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Papers Please. It's a strange form of puzzle game where you are a border control officer in a soviet block inspired nation. It gets some great moral quandaries in there, having to choose between following your job and the law, or overlooking that in favour of the more sympathetic option.

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ArmA 3 - A brilliant Military Simulation game (The best that I've played). Best with a group, but you can still play on public servers. Thousands of mods on the steam workshop, but a bit pricey. I have recently started playing a mod called 'Antistasi' where you run a Rebellion. I only recommend it, if you are interested in Milsims. Either way, it's a brilliant game.

    Rating - 8/10           Genre - Milsim

    Price - Expensive, but worth it.


Journey of Wrestling - A brilliant substitute for TEW. There are many scenarios from the 80's to the future.It is completely free, and worth it if you have spare time.

    Rating - 7/10           Genre - Simulation

    Price - FREE (There is also a paid version, that adds extra scenarios and more things to access)

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Assassins Creed Unity - Assassins Creed Unity, is currently my favourite instalment (That I've played) in the Assassins Creed series. It takes place during the French Revolution,  and can often represent it brilliantly. The parkour system can be a bit buggy, but when it works correctly, it works smoothly. The combat is perfectly done, as well as the stealth. It offers a variety of missions. From Side Missions, Main Missions, and Crowd Events. Definitely worth a try, while it's free.

    Rating - 8/10           Genre - Action, Stealth, & Adventure

    Price - Free until the 25th. Otherwise, it would be about £20 - £30


Star Trek Online - Star Trek Online, is one of my favourite games right now. It's the perfect simulation of the Star Trek world. (At the moment) You can play as six factions/groups. 'The Klingons', 'Starfleet', 'Discovery Starfleet', 'TOS Starfleet', 'Romulans' and 'The Dominion'. All have their specific traits, that are obvious for anyone that has watched the TV Shows and/or Movies. Because it's free, it's definitely worth a try, even if you know nothing about Star Trek.

    Rating - 7/10           Genre - MMO, & RPG

    Price - Free (With a paid version, that adds extra goodies)


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7 hours ago, BobdaBomb said:

If you're looking to old school and own a game cube for some reason. I highly recommended Pokemon: Gale of Darkness. Had a great story line and the 3D graphics really made it stand out compared to other Pokemon games. 

What other game allows you to witness a Pokemon stealing a cruise ship? Grand Theft Hoeen. Nothing i love more than to be able to play a Pokemon game where i can see the true size of the Pokemon in battle rather than the shrunk down sprites, got some fond memories of this game from when visiting family. When i picked up Pokémon Battle Revolution for Wii i was expecting a game similar to Gale of Darkness but...it was a definite step down. Have you ever played that one? 

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Life is Strange 1 just playing this game last summer or so and it was amazing I love the story and it’s a nice cheap game and you can defiantly get into the story with the characters. 

Days Gone: don’t understand the shit reviews for this game. Been playing it and I have no problems with it. The Story is pretty interesting and most of the time the gameplay is smooth. 

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