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RAW - Part 1


Week 1: Month 1: Year 10

"I had a dream." fades in and then out.


The show starts with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Michael Cole welcomes us back to WWE Dreams.


Austin reminds everyone that this is how it all began ten years ago when he stood in the ring on RAW and welcomed us all to WWE Dreams. He says back then, he was the one in charge. He says he isn't this time around. He's not the CEO, the COO, the GM, he's just Austin 3:16, the SOB of the WWE. He says he's out here to introduce the man that is in charge.


Vince McMahon comes out and makes his way to the ring.


Vince thanks Austin for the warm introduction. Austin asks Vince why he's out here. Vince says this is his show. Austin tells him to shut up and that he is not the man he was talking about. Instead, the man he was talking about is...


the man they call...Sting! For the first time ever, Sting is here in WWE Dreams. Sting enters the ring.


Vince asks what the meaning of this is. Sting explains that when the company shut down a few years ago, he invested in it and is now a major stockholder. In fact, the RAW brand belongs to Sting now! Vince is furious. Sting says this is now HIS show and tells Vince to leave. He doesn't. Sting tells him to leave again but again, Vince refuses. Sting looks at Austin,...


who delivers the Stunner to Vince!


Austin celebrates with a couple beers before leaving the ring.

Trainers help Vince to the back.


Sting, the new owner of WWE Dreams, welcomes us back. He says there is a lot to talk about and that he'll cover everything before the night is up. He says he wants to talk about a few things right now, though. He makes a major announcement saying that after tonight, RAW and SmackDown, the top two brands in WWE Dreams for ten years, will be no more. He says this is the next generation and the next era so there needs to be a new name. He announces a brand new show called NXT that will take place Tuesday nights. He says the first show will be next week.

He then reminds us that before WWE Dreams closed it's doors, there was supposed to be the pay-per-view event known as Night of Champions. The main event was the WWE Championship Match between the champion John Cena and the number one contender Shawn Michaels. We never got to see that match and were left wondering what would have happened. Sting says we won't have to wonder any longer. He announces that in three weeks, WWE Dreams will return to pay-per-view with Night of Champions. And at the pay-per-view that never happened, we will see the match that never happened when it will be John Cena taking on Shawn Michaels! He says both Superstars are training hard for the match and won't be in action until the event. 

He also says it won't be for the title because as of right now, all titles are vacant. He says that with a new brand comes new championships. Those championships are the NXT Women's Championship, the NXT Tag Team Championship, and the NXT Championship. They will all be revealed at Night of Champions. He says we will see new champions we've never seen before in WWE Dreams. Sting makes a match for tonight that will determine one challenger for the NXT Championship. That match will be a 30-Man Royal Rumble Match and to qualify is to never have held a World title in WWE Dreams. Sting also announces a tag team tournament to determine the first-ever NXT Tag Team Champions. The tournament will end at Night of Champions but will begin right now!


Is this a good format? If I broke any rules, I'm sorry.

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RAW - Part 2


A new tag team to WWE Dreams known as The New Day make their way to the ring, spreading the word on the power of positivity. 


Another new team, The Vaudevillains, come out and say they are positive that The New Day's new days are numbered.

NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament - First Round
The New Day vs The Vaudevillains

Big E and Xavier Woods double team Simon Gotch for the win.

The New Day win


Backstage, Sting takes us on a stroll down memory lane, asking if you remember NCW, an extension brand of WWE Dreams. Sting was one of the founding members of New Championship Wrestling. He says that there were two Superstars who stood out more than anyone else on the roster and for the first time ever, they will step foot in a WWE Dreams ring tonight in the Royal Rumble Match. Those two Superstars are Samoa Joe and AJ Styles.


Joe warns AJ to stay out of his way tonight. AJ says Joe will probably be eliminated long before he even enters the match.

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RAW - Part 3

Michael Cole says it's time for women's action featuring the only four women left in WWE Dreams.




The Bella Twins vs Natalya and Alicia Fox

Brie Bella is dominating the match, finishing with a flurry of kicks to Natalya and then forcing her to tap out to a version of the Yes Lock.

The Bella Twins win


Backstage, Sting congratulates the four women, the only women left in WWE Dreams, on a great match. He says he wants to see more from them and announces a Fatal 4-Way at Night of Champions to crown the first-ever NXT Women's Champion. 

Sting then introduces the new Superstars of WWE Dreams. He says these Superstars were supposed to make their debut last season but after the company went under, had to compete elsewhere. These Superstars are Alberto Del Rio, Antonio Cesaro, Curtis Axel, Daniel Bryan, Fandango, Heath Slater, and Rusev. Sting says they all will compete in the Royal Rumble tonight and he has given one of them the coveted #30 spot in the match. He goes on to announce that there will be a second season of Superstars, a competition show featuring rookies teamed up with pros with the winner earning a World title shot. He says the first episode will take place the Wednesday after Night of Champions.


Sheamus walks up to Sting and claims that he won the first season of Superstars, even though he was actually runner-up, and never received his title shot. Sting says if Sheamus wants a shot so bad, all he has to do is win the Rumble.

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1 hour ago, Kieron BL said:

i like the format but i dont like how its split up into so many parts, it may be something with the amount of pictures you can put into a post and if it is ignore me, but if it is possible to put more into a single episode please do :)

I will keep that in mind for the next episode but I will continue this episode in parts just for continuity. Thanks for the advice.

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RAW - Part 4


Former WWE Champion Triple H makes his way to the ring.


He says he's pissed off that he can't compete for the NXT title tonight and wants to beat somebody's a$$ because of it. 


Tyson Kidd comes out and says he's accepting the challenge but he doubts Triple H will kick his a$$. He says he can't compete for the NXT title either because, in case everyone forgot, he's a former WWE Champion. He reminds everyone that he beat Triple H to become champion. He says he will kick Triple H's a$$ instead just like he's done before.

Triple H vs Tyson Kidd

Triple H opens this match with a vicious clothesline to Tyson Kidd. HHH tosses Kidd around and out of the ring. He finishes the match with a Spinebuster and Pedigree.

Triple H wins


WWE Dreams' newest reporter Renee Young interviews Chris Jericho backstage. 


She says Jericho is in the Royal Rumble tonight because, believe it or not, he has never been World Champion in WWE Dreams. Renee brings up Jericho's past opportunities at the title and asks why this time will be different.


Christian walks up and says he won't pull a Jericho tonight and waste this opportunity. Jericho tells Christian to shut the hell up.

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RAW - Part 5



NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament -
First Round
The Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores

Sin Cara, a former Cruiserweight Champion in WWE Dreams, returns with a new tag team partner named Kalisto. They take on Diego and Fernando, another new tag team. There is high-flying action in this match but in the end, Fernando rolls Kalisto up for the pin.

Los Matadores win


Michael Cole reminds us that The New Day and Los Matadores advance in the tournament and that next week will be the final two first round matches.


The Shield are in the locker room talking. Dean Ambrose says they were hired to be bodyguards and no one expected them to accomplish anything or win anything but that's exactly what they did. Dean says he's going to win the Royal Rumble and go to Night of Champions and win the NXT title. Roman Reigns tells Dean not to be so sure about that. He reminds Dean that they are former WWE Tag Team Champions but don't expect them to team up tonight. Roman's only looking out for himself. He says as far as he's concerned, The Shield is over! Seth Rollins laughs and says that's the best thing he's heard all day. He says he proved he didn't need The Shield when he won the Cruiserweight Championship and he doesn't need them to win the NXT Championship. Believe that!

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RAW - Part 6


Edge comes to the ring.


He calls out Sting, saying he's already making the biggest mistake of his life by not putting him in the NXT Championship Match. He runs down the list of his accomplishments: World Champion, Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Million Dollar Champion, for some reason. Edge demands Sting make things right. 


Sting says there is no doubt Edge is one of the best. He tells Edge he can compete for the NXT Championship after Night of Champions, but tonight, he'll be facing...


Edge vs Kane


The match was quickly interrupted by Randy Orton who delivered the RKO to Kane, before slithering out of the ring.

Kane wins by DQ


Edge looks confused as Orton leaves.


Meanwhile, Kane sits up and stands behind Edge. Edge turns around and...


Kane Chokeslams him to Hell!


Michael Cole narrates the replay of the beginning of the show. He then begins to talk about the Royal Rumble until Sting comes back out on stage.


Sting says next week will be a groundbreaking moment in WWE Dreams. Everything is about to change. He says he is extending an invitation to Vince McMahon to come to NXT next week to witness this groundbreaking moment. He then says it's time to find out one of the challengers for the NXT Championship as it is now time for the Royal Rumble!

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RAW - Part 7

Royal Rumble - Winner Advances to NXT Championship Match at Night of Champions


The first entrant is R-Truth who gets the fans on their feet and pumped up for the match.


The second entrant is surprise Superstar Rikishi! This is the first time Rikishi has been in WWE Dreams.


The Rumble begins with a dance-off between the #1 and #2 entrants. The timer ticks down and #3 is Rusev! Rusev enters the ring and the dancing stops. Rusev and Rikishi go face to face.


Truth comes from behind and tries to eliminate Rusev but the Bulgarian Brute counters and tosses Truth out for the elimination. Rusev turns around and Rikishi steps up to him. #4 is out now and it's Goldust!


Goldust comes in and taunts at Rusev. He turns around and Rikishi super kicks him.


The big man picks up Goldust and tosses him over. We're back to Rusev and Rikishi.


The two finally face off, trading blows. 


Entrant #5 is out now and it's The Miz! Miz hangs outside the ring, not wanting anything to do with Rikishi or Rusev.


They continue to fight and #6, Fandango, is on his way out. He runs into the ring and Rusev turns his attention to him. Miz is still outside. Rikishi comes over and Rusev hits him with an elbow.


Miz sneaks in, trying to eliminate Rikishi, but is met with a Samoan Drop.


Jack Swagger is out now as entry #7. The ring is filling up. Swagger and Rusev go at it and Rikishi goes for Fandango.


Miz rolls under the ropes, not eliminated. Heath Slater is next at #8. He teams with Fandango and they try to eliminate Rikishi. Meanwhile, Rusev eliminates Swagger. Next up is Cody Rhodes at #9. He starts cleaning house taking out Fandango and Slater, but he hits a wall in Rusev. Rikishi is down in the corner. 


We're a third of the way through now as #10, Mark Henry, enters the match!

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RAW - Part 8

Now Rusev is face to face with another big man. Rikishi gets up and all three giants are staring each other down.


But before any of them can make a move, Fandango goes after Rikishi, Slater goes after Henry, and Rhodes goes for Rusev.




All three big men eliminate their attackers at the same time. Rikishi, Rusev, and Mark Henry are alone in the ring. Who's out next? It's Zack Ryder at #11. He bravely enters the ring and Rikishi and Mark Henry agree to side with him as they all team up on Rusev now! Mark headbutts Rusev, Rikishi kicks him, and...


Ryder dropkicks him over the top rope for the elimination! Rusev is gone! Ryder is pumped up now but is then quickly eliminated by Mark Henry. Rikishi takes a breather.


#12 is Roman Reigns! Him and Henry lock eyes. Roman enters the ring, ducks a clothesline from the World's Strongest Man and...


comes back with a Spear! Roman is unleashed! He attempts the elimination but is having some trouble.


Lucky #13 is Chris Jericho! Jericho goes after Rikishi as Roman continues to try to eliminate Mark. #14 is Curtis Axel and he goes after Jericho. Mark pushes Roman out of the way and hits the World's Strongest Slam on him. Mark rests in the corner, Rikishi is taking a break, and Jericho begins chopping Axel in the other corner.


We're halfway through the Rumble and #15 is Christian! Christian enters the ring and starts beating on Rikishi. Jericho leaves Axel and goes after Mark now. Reigns is still down. It's time for the next Superstar to enter the match and it's...


Mr. Perfect!


Curtis Axel can't believe it as his father makes his way to the ring. He enters the match but Christian quickly eliminates him. Christian turns around and Roman Reigns hits a Superman Punch on him and he flies over the ropes but hangs on, avoiding elimination!


Axel goes for Rikishi and Mark Henry is on the offense on Jericho. 


Next out at #17 is another surprise in Kevin Nash.




Big Daddy Cool comes in and delivers boots to Roman, Christian, Jericho, and Axel, eliminating Curtis in the process. Rikishi tries to eliminate Nash as Mark goes for Christian. Jericho and Roman take a breather.


#18 is Samoa Joe! Joe comes in and attacks Rikishi. Nash goes for Jericho. Mark Henry turns his attention to Roman Reigns. Christian is down.


#19 is AJ Styles! Samoa Joe awaits him and the two brawl.


Eventually they take themselves out for the double elimination. #20 is here as we are getting closer to the end and it's...


Mankind? What is going on here?! Mankind comes in and Nash hits him with a big boot. However, Nash is hit by a Superman Punch from Roman Reigns and flips over the ropes, landing on the apron.


Roman runs at him and Spears Nash off the apron to the outside for the elimination! Reigns went through the ropes so he is still in this match. Who's gonna win the Rumble?

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RAW - Part 9

Christian hits Henry with the DDT, Mankind locks in the Mandible Claw on Christian, Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Mankind. Rikishi super kicks Jericho. Rikishi is the last man standing. Wait! The Miz is back! He was never eliminated. Miz runs full force at Rikishi...


but is flipped over the ropes. Miz is finally gone! 


#21 is the returning Booker T! He was fired many years ago but is finally back! Just to recap, still in the match is Booker T, Rikishi, Christian, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Roman Reigns, and Mankind. Spoke to soon. Christian eliminates Mankind. Booker goes after Captain Charisma. #22 is Kofi Kingston who helps Booker with Christian. Rikishi, who has been in the match since the beginning, is exhausted. Jericho goes for Roman. Mark Henry is resting in the corner. #23 is Alberto Del Rio and he quickly eliminates Kofi. But Del Rio is then eliminated by Jericho. Rikishi gets to his feet and out next at #24 is Dean Ambrose! Dean goes for Booker T, Jericho goes for Roman, Henry goes for Christian. #25 is Sheamus! Sheamus comes in...


and clotheslines Rikishi over the top rope, eliminating him! Next is Seth Rollins at #26. Seth takes out Jericho, Roman takes out Booker, Dean takes out Christian. The three former members of The Shield turn around and see Mark Henry getting to his feet. Will we see a team up from The Shield? They begin to argue as #27 is out next and it's...


Stone Cold Steve Austin! JBL on commentary says he knew Stone Cold was here for another reason.




Austin enters the ring and eliminates Roman, Seth, and Dean by himself. He hits the Stunner on Sheamus. Jericho is attacking Christian now. Booker T goes face to face with Austin. They trade blows and are very close to the ropes. Mark Henry is on his feet and he eliminates both Booker T and Stone Cold! #28 is Daniel Bryan. Bryan goes for Sheamus who quickly eliminates Daniel. Mark Henry goes after Sheamus. Jericho and Christian continue to fight. Next out at #29 is Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler goes after Christian. They have history. The timer hits zero as it's time for #30 and it's Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro comes in and eliminates Ziggler. Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Sheamus and Mark Henry clotheslines him out for the elimination. We are down to the final four: Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Christian, and Antonio Cesaro!


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RAW - Part 10

Who will it be? Can Jericho win and make the most out of this opportunity? Will Mark Henry finally get his shot at becoming World Champion? Is Christian destined for greatness? Or can the newest sensation Antonio Cesaro win big in his debut match? Cesaro goes for Jericho, Henry goes for Christian, who low blows Mark. Cesaro tries to eliminate Jericho but is tossed over and barely hangs on. Jericho tries to finish the job but Christian comes from behind and tosses Y2J out! Jericho can't believe it! Christian turns back around and is met with a clothesline from Mark Henry. Cesaro is back in and hits uppercut after uppercut on Henry. Mark falls against the ropes. Cesaro lifts him up and over for the elimination! We're down to two! Cesaro brushes his hands together, turns around, and...


is clotheslined over the ropes for the final elimination! Christian wins the Royal Rumble!


Christian wins


Christian will challenge for the NXT Championship at Night of Champions.

Order of Entry

1. R-Truth
2. Rikishi
3. Rusev
4. Goldust
5. The Miz
6. Fandango
7. Jack Swagger
8. Heath Slater
9. Cody Rhodes
10. Mark Henry
11. Zack Ryder
12. Roman Reigns
13. Chris Jericho
14. Curtis Axel
15. Christian
16. Mr. Perfect
17. Kevin Nash
18. Samoa Joe
19. AJ Styles
20. Mankind
21. Booker T
22. Kofi Kingston
23. Alberto Del Rio
24. Dean Ambrose
25. Sheamus
26. Seth Rollins
27. Stone Cold Steve Austin
28. Daniel Bryan
29. Dolph Ziggler
30. Antonio Cesaro

Order of Elimination

1. R-Truth
2. Goldust
3. Jack Swagger
4. Fandango
5. Heath Slater
6. Cody Rhodes
7. Rusev
8. Zack Ryder
9. Mr. Perfect
10. Curtis Axel
11. Samoa Joe
12. AJ Styles
13. Kevin Nash
14. The Miz
15. Mankind
16. Kofi Kingston
17. Alberto Del Rio
18. Rikishi
19. Roman Reigns
20. Seth Rollins
21. Dean Ambrose
22. Booker T
23. Stone Cold Steve Austin
24. Daniel Bryan
25. Dolph Ziggler
26. Sheamus
27. Chris Jericho
28. Mark Henry
29. Antonio Cesaro


Mr. McMahon will be on NXT next week! What will he have to say?

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23 minutes ago, Legendsorigin said:

I'm back! Going forward, I will do quick results for shows and more in-depth results for pay-per-views. That being said, NXT will be up soon.

Question: Can I post videos?

yes you can post videos looking forward to nxt :D 

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Week 2: Month 1: Year 10

Sting opens the show already in the ring. He welcomes us to the very first episode of NXT! He says it's because of you, the fans, that WWE Dreams is back. It's because of you that the new generation is here. He says this is NXT. He reminds everyone that Vince McMahon is still welcome here tonight but has not arrived yet. He goes on to announce a Triple Threat Match to determine Christian's opponent at Night of Champions. He says the match will consist of the other 3 involved in the final 4 of the Royal Rumble last week. He says that match is next! 

The winner of the Royal Rumble, Christian, makes his way out and joins Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL on commentary.

#1 Contender's Triple Threat Match - Winner Faces Christian at Night of Champions for NXT Championship
Chris Jericho vs Antonio Cesaro vs Mark Henry

Cesaro went for the Cesaro Swing on Mark Henry but Jericho bounced off Mark and nailed the Codebreaker on Cesaro, falling back onto Mark in the process. Jericho then pinned Cesaro for the win

Chris Jericho wins

Renee Young enters the ring to interview Y2J but he takes the microphone from her. Jericho mentions how he was fired before the end of last season and was quietly brought back this season. He says it won't be quiet anymore because he's going to Night of Champions and it's about to get loud. He says he wanted to win the Rumble but he guesses that every ass clown has his day, looking at Christian who is standing by the announce table. Jericho says he will be the first-eeeeeeeeever NXT Champion and WWE Dreams will never be the same again. Christian looks like he wants to get in the ring but backs off

Michael Cole says that is not the only Triple Threat Match tonight. The three former members of The Shield will face off in the main event. He says let's hear from one of those men right now.

Seth Rollins says he was done with The Shield a long time ago. He says yes, Roman and Dean are former champions, but they were Tag Team Champions. They still needed each other's help to accomplish anything. He says he won the Cruiserweight Championship, a singles title, without anyone's help. He did it by himself. And tonight, he says he'll beat his former teammates all by himself.

"Oh, you didn't know? Your ass better call somebody!"

That's right! Surprise tag team New Age Outlaws are in the NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament. This is Road Dogg and Billy Gunn's debut, but who are their opponents?

The Outlaws finish their entrance and await their opponents. A voice begins to speak.

"My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bona-fide stud and you can't teach that!"

"And I'm Big Cass and I'm 7 feet tall and you can't teach that!"

"Bada-boom, realist guys in the room. How you doin'?"

New team Enzo and Cass make their way to the stage. Enzo says if he had a dime for every time his backside didn't have to call somebody, well, his ass would have zero dimes to make that collect call. He asks Cass if people still make collect calls and Cass just shakes his head no. Cass says he doesn't really know what it is that they don't know but what he does know is that there's only one word to describe the Outlaws and he's gonna spell it out for them. SAWFT!

NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament - First Round

New Age Outlaws vs Certified G's

Road Dogg hits Enzo with the Pump Handle Slam to help his team advance.

New Age Outlaws win

Enzo and Road Dogg shake hands as do Gunn and Cass.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio is approached by Big Show who was supposed to be Del Rio's pro in Superstars: Season 2. He offers Del Rio some advice but Alberto says if he wants advice on how to be a loser, then he'll come talk to him.

Somewhere else backstage, Tyson Kidd says he's challenging Triple H to a rematch from last week, this time in a Street Fight!

Street Fight
Tyson Kidd vs Triple H

Triple H destroyed Tyson Kidd, finishing him off with the Pedigree.

Triple H wins

Dean Ambrose says he was the leader of The Shield for a reason. He says he carried Roman during their title reign and that he dropped Seth, not Seth dropped The Shield. Tonight, he says he'll drop both of them and then kick them while they're down. He'll show everyone why he was the leader.

A fight breaks out behind the curtains between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Sting is alerted and heads over to break it up. He says he knows all about the competition between them both. He says this is exactly what NXT is all about. He says Joe and AJ will get to prove who is better but that he doesn't think just one match will prove anything. So he announces a Best-of-7 Series with Match 1 taking place at Night of Champions.

NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament - First Round
Team Thick vs The Primetime Players

Blake and Murphy double team Darren Young to advance.

Team Thick wins

Michael Cole says the Semi-Finals take place next week!

Kevin Nash runs into Daniel Bryan in the locker room and says he's glad he wasn't Bryan's pro because it would ruin his image. Bryan says he thought they would have worked well together because they have a lot in common. They're both tall, strong, handsome, and relevant...Bryan takes that last one back. Nash gets mad and punches Bryan in the face.

Renee Young interviews Randy Orton and asks him why he interfered in the Edge/Kane match last week. He says he was listening to Edge list off his accomplishments and he says he's done all that and more. So he just went out there to do what Edge couldn't: beat Kane. He says that's exactly what he's going to do next.

Kane vs Randy Orton

Like last week, this match was cut short due to interference. Edge came out and Speared Kane, causing the DQ.

Kane wins by DQ

Then Mankind came out and just rocked back and forth in the ring until Orton hit the RKO on him. Edge and Orton went face to face. Sting came out and announced another match for Night of Champions. It may not be a title match but a future title match is on the line. There will be a Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the event featuring Edge, Randy Orton, Kane, Mankind, and two other participants that will be determined next week.

Roman talks about the Royal Rumble last week saying he lasted longer than Dean and Seth combined. He says if that didn't prove who the most dominant member of The Shield, then keep watching.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Roman backed up what he said when he hit the Superman Punch on Rollins.

Roman Reigns wins

Backstage, Sting apologizes to Brie, Nikki, Alicia, and Natalya that they didn't have a match tonight but he says they will be in action next week in a Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match when Nikki will team with Alicia and Brie will team with the woman she made tap out last week, Natalya.

A limo pulls up in the parking lot and out steps Vince McMahon, holding something in his hand. He makes his way out to the ring. Vince says he can't believe Sting threw away the red and blue for this "black and yellow crap". He says Sting only has stock in the company and that he, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, is a billionaire and still owns half of WWE Dreams. Vince says he has created a new brand. He says his brand is the A show, the main attraction, the main event. In fact, that's what it's called. Main Event, taking place on Fridays, will have three exclusive championships: the WWE Tag Team Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the WWE Championship, which is what he was holding. He says there won't be a tournament or a Royal Rumble to determine the champions because he'll decide who is worthy. He begins with the WWE Championship, calling it the most coveted title in WWE Dreams. It's been held by the likes of Kurt Angle, Batista, Edge, Triple H, Rey Mysterio, and Jeff Hardy. He says the title needs to go to someone powerful, someone who can represent WWE Dreams with class, someone who can be the face of the company. He says it should go to...him. This prompts Sting to come out and he says he wasn't expecting Vince to make all these announcements but that he likes them. He wants the competition and wants to show Vince what NXT is all about. He says, however, that he wants the WWE title on NXT. Sting conVINCEs McMahon to a match with him for the belt at Night of Champions. Vince accepts only if Sting puts his job on the line. Sting agrees immediately.

It will be Vince McMahon vs Sting at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship with the future of WWE Dreams on the line.

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Week 3: Month 1: Year 10

"Awwwwwww, WWE Dreams Universe, clap for the future NXT Tag Team Champions and feel the power!"

NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament - Semi-Final
The New Day vs Los Matadores

The New Day win

The New Day advances to the Finals at Night of Champions and will face the winner of New Age Outlaws/Team Thick.

Backstage, Big Show is talking to Sting. He says he wants a match with Alberto Del Rio tonight. Sting says he'll do Show one better: Big Show and Alberto Del Rio are the final two participants in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Night of Champions and tonight, the six Superstars in that match will face off in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. Sting then asks Big Show to leave because he is very busy going over the contract for his match with Vince McMahon at Night of Champions that they will sign tonight in the ring.

Brie Bella and Natalya vs Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox

Brie and Natalya argued during the match. Every time one of the Bella Twins went for a pin, the sister broke it up. In the end, Alicia Fox pinned Brie after the Scissors Kick.

Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella win

Michael Cole reminds us that at Night of Champions, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will compete in the first match of a Best-of-7-Series. He interviews Samoa Joe via satellite who says it won't take seven matches to prove he's better than AJ, it will only take four. Hell, it will only take one.

Tyson Kidd says he made a mistake last week challenging Triple H to a Street Fight, which is The Game's specialty. So this week, he's challenging Triple H to Kidd's specialty: Submission Match!

Rusev, Curtis Axel, and Kevin Nash vs Antonio Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, and Booker T

Daniel Bryan's team picks up the win after he made Kevin Nash tap!

Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, and Booker T win

Reminder: John Cena vs Shawn Michaels at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole now interviews AJ Styles via satellite and he says Samoa Joe NEEDS to prove he's better because he knows he's not. AJ says this series will be simply phenomenal.

Submission Match
Triple H vs Tyson Kidd

After a long, grueling battle, Tyson Kidd had no choice but to submit to The Game's Figure Four.

Triple H wins

Tyson Kidd is helped to the back as he could not stand on his own.

Backstage, The Miz is demanding Sting give him a title match at Night of Champions because he's a former tag champ and the last Hardcore Champion. Sting says he likes Miz's passion and intensity but he can't give Miz a match. Miz asks Sting how he can afford to keep him off the card since he is such a big movie star. Sting puts him in a match next week against another big star: Rikishi.

NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament - Semi-Final
Team Thick vs The New Age Outlaws

The New Age Outlaws win

The New Day come out to the ring. Big E stands in front of Billy Gunn and Xavier Woods stands in front of Road Dogg with a microphone. He says the New Age Outlaws should be renamed to Old Age Outlaws, talking about their skin complexity, hair thinning, liver spots, and overall skills in the ring. The Outlaws say the New Day may be bigger, faster, stronger, younger, but what they lack is experience which will be what costs them the match. The New Day say they want the Outlaws to eat a good breakfast on the Morning of Champions. Big E pulls out a box of cereal labeled Booty-O's and dumps it on their heads. The Outlaws beat them up as they run away.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is walking towards the stage. He bumps into Christian who was walking in the same direction. Christian asks him where he's going. Jericho says he's going to the ring to host the Highlight Reel. Christian says no he's not because the Peep Show is next. They argue back and forth. Sting shows up and says they both are going out there for the first-ever "Peep Reel".

NXT returns and half the ring is decorated with the Jeri-Tron and the other half is decorated with the Peep Show neon sign. Chris Jericho and Christian have each other on as guests and talk about each other's failures. Christian says he hasn't had as many opportunities as Jericho and won't make the same mistakes as he did. He says at Night of Champions, if Jericho can open his eyes, the last thing he will see is another opportunity wasted as Christian will be standing over him with the NXT title. Jericho tells Christian to shut the hell up. Jericho admits to his defeats. He says Christian is best known as one half of E&C. He says that everyone knows who the leader was in that team, who the better man was. Jericho says he lost to that man, but he won't lose to that man's sidekick. They stare down.

Edge, Randy Orton, Del Rio vs Kane, Mankind, Show results in an all out brawl. Orton and Mankind fight through the crowd, Kane Chokeslams Edge. Big Show knocks out Del Rio.

During the contract signing, Vince says Sting has no idea what he's gotten himself into and says he always has a plan. He pulls out a newspaper and turns to the help wanted ads. He says he circled a few jobs he thinks Sting will be good at. He throws the newspaper at Sting. Sting says when he takes the WWE title from Vince and brings it to NXT, Vince will finally know what it feels like to have nothing. Vince gets angry and takes off his suit. He tries to low blow Sting but is caught and put in the Scorpion Death Lock to end the show.

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SummerSlam. John Cena wins the WWE Championship. Shawn Michaels becomes #1 Contender. The stage was set for Night of Champions. John Cena defends the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels.

But then it happened. WWE Dreams announced it was all over. Hearts broke and dreams died. The match never happened.

But now, WWE Dreams is back and the match that never happened is finally happening! John Cena vs Shawn Michaels. No titles. No stipulations. Just a fight years in the making. Who is leaving Night of Champions the winner, Cena or Michaels? Tune in to finally get that answer!


They aren't Divas anymore. They are Superstarlets and the only 4 left in WWE Dreams. Twins Brie and Nikki Bella, Natalya, and Alicia Fox. Sting announced on RAW that these 4 women will compete to be NXT's first Women's Champion. None of them have been champion before. Brie holds a submission victory over Natalya but Nikki and Alicia have victories over them both. It's every woman for herself. Who will lead this division going forward? Find out at Night of Champions!


The journey is greater than the destination. For these two men, that quote means nothing. Chris Jericho and Christian have been in WWE Dreams since the beginning. And during the 10 year history of this company, neither of them have held a major championship. But that will change for one of them at Night of Champions. Their journeys have not been easy. Chris Jericho has held every title in WWE Dreams, except for the World title. He's had many opportunities to win the World title but always came up short. Christian has found success in the tag team division but wants to prove himself as a singles competitor as well. He's not had the same chances that Jericho has and believes it's finally his time. Jericho defeated Antonio Cesaro and Mark Henry in a Triple Threat Match to make it here. Christian won a 30-Man Royal Rumble. One of these two men will represent NXT as it's first-ever World Champion. A lot of firsts will happen at Night of Champions. Tune in to find out for who.


What does every wrestling fan love? A good ol' rivalry. Thanks to NXT General Manager Sting, this brewing rivalry between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles will just keep getting hotter when they compete in a Best-of-7-Series. Sting brought these two former NCW Superstars to WWE Dreams and they immediately had something to prove to the other. They eliminated themselves in the Royal Rumble and the following week, were involved in a backstage brawl. Now, they will go one on one in the ring for the first time. Samoa Joe says this series will be over in just 4 matches. AJ Styles says the series will be simply phenomenal. Who will gain momentum by winning Match 1? Find out at Night of Champions!


The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is a launching pad for the winner. The one that can climb a ladder and retrieve the prize hanging above the ring doesn't just pull down a briefcase; they also pull down an opportunity. Money in the Bank is a contract that says the possessor can "cash in" said contract whenever and wherever they choose on whatever champion they choose for an opportunity at winning their title. Edge meets his rival Randy Orton and two men who have proven to be a problem for both Edge and Orton over the past few weeks: Mankind and Kane. Kane has received an RKO and Spear from Orton and Edge, respectively, and would love nothing more, if he can love anything at all, than to tear them apart using a ladder. Mankind made a surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble Match on RAW and, for whatever reason, has decided to pick a fight with The Rated R Superstar and Viper. However, there is not one, but two wildcards in this match. NXT General Manager Sting placed Big Show and Alberto Del Rio in this match so that they could work out their differences in the ring. Edge and Randy Orton are no strangers to this match and Orton is no stranger to winning it. And when he cashed in, he won the title. Will history repeat itself? Can Edge claim the briefcase and reclaim his spot in the main event? Will the returning Kane or debuting Mankind climb the ladder to success? Can Big Show even climb a ladder and attempt to retrieve the contract? Or will the newest Superstar Alberto Del Rio win and become Senor Dinero en el Banco? Find out at Night of Champions!


On the return show RAW, Sting set up an 8-team tournament to determine the first-ever NXT Tag Team Champions. The New Day were the first team to enter, defeating The Vaudevillains and Los Matadores to make it to the Finals. On the debut episode of NXT, The New Age Outlaws also made their debut and beat The Certified G's, followed by Team Thick to join The New Day. After Billy Gunn and Road Dogg's victory, Big E and Xavier Woods came to the ring and attempted to share a hearty bowl of Booty-O's with the Outlaws, resulting in an all-out fight between the two teams. Like them or not, The New Day have been very impressive and will try to spread the power of positivity all over the Night of Champions arena. But the experience and teamwork between the New Age Outlaws may just be the deciding factor. Tune in to Night of Champions to find out which team is leaving the first-ever NXT Tag Team Champions.


Every so often, an event takes place, and years down the line, you can still remember where you were and what you were doing during that event. Sting making his long-awaited debut in WWE Dreams was one of those events. When WWE Dreams returned, history seemed to repeat itself as Vince McMahon appeared to be the force behind the comeback, only for it to be revealed as the Stinger's idea. He made an investment in the company and the RAW and SmackDown branding belonged to him now. Sting pulled the rug right from underneath Vince and revealed a new brand taking over: NXT. This only angered McMahon. Vince accepted an invitation to the debut episode of NXT and dropped a bombshell on Sting. NXT isn't the only brand in WWE Dreams. A new show, combined with elements of RAW and SmackDown, called Main Event, would be run by Vince and compete with NXT as the top brand in WWE Dreams. Vince revealed a new WWE Championship belt and declared himself the new Champion. This prompted Sting to challenge Vince for the title in an attempt to bring it to NXT. Vince would accept only if Sting put something up at stake as well: his career. The match was made official in the ring as the two signed the contract. If Sting wins, he keeps his job and brings the WWE Championship to NXT. If Vince wins, not only is he WWE Champion, not only is Sting's career over, but the future of WWE Dreams is up in the air. Find out what happens at Night of Champions.

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The Night of Champions intro video plays, showcasing the events leading up to the pay-per-view, beginning with Sting's debut in WWE Dreams. It is followed by highlights of the tournament for the NXT Tag Team Championship, Brie Bella making Natalya tap out and then arguing with Nikki Bella, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe's interviews from NXT, a shot of the 6 Superstars involved in Money in the Bank, Christian and Chris Jericho's journeys to the NXT Championship, and a showcase of the careers of John Cena and Shawn Michaels. The video ends with a replay of Vince McMahon tapping to Sting's Scorpion Death Lock.


Michael Cole says the future of WWE Dreams is at stake in tonight's main event when Sting puts his job on the line when he challenges Vince McMahon for the WWE Championship. Cole also talks about the match that never happened that will finally happen tonight when John Cena and Shawn Michaels go one on one.

Money in the Bank | Ladder Match

Edge vs Mankind vs Randy Orton vs Kane vs Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show



Alberto Del Rio wins


Thank you for taking the time to check this out, guys!

Best-of-7 Series | Match 1

Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles



Samoa Joe wins

Joe - 1
AJ - 0


Samoa Joe looks into the camera and says, "I told you. One down."

Backstage, Renee Young interviews the winner of Money in the Bank, Alberto Del Rio. She asks him if he will tell her when he will cash in. He asks Renee if she's "estupido" and then says he has the whole year to think about when he will cash in, but for now, he just likes the sound of "Senor Dinero en el Banco."


NXT Tag Team Championship | Tag Team Match

The New Age Outlaws vs The New Day



The New Day win


Jerry Lawler says Kofi Kingston just cost the New Age Outlaws the NXT Tag Team titles. Kofi leaves with Big E and Xavier Woods as Billy Gunn aids Road Dogg in the ring.

Backstage, The New Day celebrate with Kofi Kingston.

The Match That Never Happened

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels



John Cena wins

Shawn Michaels gets to his feet as he and John Cena go face-to-face. Cena then leaves the ring, allowing Shawn to have it to himself.


Shawn shakes his head no and tells Cena to come back. HBK extends his arm out for a handshake, which Cena accepts and then Shawn leaves the ring.


Cena stands alone and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.


We return to Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL at ringside, as they discuss the announcement of the draft. They say that it will be conducted using a random generating system and go into effect immediately. Cole says this is all assuming there will still be two brands after tonight, depending on what happens in the Sting/Vince McMahon match later tonight.


NXT Women's Championship | Fatal 4-Way Match

Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox vs Nikki Bella vs Natalya



Brie Bella wins


Brie Bella becomes very emotional as she is handed her first championship.

Sheamus comes to the ring, interrupting this amazing moment. He acknowledges it being the Night of Champions and yet he doesn't have the title match he rightfully deserves. He demands Sting come out before he loses to Vince McMahon later tonight and put Sheamus in the NXT Championship Match. Instead of Sting, Sheamus gets...Triple H!


Triple H comes to the ring and begs Sheamus to stop embarrassing himself. He says the only man in the ring that should get a title match is him, after winning three matches in a row against Tyson Kidd. Sheamus says if there's one thing he can't stand it's people making demands for things they don't deserve. Triple H guesses that there's only one way to solve this.


Sheamus walks by him, bumping him on the way out. Triple H smiles as Sheamus heads up the ramp to the back. What will come of this?

A split-screen with Chris Jericho on the left and Christian on the right shows them heading out for their match. Christian, the Royal Rumble winner. Chris Jericho, the #1 Contender. Neither man has ever won a major championship yet in WWE Dreams. That is about to change for one of them right now!


NXT Championship

Chris Jericho vs Christian




Chris Jericho wins


Chris Jericho is crying as he cradles his first major title in his hands. He raises his arms in victory as the Jerichoholics give Y2J a standing ovation.

Michael Cole says, believe it or not, there is still more to come tonight!

Before the final match begins, it is announced that there will be no disqualifications and there must be a winner.


WWE Championship | No Disqualification Match

Sting vs Vince McMahon



Vince McMahon wins

Michael Cole says he can't believe what he just saw. What is the fate of WWE Dreams?


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