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9 minutes ago, Legendsorigin said:

Here's the deal: I am going to be without 2K17 from now until the end of February. There's one more show (Main Event) left before the next pay-per-view Battleground. I like to add videos to the pay-per-views like I did with Night of Champions but if I do that for Battleground, it won't be until March that I post results since I won't have the game until the end of next month. Or, if you guys don't care about videos, I can post results without them and we can just keep going without having to wait. I should have videos for the pay-per-view after Battleground. What do you think?

Just keep going, this is fanatasic!

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Week 2 | Month 2 | Year 10

Main Event begins with NXT General Manager Shane McMahon and WWE Champion Vince McMahon talking in Vince's office.

Shane McMahon: Well, I'm here. What's the catch? Is someone going to jump me from behind and take me out of our match this Sunday at Battleground?

Vince McMahon: To be honest, Shane, I'm offended by you thinking I would set something like that up. No, I invited you and Sting, although it seems he didn't make it, to Main Event tonight because I want you two to have a close look at one of your opponents at Battleground, and my partner, The Undertaker, when he annihilates Seth Rollins inside that steel cage. Its come to my understanding that you brought a couple of NXT Superstars along with you.

Shane McMahon: That's right.

Vince McMahon: And you want them to have a match here tonight.

Shane McMahon: Yeah, and I think you'll want to agree to that idea for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because these two guys are the hottest guys in the game today. They've been having incredible matches so far in their Best-of-7 Series. People will tune in to see AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe. The other reason is this: These two hate each other. Its become apparent that when this series is all said and done, these two cannot continue competing on the same brand.

Vince McMahon: What are you saying?

Shane McMahon: I'm saying that the stakes in this series have just been raised. Whoever loses the series will no longer compete on NXT and be sent here to Main Event.

Vince McMahon: So I'll either be getting Samoa Joe or AJ Styles on Main Event? I like that.

Shane McMahon: I thought you would. And as for the winner of the series, he will earn himself a shot at the NXT Championship!

Vince McMahon: You got yourself a deal. Samoa Joe versus AJ Styles tonight!

Michael Cole: What an announcement from NXT General Manager Shane McMahon! The Best-of-7 Series between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe just got a lot more interesting, John.

JBL: You're right. The loser of the series will be leaving NXT to come to Main Event and the winner will be the new number one contender to the NXT Championship.

Michael Cole: And Vince McMahon approved their match tonight. It will be Match 4 and Samoa Joe is leading 2 wins to 1. If Joe wins here tonight, he'll be heading into Battleground this Sunday for Match 5 with a massive lead. He could leave Battleground the number one contender. Tonight's edition of Main Event will go down as one of the greatest shows in WWE Dreams history. In addition to AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe, we have three championships on the line! After winning his first singles title in his career on the first episode of Main Event, Booker T will defend the Intercontinental Championship for the first time against the man he teamed up with last week: Rikishi!

JBL: We will also crown two new champions tonight: the new Diva's Champion and the new WWE Tag Team Champions. It will be The Revival taking on The Usos.

Michael Cole: And for the Diva's Championship, it will be a 6-Woman Battle Royal. And that is our first match of the night!

Diva's Championship | Battle Royal

Carmella vs Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss vs Summer Rae vs Eva Marie vs Paige


Paige wins


The so-called leader of the Divas, Carmella, was the first to be eliminated. Summer Rae was next, followed by Alexa Bliss. Sasha Banks looked like the favorite as she picked up her second elimination after forcing Eva Marie to tap out to the Bank Statement. She locked the move in again, this time on Paige, who was able to get out of it. Sasha Banks claimed she was going to dominate the division but came up just short of becoming champion as Paige hit the Ram-Paige for the win.

Michael Cole: The darkhorse did it! Paige is the new Diva's Champion! I think everyone thought Sasha Banks was going to pull it off but it wasn't her night. Tonight is Paige's night!

JBL: I think the shocker was Carmella being the first one eliminated. Some may argue she's the one responsible for the return of the Diva's Title.

Michael Cole: That may be, but for now, Paige is champion.

Renee Young walks into the locker room where The Miz is.

Renee Young: Miz, later tonight, Rikishi challenges Booker T for the Intercontinental Championship. Last week, you expressed your hatred towards Rikishi for what he did to you a couple of weeks ago. Is there any chance you're going to involve yourself in the match tonight to get revenge on Rikishi and cost him the title?

The Miz: First of all, don't you ever say that name around me again. It's because of him that I have to wear this mask for the rest of my life. I had the looks to be the greatest Superstar in WWE Dreams and Hollywood but he took that all away. I can never show my face again because of him. But like I said last week, I never want to be in the same ring as that man ever again. So to answer your stupid question, no, I will not be making a cameo appearance during the Intercontinental Championship tonight. Now go, I need to be alone.

Randy Orton is walking backstage, about to come out for his match against Kane, when Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze stop him.

Dolph Ziggler: Randy, Randy, Randy. What are you doing teaming with Edge, man? Don't you know his history with tag team partners? Rey Mysterio, Justin Sane, Carlito, he turned on them all.

Tyler Breeze: How do you know he won't turn on you next, Randy?

Randy Orton: Who are you? And why would I take tag team advice from you two?

Dolph Ziggler: We're the new team on Main Event. We're on our way to the WWE Tag Team Championship. Don't waste your time teaming with Edge. Not only will you two never win the titles, but you might not even have a partner at all to win them with whenever Edge decides he's done with you and turns on you.

Tyler Breeze: Something to think about.

Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler walk away as Randy Orton looks like he's actually considering what they said.

Randy Orton vs Kane


Kane wins


Edge and Mankind were ringside accompanying their partners during this match. Edge accidentally distracted Randy Orton, allowing Kane to Chokeslam him for the win. Orton and Edge argued in the ring. Randy pushed Edge down and then left.

Michael Cole: Edge and Randy Orton need to get on the same page before Sunday when they take on Kane and Mankind at Battleground.


Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jimmy and Jey, The Usos! Tonight, you two have the opportunity to become WWE Tag Team Champions. How are you feeling heading into your match?

Jimmy Uso: Jey and I have been a team our entire lives. We aren't in this business for ourselves. We aren't interested in being our own champions. All we want is to be the greatest tag team in WWE Dreams history. Tonight, we begin that journey by becoming WWE Tag Team Champions!

Rikishi appears behind The Usos.

Rikishi: Tonight is our night. WWE Tag Team Champions and Intercontinental Champion.

Jey Uso: Let's do this!

Michael Cole: There is so much more left in the show tonight. Not only will Alberto Del Rio defend the Money in the Bank briefcase against Big Show in a Knock Out or Tap Out Match, but in the main event, Undertaker faces Seth Rollins inside a steel cage!

JBL: Do we even know if Seth Rollins is here tonight after what The Undertaker did to him?

Michael Cole: I don't know, John. We'll find out. But coming up next, the Intercontinental Championship is on the line! Booker T is an original in WWE Dreams. He's been in and out of the company over the past ten years. He held the World Tag Team Titles once but never captured singles gold. That was until two weeks ago when he won a Fatal 4-Way to become the new Intercontinental Champion. He defends it for the first time right now against Rikishi. Last week, Rikishi and Booker T were partners. After they won their match, Rikishi handed Booker his title but made it clear he wanted a shot at it. Tonight, he gets that shot.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Intercontinental Champion Booker T vs Rikishi


Booker T wins


Michael Cole: Booker T survived! He got Rikishi down and hit a Scissors Kick from the second rope to retain the Intercontinental Champion-Hey, wait a minute! The Miz! The Miz is in the ring! Skull-Crushing Finale to Booker T! What the heck was that for?

Rikishi re-enters the ring to check on Booker T and The Miz takes off.

Seth Rollins, with bandages wrapped around his abdomen, is in the locker room, preparing for his match.

Michael Cole: There's your answer, JBL. Seth Rollins is indeed here tonight and will face The Undertaker in a Steel Cage Match in our main event.

Best-of-7 Series | Match 4

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe wins; leads 3-1


Michael Cole: What an uphill climb for AJ Styles. Match 5 is this Sunday and it's a must-win situation for "The Phenomenal One" or Samoa Joe is the new number one contender.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. Vince McMahon walks by him, holding his WWE Championship. They stare each other down before Del Rio smiles and walks away.

Michael Cole: Coming up next: Alberto Del Rio defends the Money in the Bank briefcase he won at Night of Champions. It will be the first-ever Knock Out or Tap Out Match. Del Rio can only win by making Big Show tap out and Big Show can only win by knocking Del Rio out.

Money in the Bank | Knock Out or Tap Out Match

Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show


Alberto Del Rio wins


It almost seemed impossible for Alberto Del Rio to lock in his patented armbar on the Big Show during this match. At one point, Big Show threw right hooks one after another in an attempt to knock Del Rio out but none could connect. Del Rio stood on the second rope, wanting to jump off onto Big Show, but Show grabbed his throat and signaled for a Chokeslam. Alberto wrapped his legs around Big Show's arm, flung himself backwards over the top rope, and suddenly the armbar was cinched in! Big Show tried with all his might to lift Del Rio up but could not do it and had to tap.

Michael Cole: Alberto Del Rio remains "Mr. Money in the Bank"!

JBL: When's he going to cash in? Nobody knows.

Samoa Joe approaches Shane McMahon backstage.

Samoa Joe: You might as well tell AJ to stay right here! There's no way he's winning this series. I am! And then I'm winning the NXT Championship!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos vs The Revival


The Revival win


Michael Cole: The Revival join the likes of Cash & Dashing, The Hart Dynasty, and even Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov. The Revival are the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Well, it's time for the main event. A Steel Cage Match between Seth Rollins and The Undertaker. This all started when Seth Rollins returned to WWE Dreams and challenged Vince McMahon for the WWE Championship. Undertaker would show up and dismantle Rollins, sending Seth on his Last Ride on top of a car! What's gonna happen inside the steel cage tonight?

Steel Cage Match

Seth Rollins vs Undertaker


Seth Rollins wins


Undertaker's down! Seth Rollins is on his feet! Climb, Seth, climb! Rollins begins to ascend the cage. He makes it to the top. Undertaker sits up. Seth stands on the top of the cage. Undertaker is to his feet. Just climb down, Seth! Rollins looks down and leaps off the cage, crushing Undertaker down below. Both Superstars are down. The crowd is going crazy. Somehow, Undertaker sits up. The lights go out. The lights come on and Sting is in the cage! Undertaker turns around and Sting hits him with a bat and the Scorpion Death Drop. The lights turn off and on again. Seth Rollins covers Undertaker. 1...2...3!

Michael Cole: He did it! He did it! Seth Rollins defeats Undertaker inside the steel cage.

JBL: If it wasn't for Sting, Rollins' career would've ended here tonight.

Backstage, Vince McMahon is yelling at Shane McMahon for what just happened. They start fighting each other!

Back in the ring, Undertaker sits up, and does not look happy as blood runs down his face.

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Shane McMahon and Sting vs Vince McMahon and Undertaker

This main event has the potential to blow up at Battleground. Sting and Vince McMahon faced off at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship with "The Icon's" career also at stake. In the closing moments of the match, The Undertaker returned and helped Vince win the title. With Sting's career over, Vince hired his son Shane McMahon as the new leader of NXT. Shane, however, revealed he didn't like his father and re-hired Sting as Commissioner. These two challenged Vince and Undertaker to a match, which "The Deadman" accepted. This isn't the first time father and son have battled for brand supremacy. The first time ended when Vince put Shane in the hospital. Shane O' Mac has been waiting for the day he gets his hands on his father and he will do just that at Battleground. Sting gained a little revenge on Undertaker for costing him the WWE Title by interfering in Undertaker's Steel Cage Match on Main Event. Was it wise to piss off "The Deadman"? Will it be father or son who establishes dominance over the other? All these questions and more will be answered at Battleground!

NXT Champion Chris Jericho vs Christian

Chris Jericho made history at Night of Champions by becoming the first NXT Champion, his first major championship win. Christian believed that to be his destiny so he attacked Y2J with a ladder and challenged the champ to a rematch at Battleground. Jericho accepted by putting Christian through a table. Last week on NXT, the rivals had a stand-off with steel chairs. This lead to NXT General Manager Shane McMahon announcing that at Battleground, Chris Jericho will defend the NXT Title against Christian in a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match!

Triple H vs Sheamus

At Night of Champions, Sheamus demanded to be put in the NXT Championship Match later that night. He performed a sit-down in the ring, waiting for NXT Commissioner Sting but he got "The King of Kings" Triple H instead. Triple H told Sheamus all he had to do to get his match was to beat "The Game". Sheamus ignored the fight but bumped Triple H on his way out of the ring. A couple weeks later, the two finally faced off and the brawl went through the NXT crowd. Their match last week ended the same way. There is bad blood between these two and it all comes to a head at Battleground.

Rated RKO vs Kane and Mankind

Edge and Randy Orton are two of the most successful singles competitors in WWE Dreams, so it was a surprise when they started working together. What started as a game of one-upmanship over "The Big Red Machine" Kane has budded into a mutual respect for one another. Both Superstars took issue with the returning Mankind, saying he has overstayed his welcome. They expressed these issues by ganging up on Mankind. But maybe more surprising than Edge and Orton working together, Kane came to Mankind's rescue. The four are locked in a rivalry now and will finally meet in tag team action at Battleground. Team Rated RKO had some miscommunication on Main Event so they will need to get back on the same page in order to defeat these two monsters. But with Edge's history with tag team partners, can "The Viper" trust him at Battleground?

John Cena's Open Challenge

At Night of Champions, John Cena defeated Shawn Michaels. This was no small feat, but for Cena, it was not enough to earn him a shot at the NXT Championship. In order to earn that title shot, Cena has set a goal to go through the entire roster, which begins at Battleground when John issues an open challenge. Who will accept?

The Rock vs ?

The Rock made a shocking return to WWE Dreams a few weeks ago on NXT. Before he could explain why, a voice told "The Great One" to run or he will be feasted on by the entity's family. The following week, Rock was attacked by three strange men wearing animal masks. The voice, claiming to be a god, has said he will reveal himself to the world at Battleground to face The Rock.

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

Up 3 wins to 1, Samoa Joe just needs one more victory in the Best-of-7 Series against AJ Styles. There's more than just pride on the line now, though. The loser of the series will be sent to compete on Main Event while the winner earns a shot at the NXT Championship. Styles is in a must-win situation at Battleground.

Leave a comment with your predictions and thank you all for checking this out! I'll be working on Battleground all week long. There won't be videos this time around but I'll do my best to still give you an entertaining show. Stay tuned.

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"The battle lines have been drawn."

Michael Cole


Tonight, Shane McMahon and Sting look to gain retribution against WWE Champion Vince McMahon and The Undertaker! Hello, everybody, and welcome to the first-ever Battleground event! My partner is the one and only JBL!



NXT Champion Chris Jericho will defend his title against Christian later tonight in a TLC Match. The NXT Championship will be hanging above the ring. One of these Superstars will have to climb a ladder to bring down the title!

Michael Cole


Tables, chairs, as well as ladders are not only legal, they're encouraged! Also tonight, we find out who has been sending messages to The Rock. The Rock has been threatened and attacked by this entity's family, and tonight, the one behind it all will be revealed.



But we are starting things off with John Cena!

John Cena comes out on stage to a loud, mixed reaction from the crowd. He looks into the camera and says, "The journey begins tonight." He then runs down the ramp, slides into the ring, and throws his hat to a lucky fan. He walks over to the ropes where the timekeeper hands him a microphone.

John Cena


Are you all ready for Battleground or what?! As I said on NXT a few weeks ago, my next goal is to be the NXT Champion. One match and one win so far has not earned me anything. I will go through whoever and whatever I have to, to earn my shot. That journey begins tonight. I have issued an open challenge to anyone man enough to face me. So if you want some, come get some!

A woman steps out on stage.



My name is "The Ravishing Russian" Lana.

John Cena


No offense, but I said anyone MAN enough, and you, are certainly not a dude.



No, but you are certainly about to be crushed! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my husband and your opponent, Cena, RUSEV!

Michael Cole


Oh my! Rusev has accepted the challenge!



That must be why we haven't seen Rusev in a couple weeks. He was getting married!

Michael Cole


Did you hear what Lana said? She said Cena was going to be crushed!



This match is gonna be awesome.

John Cena vs Rusev w/Lana 


Rusev wins


John Cena had Rusev in the STF. The referee's vision was blocked and he did not see Lana put Rusev's foot on the bottom rope. The referee broke the hold. Cena looked at Lana. He turned around and Rusev kicked him in the face. Rusev covered and picked up the huge and shocking victory.

Rusev and Lana celebrated up the ramp as John Cena sat in the ring in disbelief.

Michael Cole


Rusev just beat John Cena! Rusev has been in this company for two months and he's already defeated one of the top Superstars in WWE Dreams history!



It was a big win for Rusev. I'm not taking anything away from him, but I think the bigger story is that John Cena lost.

In the parking lot, a limo is just arriving. The door opens and Vince McMahon steps out with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. Behind him is The Undertaker.

Vince McMahon


Tonight, Undertaker, you and I will put my son Shane right back where I left him: in the hospital!



And then I will put Sting in the grave where he and his career belong.



Did I just see The Undertaker get out of a limo?

Michael Cole


Vince McMahon said he was going to put his own son Shane McMahon back in the hospital. Do you know what that could mean, John?



Look, that was a long time ago. I'm retired now. My job was on the line. Vince McMahon threatened to fire me if I didn't go after Shane. I didn't mean to put him in the hospital. I sincerely hope that's not where he ends up tonight.

Michael Cole


Yeah. Then Vince fired you anyways. But that's our main event later tonight. Coming up next, it's Match 5 in the Best-of-7 Series. At Night of Champions, Samoa Joe won the first match with the Muscle Buster. On NXT, AJ Styles won the second match via the Styles Clash. This past week, Samoa Joe won the third and fourth matches on NXT and Main Event to lead this series 3-1. He only needs one more victory to win the series. AJ Styles must win here tonight. The loser of the series goes to compete on Main Event and the winner gets a shot at the NXT Championship.

Best-of-7 Series | Match 5

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe


AJ Styles wins; trails 2-3


These two bitter rivals were fighting outside the ring. Samoa Joe took apart one of the announce tables. He turned around and AJ Styles hit him with the Pele Kick. Joe fell onto the table. AJ rolled into the ring. He stood up and grabbed the top rope, looking around at the crowd. AJ jumped onto the top rope, sprung off, and performed a 450 Splash on Samoa Joe through the table! A "holy $h!t" chant broke out. The referee, deciding not to disqualify AJ, began his ten count. Neither Superstar was moving. At around six, Styles started to stir. The referee was at eight now. AJ crawled to the ring. The referee was at nine. AJ grabbed the bottom rope, pulled himself into the ring, and the referee counted ten! Samoa Joe is counted out and AJ Styles wins.

Michael Cole


AJ knew what was at risk tonight. He knew he had to risk it all. A win is a win and AJ Styles is still alive in this series, down 3-2.

NXT Women's Champion Brie Bella is in the women's dressing room. Her sister Nikki Bella walks in.

Brie Bella


Nikki! What are you doing here? I haven't seen you since Night of Champions. You haven't answered any of my texts or calls.

Nikki Bella


Ever since we were drafted to different shows, I've been really busy. Just because I'm not the NXT Women's Champion doesn't mean I can't be busy, Brie.

Brie Bella


Okay. Can you believe what's happening on Main Event? The women are calling themselves Divas again and there's even a Diva's Champion now.

Nikki Bella


Yeah, hey, where are my bags? The guy didn't drop them off yet?

Brie Bella


What guy? Why do you have bags? Why couldn't you bring them yourself?

Nikki Bella


Whatever. I just got here so can you go get them for me?

Brie Bella stares at Nikki Bella before shaking her head and leaving the room. Nikki picks up Brie's championship and stares at it.

Rated RKO vs Mankind & Kane


Rated RKO win


Mankind was signaling for the Mandible Claw on Randy Orton. Edge slid in the ring and it looked like he was going to Spear Orton. He changed direction, however, and Speared Mankind, saving Orton instead. Randy covered and got the win for Team Rated RKO.

Randy Orton and Edge looked at each other and then hugged in the middle of the ring.

Backstage, Renee Young is standing by with NXT Champion Chris Jericho.

Renee Young


Chris Jericho, you are moments away from defending your NXT Championship for the first time against Christian in a TLC Match. Are you at all concerned with the match type?

Chris Jericho


Do you know what TLC stands for, Zellweger? It doesn't stand for Tables, Ladders, Chairs. It doesn't stand for Tender, Loving, Care. It doesn't stand for Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese. And it certainly doesn't stand for Thick, Long, Cock...roaches. No, it stands for Tough...Luck...Christian. Because after tonight, Christian, you will never, ever get another shot at my NXT Championship a-gain. Tough luck.

Sheamus vs Triple H


Triple H wins


Sheamus and Triple H were fighting near the timekeeper's area when Sheamus nailed "The Game" in the gut with a chair. The referee disqualified Sheamus, giving the win to Triple H.

The match may have ended but the fight did not. The two titans continued to brawl outside the ring. Triple H pulled out a sledgehammer from underneath the ring but Sheamus kicked his leg before he could use it. Triple H rolled into the ring, favoring the leg. Sheamus picked up the chair and got in the ring. He taunted "The King of Kings" and stepped on the bad leg. Then Sheamus started hitting the leg with the chair over and over again. He then wedged the leg in the chair and stepped up onto the second rope. Triple H couldn't move. Sheamus leaped off the rope and stomped on the chair, causing it to close on Triple H's leg. Referees ran to the ring. Some attempted to remove Sheamus from the ring, while others tended to Triple H. Sheamus began to leave but then picked up the chair again and slammed it against the leg more. Sheamus finally seemed satisfied and left the ring. Triple H was carried away.


Michael Cole


The next time WWE Dreams is on pay-per-view will be for Survivor Series. This event has always proved to be one of the most important of the year. Who could ever forget when John Cena and The Undertaker teamed up against D-Generation X, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, in a Hell in a Cell Match? After what we just saw a few moments ago, I'm not sure if Triple H will make it to this year's Survivor Series. We have breaking news, ladies and gentlemen. This week on NXT, John Cena will make another attempt at earning a shot at the NXT Championship when he goes one on one with


Daniel Bryan!




Speaking of the NXT Championship, it's time for tables, ladders, and chairs!

NXT Championship | Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match

NXT Champion Chris Jericho vs Christian


Christian wins


A ladder and table were set up in the ring. Chris Jericho and Christian began climbing the ladder. They reached the top and exchanged blows. Christian got the upper hand, continuously punching Y2J, causing him to lean backwards, barely hanging on. Christian attempted to pull down the belt but Jericho came back and hit Christian with it and Christian fell off the ladder, just missing the table! Jericho reached for the title but was suddenly yanked down off the ladder. Who did this? JBL recognized him as



Albert grabbed Jericho by the throat, picked him up, and slammed him through the table! Albert picked up Christian and helped him up the ladder, giving him a boost on his shoulders. Christian looked barely conscious but was somehow able to retrieve the NXT Championship and win the match.

Michael Cole


Christian is the new NXT Champion! Where did Albert come from?

Albert helped Christian to the back. Chris Jericho started to get up and asked the referee what happened.



I don't think Jericho knows what hit him. It all happened so fast.

Michael Cole


As officials clear out the ring, we want to take you back to NXT a few weeks ago when The Rock made his shocking return to WWE Dreams and was sent this message:


The Rock comes out to a thunderous ovation. He's dressed to compete. He makes his entrance into the ring and then grabs a microphone.

The Rock


FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO PAY-PER-VIEW! The Rock says the time for talk is over. The Rock knows you're back there. You want The Rock to run? Well The Rock is staying right here so JUST BRING IT!



Michael Cole


They are here indeed. But who are they?

The four mysterious men slowly make their way to the ring. The arena is dark. The only light is coming from the lantern. They stop right before the ring and the man holding the lantern blows out the light and the darkness fades away.

The Rock


Who in the blue hell are you? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE!

The strange man in front smiles and laughs.



There it is. That's the Rocky we all know and love. That's the Rocky I want these people, your people, to remember. Because after we're done with you, Rocky, there will be nothing left to remember. I told you I would introduce myself to you tonight, Rocky. My name is Bray Wyatt. And this is my family: Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper. These are the names to remember. I tried to warn you, Rocky. But now, there is nowhere to run. You've left me no choice.

The Wyatt Family circle the ring. The Rock tells them all to bring it. Braun Strowman brings it first but is hit with a Samoan Drop! Luke Harper is next and The Rock delivers the Rock Bottom! Erick Rowan comes in and gets a Spinebuster! The Rock sets up The People's Elbow but Bray Wyatt is now on the apron. The Rock and Bray Wyatt are face to face. Suddenly, another mysterious man, wearing a horse mask, attacks The Rock from behind.

Bray Wyatt


And this, Rocky, is my brother Bo.

Bray Wyatt finally enters the ring and now all five members of The Wyatt Family are stomping The Rock. Bo takes off his mask and shouts out orders. Strowman, Harper, and Rowan deliver The Rock to Bray Wyatt who performs what is eventually known as Sister Abigail. Bo and the others surround The Rock's lifeless body. Bray Wyatt drops to his knees and shouts, "Follow the buzzards."


Backstage, Shane McMahon and Sting are preparing for their match.

Michael Cole


I don't have words for what we just witnessed. I have never seen anything like that happen to The Rock before. We thought there was going to be a match but it turned into a decimation. We need to switch gears because up next is our main event.

WWE Champion Vince McMahon & Undertaker vs Shane McMahon & Sting


Vince McMahon & Undertaker win


The match had become a free-for-all. Vince McMahon had knocked out the referee and Undertaker Chokeslammed Sting through the other announce table. No more commentary could be heard. In the ring, a beaten down Shane McMahon was on his knees. Vince McMahon was about to punish his son more when


Stephanie McMahon made her return and ran into the ring. She stood in between her father and brother, begging Vince to stop. She checked on Shane...and then slapped him! Vince started laughing. Shane got to his feet and intimidated his sister. Vince went after him but Shane unleashed a flurry of punches to his dad. Undertaker re-entered the ring and attacked Shane. Undertaker lifted him up for the Tombstone Piledriver but then dropped him when


entered the ring. JBL seemed to be asking Undertaker to end the match. Shane, again, got to his feet. JBL started walking towards Shane and then outta nowhere, hit Shane with a Clothesline from Hell! JBL stood motionless in the ring as every single fan was booing. Undertaker picked Shane up again and delivered the Tombstone Piledriver. The referee was back in the ring now. Vince McMahon went for the cover on Shane. JBL ordered the referee to count. 1...2...3! Undertaker and Vince win.

Battleground ends with WWE Champion Vince McMahon, Undertaker, Stephanie McMahon, and JBL celebrating on top Shane McMahon.

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19 minutes ago, BrendenPlayz said:

I like what you're doing here, my only suggestion that using the quotes makes it a little hard to follow at times, maybe trying a different format would work better here. You could just BOLD who ever is talking and have their "quote" maybe like that. Up to you though of course, just an idea. Nice job.

I appreciate the feedback. If you go back through all the posts you can see that I've been experimenting different formats and such, not just with speakers. I think I might stick with how I usually do it for them:

Speaker: Blah, blah, blah.

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Week 3 | Month 2 | Year 10

Michael Cole - Welcome, everybody, to NXT. We are coming off the first-ever Battleground pay-per-view, and like all of you, I have questions of my own for my broadcast partner, who will not be joining me tonight.


The NXT General Manager Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring.

Shane McMahon - Once again, dad, you took the easy way out. You proved to the entire world that you are incapable of doing anything yourself. First, it was Undertaker. You couldn't beat Sting on your own, so you brought Undertaker back to do it for you. And now, Sting is injured because of it. Then, you had my own sister slap me across the face. And to top it all off, you hired the same guy that put me in the hospital the first time, to do it again. Don't think we're finished, dad. No, not by a long shot. I am going to finish what Sting started at Night of Champions and I am going to take the WWE Championship from you. I know you're not man enough to just give me a title match so I propose this to you, dad. In four weeks, there's a pay-per-view called Survivor Series. Why don't we have Team McMahon versus Team McMahon in a Traditional Survivor Series 5-on-5 Elimination Match? If my team wins, I get a one-on-one match with you for the WWE Championship. Not good enough? I thought so. That's why I will put the NXT brand on the line as well. You've hated NXT from the start, dad, and now's your chance to put it out of business. All you have to do is beat my team. I will be watching Main Event this week and I expect an answer.


Michael Cole - It's the former NXT Champion Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho joins Shane McMahon in the ring.

Chris Jericho - Shane, the only thing I'd like more than seeing you kick your father's ass at Survivor Series, is a rematch for the NXT Championship. I don't want you to get too caught up in this and forget that you have a job here.

Shane McMahon - I didn't forget, Chris. In fact, I'm going to give you your rematch at Survivor Series. Seeing as how I chose your match at Battleground, I will be leaving it up to you or Christian to choose the match in four weeks. Here's how we're going to do it. The man who cost you the NXT Championship at Battleground, Albert, will face a representative of your choosing. Whoever wins, but more importantly, whoever that man represents will get to decide the match at Survivor Series.

Chris Jericho - The only one that's going to represent Y2J is me. I will face Albert...

Suddenly, Chris Jericho is attacked from behind by Albert. Shane McMahon tries to stop him, but Albert picks Jericho up and slams him down. NXT Champion Christian isn't far behind. He tells Albert to pick Jericho up and then hits him with the belt.

Shane McMahon - That's enough! With Sting on the shelf, I'm in charge and I refuse to let the inmates run the asylum. Next week, it will be Albert versus Chris Jericho. But, Christian, you are banned from ringside. If you interfere, Chris Jericho automatically wins. Now, get out of here.

Michael Cole - A huge announcement from the NXT General Manager. Next week, Chris Jericho faces Albert. If Chris Jericho wins, he chooses the match stipulation for the NXT Championship Match at Survivor Series. If Albert wins, Christian gets to decide. We also heard Shane challenge his father to a match at Survivor Series with a whole lot on the line as well. We turn our focus to tonight. For weeks, R-Truth has expressed his desire to join The New Day. Tonight, the NXT Tag Team Champions are giving R-Truth a tryout.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, & R-Truth vs


The Wyatt Family



The Wyatt Family win


The New Day and R-Truth awaited their opponents. The lights turned off and the fireflies came out as The Wyatt Family entered the arena. Bray Wyatt and Bo stayed back as Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman got in the ring. The New Day approached the three big men, but Big E and Kofi Kingston quickly ran out of the ring, leaving R-Truth by himself. The Wyatts destroyed R-Truth and won the match.

After the match, Bray Wyatt and Bo entered the ring. Bo delivered R-Truth to Bray, who performed Sister Abigail. Bray Wyatt took a microphone.

Bray Wyatt - We are taking over! Follow the buzzards!

Backstage, Renee Young is standing by.

Renee Young - Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Charlotte. For those that may not know, you are the daughter of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Does that put any pressure on you?

Charlotte - No, it doesn't. My father accomplished great things in WWE Dreams. He competed in the main event of the first-ever WrestleMania. But his greatness pales in comparison to mine. And if it wasn't for Nia Jax, I would be the number one contender for the NXT Women's Championship right now.

Nia Jax walks up.

Nia Jax - Really, Charlotte? Why don't you do something about it? In the ring. I'll take that silver spoon you grew up with and shove it down your throat!

Michael Cole - It looks like we're gonna have a match between Nia Jax and Charlotte tonight. Another match we'll see tonight is Match 6 between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Let's take a look at how this series has gone thus far.

Match 1 - Night of Champions

Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles via Muscle Buster

Match 2 - NXT

AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe via Styles Clash

Match 3 - NXT

Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles via Tiger Suplex

Match 4 - Main Event

Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles via Muscle Buster

Match 5 - Battleground

AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe via Count Out

Nia Jax vs Charlotte


Charlotte wins


Backstage, a new reporter named Tom Phillips is standing by with Goldust.

Tom Phillips - Goldust, last week, you said that, tonight, Stardust would be born. Where is he?

Image result for wwe stardust

Goldust - Stardust is here!

The Vaudevillains vs Goldust & Stardust


The Vaudevillains win


Michael Cole - The Vaudevillains spoil the debut of Stardust! Coming up next, Samoa Joe looks to spoil the comeback AJ Styles is trying to make. AJ is in another must-win situation if he wants a shot at being NXT Champion. Joe just needs one more win.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is in the locker room. John Cena walks in.

John Cena - You ready for our match tonight? I'm not going easy on you. I said I would go through anyone to get to where I'm going and tonight, you're in my way.

Daniel Bryan - And you're in my way, John. I beat Kevin Nash last week. Rusev beat you. I deserve a shot at the NXT Title more than you.

John Cena - You don't deserve anything that I don't deserve until you beat me. You want a shot? Earn it.

Daniel Bryan - Okay. I will.

Best-of-7 Series | Match 6

Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles


Samoa Joe wins; wins series 4-2


Michael Cole - Come on, ref! Samoa Joe used that chair behind the referee's back! I can't believe Joe is gonna win the series this way.

The referee notices the chair on the floor and confronts Samoa Joe about it. He sees a dent in the chair and decides to check the replay, which does show Joe hitting AJ Styles with the chair. The referee decides to reverse the decision and declare AJ Styles the winner.



AJ Styles wins; ties series 3-3


This decision angers Samoa Joe, who goes on a rampage, assaulting AJ Styles with two Muscle Busters, followed by the Coquina Clutch. Referees enter the ring and break up the hold.

Michael Cole - Samoa Joe was trying to choke AJ Styles out. He was trying to injure him before their final match. Thankfully, the referees got in there just in time. However, for Triple H, help came too late at Battleground. We understand that Triple H suffered a broken leg at the hands of Sheamus and will be out of action for a period of time. Let's go backstage with Renee Young.

Renee Young - Thanks, Michael. Joining me now is Sheamus. Sheamus, what is your reaction to the news about Triple H?

Sheamus - Don't you mean 'Cripple' H? He got exactly what was coming to him. He stuck his nose in my business. So I stuck his leg in a chair and broke it. Now that he's out of the way, I can get the title match I deserve.

Shane McMahon walks in.

Shane McMahon - That's not going to happen, Sheamus. I said at the start of the show that I am not going to let the inmates run the asylum. I suspended Kevin Nash for putting his hands on officials and since you deliberately tried to and succeeded in injuring talent, I am suspending you as well, until after Survivor Series. You can go.

Sheamus angrily leaves.

Shane McMahon - That brings me to what we just saw in the ring. Samoa Joe tried to injure AJ Styles. I can't suspend Samoa Joe at this time but I am putting the series on hold. Match 7 will not take place until Survivor Series and both AJ and Joe will not compete until then.

Antonio Cesaro vs Curtis Axel


No Contest


This match was called off when The Wyatt Family interfered and attacked both Antonio Cesaro and Curtis Axel.


Backstage, Renee Young is standing by.

Renee Young - Please welcome the NXT Women's Champion Brie Bella! Brie, you have been NXT Women's Champion for awhile now and you seem to have challengers popping up everywhere.

? - The only rightful challenger is me.

Winner of Superstarlets Becky Lynch walks in.

Becky Lynch - I'm the number one contender for that NXT Women's Championship. And I want my shot...next week.

Brie Bella - Bring it on.

Becky Lynch - I'm going to finish what I started a couple of weeks ago and break...your...arm.

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan wins


After winning the match, Daniel Bryan was jumped by Rusev. Rusev then attempted to go after John Cena but got an Attitude Adjustment instead.

NXT ends with John Cena looking disappointed by another loss.

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Week 3 | Month 2 | Year 10

Vince McMahon names Stephanie McMahon the Commissioner of Main Event and JBL the General Manager. JBL reveals that his actions at Battleground were for money. He attacks Michael Cole and takes over as commentator.

Blake & Murphy vs The Lucha Dragons


Blake & Murphy win



Emma vs Summer Rae vs Eva Marie vs Naomi


Eva Marie wins


Rated RKO are talking in the locker room. Randy Orton thanks Edge for having his back at Battleground. They agree to continue teaming together and set their sights on the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio wins


Vince McMahon accepts Shane McMahon's Survivor Series challenge on one condition: He chooses Shane's team.

American Alpha vs The Revival


The Revival win


Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze look for Mankind backstage. They find him and attempt to convince him that Kane doesn't care about him.

Carmella vs Paige


Paige wins


Sasha Banks attacks Paige after the match, applying the Bank Statement on the Diva's Champion.

Seth Rollins is interviewed and boasts about defeating Undertaker last week. He calls himself the greatest WWE Dreams Superstar in history.

Sami Zayn vs The Miz


The Miz wins


The Miz calls out Booker T and challenges him for the Intercontinental Championship; Booker T accepts. JBL runs in and hits the Clothesline from Hell on The Miz.

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Week 4 | Month 2 | Year 10

Chris Jericho vs Albert

Chris Jericho wins

After the match, Renee Young entered the ring and asked Chris Jericho if he has chosen the match for Survivor Series yet. Y2J joked about picking matches such as a Punjabi Prison Match and Empty Arena Match before actually deciding on a Handicap Match against NXT Champion Christian AND Albert. Renee asked him why, saying he will be at a huge disadvantage, and Jericho simply smiled and left the ring. Later in the show, Christian and Albert were talking in the locker room. Christian laughed at Chris Jericho's match choice. Albert asked what will happen if he pins Jericho in the match. Christian laughs some more.

Curtis Axel confronted Antonio Cesaro backstage and said they will have their rematch one day and when they do, he will prove why he's better than perfect.

In an interview with Tom Phillips, Zack Ryder said he is disappointed with his WWE Dreams career thus far. He seemed really down until a friend named Mojo Rawley revealed he just signed an NXT contract. Mojo said that, next week, he will get Zack HYPED!

R-Truth vs Kofi Kingston

R-Truth wins

R-Truth vs Xavier Woods

R-Truth wins

R-Truth vs Big E

Big E wins

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods joined Big E in a post-match beatdown on R-Truth. Help came in the form of Enzo Amore and Big Cass. The Certified G's chased The New Day out of the ring.

In a secluded area, Stardust and Goldust were talking. Stardust said that, last week, the stars were not aligned but that it is written in them that him and The Bizarre One are destined for gold.

NXT General Manager Shane McMahon came to the ring to address Vince McMahon's counter challenge for Survivor Series. Without hesitation, Shane agreed. This means that, at Survivor Series, it will be Team Shane vs Team Vince, but Vince has the power to choose who is on his son's team. Shane switched his focus and called out The Wyatt Family. After a few moments of silence, the Wyatts answered the call. Led by Bray Wyatt, they entered the ring and surrounded the GM. Shane asked if they recall what he said last week about not letting the inmates run the asylum. He shows a replay of their destruction last week on NXT. He says that, despite what happened, he is not going to suspend them because he was personally asked not to. A cryptic video then plays. The message in the video says, "You have your family...and I have mine." The video stops and Bray Wyatt laughs. The lights turn off and on and the Wyatts are gone.

Michael Cole reveals that AJ Styles suffered minor injuries last week at the hands of Samoa Joe. In an interview via satellite with Cole, Joe asked what the minor injuries are. Stomach ache? Runny nose? He says AJ will make up any excuse to get out of their match. He says postponing the match is delaying the inevitable and, at Survivor Series, he will prove that he is better than AJ Styles.

NXT Women's Championship

Becky Lynch vs NXT Women's Champion Brie Bella

No Contest

This match was invaded by the Divas from Main Event. Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Sasha Banks caused chaos, but the question is why?

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Rusev

Rusev wins

Rusev pins John Cena and beats him again. Rusev's manager and wife Lana signals Rusev to "crush" Cena. The Bulgarian Brute locks in the Accolade submission move but Daniel Bryan makes the save. NXT ends with Rusev and Bryan staring each other down.

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Week 4 | Month 2 | Year 10

Now that there is no host for "Superstars", all announcements are fed to Michael Cole, who will then pass the messages on to the WWE Dreams Universe. The first announcement is that two more contestants will be leaving the show. Although he won his match last week and was safe from elimination, Neville is the first to go.

Backstage, Renee Young tells Baron Corbin that he is also up for elimination. She asks him what he thinks put him in this position. He blames the judges for not recognizing real talent. One of the judges, Bam Bam Bigelow, calls Corbin a punk and tells him they have a match tonight. If Baron Corbin does not win, he is eliminated.

Kevin Owens vs Apollo Crews vs Finn Balor


Kevin Owens wins


Baron Corbin vs Bam Bam Bigelow


Bam Bam Bigelow wins


With Baron Corbin eliminated, that makes three left in the competition. Michael Cole announces that those three will all be in action next week. Those matches are: Kevin Owens vs Sycho Sid, Apollo Crews vs Lex Luger, and Finn Balor vs The Ultimate Warrior.

There are only two weeks left before we find out who the next Superstar and #1 Contender to the NXT Championship is. Who do you think it will be?

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Week 4 | Month 2 | Year 10

"Main Event" begins with General Manager JBL on commentary. He announces that he has added himself to the Intercontinental Championship Match later in the show.

Carmella, Alexa Bliss, and Naomi are in the ring. Carmella explains that the Divas invaded "NXT" to prove a point. She goes on to say that she couldn't help but notice that somebody was missing during the invasion. She calls out the Diva's Champion. Without fear, Paige gets in the ring with the three women. Carmella tells her that even though she doesn't like Paige, there should be unity between them as Divas. The champ says the day that her and the other Divas unite will be the same day she loses the Diva's Championship, and that day will never come. Carmella tells Paige she needs to be taught a lesson and challenges her to a match...against Alexa Bliss. JBL calls for a referee as the match is on.

Alexa Bliss w/Carmella & Naomi vs Paige


Paige wins


The WWE Champion Vince McMahon is walking backstage with a grin on his face. He makes his way to the ring with Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. They point to JBL, who points back. Vince says he heard that Shane McMahon accepted the terms for their match at Survivor Series. He continues by saying he will be paying a visit to "NXT" to announce the members of his son's team. He tries to reveal the first member of his own team but is interrupted by


Seth Rollins.


Seth says he's flattered that Vince wants him on the team, but unfortunately, he's going to have to turn him down. Rollins reminds Vince that he still wants a shot at the WWE Championship, but if he has to wait for Shane to beat him for it first, he will. Stephanie chimes in and tells Seth he will never get a shot at the WWE Title as long as she is in charge. Vince does give Seth a match, but not against him for the title. Next week, it will be Seth Rollins vs the first member of Team Vince:


The Undertaker!

The WWE Tag Team Champions Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson are interviewed about their impressive start in WWE Dreams. Dawson says they are the greatest tag team of all time. He says they dominated The Usos and American Alpha twice and are the WWE Tag Team Champions. Dash says there isn't a team alive today that can beat them. Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze approach the champs and tell them that they just passed Blake and Murphy and heard them say they think they're better than The Revival. Dawson asks where they can find Blake and Murphy and Dolph tells him. The Revival take off as Breeziggler are smiling.

Sami Zayn vs Neville


Sami Zayn wins

Baron Corbin debuts and attacks the two Superstars, hitting the End of Days on both.

Backstage, a fight has broken out between The Revival and Blake & Murphy. JBL says he's loving this and books a match between the two teams next week.

Los Matadores vs Rated RKO


Rated RKO win


Randy Orton argues with Edge after the match because Edge nearly cost them the win when he wasn't available for a tag.


Renee Young asks Sasha Banks why she was part of the invasion on "NXT" but wasn't out with Carmella and the others earlier. Banks says the Divas followed her to "NXT", not the other way around.

Mankind is in the ring now to call out his partner Kane. Last week, Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze told Mankind that Kane doesn't care about him. Now Mankind just wants answers. Instead of Kane, however, Mankind gets


Mr. Money in the Bank Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto says that not only does Kane not care about Mankind anymore, but none of the people do either. The only thing they care about is when he's going to cash in Money in the Bank. Del Rio then hits Mankind with the briefcase and applies the armbar on him. The stage explodes and that can only mean one thing: it's gotta be Kane! The Big Red Machine charges the ring and Alberto flees. Maybe Kane does care about Mankind after all.

Intercontinental Championship

JBL vs The Miz vs Intercontinental Champion Booker T


JBL wins


WWE Champion Vince McMahon, Undertaker, Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, and General Manager and new Intercontinental Champion JBL stand side-by-side in the ring as the new Million Dollar Team just added more gold to their collection. Their party is crashed, however, by


Seth Rollins

who springboards off the top rope and crashes onto The Undertaker. JBL picks up Seth but gets kicked in the head. Vince and Stephanie leave the ring in a rage as Seth Rollins stands tall.

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