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In no particular order

Alex Costa has been killing it for Carnage recently, I think over the last two weeks when it comes to "general contribution" outside of promos and diaries he's the undisputed king. Bart and Bob have also done really good at this. But I just see Alex all over these discussions and threads and it's great to see. I think he's long been underrated and, even if he doesn't win KOTR or make it to the finals he could declare for a championship and have a good shot of winning.

Ropati is probably the other "aggressor" on Carnage for me. No disrespect to Echo Wilson or Meko, I love those guys too, but over the past two weeks it's like a switch has been flicked in Ropati's head. The dude has released more promos in the last two-to-three weeks than he has the rest of the year. Maybe it's a little bias because Echo and Meko are more consistent grinders outside of KOTR territory but Ropati has been putting in some good work lately. But I love Echo and Meko too.

FDS has been on a drive since early June, for me. He's out here posting write-ups and promos and forming stables and shit. His promos have been some of the best on the Forums and alongside that he has that Calamities Analysis thing which is cool too aside from the sexism. But I like it. I don't know why he's grinding. When I asked him he said "I'm just bored I guess" but to be honest I don't believe that for a second. WHAT'S UR ANGLE FD? IK UR READING THIS.

Bob da Bomb is my dude. But you know what he is aside from my dude? A GOOD GRINDER. He's been posting Pizza Place and Bob-Japan Pro Wrestling and putting out some great content as of late. He's the bracket buster and eliminated Bart, who again I'll stress also did really great work I love you Bart you're my favourite mod. Like Ropati in a similar sense you get your normal Bob and then you get Bob da Grinder who is out here posting fifteen diaries and forty discussions topics a day. I think that the leaderboards and his Pizza Place diary reflects the sheer quality of work my good friend Bob is putting out.

Hans, Sameer or Slim can take this last spot, but for recency sake and who has posted the most in the last month I'll go with Hans. Hans does some great graphics work for the Forums and it a promoing machine. He had a super close match-up with my friend Slim. I think Hans isn't slacking at all this King of the Ring tournament, he did good to get past Addy who probably had his best week in contribution on the Forums. I don't know if he beats that Sheridan girl but he's been putting out some good content recently.

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51 minutes ago, BobdaBomb said:

As of right now I would go with this.

1. Myself

2. Slim

3. FD

4. Sheridan

5. Hans

Honorable Mentions: Alex Costa, Ropati, Arius

I'll take number two for sure, much respect to you and what you've been doing. My rankings:

1. Bob Sparks

2. Hans Clayton

3. James Ropati

4. FDS

5. Myself


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