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Title Restrictions Suggestion

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18 minutes ago, Nanovirus said:

But yet someone like Slim who wasn't in the World title scene defeated a long time World Title scene runner up in Nebakos for the title. They weren't in the same division yet had the same ability. Say if Flynn wanted to go down to Europe and face Alyx if he becomes Champion, they match up good. Being champion means you got to match ability with EVERYONE on the forums because you never know what could happen. 

If the rule would've been applied 2 months ago, we'd have gotten something like Nebakos VS DocSarcastic for the NXT Title. Everything takes time to progress. Not everyone can hit the ground running.

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3 hours ago, Brian Gillman said:

Yes they can, Ropati.

well then my opioin on this has changed i'm fine with us people able to go for ic and stuff but i don't think whc people should be able to go for us and euo so heres what i propose 

nxt only nxt people allowed 

us only us people allowed here 

euro us and euro people allowed here 

ic euro ic and WHC people allowed here

WHC ic and whc people allowed here

i feel this would be fair as you can't move to far up and you have 2 divsions to chose from not inculding premium and tag so what do you think of this

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Guys how many people do you think have asked this before? There are divisions for a reason so that everyone can progress, the only reason that right now US Contenders can take on WHC contenders is because WHC is legitimately dead and Slim is the only one who tries in it, Flynn/Neb don't want to be in votings. This won't be approved sorry to say. 

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I think it should stay as it is. I think World Contenders going for IC was not a bad move at all and it still makes sense for competition wise. 

Also as for the other divisions majority of you guys can make those changes by simply posting and adding to the.forums. If you want the Euro title for example then put in work to get it.

Simply changing it so more people can get in divisions to me does not make sense. I understand that theres guys like Chris and Slim who can compete with world contenders but I feel like they should still have to put in work to get there unless they win MITB like Slim did. 

Everyone here put in great suggestions but I agree with the fact that divisions are placed for you to progress. If you dont want to work hard and contribute then you don't deserve the title period. 

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