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Let's Talk Thursdays Podcast Questions

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If you could have one tag team from the indies debut on WWE who would it be? And who would you have return from the past.

Carlito, Shelton, or Chris Masters. Who do you want to see most?

Out of the 2010-2017 years what was your favorite Wrestlemania?

Favorite Royal Rumble?

RAWS Tag Team divison or SDs?

RAWS women or SDs?

Do you like Nia Jax?

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How do you think Samoa Joe will fair compared to previous Lesnar opponents? Will it be an overrated squash or more of an even, paced out afair, something we haven't seen from Lesnar since his Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker. 

Who would you have won the Women's Money in the Bank briefcase and how long would you wait before you would have her cash in? 

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Wow questions stopped lol.

So for this Ima give u some choices

RVD return or Shelton return? Which one would you rather see?

Speaking of Shelton return, do you see him doing anything big (IC/US title?)

Right now who do you think will win the RR(Cena imo)

(Might of been asked this) If you had to do something other then gaming or wrestling on Youtube what would you do?

Best promotion besides WWE?

Whats wrestling in Aussie like?

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What's your thoughts on Joe Weller vs KSI?

Do you think WWE will ever release Dolph Ziggler?

What's your favorite Open World Game atm?

On a scale of 1/10 how much do you rate Cena/Reigns

Do you think SiN CitY smackdown has been better than anyother smackdown there ever was?

What's your city?

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Will you be using RVD and Batista in UM? Batista to return in RR? I think so.

What will be the first PPV on 2k18

For the superstars that were in 2k17 but not in 2k18, what will you do?

Do you like the idea of the Shield Reunion?

Has Jinder Mahal grown on you?

Enzo Amore. Good Or Bad?

Is the CW Divison over? Do you think they should create a nexus type group of CWs? (I don't)


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  • Who is your least favorite superstars currently?
  • What superstars model looks the best in WWE 2k18?
  • Who looks the worst?
  • Have you ever thought of bringing back your GM mode for NBA 2k18?
  • In your opinion, should the UK guys go to the CW divison?
  • If you could choose, would you rather have Undertaker, Triple H, or Shawn Michels still wrestling full time(Say they are all healthy)
  • Aj Styles or Shawn Michels, who is better.

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Guest Smith

What's your opinion on Stephanie announcing the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match? Who do you expect to make a special appearance in the match and who do you expect to win it?

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