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Your Top 5 Moments of your Kayfabe Career

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This is a quick question but what was your top 5 moments of your characters Kayfabe Career. Here's mine.

5. I am Evolve


The day I became an Evolve Superstar I'd fought for months to get onto Carnage or at least a brand, and eventually decided, in a great moment, to choose Evolve

4. Free Agent Corner Episode 4 http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14280-free-agent-corner/&page=1 

This is the most rep I ever got on a post with 8 and one of my favourite posts to make. It was one of the posts that got me the NXT Championship

3. Trash City http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14617-trash-city/

This is the best promo I ever did. The promo that probably won be the NXT Title.

2. Undeserving http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15094-undeserving/

This is one of the best promoes I ever did. This was the promo that made my name relevant. I got into a confrontation with the main eventers of BPZ Mania Slim and Flynn. A great moment for Joshua Scott

1. NXT Championship win http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14680-bpz-survivor-series-nxt-championship-voting/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14706-kings-of-wrestling/

This is the underdog story of the year. Me winning the title, 1 month prior, should never have happened. But the fight I put up was so good I loved the journey of -1-81 and doing Free Agent Corner. And it was also the allegiance of me and Rop

Sorry I didn't include winning the Tag Titles on there but I only just won it. Thanks for reading, and please add your own

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5. Becoming Nanovirus

Becoming Nanovirus brought out the absolute greatest kayfabe of my life. Cutting 5-10 rep promos, building a good feud with Razor, and becoming a serious threat to everything I set to.

4. Winning the NXT Champion

Being the first NXT Champion? What couldn't be better?

3. Vsing Flynn

A feud still talked about to this day because of how important we made every division on top in my opinion. 

2. Brad Blood 2015

My greatest month as a challenger ever. Gained soo much rep and everything. I was untouchable that month. And winning the Intercontinental Championship made it much more awesome. 

1. Being The US Champion

Before me people said that we had decent US Champions. But when I became Champion, I was being called the greatest US Champion since Joh. That was a huge honor for me and it for me was to make the championship prestigious, so I did open challenges everyday for everyone to accept. People from Suby to Ferb to Zombie to Flynn etc accepted. I felt like doing that and making everything about the US Championship made it one of the best titles at the time. 

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Number 5. My debut. When I came to BPZ it was as Jason Black and then started the Illuminati Effect.

Number 4. The debut of Chris White really jump started my time here. I went from JB to CW seamlessly. 

Number 3. Winning the U.S title at Backlash defeating the likes of Nate and Kieron Black.

Number 2. Breaking the record and becoming the longest Reigning United States Championship, breaking Necce record and then going on to feud with him.

Number 1. After months of chasing I finally regained my United States Championship from Alyx Wilde at No Rules, making sure he wouldn't break my record.

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5. Becoming the Greatest Man that ever lived 

This has by far been my most successful gimmick on the forums and ever since i began using it i've really enjoyed the promos i've written and believe its some of my best kayfabe work 

4. Being the First Ever United States Champion

Although the title was more like the NXT title when i first joined being crowned the first ever US champion was great and I wish i had done more with it 

3. My Feud with Prince

This is by far my favourite feud that i've done solo besides a certain feud that i'll get to soon, some of my best promo work came from this feud and the Tweener VS Tweener element was really fun with the feud between two characters that are so similar but it was one of my favourite feuds of all time

2. Ending the Streak 

Beating Sameer was one of my crowning achievements and allowed me to win my third championship, Although i didn't hold it for long i did in fact end the longest reign in Premium Championship History 

1. Winning the Tag Team Championships with Ryan 

This moment tops everything i've done on this list for one reason and one reason only: how damn close it was between Tea V Stars and the EOG both teams worked our asses off and while we didn't ever actually promo against each other it is one of my favourite moments in kayfabe and i will always cherish that because of the people involved and how much work went into winning that.

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5. Winning the Tag Team titles with Sandman 

It didn't really last long but it gave sandman his first title reign and gave me my first tag team championship reign 

4. Winning "The Champ is here slammy" 

I was so happy that day because I knew that day that all my hard work on the forums paid off and I was one of the best champions beating Bailey in that poll :)

3. Winning the IC title 

Again I didn't really hold it for very along but I was very happy :D 

2. My Second Premiuim title reign 

3 months as champ beating Brad,Blade,Bizzy,Suby,Joh,Smith,FD. 

1. My First Premiuim title reign 

6 months! I think when You know you have been champ for 6 months you are doing something right Breaking Heel's record as longest champion ever. Beating the likes Apex,Suby,Shadow,Ryan,Evolution and Heel himself and when I was buried by Heel guess what I still retained :cena2  I know slim is most likely gonna beat my record and if he does I want to say congrats to him 

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5. First Intercontinental Championship win. I was young and naive, i just debuted 2-3 months prior to that and i knew all i want was that title because i love the title so very much. And i defeated Joh for it and it was a really glorious moment, until i dropped it to WWE234. It was embarassing back then, but now i just smile when remembering it. Wwe did a good job back then and he beat me fair and square. It just shows that i cannot be satisfied with my position at the top and i just gotta stay hungry all the time.

4. The Ryan gimmick. Oh boy, did i had fun with it. It was probably one of my best ever gimmick. I had a pretty good run with it, feuding with the likes of Tamer and cutting a few great promos. And i debuted The Blurry Lines which went on to start a trend of Kayfabe Shows.

3. Winning the World Heavyweight Title for the first time gave me the feeling that i finally did something huge. I defeated Bashka for that, a very good friend of mine and proceeded to defend my championship for a while until i dropped it to Flynn. Dropping it to Flynn was really an act that i had planned originally as i know that he can do wonders with it even more than i could, and he did. A proud moment of my career seeing an upcoming star become Thee star back then.

2. Being in the Shield really. It was the best stable ever imo. When we came up with the idea, i got very ecstatic and we had a good run. People still talk about us, and we were just dominant there. Good old times.

1. This would be becoming a Triple Champion in my time with The Shield. It didn't last long, but it was certainly the moment where i was at the top of my game and just exceeding expectations.

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5- Getting drafted to Carnage. So chris was like a mentor to me. I was skeptical at first but then the system happened and the push of a lifetime.

4- Getting drafted to Evolve. Slim took me under his wing majorly

3- Getting into the Final 6 of the rumble. Within 5 months.

2- Feuding with Joshua Scott. It was amazing and we changed and lit up the NXT division 

1- Winning the NXT Title after two months of trying.

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6 hours ago, Devlin Rhodes said:

1. This would be becoming a Triple Champion in my time with The Shield. It didn't last long, but it was certainly the moment where i was at the top of my game and just exceeding expectations.

Very unfortunate that you were never Triple Champion, as you lost Tag the same voting you won Premium and IC. Unless you mean winning 3 titles separate, you never became Triple Champion. :bnb1

5): Becoming a 2x European Champion
This was actually a big deal to me despite it not meaning a lot, It was the first time it happened in the division, and ONLY time it will happen as now Euro is retired. Beating Hollow for it a second time and shutting him up again was just the cherry on top.

4): Winning IC, defeating Bailey 1-on-1 at Danger Zone
This was the biggest win of my career at the time, honestly. Beating a white-hot Ryan Reeves and the returning Bailey14 was cool as fuck and writing the match was also awesome. Danger Zone was also a big part as I didn't just defeat Bailey, I dominated him 18-6, concussing him and scaring him away from IC.

3): My feud with Necce
This moment wasn't in "The Summer Of Slim" but it was very fun despite jobbing out twice, me and Necce had a feud that brought up me ending his US Record Setting Reign, the failure of Legacy and everything you can think of. Fun fact, he cut my head with a blade before hanging me upside down from a ceiling. Yeah, fun times.

2): "The King" Gimmick
This is something that is still going on as ever since I became "The Perfect Ten", I gave myself the monkier "The King", and it has EVOLVED through the times. First the King Of The Midcard, The Era Of The King, and now just The King. It's a cool nickname that serves its purpose and gives me my $$$.

1): Retaining IC, Tag, winning MITB, and then World all in one night
Okay, if you said on September 20th, 2015 that one year later I would win the World Title I would have said you're crazy because there was no way I was becoming WHC. Sure enough, the stars aligned and I got 3k posts, allowing me to compete in MITB and I ended up winning. Earlier I had defeated Ark & Keirso for Tag and Brad for IC, so becoming Mr. MITB than winning WHC from NEBAKOS7 was awesome. All in all, that was the start of the era of The King and now being able to say I am the longest WHC, -25 neg for Bullet Club was worth it. 

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14 hours ago, Slim said:

1): Retaining IC, Tag, winning MITB, and then World all in one night
Okay, if you said on September 20th, 2015 that one year later I would win the World Title I would have said you're crazy because there was no way I was becoming WHC. Sure enough, the stars aligned and I got 3k posts, allowing me to compete in MITB and I ended up winning. Earlier I had defeated Ark & Keirso for Tag and Brad for IC, so becoming Mr. MITB than winning WHC from NEBAKOS7 was awesome. All in all, that was the start of the era of The King and now being able to say I am the longest WHC, -25 neg for Bullet Club was worth it. 

Brad Blood ended and so began Slim Blood. The Summer of Slim works better

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5. Doing The Fish Man Gimmick

As short lived as it was, I did enjoy doing the Fish Man gimmick. I had been inactive from Kayfabe for about a week or two, and I wanted to return with a new gimmick. I posted a status update telling people to put gimmick ideas as replies, and I'd put them all into a random name chooser. Well, Nate put in the idea of a fish gimmick, and that happened to be the one that came up. So then I did my first promo as a fish, and I got a bunch of rep for it. Of course, after my match with Ross I trashed it, because I feel that if I had stuck with that gimmick for too long it would've became stale and overused.

4. Beating Ryan, FDS, and Chris White in a 6-Man Tag Match

Ok, so this was during the Supremacy days, which I'll get to later. Me, Alyx and Slim were feuding with Ryan and FD. They were supposed to find a mystery partner, and it ended up being Chris. We fought them at some Takeover event, I don't remember which one, and we won. Granted, I did have Slim and Alyx on my side, it was still a huge victory for me.

3. Winning The Tag Championships With Alyx Wilde

The only reason this isn't higher on the list is because I had to take a break from the forums and we had to vacate the titles before we got to defend them. Anyways, at Survivor Series, me and Alyx were challenging for the Tag Team Championships. The titles were vacant at the time, and we didn't really have any competition, so we won them with ease.

2. Joining The Top Guys/The Supremacy

At Halloween Havoc, the same night I won the NXT Championship, Slim came to me with an idea. He wanted to form a stable with me and Alyx. He told me that it's purpose was to be like Legacy, but better. So we did, and Alyx turned heel on Ark, and then we both helped Slim retain the World Title. I have to say that my days during the Supremacy and Top Guys were probably the most fun days I've had on these forums and it's probably the biggest highlight of my career.

1. Winning The NXT Championship

Ok, so at the time Doc Sarcastic was the NXT Champion of all people, and I decided that after beating Gill it was time for me to challenge for a title. So I went after the NXT Championship. Not like I had much of a choice. So yeah, I won that pretty easily, and that started a one month long golden era for me.

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Image result for seth rollins wwe world champion
#5 - Two time European Champion
This was a big moment for me as it seemed like my little push was over but instead I think I created the best Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim. stories as I eventually got my title back at Judgement Day, it was amazing and it was definitely my highlight before the Summer of Slim began. Shoutout to Hollow for becoming one of my greatest rivals.

Related image
#4 - Beating Bailey at Power Trip: Danger Zone
At the time, this was the biggest win of my career as I was unproven and had just become the Intercontinental Champion, and now I had the biggest task of my career - Bailey at Power Trip: Danger Zone. To be honest with you guys, I was actually scared but I didn't wanna be a bad champion so I went to Flynn and asked for the match. I won 18-6. :)

Image result for cesaro and tyson kidd tag team titles
 #3 - Becoming the longest reigning Tag Team Champions with Tamer
Me and Tamer destroyed The Shield, as we took their Intercontinental, Premium, and Tag Team Championship. In the process of becoming Tag Team Champions (something we didn't expect at all by the way), we slowly began to build reputation as a good tag team, even beating Flynn & Bailey at SummerSlam (also another huge moment in my career). Anyways I really enjoyed this run, as we didn't really have to promo and I thought it was cool how we just came together to win matches.

Image result for dean ambrose wwe champion
#2 - Bad Blood 2016
This was undoubtedly the second best night of my career. Winning MITB, retaining Tag and IC before finally cashing in MITB to win the big one and become the World Champion. The ending was also amazing as it set up some amazing plot stories for the rest of the year. Finally winning the World Title was such an accomplishment for me as it really marked the beginning of my main event run, and it was also cool to win the NXT Title one year before.

Image result for roman reigns wwe champion wrestlemania
#1 - BPZMania 2 Main Event win
This has to be the crown jewel of all my accomplishments in BPZ here. I don't ever think we'll see someone overcome a 10 vote advantage again, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole voting, so many twists and turns throughout and then when it finally finished I went on PS4 and chilled out, still having a rush from this voting. Defo the most intense voting and breath-taking one I've been in.


Honorable Mentions: Creating Top Guys, feud with Sameer, Tye Dillinger gimmick.

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5. My European Championship Reign: 

The three months I was European champion were possibly the most important and crucial months for me as a champion here on the forums. Mostly because at the time, it was rare that anyone ever held a championship past a month, let alone get in a single defense however I would go on to defend the title twice a month every month until being basically forced to vacate it, following winning the Intercontinental Championship. However I began a titles lineage and set a standard for being a "fighting" midcard champion. 


4. Winning my first World Championship 

At December yo Dismember 2015 I won my first world championship in what I would describe as the first true "crowning moment" of my career. It was a pretty surreal moment however ranks fairly low as it was a bit predictable and not as exciting I guess as you'd imagine a world title win would be. However under the King character I brought something new to the main event scene that had yet to be seen yet. 


3. Winning the 2017 Royal Rumble  

I feel like this has to be one of, if not the biggest victory in my kayfabe run. I mean, in terms of kayfabe, there's only one other man that can say they overcame twenty-nine other men to win the Royal Rumble and I feel like that alone puts you in an elite status that no one else finds themselves in. 


2. Turning on Evolution 

Possibly the biggest heel turn still in kayfabe history, it truly came out of nowhere and, quoting Ginge himself here, "turned the kayfabe world upside down." Nothing was more opertune yet shocking, and nothing like it had been done before. I feel what makes it rank so high is how Evolution was truly unstoppable at the time and had just come off a victory at the first ever survivor Series in the first ever survivor Series match. It would go on to be replicated many times in kayfabe however, nothing has really come close yet. 


1. Running the Yard as World Champion in the Shield 

When myself and Ryan decided to form a tag team, we had no idea how far we would take the team and the actual heights we would reach. However after adding Chris White into the mix, and attacking people such as Bashka, Tamer and Jonathan who are each the Intercontinental, Premium and World Champion, we showed we were ready to take over. We'd go on to capture those titles and I'll admit, my second world title victory felt much more sweeter than my first, having to overcome long time rival Brad in the end only made it feel bigger. When the Shield was on top, it still remains as my all time favorite time here on the forums and I don't think anyone can deny our domination over BPZ during the summer of 2016.


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5. Debuting Against FD

My first Kayfabe opponent was FD, he came up to me and asked me if I wanted to promo battle him even though I'd never even written a promo before. My first promo was titled "Old Yeller" in which I said I was going to shoot his career in the head. He is now a Junior moderator and I am some weirdo who lives in the boiler room of BPZ, I think we can all see who turned out the winner in the long run. Obviously me. 


4. United States Champion 

I think a lot of my US Title run was still me trying to find my character in kayfabe, and I didn't come up with my Raven gimmick until like the middle of it, but I'd still say it was a highlight of my career. Kayfabe was kinda changing at the time aswell, as it was kinda transitioning from just being a place to talk smack and hopefully win titles with, to being able to have actual characters and tell really good stories. 


3. Jervis Cottonbelly

I didn't do this character for long but I had a lot of fun with it. I debuted it because I just wanted to have a bit of a laugh, but then I eventually just went back to the darker stuff and left the character behind. I debuted the character, beat @Broken Nate within an inch of his life on the pre show of the first ever BPZ Mania, won the premium championship the same night, and killed it off the next night. 


2. My Whole Raven Gimmick

like I said earlier, I debuted my Raven gimmick in the middle of my US Title run, I was watching some of his promos online, and I thought that I could pull off more complex and darker promos like he does. So my very first promo with the new character, I ripped off an entire piece of a promo of his. Ya know what they say, "Great artist borrow, the best artists steal." Quote The Necce, Nevermore


Honerable Mentions

My Feud With Slim

Dance Contests With Nebakos

Fuck You @Nebakos7, I deserved to win that dammit! I HAVE MOVEZ 4 DAYZ


1. My Feud With Tim

Id definitely say that my best writing came from this feud. Everything from Broken to Home, to the Boiler Room Brawl. All of my favorite promos and moments come from this feud. 

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