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BPZ Top 5 Contributors

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Arius  Flynn  Slim  George Sameer 

In no particular order Alex Costa has been killing it for Carnage recently, I think over the last two weeks when it comes to "general contribution" outside of promos and diaries he's the undisput

As of right now  1. Bailey 2. Sameer 3. Arius 4. Hans 5. Bash

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Instead of Top 5 Contributors, I am going to post who I think produces the better content on here as that is how I see this topic. This is not just based on recent events but my entire time as part of this forum. This list is not in any particular order either.

First off, I know this might sound biased but I have to say myself due to the fact that whenever I do post or create something on here, I pour my heart and soul into it. I always try to figure out ways to take my promos to the next level, I spend hours upon hours writing either wrestling matches or diaries, I always try to help people whenever they need it if it's through graphics or advice in general or on promos. I know I have been called one of the greatest match writers this forum has and Flynn gave me his support in October of last year saying I produce and make the best content here and I am rivaled by only a select few. With that said, I do know as of late, I have been focusing mostly on Kayfabe and haven't posted a lot around here but I do plan on getting back into things and recreating my Wrestling Matches topic and possibly creating a new diary after November 24th. I also do know Flynn's opinion may have changed but I honestly hope it hasn't as I have always respected him and to hear him give me his support was amazing to hear.

The second person I want to mention is Chris White. Now, the reason I am supporting Chris White is due to his amazing writing and Kayfabe skills. This dude is fantastic at writing as I have always enjoyed his Gotham City diary and his promos as they always are entertaining and well worth the read in my opinion. He is also one of my few "brothers" on here that I turn to for advice and was honored to be apart of a stable with him, which might I add was a huge success.

The third person I want to mention is Flynn. This man was always entertaining to watch. Either through his promos, opinions or his various title reigns and other topics. When I think of who produces top notch quality content, Flynn is definitely a name that pops into my head. I do wish that we actually feuded though as it would have been amazing to do so since I respect him and I know we could have put on one hell of a show.

The fourth person I mention is Slim. Now I'll be honest, Slim does get on my nerves at times due to how many topics/diaries he creates. However, each one he posts is always entertaining and worth the read in my opinion. Slim also does a fantastic job with Kayfabe and entertains me. He also does a great job on his graphics and I know I do look forward to having a feud with him during my kayfabe run at some point.

The final people I am going to mention is Nebakos, Bashka and Bizzy. These three men have always produced great promos that are entertaining and worth the read. Bizzy has also produced a fantastic Walking Dead diary that got a lot of the members of the forum involved and is scheduled for a reboot which should be awesome to see, while Bashka had created some good diaries/universe modes and Nebakos has always created entertaining topics such as the Trump Vs. Clinton - USA Presidency Championship Match. Bizzy is another one of my brothers on here that I respect and turn to for advice and I was glad to have him be apart of the same stable me and Chris White were in. As for Bashka, I consider him my mentor due to the fact that he kinda took me under his wing and was one of the first to see any real potential in me when I joined this forum. Nebakos, I don't really have any opinions on besides the fact I respect him.

Honestly to pick only five is hard because I feel everybody produces great content in their own mind and everybody should be applauded for doing so. I went these eight because they have always entertained me and produced great content that I enjoy reading. I honestly could go on and think of something to say to everybody if I had the time to do so. If I forgot somebody, I am truly sorry but I needed to end this post. lol

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1.Slim- He is world champ for a reason, not only does he post everywhere but when he does post it's great content

2.Alyx- He is US Champ for a reason, Alyx's kayfabe can not get any better at this point.

3.Chris White-Along with being one of the best mods Chris is non-stop posting with great diaries and kayfabe

4.Me-This may be bias but I honestly think this because I am constently posting my opinion all over the forums along with Diaries and kayfabe

5.Brad-Brad has really impressed me recently bye posting amazing promos and positing in other places

Honorable Mentions: FD, Razor, Nate 

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Right now:

T1) Myself

T1) Alyx Wilde

Me and Alyx have a lot of similar stuff, diaries, kayfabe, posts in just about every section, and while he does his writeups, I do a kayfabe show so I couldn't decide here.

2) FDS

This might be a shock to most, but day in, day out, FD's here, making good content for us to read and goes undervalued at times.

3) Chris White

I would have ranked him higher, but not a lot has come from Chris lately (Yes I understand why), so when he becomes more active he'll get up the ladder.

4) Ryan

While Ryan has gone a little bit inactive, he still has been posting news topics and he has a diary with Aidanator. So, with that being said he gets #4.

A few are tied for #5, but I'm gonna go with Nate. Everytime you see something posted by him, it has meaning so I'll give this to him.

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