind games pay off? Or is the great alliance too great? I’m going with me and George
Green: I agree
Josh: Two votes for the Josh-Tourage

Number One Contenders Match for the Global Championship: FDS vs Ark Universe
These 2 rivals meet as the two former Chaos brothers collide. Ark feels like he is being screwed over and tonight could be an example as he must defend his Number One Contendership against FDS. Can FDS gain revenge for a betrayal by screwing over Ark? Or will Ark truly prove his worth? Going with FDS
Green: I’m agreeing
Josh: Full house for FDS

Intercontinental Championship Match: Smith (c) vs FDS
Smith has been dominant for 7 months and has beaten everyone, including FDS. The most recent of these defences came at Halloween Havoc where FDS lost to Smith and snapped afterwards. He brutally attacked Smith and created this rivalry. Now can FDS’ new persona bring him success? Or will Smith’s dominance continue once more? Smith is too good not to vote so I’m saying him
Green: I agree
Josh: Two votes for Smith

Premium Championship Match: Smith (c) vs BiC
As he has done for the past 7 months Smith pulls double duty tonight as he faces BiC for the Premium Championship. BiC has been a thorn in his back from day 1. Will it be another day for Smith? Or do we see a shock? I’m saying Smith
Green: Going with BiC
Josh: One vote for Smith and one vote for FDS

World Championship Match: Bailey (c) vs Slim
We get a BPZ Mania calibre match as Bailey takes on Slim. The two greatest World Champs Finally collide 7 months after they were first booked to. Slim retained World at Bad Blood only for Bailey to cash in MITB and win World. Slim now looks for revenge. Can he become a 3x champ? Or will Bailey retain? No doubt in my mind I’m voting Slim
Green: I agree, I’m voting Slim
Josh: Full house for Slim

Jonathan (Evolve) vs Brad (Carnage)
Two legends meet in the ring for an epic inter brand contest here at Survivor Series. Friends, rivals and now after 3 years and intense promos they collide. Will Evolve carry on interbrand dominance. Or is tonight Brads night? Going Brad here, very easy for me to go him
Green: I’m thinking Jon here
Josh: Split decision, one vote for John and one vote for Brad

Team Flynn (Flynn, Echo Wilson, Necce, Prince and FDS) vs Team Smith (Smith, Slim, Ross, Jonathan and Tamer)
What a feud this has been. When Universal Champ Flynn invaded Evolve to confront Smith, everyone erupted when this match was made. Ross announced himself as the first member of Team Smith by attacking Flynn during his match with Echo Wilson, who in turn joined Team Flynn. Flynn then added Prince and FDS whilst Smith added his Order brothers Slim and Nate, the latter was later replaced by John due to injury. Necce made a shock return to join Team Flynn and then, after Flynn retained Universal over Ross, Tamer joined Team Slim, attacking Slim. Who will win this legendary match. Team Smith? Or Team Flynn? My vote is going to Team Flynn 
Green: Saying Team Smith 
Josh: One vote for Team Smith and one vote for Team Flynn. We’ll reveal the results at the end of the episode. 

9. NXT Championship Match: GeorgeAK (c) vs LegendsOrigin: 4 Stars                              The NXT divison seems to be on a bit of a downfall as the worst match in 2 months for the divison occured. Legends sent George to the outside by hitting shots to the back of George’s skull and tried to follow up with a Suicide Dive but George sent him into the barricade, and was sent into the barricade with a Drop Toe Hold from Legends. Both men rolled in at 7 and began trading forearms on their knees. They went back and forth before George suddenly got up and hit Legends with a Buckle Bomb. George got him up and hit forearms to the cranium before hitting a Powerbomb. He then followed up with a Vertical Suplex that caused Legends to roll out of the ring, where George hit him with a Suicide Dive. George threw him into the ring and hit a Piledriver for a 3. A fast paced match up. 4 Stars

7. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Peter Wilchester and World Championship Match: Bailey (c) vs Slim: 4.5 Stars 
We will start with US, which saw its prestige hurt by another short title reign as it had its worst match for 2 months. Echo and Peter started showing their was no bad blood lost as they charged at each other, with Echo ducking a Clothesline and then hitting a Péle Kick to stun Peter. Echo hit a Running Crossbody to Echo but although Peter rolled through Echo hit elbows to the side of Wilchester and then transitioned his body to hit a Hurricarana. Both men got up and locked up, where Peter gained advantage and locked in a headlock but Echo pushed him against the ropes and went for a Back Body Drop but was almost hit by a Canadian Destroyer. However Echo prevented it and locked in a Sharpshooter but Peter escaped by reaching the ropes. Peter rolled out but Echo hit a Springboard Corkscrew Crossbody onto Peter. Echo rolled Peter into the ring, who crawled around confused, and Echo rolled in himself before uppercutting Peter into the corner before Irish whipping him into the opposite corner. As Echo charged at Peter it was revealed he had been playing possum as Peter sent Echo into the post before hitting a Brainbuster. Peter exposed the turnbuckle and Irish Whipped Echo into it before bashing Echos head against it 8 times, until the ref broke it up. Peter hit another 6 shots into the turnbuckle before hitting a Canadian Destroyer for a 2 as Peter covered with his foot. Peter covered again for real but only got a 2. Peter argued with the ref as Echo got up and asked Peter if that was all he had. Peter responded with a punch to Echo, who hit one back, before they hit punches to each other in stereo. Echo gained advantage and Irish Whipped Peter into the exposed turnbuckle before going for a Splash but he missed and was rolled up by the tights from Peter for the 3. A fast paced story. 4.5 Stars

Now for World, a division on the rise that saw its best match in 2 months. Bailey started by charging at Slim, who entangled himself in the ropes so Bailey couldn’t touch him. Bailey was forced to back away, which he did but as he charged at Slim again, Slim ducked and then hit a Spinning Back Elbow to send Bailey to his knees. Slim mocked Baileys Glorious pose which caused Bailey to hit him with punches and ducked a Clothesline from Slim to hit a German Suplex to send Slim onto his neck. Slim rolled onto the apron and Bailey went to him but was hit by a Roundhouse Kick and then a Springboard Dropkick. Bailey tried to roll out of the ring but was picked up by Slim, however Bailey raked Slims eyes and hit a Belly to Belly Suplex before following up with a GOATPlex. Bailey tried to follow up with a Career Killer but Slim flipped him over and went for a Running Knee Strike but Bailey rolled out of the ring. Slim went for a dive but as Bailey moved Slim transitioned into a Tranquilo. Bailey rolled in and shouted Glorious at Slim, and then charged at Slim who moved out of the way sending Bailey out of the ring. Slim hit a Baseball Slide to send Bailey into the announce table and now Bailey, holding his back, ran into the ring into a Northern Lights Suplex followed by a Brainbuster but Bailey flipped out and hit a Gamechanger to Slim for a 2. Slim began to climb the ropes, but was Uppercutted twice and bounced into the ropes by Bailey who attempted a Spinebuster but Slim reversed into a DDT. Slim bounced Bailey off the ropes and attempted a Spinning Heel Kick but Bailey ducked it and hit a huge knee to Slims face. Bailey scaled the ropes and called for a Shooting Star Press, doing his “Glorious” taunt. However midway through Ross pushed him and Bailey missed. Slim followed up with an Endgame and, after stomping on Baileys back, he locked in a Death Penalty for a submission victory. A fast paced high flying strikefest. 4.5 Stars

3. Tag Team Championship Match: The Order (Slim and Akki) vs The Josh-Tourage, Intercontinental Championship Match: Smith vs FDS, Number One Contenders Match for the Global Championship: FDS vs Ark Universe and Brad vs Jonathan: 4.75 Stars 
We will start with Tag which produced its 4th consecutive 4.75 Star contest, showing how good this division is. Akki and Josh started things off, with Akki stalking Josh who tried to back away from Akki. Akki hit a Jumping High Knee to knock George off of the apron. Slim laughed which annoyed Josh who attacked Akki, and although Akki lifted up Josh onto his shoulders, Josh fought back and dropkicked the legs of Akki sending Akki face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Josh pounced on Akki with strikes to his back before sending him to the post and then out to the apron. Josh went to collect Akki but Akki hit some blows to Josh’s stomach and created some separation, pushing Josh away and hitting the oncoming Josh with an elbow, knocking him down. Akki kicked George, who climbed up to the apron, down again and tried to Suplex Josh to the outside, who was in the ring, but Josh flipped out onto the apron and dodged a Running Knee from Akki who went to the post. Josh tagged in George as Slim checked on Akki, and George baseball slid Slim into the barricade before covering Akki for a 2. George hit multiple underhook knee strikes followed by a Sit Out Slam for a 2. George kept Akki into their corner and then tagged in Josh, where they hit a Spinebuster/Neckbreaker Combo and Josh went for a Bullhammer but Akki ducked under him and got the Tag to Slim. Slim springboard rolled under Josh and hit a Superman Punch to George which knocked him off the apron, before he was flipped over the top rope by Josh. Slim landed on the apron and Josh joined him, hitting him with an Uppercut that sent Slims jaw back. Josh went for an Elbow but Slim caught the arms and attempted to hit Josh with a Dragon Suplex but Josh fought out of it with elbows before he Superkicked Slim off the apron. George through Slim back in the ring and Josh joined him before covering for a 2. George went for a Piledriver but Slim escaped with knees to the stomach, before following up with a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2. Slim carried on the roll, hitting George with a Brainbuster before tagging in Akki, who only a few seconds ago had pulled Josh off of the apron face first and beat him down until the referee warned him. Slim and Akki went for an 11th Commandment/Neckbreaker Combo but Josh made the save, hitting a Fishermans Suplex to Akki allowing George to break free and hit Slim with high knees followed by a Codebreaker from Josh that sent Slim out of the ring. George then hit Akki with a Piledriver for a 2, before tagging in Josh and going for a Diving Aided Piledriver with Josh but Slim Enzuigirid Josh off of the top rope, hit a Diving Dropkick to George and Akki hit him with a Khallas for the 3. A hard hitting match up ruined by the fact George wasn’t the legal man. 4.75 Stars.

Now IC. The divison ended its 3 event streak of 4.5 Star matches as it produced 1/4 Star better, as this rising division put on the best IC Title match in 6 months. The match started with the two meeting in the middle and Smith looked to lock up, but just as FDS looked to accept he kicked Smith in the gut, uppercutted him and hit him with Forearm after forearm. Smith fell into the corner and FDS looked for a corner knee strike but he missed and Smith took advantage by hitting an O’Connor Roll German Suplex but didnt even get a 1. Both men got up, with Smith blocking a Forearm, FDS blocking a Roundhouse Kick before they both dropkicked each other at the same time. Both men kipped up simultaneously, with FDS countering a Clothesline into a Swinging Neckbreaker, but Smith got to his feet immediately and hit a Snap German Suplex after ducking an FDS Spin Kick for a 1. Smith went for a Uranage Side Slam but FDS got out, hit a Dragon Suplex, then a Spin Kick and finally a Lifting DDT for a 1. FDS let Smith get up in the opposite corner of the ring before the two men charged at each other and hit strikes galore, with Smith gaining advantage with a combination followed by a Clothesline from Smith. FDS rolled out before Smith could capitalise, caught his breath and rolled back in where he ducked a Sick Kick and hit a Running Knee to Smith. FDS picked Smith up and put him in a Front Facelock where he hit knees to Smiths gut,  then Muay Thai knees and then a Fisherman Buster for a 2. FDS then went for a Tombstone Piledriver but Smith reversed into one of his own and tried to follow up with a Frog Splash but FDS rolled out of the way and locked in a Sharpshooter. Smith crawled to the ropes and was thrown out of the ring by FDS, who attempted to follow up with a Suicide Dive but Smith Superkicked FDS, leaving him hanging in the ropes, and then followed up with a Brainbuster onto the floor. Smith then threw FDS into the ring and scaled the ropes, hitting a Frog Splash for a 2. Smith tried to follow up with a Figure 4 Leglock but FDS pushed him off into the ropes and stood up but was met with a Sick Kick from Smith for a 2. Smith went for a second but FDS met him at the ropes with a knee strike, before placing him in the corner and hitting a Corner Knee Strike before he hit a Go-Home Driver for a 2. FDS tried to follow up with a Tombstone but Smith blocked it and hit a Dropkick. Smith was now exhausted and trying to put FDS away with one big move, he placed FDS on the top rope back first to the ring and hit FDS with an Inverted Frankensteiner off of the top rope. He then hit a Sick Kick to FDS and went for an 8th Sin but FDS broke the hold and went for a Rainmaker but Smith ducked it. FDS blocked a Cutter and went for a German Suplex but Smith flipped onto his feet and hit a Fisherman Buster for a 2. Smith tried to follow up with a third Sick Kick but FDS moved out of the way and hit Smith with a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver, then a Gotch Style Piledriver followed by 2 Rainmakers for a 3. An incredibly fast paced match up - 4.75 Stars

Now another FDS match as he met Ark Universe. The match started with the 2 staring in the ring before they both rolled out to grab a weapon, both of them grabbing a kendo stick. They both rolled into the ring and started hitting each other with them as hard as possible, with FDS gaining advantage however Ark moved out of the way before FDS could smash his back and hit FDS over the back of the head and then sent him to his knees with a kendo stick shot to the legs. Ark went for a Shining Wizard but FDS moved out of the way and nailed him with a Dropkick sending Ark into the corner. FDS went for a Corner Gut Knee Strike but Ark moved and hit a Backstabber however FDS flipped onto his feet and hit an Inverted DDT to Ark who rolled through and hit a Standing Double Stomp to FDS. Ark scaled the ropes but FDS hit him with an Uppercut and then dropkicked him off the top rope to the outside. FDS went for a Suplex into the barricade but Ark barely countered it and hit one to FDS to the outside. Ark then climbed onto the apron and hit a Hurricarana to FDS off of the apron. Ark grabbed a steel chair and tried to smash it onto FDS’ head but FDS caught it and hit a Dropkick to Ark as he had hold of the chair and followed it up with a top rope Double Stomp to drive the chair into Ark. FDS threw Ark into the crowd and grabbed a trash can before joining Ark but Universe dropkicked the can into FDS. Both men were down but Ark got up first and started clearing the announce table, before grabbing FDS and putting him on top of the announce table. Ark tried to Fisherman Suplex him through it but FDS threw him off the announce table and hit a Cannonball to finish him off. FDS tried to Suplex Ark into the ring post but as Ark blocked it, FDS instead hit a Snap DDT. He threw Ark into the ring and scaled the ropes, going for a Diving Double Foot Stomp but he missed and Ark dropkicked him into the corner. Ark went for a Step Up Knee Strike but FDS dodged it, meaning Ark was perched on the second rope and FDS tried to German Suplex him from there but Ark flipped onto his feet. FDS turned into an Enzuigiri attempt which he ducked before hitting Ark with a Dragon Suplex to send Ark out of the ring. FDS tried to go for a Suicide Dive but Ark it him with a chair, and with FDS hung in the ropes Ark hit him with a Death From Above sending FDS out of the ring. Ark tried to follow up with a Tope Con Hilo but missed and FDS hit him with an Apron Hung DDT. FDS grabbed a table and set it up in the middle of the ring before placing Ark on the top rope and hitting a Flipping DDT through the table. FDS climbed to a corner as Ark was checked on by the referee and medical team who began to stretcher him out but Ark sat up and started to punch away the medical team until they backed off. Ark returned to the ring as FDS got up and Ark taunted FDS who responded with a Running Strike. He then grabbed a bag and emptied it in the ring, revealing thumbtacks and he tried to Death Valley Driver Ark through them who slipped out and landed on his knees and FDS Superkicked him. With Arks mouth and FDS forehead both bleeding, FDS rolled out and grabbed a ladder but as he set it up he was Superkicked by Ark. Ark followed up with a Running Neckbreaker before scaling the ladder, going for a Shooting Star Press but FDS joined him. FDS hit a forearm followed by a Blood Rainmaker off the ladder onto the thumbtacks to end this violent 4.75 Star match.

Finally Brad vs Jonathan. They started by locking up with Brad taking advantage by locking in a hammerlock. Jonathan tapped his shoulder before rolling into a handstand, escaping the lock, before putting Brad in a headlock. Brad managed to escape by pushing Jonathan against the ropes and whipping him off, leapfrogging over him and then baseball sliding him as Jonathan front flipped over him before the two stared down. Brad went for the Walls but Jonathan pushed him off and went for the Pedigree but Brad back flipped him over but Jonathan landed on his feet as the two men stared down to the crowds delight. They locked up again and Brad pushed Jonathan to the corner, breaking up the hold and Brad let go eventually at 3, finishing it off with a slap to Jonathan. He got cocky and hit a second one to Jonathan who grabbed his jaw and then grabbed Brad, throwing him into the corner and slapping his face and mouth. Jonathan charged at him but Brad flipped him onto the apron and as Jonathan grabbed Brad the ref told Jonathan to let go which he did. Brad exploded from there, sending Jonathan to the outside with a Triangle Dropkick, and slid out of the ring himself, before kicking Jonathan in the rib cage. Brad grabbed Jonathan’s hair and told him he wouldn’t win before attempting to throw him into the post but Jonathan reversed and threw Brad shoulder first into the post. He threw Brad into the ring and joined him in the ring, catching a Codebreaker attempt from Brad and reversing it into a Pedigree attempt. However he couldn’t complete it and instead transitioned it into a Tiger Bomb for a 2. Jonathan flips his hair back and began to stalk Brad, who was getting on his hands and knees in the corner. He ran at Brad and used him as a boost but Brad caught his legs and locked in the Walls of Fakers but Jonathan eventually crawled to the ropes. Jonathan rolled out of the ring and used the ring to stand up, before Brad attempted a Diving Crossbody but Jonathan moved out of the way, sending Brad crashing to the outside as Jonathan chilled on the barricade. Jonathan pushed Brad into the ring and scaled the ropes before hitting a Phoenix Splash for a 2. Both men were down and got up using the ropes as the crowd shouted “Fight Forever” at the 23 minute mark. Brad hit Jonathan with an elbows to boos, before Jonathan did the same to cheers. They then started hitting each other with rapid elbows, with the sequence ending as Jonathan blocked an elbow, hit a Spin Kick to the gut of Brad and then a knee to Brads jaw to send him out of the ring. Jon followed this up with a Suicide Dive into the announce table, then a Buckle Bomb into the barricade, before rolling Brad and himself into the ring and hitting a Pedigree for a 2. At the 30 minute mark, Jon went for a Second Pedigree but Brad back body dropped him and hit a Lionsault for a 2 as the crowd gave a standing ovation. Brad threw him over the top rope to the apron and tried to follow up with a Triangle Dropkick but Jonathan reversed into a Hotshot to send Brad back in before Springboarding in but Brad hit him with a Mid air Codebreaker for a 2. An exhausted Brad asked Jonathan why he wouldn’t just stay down. Jonathan replied by flipping off Brad who went for a Codebreaker but Jon caught him and hit a Pedigree for the 3. An emotion filled fast paced thriller. 4.75 Stars

2. Premium Championship Match: BiC vs Smith (c): 4.5 Stars

The division carried on its rise by producing the best Premium Championship match in FAC Records. The two began by circling each other before locking up and sending each other both down to 1 knee and then to 2 knees, causing both men to release their holds and start hitting each other hard. Both men then jumped up and knocked each other back with a Forearm before the two locked up again, with Smith putting BiC in a headlock but BiC flipped him backwards and Smith landed on his feet. BiC went for a Clothesline but Smith ducked so BiC transitioned it into a headlock, with Smith flipping BiC backwards but BiC landed on his feet as the crowd cheered. The two circled each other with Smith hitting a kick to the gut of BiC and then a kick to the nose before arm dragging Smith. Smith hit a Soccer Kick before following up with a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker. He then slowed it down, locking in a headlock and showing off by doing sit ups but BiC escaped with punches to Smith. BiC then dropkicked Smith out of the ring before jumping through the ropes at Smith but was Superkicked causing BiC to hit hard on the outside. Smith caught his breath on the barricade before picking up BiC by the hair and slapping him but was met by a DDT from BiC. BiC leapt onto the apron and Smith joined him to try escape the Jumping DDT BiC was attempting but BiC hit Smith with a Slingblade onto the apron. BiC at on the apron as Smith held his neck on the floor, causing BiC to get onto the apron and hit an Elbow Drop to the back of Smiths neck. BiC threw him into the ring and kicked the back of his leg, prompting Smith to attempt a Superkick but BiC caught the leg, twisting Smith in the ropes and then dropkicking Smith in the back causing Smith to fall back into the ring. BiC followed by going to the second rope but Smith hit a Dropkick knocking BiC onto the apron and then knocking BiC to the floor. Smith scaled the ropes but BiC leaped onto the apron and then hit a Top Rope Hurricarana to Smith but Smith landed on his feet. Smith knocked BiC down with a Clothesline and attempted a second one when BiC got back up, however BiC reversed into a Powerslam. Smith bounced back to his feet and went for the Jumping DDT but BiC pushed him off and went for a Running Kick but Smith ducked. Smith turned him around and tried to lock in an Omoplata Crossface but BiC rolled out and went for a No Regret but Smith pushed him away. Smith tried to hit a Burning Hammer but BiC got off and tried for a Roundhouse but he missed and Smith hit a Superkick only for BiC to bounce off the ropes and hit a Running Kick. The crowd erupted as both men got up at 9, no started hitting each other as Smith hit Knees and BiC forearms, until they both knocked each other back. BiC tried to hit a Forearm but he missed and Smith hit a Vertical Suplex Powerbomb. Smith scaled the ropes and BiC tried to knock him off but Smith jumped over him and went for the Famouser but BiC caught him and hit a Powerbomb Backbreaker for a 2. BiC stood up in shock and started hitting forearms to the downed Smith, who tried to push him away but Smith received a massive Forearm for his troubles. BiC tried to follow up with a No Regret but Smith hit elbows, causing BiC to break it, and then continued until he bust open BiCs ear. He followed up with a huge Knee for a 2. Both men got up and Smith hit BiC with a knee to the gut and then to the side of the head, before finishing off with a Neckbreaker. He flexed and called himself the best but BiC hit him with a Superkick before making it seem as if he would hit a vertical suplex but instead dropped Smith on his head. BiC taunted with the crowd, before trying to kick Smith who rolled him up. BiC rolled through and went for a Clothesline but Smith ducked it and hit a German Suplex for a 2. The two men were on their knees and traded punches as they got to their feet. Both men ran against the ropes and both hit a Forearm, before Smith faked a Forearm and then hit a Dropkick. Smith tried to wear BiC down with submissions, locking in an Armbar but BiC fought out, flipping him onto his back, before BiC sent Smith into the Corner with a Jumping Clothesline. BiC went for a Diving Forearm but missed and ended up in the corner, where Smith charged at him but missed, and BiC followed up with a No Regret for a 2. BiC sat in the corner as Smith moved the hair from his face, and BiC went for a Running Kick but Smith hit a Sick Kick for a 2. BiC got up as Smith covered his black eye, and Smith went for a Superkick but missed and BiC kicked him in the gut before hitting a Suplex and then rolling through and hitting a Firebird, falling to 1 knee and standing up and picking up Smith who attempted a punch but couldn’t land it. BiC pushed Smith out of the ring before BiC joined him and smashed his head against the Announce table. Smith pushed BiC away with rib shots and BiC ran back only to be back body dropped onto the announce table. Smith scaled the ropes and hit an Elbow Drop through the announce table to BiC. The crowd exploded and the referee didn’t count as both men eventually rolled into the ring. Smith scaled the ropes and went for a Frog Splash but BiC got his knees up, kicked Smith in the leg and hit a Styles Clash. He covered but Smith got the ropes at 2. BiC sat in the ring and recovered but Smith recovered and hit a knee to BiC before hitting the 8th Sin into the corner, sending BiC out of the ring. Smith rolled out and threw BiC back in, before joining him and hitting a straight punch for a 2. Smith went for the Vertical Suplex Powerbomb but BiC hit a Roundhouse Kick and then a Royal Downfall for the 3. An amazing fast paced title match. 5 Stars

1. Team Flynn (Flynn, Echo Wilson, FDS, Necce and Prince) vs Team Smith (Smith, Slim, Ross, Jonathan and Tamer): 5.25 Stars

What a contest. Prince and Tamer started things off for their teams and they started by locking up, with Prince putting Tamer in a headlock. Tamer pushed Prince against the ropes, with him sliding under Prince, then leapfrogging over Prince and dropkicking Prince out of the ring. Prince returned to the ring but was sent to the corner with a Knee to the gut from Tamer. He bombarded Prince with chops, before sending him to the opposite corner with a Monkey Flip, and then Uppercutting Prince.  Tamer bounced Prince off the ropes and went for a Jumping Double Knees but Prince slid under him and went for a Roundhouse Kick, connecting but it didn’t phase Tamer, who hit a Cultureshock to Prince for a 3. Tamer tagged in Slim as Echo Wilson stood in, with the two locking up and Echo putting Slim in a headlock but Slim hit a Back Suplex followed up by a Standing Moonsault for a 2. Slim isolated Echo in the corner before tagging in Smith, and The Order hit a Powerbomb/Backbreaker combo. Smith stepped on Echos face and went for a Vertical Suplex Powerbomb but Echo flipped out, hit an Enzuigiri and then tagged in FDS. Smith tagged in Ross and raked the eyes of FDS and Ross hit a Shining Wizard for what would have been a 3 had Flynn not broke it up. Flynn removed himself from the ring as Ross placed FDS in a headlock and tried to tag in Jonathan but FDS hit a Blood Rainmaker. He covered but Team Smith broke it up at 1. A massive brawl broke out leaving Ross, Smith and FDS standing, with Ross tagging in Smith who hit an 8th Sin to FDS for the 3. Smith grabbed the now legal Echo and threw him into the ring, joining him and hitting a knee to the back of the head. Smith went for a Deadlift German Suplex but Echo flipped out and hit a Beautiful Disaster. Ross ran in and Uppercutted Echo in the back of the head, before tagging himself in. He tried to follow up with a Bootleg but Echo rolled through and Dropkicked Ross into the corner, before following up with a Back Elbow to the side of the head, then a Jumping Knee Strike to the back of the head and then a Fishermans Suplex for a 2. Echo went for the Beautiful Disaster but Ross raked the eyes and locked in the Bootleg. Slim took out Flynn with an Apron Punt Kick as Tamer hit an Axe Kick to Necce whilst Echo tapped out, bringing it to 5 vs 2. Ross tagged in Tamer, refusing to tag in Jonathan, as Necce became legal and charged at Tamer, only to be knocked down with an Open Handed Chop. Tamer ran off the ropes and hit a knee drop before lifting Necce up, placing him in the corner and bombarding him with forearms before finishing it off with an Inverted Frankensteiner. All of Team Smith except Jonathan mocked Necce, as Tamer dropped a leg onto Necce’s back before turning him over, mounting him and hitting Forearm after Forearm, busting Necce wide open. FDS ran out with a barbed wire bat and smashed Smiths back, Slims gut and Ross’ legs with it. FDS ran off before the referee could see what was happening, too focused on Tamer almost putting Necce away but Jonathan tagged himself in. Jon and Tamer argued, causing Jonathan to Pedigree Tamer before walking out, getting counted out in the process. Meanwhile Necce covered the now legal Tamer for the 3, bringing it to 3 vs 2. Necce tagged in Flynn as medics checked on Necce and Ross, his legs bleeding, stepped in the ring. The two locked up as Flynn pushed Ross for a Pop Up Powerbomb, but Ross jumped over Flynn and hit a Swinging Neckbreaker. Ross hit a Standing Shooting Star Press and then hit a Dive to Necce and the medic. Ross then returned to the ring and pushed off Flynn, who was attempting an FKO, and smashed Flynn with a Shining Wizard. Ross waited as Flynn got to his feet when suddenly Baileys theme hit and Bailey stepped onto the stage, much to the frustration of Ross. Ross told Bailey to come to the ring, which he slowly did but as he got onto the apron he jumped down and walked to the back. Ross, furious, charged at Flynn but Flynn hit a Pop Up Powerbomb for the 3, bringing it back to 2-2. Team Smith however were already beating down Flynn, a second too late to breaking up the cover. The now legal Slim stomped away at Flynn but Flynn kipped up and nailed Slim with a nasty headbutt. Flynn went for a German Suplex but Slim flipped out, injuring his ankle in the process. Smith tagged himself in to the annoyance of Slim but Slim stood on the apron, only to have his ankle chopblocked by Necce. Slim fell down and the medics checked on him. Smith and Flynn went back and forth with forearms until Flynn went for a Clothesline. However Smith flipped and ducked under it before hitting a Sick Kick for a 2. Smith went for a Burning Hammer but Flynn used the momentum to send the two crashing into the referee. Smith hit a Knee to send Flynn to the ropes, and Smith leaned in the corner, watching as Flynn got up, an 8th Sin on his mind. However a hooded man struck Smith in the back of the head with the ring bell, and then hit a Double Arm DDT to Flynn. He put Flynn’s arm over Smith for the 3. Slim ran in, picking up Flynn but Necce hit him with a Springboard Forearm. The 3 Legacy members all in the ring, Flynn and Necce  began stomping at Slim, before Flynn picked up Slim by his hair and lifted him onto his shoulders as Necce hit a big boot. The two continued their stomps until Flynn lifted Slim up and Speared him, Team Flynn laughed and fist bumped each other. Flynn set Slim up in the corner as Necce stood in the opposite one, with Flynn Irish Whipping Slim to Necce who Flapjacked him into the turnbuckle and Flynn hit him with a Spinebuster. Flynn held up Slim as Necce went for a Superkick but Slim ducked and Necce instead hit Flynn. Slim clubbed Necce in the back of the head, sent him out of the ring before Slim hit Flynn with the Essential Eliminator for the 3. Slim and Necce stared down, their foreheads rested against each other for this poetic ending to Survivor Series. Necce hit a Forearm to Slim, who responded with a punch, then a leg kick and finally a Spinning Back Elbow. Necce hit two forearms, before running off the ropes and knocking Slim down with a 3rd. Slim kipped back up and sent Necce into the corner with a Spinning Back Heel Kick before knocking him down with a CCS Enzuigiri. Slim scaled the ropes and went for a Moonsault but missed and Necce followed up with a Dragon Suplex then a Standing Double Foot Stomp. Necce lifted Slim up and intercepted a punch into a Backbreaker before throwing Slim out of the ring. Slim tried to reverse into a Tranquilo but Necce Superkicked him out of the Ring. Slim crawled back in but Necce went for a DDT but Slim reversed into a Northern Lights Suplex and then a Brainbuster onto the turnbuckle for a 2. Slim followed up with an Essential Eliminator but somehow Necce kicked out. Slim picked Necce up by the hair and placed him in Tree of Woe position and scaled the ropes before hitting a Tree of Woe Double Stomp followed by the Double Knees. Necce crawled up Slim, who hit a Lights Out for the 3. A fast paced non stop action match. 5.25 Stars 

Ok. I will reveal the overall rating at the end of the show. Now for the Ups and Downs 

PART 3: UPS AND DOWNS                           NXT Championship Match: Neither 

It was the worst match of the night but it was still a great match which saw George’s very good reign continue. Neither

United States Championship Match: DOWN 

Echo’s promising reign was ended in a match that just didn’t deliver compared to the rest of the show. DOWN

Tag Team Championship Match: The Order (Slim and Akki) vs The Josh-Tourage (JoshsNow vs GeorgeAK): Neither 

An amazing match that met expectations of this division although I didn’t win. Neither 

Number One Contenders Match for the Global Championship: FDS vs Ark Universe: UP

A great match that met expectations and found the correct winner. Up

Intercontinental Championship Match: DOWN 

Smith’s amazing reign came to an end in a match that met expectations but didn’t do anything special on a card like this. Down

Premium Championship Match: UP 

Smiths other reign also came to an end in a 5 Star Match that defied expectations

World Championship Match: DOWN 

To be one of the 3 worst matches on the card should never happen to a World title match and although we saw the correct winner it wasn’t enough to justify this an Up. DOWN

Brad vs Jonathan: DOWN

As great a match as it was this should have stolen the show which it couldn’t do on a card like this. It also halted Brads momentum, earning this a DOWN.

Team Flynn vs Team Smith: UP 

An amazing match that defied expectations. Up

Overall that’s 3 Ups and 4 Downs. The overall rating of the show was 4.75 Stars. And finally the score was Gary 6-5 me, meaning that this show is now Gary’s and is now Green Agent Corner. Join me tomorrow as I fight to regain control previewing Pride. Goodnight 

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Let It Be by The Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 126. Today, me and Josh are going to preview Pride with my host ship on the line.

Loser Is Fired: Prince vs Bart

Green: A rivalry turned friendship turned all stakes match. The rivalry started 6 months ago when Bart and Aidan attacked Prince and Karico, with Bart promising to be Prince’s worst nightmare. Prince in turn asked for a match against him which resulted in a Tag match between Aidan and Bart against Karico and Prince. Bart mocked the duo, claiming their chance of winning was even to the tooth fairy visiting them, and saying they weren’t actual wrestlers. When Aidan quit, Bart began desperate to prove his words correct, replacing Aidan with George, whilst Prince took the opposite approach, declaring his respect for Bart and mocking Karico more than Bart.

Then The Great Queen Vic Fire occurred as George showed his insanity by setting a bar with Prince and Karico in on fire. This caused Prince and Karicos bond to strengthen and Bart to begin to distrust George’s sanity. It was that insanity that caused Bart to turn on George at Destiny and side with Prince and Karico.

Karico planned to strengthen the team after SummerSlam disappointment by banning alchohol and fast food which Bart disagreed with but Prince agreed with, showing a bit of dissension within the ranks. They settled their dissension by boxing each other which worked, making them favourites for Bad Blood which they won, taking the Tag Titles but it was at the expense of the fans trust as they used questionable tactics. 

The Karico Brand soon disbanded leaving Bart and Prince who began to focus on singles action, with the US Championship and the Survivor Series match taking the attention for the duo. The two reunited on Evolve when Prince announced his retirement, with Bart bringing him out of retirement to form Undisputed. However Slim then came out and made a match for Pride, Prince vs Bart with the loser getting fired. Tensions rose between the two before a contract signing ended in a brawl. Will Prince banish his former friend from the purple brand? Or will Bart beat the man who many have said he is inferior to? I reckon Prince here

Josh: Saying Bart

Green: We have a split decision. One vote for Prince and one vote for Bart

Rex Mundi vs Blade

Green: This feud kicked off when Blade announced he would not be on either Evolve or Carnage, only for Slim to come out and announce Blade had been signed to Evolve. Not only that but he had an opponent for Pride. His opponent was revealed when Rex Mundi came out and hit Blade with a Last Rites. It’s the debuting Mundi vs the returning free agent Blade. Will Rex make an impactful debut? Or will Blade show him BPZ is a Level above anything he’s ever met? I think Rex here

Josh: Going with Blade

Green: That’s one vote for Blade and one vote for Rex Mundi

To The Top: Joh vs Akki vs GRV vs Ark Universe vs Ropati

Green: This match was announced as part of Pride with Akki and GRV the inaugural participants in the 3rd To The Top and within 2 weeks of each other Joh, Ark and Ropati were all added too.

There are plenty of rivalries in this match. Back in July 2016 Ropati handed Ark his only 1 on 1 loss, and the former Nexus members engaged in a war over the  US Championship, meeting in a triple threat match at Bad Blood which Alyx won. When Ropati disappeared Ark tried to   coax him back. Ark and Ropati next met in a triple threat match with JoshsNow in January in a Global Championship NOC Tournament which he won. Following that win and then making it to the Final 4 of the Royal Rumble Ark became more humble and became obsessed with the Global Championship. He also set his sights on the US Championship, held by Ropati, and a triple threat match between him, Ropati and Josh was made for Bad Blood. Ark reminded us of what occurred last time they met but Josh won the match. 

Meanwhile Ark and Akki have history with Akki hitting Ark with an Akki Clash whilst challenging him to a match back in September 2016. Ark mocked Akkis claim of being the best on Carnage, and made the match a Ladder Match although the match came to no fruition. Ropati and Akkis history is short, with Akki beating down Ropati and injuring him for a month in an attempt to impress his girlfriend. Ropati has announced that now is his time and he will be climbing to the top and ending Ark Universe in the process. Is tonight Ropati’s time? Does Ark grab the brass ring? Can Akkis actions back up his mouth? Can Joh capitalise on an impactful return. Or will GRV finally get a big win? I reckon Akki here

Josh: I reckon Joh

Green: A third split decision, one vote for Joh and one vote for Akki

Jonathan vs Sameer

Green: This rivalry started at Paranoia when following a loss to Slim, Sameer lost it and attacked the medics with a chair. Jonathan came out and calmed Sameer down but Sameer Superkicked him in the back of the head and hit a Release Suplex onto the ramp. A match was made here tonight. Will Jonathan prove he is the guy? Or can Sameer retrack on some lost momentum? Going with Jonathan for this one

Josh: I’m going with Sameer

Green: One vote for Sameer and one vote for Jonathan

Global Championship Match: FDS vs Natedog

Green: A win over Ark at Survivor Series earned FDS a match at Pride against Nate for the Global Championship. Will it be a new era for Evolve? Or does the Emperor keep his empire? FDS 

Josh: FD

Green: For the first time tonight we agree. Full house for FDS

Main Event: Smith vs Slim

Green: In April of this year at Backlash a deadly alliance was formed when new Premium and new IC Champ Smith came out as Slim was attacking Bashka following Slims World title victory over him, drawing out Smith who instead of saving his former Pride partner, attacked him instead, forming Pride with Slim. They dominated for the next 3 months, at Fully Loaded Slim beat BiC and Smith beat Alyx Wilde, whilst at Mayhem they took the Tag titles whilst retaining Premium, IC and World. At Judgement Day they retained their 4 belts but they hit a bumpy road when Smith replaced Slim with Nate, creating a Tag Title match between Smith and Nate against Necce and Slim, where Slim turned on Necce and rejoined The Order. KOTR also saw Slim and Smith retain their other belts but Slim shockingly lost his World Title belt on the week after to KOTR winner BiC. However SummerSlam carried on The Orders success when Tag, IC and Premium were retained and Slim also won World. Fully Loaded also saw success as Nate retained Global, Smith beat Bashka and Slim beat Blade. At Bad Blood things began to fall apart when although they retained IC and Premium, Slim lost World and Smith and Nate lost Tag. Halloween Havoc may have seen IC, Premium and Global being retained but it was just the eye of the storm. In the road to Survivor Series Pride aligned against Team Flynn but injury to Nate saw him replaced by Akki who Slim went on the win the Tag titles with before Nate returned to attack Akki and side with Slim. Although Slim won World, Smith lost IC and Premium and in the main event Nate attacked Smith who responded by going to his dark side and attacking Slim and Nate. Now these 2 meet here tonight. Will it be the King? Or the Dark One? I think Smith here

Josh: Going Slim

Green: A 5th split decision. Over to the studio for the results.

And overall that’s 5-2 to me meaning I’m still in control. Join me tomorrow for a review. Goodnight

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Let It Be by the Beatles plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 127 and today I am reviewing Pride.

3. To The Top Match: GRV vs Akki vs Joh vs Ark Universe vs Ropati, Rex Mundi vs Blade, Loser is Fired: Prince vs Bart, Jonathan vs Sameer: 2.5 Stars

Very disappointing matches. A mere 2.5 Stars

2. Global Championship: Natedog (c) vs FDS: 4.5 Stars

This match delivered, producing the best Global Title match yet in this rising division. It started immediately with FDS hitting Nate with a corner splash and followed up with corner punches but Nate slipped out. He tried to strike FDS but FD pushed Nate away and hit him with a Running Dropkick, sending him into the opposite corner, and Nate rolled out. The two stared down, with FDS telling him to come in which Nate did. Nate and FDS locked up, with Nate placing FDS in a headlock, then FDS placing Nate in a Hammerlock before Nate put FDS in a wrist lock but FDS countered into a Fujiwara Armbar in the centre of the ring. Nate tried to flip out but FDS transitioned into a regular armbar but Nate pulled his arm out and covered for a 1. Nate went for an Armbar but FDS slipped out, leaving Nate in a seated position and ran off the ropes and hit a low angle Dropkick. Both men got up, and Nate hit FDS with a Clothesline before scaling the ropes. FDS got up and Uppercutted Nate, stunning him on the top rope, before dropkicking him to the outside. FDS scaled the ropes and went for a Diving Crossbody onto Nate who caught him and hit a Michonoku Driver before throwing him into the ring. Nate scaled the ropes and hit a Diving Elbow Drop for a 2. FDS remained in a seated position so Nate went for a Penalty Kick but he was caught by FDS who stood up and hit a Snap Dragon Suplex. Nate leant on the ropes and FDS went for a Rope Hung Knee Strike but Nate moved out of the way and schoolboy rolled up FDS for a 2. Nate went for a Side Effect but FDS broke it by elbowing out and whipped him into the corner before hitting Nate with a Running Dropkick knocking Nate to his knees in the corner where FDS nailed a knee to the side of the face. FDS followed up with a Go Home Driver for a 2. FDS tried to follow up with a Rainmaker but Nate ducked and fell into the corner. FDS tried to follow up with a Crossbody but Nate caught him with a Superkick for a 2. Nate argued with the ref allowing FDS a to get up and then reverse Nate’s Armbar attempt into a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver. FDS followed up with a Bloody Rainmaker before locking in the Worst Nightmare causing Nate to pass out and give FDS the Submission victory and the Global Championship. A fast paced, hard hitting match up. 4.5 Stars.

1. Main Event: Slim vs Smith: 5 Stars

What a match this was. It started by the two circling the ring before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Slim took advantage, putting Smith in a side headlock but Smith escaped and locked in a wrist lock. Slim broke it and locked in one of his own before planting Smith down with a simple slam. Slim began boasting before turning back to Smith who kipped up and stared down with Slim with demonised eyes. Slim slapped Smith before rolling out of the ring to avoid Smiths furious response. Smith allowed Slim to return before they circled each other again, once again going into the collar and elbow tie up where Slim put Smith in the wrist lock. Smith rolled forward, kipped up and then put Slim in a wrist lock before attempting a bicycle knee which Slim dodged. Slim went for a Forearm but it was caught and Smith hit a Spinning Back Elbow before knocking down Slim with a kick to the back of his knee. Slim was on his knees and Smith went for a Buzzsaw Kick but Slim pushed him against the ropes and Slim hit a high knee. Slim rebounded off the ropes but Smith ducked underneath him, and then hit him with a high knee on the second rebound. Smith went for a Standing moonsault but Slim pushed him away with his legs. Smith got up and Slim hit 2 Uppercutts, then a knee strike and then finished the combo with a sliding Uppercut for a 1. Smith rolled onto the apron and began to get up but Slim lifted him by his head. Smith got to his feet and broke free by catching Slim with an elbow. Smith went for a Springboard Slingshot Shot but Slim threw Smith off him in midair. Smith scrambled back to his knees and jumped at Slim who hit him with a high knee. Smith bounced off the ropes and hit a Bicycle Knee before grabbing Slim and hitting him with an Inverted Half Nelson Knee Strike. Slim didn’t go down and hit Smith with a Northern Lights Suplex followed by a Brainbuster for a 1. Both men were down for a while before Slim eventually got to his feet and stomped on the back of Smiths head, stopping him from getting up. However Smith started getting up, despite the stomps on the back of his head, causing Slim to Irish Whip him into the ropes however Smith reversed the whip and sent Slim into the ropes where he did a Tranquilo. Smith ran at Slim who moved and sent Smith through the ropes to the outside. Smith ran into the ring through Slims legs and then  hit Slim with a Roundhouse Kick to send him into the corner. Smith places Slim backwards on the top rope and went for a top rope Dragon Suplex but Slim hit constant elbows to knock Smith into a tree of woe position. Slim hit the 1st half of the Skull Shatter but Smith didn’t move into position, causing Slim to go for it again but Smith pulled Slims legs out from underneath him, causing Slim to fall on the top rope. Smith hit Slim with a Spider Dragon Suplex before scaling the ropes and hitting a Frog Splash but Slim dodged and hit an Endgame for a 2. Slim got to his feet and stalked Smith before hitting a Deadlift Dragon Suplex to Smith followed by a Shining Wizard for a 2. Slim lifted Smith up and bombarded him with Uppercuts until Smith leant against the ropes before rebounding Smith off the ropes and hitting an Enzuigiri. Smith wouldn’t go down and Slim turned his back, ready to run off the ropes but Smith hit an Inverted Frankensteiner. Slim used the momentum to get on his feet and was hit by a Swinging Neckbreaker but he again ended up on his feet. Smith went for a Uranage Sideslam but Slim escaped and then hit an air raid crash Neckbreaker for a 2. Smith rolled out of the ring and Slim went for a Suicide Dive but Smith thrust his shoulder into Slims gut before returning to the ring with a Springboard Complete Shot. Slim rolled out of the ring and Smith hit a Triangle Moonsault sending both men down. Smith got to his feet at 2 and hit Slim, on his hands and knees with repeated knees to the side of the head before jumping onto the apron. He leapt off and went for a Diving Knee but Slim hit him with a Powerslam. Slim rolled back in and Smith followed just before the 10 count. Slim locked in a Death Penalty but Smith escaped by outstrengthing Slim and sent him across the ring with an Arm Drag. Smith ran off the ropes, going for a Sick Kick but Slim caught him and hit a Lights Out for a 2. Slim was in shock and began pummelling Smith until the ref broke it up. The referee held him back as Smith climbed the ropes but Slim carried on attacking Smith causing the referee to again interfere but Slim shoved him. Slim went back to Smith but Smith pushed him away, ducked a lariat attempt from Slim and hit an 8th Sin. He covered but at 2 Nate pulled the referee out and began pummelling the ref before jumping onto the apron and attempting a Springboard Forearm. Smith however kicked the top rope causing Nate to fall and hang from it, where Smith hit 2 kicks to the chest, an Axe Kick to the back of the head and then a Top Rope Hung Swinging Neckbreaker. Slim blasted Smith from behind and followed up by boasting, before hitting an Essential Eliminator for a 2. The crowd exploded as Smith was on his knees and Slim hit him with 2 forearms. Smith responded with a Palm Strike to the gut and then a headbutt to Slim who fought back with a Knee Strike. He hit a second and went for a third but Smith ducked and went for an 8th Sin. Slim elbowed out but Smith held the arm and spun Slim into a knee for the 3. An incredibly fast paced 5 Star encounter.

Overall Rating: 3.25 Stars

Despite the incredible main event and very good co main event a very disappointing undercard ruins this show. Join me tomorrow for the Ups and Downs. Goodnight 

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Let It Be by the Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 128. Today I am doing the Ups and Downs for Pride

To The Top - Ark Universe vs Ropati vs GRV vs Joh vs Akki: DOWN

A very poor and disappointing match up. DOWN

Loser is Fired - Prince vs Bart: DOWN

Same reasoning as TTT. DOWN

Rex Mundi vs Blade: Neither

A poor match but no one was expecting too much from it and it saw the correct winner. Neither

Global Championship: Natedog (c) vs FDS: SUPER UP

We saw a good match that bested expectations and saw a new champion crowned. SUPER UP

Jonathan vs Sameer: DOWN

This was poor, disappointing match for such a good buildup. DOWN

Main Event: Slim vs Smith: UP

5 Stars. Nothing more said. UP

And that is 3 Ups and 3 Downs. Join me tomorrow for some News. Goodnight

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Let It Be by the Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 128. Today I am doing the Ups and Downs for Pride

To The Top - Ark Universe vs Ropati vs GRV vs Joh vs Akki: DOWN

A very poor and disappointing match up. DOWN

Loser is Fired - Prince vs Bart: DOWN

Same reasoning as TTT. DOWN

Rex Mundi vs Blade: Neither

A poor match but no one was expecting too much from it and it saw the correct winner. Neither

Global Championship: Natedog (c) vs FDS: SUPER UP

We saw a good match that bested expectations and saw a new champion crowned. SUPER UP

Jonathan vs Sameer: DOWN

This was poor, disappointing match for such a good buildup. DOWN

Main Event: Slim vs Smith: UP

5 Stars. Nothing more said. UP

And that is 3 Ups and 3 Downs. Join me tomorrow for some News. Goodnight

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Let It Be by The Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 129. Today I am giving the News over the past 7 weeks.


The KOTR Semis and Final occurred, seeing Julius and Johnny Kills advance past Josh and Angelo Catio to the final which Julius won, becoming World Champ. Also on that card was Julius winning US, Flynn winning Universal and Sameer winning IC whilst Echo retained Premium, Kingdom retained Tag and Buddy Ace retained NXT


On this Evolve show, Bart retained the Global Championship over Johnny whilst Marker beat El Pero de la Najico, Angelo Catio beat Ark Universe, Slim beat Storm and Yelich beat Sameer and Kieron Black


SummerSlam saw Echo win Universal, Kieron win Premium, Golden Legacy winning Tag, Marker winning NXT, Bart win IC, Bailey beat Josh and Julius retaining World and US

Brand News

GeorgeAK announced he was now a free agent and available to sign. Elliot’s contract also ended however instead of being a free agent he has just left 

The Draft

The draft occurred in most important news. Evolve saved Ross, Smith, Slim, Flynn and Necce whilst Carnage saves Bart, Johnny, Bailey, Summer, Julius. Evolve took Buddy Ace, JoshsNow, Ark, Nate, Sheridan, Mark, Jason Ryan, BiC, Storm, Brenden, Neb, Razor, Akki, Monda, Poi, RA, Gill, Silky and Sandman whilst Carnage took Prince, Brad, Yelich, Bash, George, Ryan, Sameer, Apex, Bizzy, Ropati, Captain, Kieron, Joh, FDS, Tamer, Alyx, Hollow, Elliot, TRP and Suby.


Cyber Sunday was cancelled and replaced by Emergence 4 weeks later. Main evented by a Universal Championship Ladder Match between Echo and Johnny, it also features a grudge match between Sameer and Ropati, a return match between Joh and Suby and Kieron Black face Hollow

Global Series 

And finally Evolves PPV scheduled for October 26th is the Global Series. The Global Series is a two block round robin Tournament and the winner of each block will meet in a Global Championship match at the PPV. Block A featured Ark, Buddy, Jason Ryan and Storm whilst Block B features Josh, Slim, Flynn and Mark 

Thats all from me. Join me tomorrow for what could be either an interview with The Kingdom or a 2017 special episode. Goodnight 

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Let It Be by the Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 130. Joining me today is Echo Wilson for an interview.

Green: Welcome to the show Echo  

Echo: Hello Green, been a while since we last talked

Green: Wasn’t it only on Sunday?

Echo: Yes it was Sunday, and you know what else happened Sunday?

Green: You won the Universal Championship. So we might as well start there. How do you feel following that victory?

Echo: I feel powerful. I told you already about appeasing that feeling in my bones. I feel like I can do anything now. LAOCH didn’t know what hit him and at Emergence he’ll see that again

Green: Of course at Emergence you compete in a ladder match against LAOCH. Correct me if I’m wrong but you have never competed it one whilst LAOCH is a former MITB winner. Do you think that gives him an advantage?

Echo: No at all. Everyone knows that I can adapt to anything. I’ve been through much much worse matches. Take War Games for example. The result may not have been what I wanted it to be but at the end of the day, I survived the brutal steel cage and all of its horrors. If you think ladders are going to give me a fright then you don’t know me. LAOCH knows that whatever the circumstances are, whatever he tries to throw at me, will come flying right back at him. 

Green: Maybe we should move away from the belt you have and focus on what else happened at SummerSlam. Was it a disappointment to lose 2 belts?

Echo: No it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Premium was a scam and I will show that when I take back the title this month. Tag on the other hand, Golden Legacy can keep it. I’ll make sure they pay in a another way. The Kingdom will destroy Golden Legacy as a group.

Green: On the news of the Kingdom the topic that broke the Internet. The Slim situation. Care to explain it?

Echo: Slim....I thought he had our best interests at heart. He was dead wood and I saw that from the moment I welcomed Julius into the club. He was jealous and he couldn’t bear to see someone else as the top dog. So he tried to cut a wedge between us. He forced Bart to side with him and eventually even Bart saw through his tricks. Kingdom is stronger than ever now we have cut off the dead weight. The three of us signal the future. Slim wasn’t on board with that.

Green: Ok now let’s move onto some fan questions. Like I said these are slightly weird. Avan Wolfe asks “Why did you touch that child?” So we should probably skip that one

Echo: Avan Wolfe. What a joke. Move on

Green: Bart has asked first “Why is Bart so amazing?”

Echo: Bart is amazing because he is smart. He knows what is smart, he knows what is right. Kingdom was smart, Kingdom is right for Bart. I’m glad he came to his senses and let his actions speak for themselves

Green: Then a fan asked why did you kill your sister. Which is weird because you never killed your sister.

Echo: I don’t even have a sister

Green: Somebody called Summer once did so why did you think he did it?

Echo: Summer? That guy is a murderous scum. He brought shame to this company. One of the many reasons why the Kingdom has to pull the company out of this hole

Green: Couldn’t stand him either. Bart also wants to know what you think on him calling out Bailey 

Echo: Bailey makes me laugh. He seriously thinks he has any control over his brand?  Carnage was a dump before I got here. Carnage is now a castle being run by the Kingdom. Bailey, if anything is our puppet. We don’t have to listen to him but if he really wants to claim that he has power. He might just get a taste of what it’s like without the Kingdom. 

Green: Final question is from some guy I’ve never heard of. Angelo Catio

Echo: Jobber

Green: He wants to know why you said racist comments in a recent promo?

Echo: Racist comments? I have no idea what he’s talking about. I am a classy person. This....this was even a stretch Green. I am not here to answer fan questions. I am here to be professional. As a professional, I am going to quietly leave this sit down interview. FAC is over. 130 episodes of hot garbage.

Thanks to Echo Wilson. Luckily that was the final question anyway. Join me and my secondary host Josh for Part 1 of a 2017 Review tomorrow. Goodnight

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Let It Be by the Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 131. Today me and Josh fight for ownership of this show as we review 5 matches we haven’t reviewed throughout 2017. 

KOTR Cash In: BiC vs Slim (c)

Green: HE IS CASHING IN. BiC won KOTR despite the odds, beating Echo Wilson, siding with Josh to beat him, beating FDS with the mind games of Josh and beating Nate despite Slim backing him. Then he made the announcement he would cash in at SummerSlam, only to cash in on an injured Slim on Evolve. Can Slim overcome the odds once more? Or is BiC the master of timing? Going with BiC

Josh: Couldn’t agree more

Green: Full house for BiC

MITB Cash In: Slim (c) vs Bailey

Green: How does Slim end up in this situation again. This time he’s facing the man who Slim wiped off the record books with his incredible reign, Bailey. Bailey has finally gained revenge cashing in MITB which he won earlier in the night over Brad, FDS and Sameer. Will he take advantage? Or can Slim prove his worth? I think Slim could have this 

Josh: Going same as you 

Green: Two votes for Slim

Ross vs Akki Mahal

Green: “The Man with a Plan” Ross battles “The Maharaja” Akki Mahal. Flynn has sent Akki out to take down the Number One Contender for his title. Pride and stake is on the line for Ross as if he is to lose it could be very damaging to his confidence heading into his match against Flynn for the Universal Championship at Carnage Power Trip: Redemption. If Akki is to pull off this upset he’ll surely be in the running for something big in the future. Can he pull it off? Or does the man with a plan have a plan? Going to say Ross here

Josh: I agree

Green: Full house for Ross

World Championship Flynn vs Slim (c)

Green: How many more of these will we get? Slim, after losing his first 2 reigns in screwy conditions could lose his 3rd in the same way. This all started with Echo Wilson announcing he would challenge Peter Wilchester for US at DTD and Slim came out and him and Nate brutally attacked Echo, an attack that would surely see Echo out for months. He then issued an open challenge for his title, only for Mr Playz, and Brendens “son” Flynn came out, answering the challenge. Will the element of surprise aid Flynn? Or because it is even will Slim again win? Going with Flynn

Josh: I reckon Slim here

Green: Our first split decision, one for Flynn and one for Slim

Best of 7 Series Match 1: Akki vs Aidan

Green: I can’t believe I almost forgot this match between two icons. Erm I have no more words. I’ll just say Aidan

Josh: Like you, Aidan

Green: Two votes for Aidan

And that is that. I got 5 points whilst Josh got 3. Meaning for at least another 5 episodes I host GAC. Goodnight

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Let it Be by the Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 132. Today I am reviewing the 5 matches I previewed with Josh yesterday.

5. MITB Cash In: Bailey vs Slim: 3.5 Stars

Slim threw a haymaker but Bailey caught it, nodded at Slim and hit 4 consecutive German Suplexes. He taunted Slim and went for the Game Changer but Slim reversed into an End Game and then followed up with a Lights Out attempt but Bailey reversed into a GOAT-Plex. Bailey then hit two Career Killers for the 3. A fast paced cash in that showed a one minute showcase of what these 2 can do. 3.5 Stars

2. Best of 7 Series: Akki vs Aidan, Ross vs Akki and KOTR Cash In BiC vs Slim: 3.75 Stars

Let’s start with the BO7S first match. The bell rang and the crowd cheered for both men, who circled each other before locking in the Collar and Elbow tie up. They both quickly let go and Akki ran at Aidan and hit him with a Forearm but Aidan responded with a low strike. Akki leaped onto Aidan with punches and elbows and although Aidan tried to take him down Akki planted him with a Jumping DDT for a 1. Akki tuned the band but lost his patience going to lift Aidan up who scared Akki and sent him to the corner with punches and strikes to the midsection. Aidan Irish Whipped him to the other corner and hit a Stinger Splash as the crowd booed both men. Aidan was momentarily distracted and Akki tried to take advantage with a Superkick but Aidan caught it and rolled him up. Akki reversed the leverage at 2 and Aidan did the Same at 2, resulting in a final Pinfall to give Aidan the 3. A very physiological based match up. 3.75 Stars

Now the Ross vs Akki match. The match started with Ross going straight after Akki and brutally assaulting him. The ref tried to separate it but Ross had none of it, stomping away at his opponent. Ross posed and absorbed the crowds boos before hitting a Reverse STO and saying that Akki will be Flynn. He then hit a Sliced Bread and then locked in a Bootleg for an immediate submission victory. A hard hitting match up. 3.75 Stars

Finally the KOTR Cash in. BiC ran in but Slim hit a right hand to send him into the corner, hit a CCS Enzuigiri and slashed his throat signalling the Essential Eliminator but BiC reversed. He caught him with two forearms, a Pele Kick and then a Royal Downfall for a 2. Slim picked up BiC and went for an End Game but BiC reversed and hit a Pele Kick. He then signalled the end to the crowd and hit a No Regret for the 3. A hard hitting match up. 3.75 Stars

1. World Championship: FlynnPlayz vs Slim (c): 5 Stars 

Well that jumped up. These 2 delivered the best World Championship match since their Judgement Day Classic on a Carnage episode. It started with Flynn running across the ring to ram his shoulder into the Champions gut. Slim tried to argue to the ref how bias this was but Flynn hit him with a Belly to Belly Suplex and then followed up with a Senton. The crowd showed their disapproval at this “Bullsh*t” as Flynn pointed to the camera and dedicated his performance to Brenden. Slim ran and knocked Flynn down with a Clothesline before mounting him with a flurry of left and rights causing Flynn to roll out of the ring. Flynn rested on the apron but Slim hit him with an Apron Punt Kick, knocking him to the floor, before Slim hit an Apron Double Stomp. Slim threw Flynn into the ring before screaming at the ref and Flynn rolled him up, the referee counting a quick 2 count. Slim got to his feet and floored Flynn with a Big Boot before turning to the ref, livid with the fast count but was hit by a brutal Suplex by Flynn for a quick count of 2. Flynn got on top of Slim and hit his skull with forearms before going to the corner and screaming at Slim to get up. When Slim did, Flynn went for a Spear but Slim caught him with a knee and then an Endgame and covered Flynn but the referee didn’t even count. Slim tried to get himself Disqualified by hitting the ref with an Essential Eliminator but nothing happened, causing Slim to try other methods to get a DQ. He grabbed a Sledgehammer from the outside and rolled back in before sprinting at Flynn but was Speared. Flynn covered but there was no referee so he tried to wake the unconscious ref. Flynn tried to stall, lifting Slim up and hitting him a flurry of forearms and then a Backfist, before running off the ropes, looking for a shoulder tackle but Slim hit one of his own. Both men stared down before seeing a sledgehammer in the middle of the ring and running towards it. They both grabbed one end and became locked in a tug of war until Slim let go, stunning Flynn. Flynn recovered but was knocked down with a Superman Punch. Slim placed Flynn on the ropes and joined him, going for a Skull Shatter but Flynn escaped. Slim leapt from he top rope but Flynn caught him in an FKO. Flynn pulled the ref to him and covered Slim, moving the refs arm to the ground but Slim kicked out at 2. A livid Flynn, panicking at yet again losing a World Title match to Slim, stomped at his nemesis before hitting him with a Guillotine. Flynn called for a new ref to come to the ring and as he did, Flynn hit him with a Big Boot for a 2. Flynn lifted Slim up for a Kings Will, marched him around the ring but Slim hit hey makers to Flynn’s head, causing him to release the hold and Slim hit an Essential Eliminator for a 2. Slim screamed and went for a Deadlift Lights Out but Flynn slid out and hit a German Suplex followed by a Senton. Flynn called for an FKO but Slim pushed him against the ropes, then ducked a Clothesline and hit an Endgame to Flynn followed by a Lights Out for the 3. Slim raised the belt to cheers before beginning to leave the arena but the arena flashed white and Smith appeared in the ring. Slim ran at Smith who floored him with a Roundhouse Kick and then a Deadlift 8th Sin before walking out, his attack done. “The GOAT” played and Bailey came out, announcing that because the referee wasn’t the original one the match would be immediately restarted. The original ref got up as Flynn hit a Deadlift Kings Will for a 2. Flynn was in shock and tried to lock in a Slim Killer but Slim hit an Essential Eliminator. He covered but the ref broke it up and began arguing with the other ref. Slim floored both of them with a Double Clothesline and tried to leave but Smith stood in his way. Flynn took advantage and locked in a Slim Killer, causing Slim to pass out. Although there was no referee the bell still rang giving Flynn the World Title. A mental fast paced 5 Star contest. 

Overall these matches average 4 Stars. Join me tomorrow for the Ups and Downs of these matches. Goodnight 

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Let It Be by the Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 133. Today I am doing the Ups and Downs for the 5 matches I have spent the last week looking at

World Championship: King BiC vs Slim: Neither

A typical cash in. Short but sweet so not really much to comment. Neither

Ross vs Akki Mahal: UP

Ross looked good in a match that defied expectations. UP

Best of 7 Series: Akki vs Aidan: Neither

Once more I have no words. Started an interesting series. Neither

World Championship: Bailey vs Slim: SUPER DOWN

Considering what these 2 could do it didn’t showcase itself as BiC and Slim did. Super Down

Flynn vs Slim: UP

5 Stars. What more do I say?

Overall that’s 2 Ups and 2 Downs. Join me tomorrow for the return of the Top 10 List. Goodnight

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Let It Be by the Beatles hits. Welcome to Green Agent Corner 134. Today the Top 10 List returns. 

10. Angelo Catio

After winning against Ark at Fallout to cancel out his IC Championship disappointment, he returned to confront Julius following his SummerSlam World Championship victory. He drops down from 3rd with the embarrassing defeat dropping him down to his worst position ever

9. Sameer

After winning the IC Championship match at KOTR he went on a losing streak to Yelich and Bart, the latter where he lost his title meaning he can’t warrant above 9th. He debuts on this list at a respectable 9th. 

8. Kieron Black 

After months of setting his sights on the US Championship a loss to Yelich showed him he was going for the wrong title. He set his sights on the Premium Championship and won it, earning his debut on this list. 

6 and 7. Golden Legacy (Flynn and Necce)

Necce takes 7th place and Flynn takes 6th. The Tag Title victory at SummerSlam showed the unity between these former rivals. Flynn takes the higher spot after beating Necce at KOTR to take the Universal Championship. The duo both return to the this list. 

4 and 5. The Frontier (The Marker and Buddy Ace)

The NXT Champion takes the higher spot after claiming the title at SummerSlam. Both men have impressed, Buddy took NXT at KOTR and started the Global Series well whilst Mark beat Nate and took home the NXT Championship as previously mentioned. Mark debuts on this list high whilst Buddy goes from 10th to 4th. 

1, 2 and 3. The Kingdom (Julius, Echo Wilson and Bart)

Bart takes 3rd, Echo 2nd and of course Julius 1st. The IC Champ earns 3rd place following his title win, meaning that even despite being vacated of the Global Title he is back again as a champ. Meanwhile the current Universal Champion deserves 2nd, despite losing his other 2 titles whilst Julius has been unstoppable. The World and US Champ is the guy at the minute, even despite his Tag Title loss. Bart returns to this list at is highest place, Echo moves up 3 places and Julius moves up one place to his highest ever finish 

And that’s the Top 10 List. Join me tomorrow for either an interview with the Golden Legacy or a Royal Rumble Special Episode. Goodnight 

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