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Let's Talk Thursdays Podcast Questions

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Leave your questions for future Lets Talk Tuesdays episodes. The best questions will be featured on the video and you'll get a little shout out in the process.




I’m always on the lookout on different ways to better my product and make my videos more entertaining and enjoyable for the viewers. With this in mind, I’ve decided to branch out and make the Lets Talk Tuesday podcast even more interactive by introducing the ability to send in voice mail questions to the show! You can send in your voicemail questions to be played on the show! Have your voice heard on the show and have your say!


To do this, go to any page on the BrendenPlayz website and on the right hand side of the page will be a an orange button, click on the button. Allow your microphone to be used by the application and record your question! You can then play it back and if you’re happy with it, you can send it through.




Questions can only be a maximum of 90 seconds in length, please keep your questions short, precise and to the point.


I hope you guys enjoy the new option and I encourage you all to use it in future episodes.


Go to http://www.brendenplayz.com to submit your voicemail today!

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What are your predictions for Payback (matches & results) and who do you think will be the winners of EC PPV in your Universe Mode



What are you most looking forward to at payback



What would be let's say your dream matches something that never happened but you would like to happen for example Bret Hart vs CM Punk 



Who do you think has the greatest spea in history...Goldberg Edge or Roman Reigns?



Which superstar do you think really needs to perform well at Payback in order to 'prove' themselves?


Answered these and more in this weeks video.


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Do you think that AJ losing the title is going to cause the Divas division to go down and becoming less important again?



What is to come on the Brenden playz account for YouTube



What would you think about a member of the shield or from evolution betraying their stable and going to the other side? Do you think it could happen and if you do who do you think is the most probable to do it?


Answered in this weeks video. Keep the questions coming guys.


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