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Angelo Caito

Dream Kayfabe Feuds

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What's up bloods? I came up with this idea in the chat and was given the OK by Alyx, so here's my top ten Dream Feuds with members on Evolved.

10. BiG

9. Summer

8. Ross

7. Slim

6. Nate

5. Sameer

4. Yelich 

3. Smith

2. Wilde Club together 

And number one with a reasoning:

1. Alyx Wilde himself. Why wouldn't he be at number one? He's a master of Kayfabe. He cut what is considered and I strongly agree with the greatest promo in the forums history. He has proven he can cut the feud of  century with anyone and that's who I want to fight and make history with.

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Yo love this idea

1. @Chris White - 100% my #1 man to feud with. I have been not only mentored by this guy but it would be sick as well. Just he is such a great member of the forums. 

2. @Natedog - I'm sort of feuding with him right now, but its more of Me vs Smith at this point, I'd prefer a 1 v 1 feud with the Emperor

3. @Alyx Wilde - He's the boss, no literally, hes my leader. He's the king of kayfabe and would be amazing to promo against. Also considering, I've promoed with him it would be great.

4. @Ross - Mate, if I could feud with Ross, I'd be ecstatic. He is one of the 5 most hard-working guys on the forums. 

5. @Smith - I knew we are feuding right now so it isn't much of a dream but still damn

6. @Angelo Catio - Honestly something has been nagging me in the back of my mind for so long now. I never got to see the end of System for good. Now that Brad is on Evolve, I think the time may be coming soon

BUT MOST OF ALL: THE TOP GUYS FATAL FOUR WAY: Slim vs Nate vs Alyx vs Summer. Words can't explain how hyped I would be for this. Mostly because I sat on the sidelines and watched as the plan to destroy the Top Guys was played out. I really had no monumental part. BUT, I think a fatal four way that includes me would be honestly sick.

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5. @BrendenPlayz Nothing to say here besides I want to feud with him

4. @Slim Me and Slim have never properly feuded, and I really want to, because he has not beaten me 

3. @Chris White I loved feuding with this man, and would love to do it again

2. @Tamer We have so much chemistry, so a feud would be great

and last but DEFINITELY not least....

1. @Alyx Wilde It has been amazing seeing him evolve in kayfabe, and I'd love to put him to the test

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Who would I like to feud with
@Ross, the whole British Strong Style thing was great and Ross is one of the best members on these forums right now. Hopefully, our Fully Loaded match will fulfil potential
@SummerGamz and/or @Aidanator. The feud with Summer was great, and a great part was the NXT Three 2.0. Us 3 were a massive feud at Survivor Series, and I love for us to finally face off
@Slim or a member of TTG because I had no interest with facing Slim or joining The Top Guys did I.
@Ropati because of the KOW thing

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I have worked with a many great people whIle here, but there are a handful I haven't worked one on one with and therefore would be my dream kayfabe feuds.

1. @Slim is obviously number 1. When I came in and KOTR was about to happen only 2 names were thought to win, myself and Slim. We were told that we were the future of BPZ. Since then Slim obviously became World Champ and I, well I haven't recovered from KOTR. Slim and I is the hottest feud to have never happened and I for one can't wait until the day it's booked.

2. @King Flynn is next on my list as they any you have to beat him if you want to measure up as one of the greats. Well I haven't had the chance yet and when the time comes I am sure my stock will rise and my hand will be raised in victory.

3. @bailey14 and I were supposed to have our mania match this year and plans changed. Well I still want that match because he is another big name that I want to cross off my list as I reach for the top of the glass ceiling and crash it down upon those who wait below me

There are my top 3, sure there are others but those three are the men who if I feud with and beat I can truly say that I am one of the greatest members on brendenplayz.com/forums.

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Taking this one step further and saying the gimmick I'd like to be, and the gimmick I'd want them to be:

Alyx Wilde (Finn Balor) vs Slim (AJ Styles): This match really does write itself, protege vs mentor, I don't think there would be a true face in this as we both have sinned in kayfabe, but I think it'd be a great match and one of the best kayfabe matches of all time.

Chris White (Kurt Angle) vs Slim (Tye Dillinger): The Perfect Ten vs The American Hero, what a match that would be. The Perfect Ten gimmick was the hottest of it's time, much like the American Hero gimmick was. It'd be cool to see them clash.

Smith (Daniel Bryan) vs Slim (AJ Styles): The Captain vs The King, the people's champion vs the ruler of the people, this match looks like it'd be amazing on paper and considering Smith is one of the best in kayfabe, that'd enhance it even more.

Flynn (Kevin Owens) vs Slim (Roman Reigns): The clash of two badasses and top guys of their times, Badass Flynn vs Badass Slim is a cool match up that would produce great results as we had a similar style when writing with our badass gimmicks.

Slim (Tye Dillinger) vs Natedog (HBK): The 2016 KOTR Tournament still haunts me to this very day, as I remind myself that I lost to Nate, and I very much wanna face him again and beat him legit.

If I didn't list you, it means you could be on, but these were my top 5.

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@Alyx Wilde- Me and Alyx have been planning shit ever since he left Nexus. I want to see it come true

@Gill- Same as above, we've been planning for awhile

@Slim- The one thats really happening!

And for my last one Johnny Mundo BIC vs now Nate. Me and Nate have a storied past where he uuuh kicks my ass and I want to get revenge

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@Angelo Catio We have a lot of history and I think a feud between the 2 of us could be explosive 

@Smith Never had the honor of promo batteling with Smith and it would honestly be a pleasure

@Sameer We have both improved so much and I honestly want to see who would come out on top 

@Alyx Wilde Alyx is one of the best who wouldn't want to promo battle against him?

@Jason Black Mentor vs. Student I feel me and Tim could work Magic done right 

HM: @Slim @King Flynn @Nebakos7 @BiC

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@Bash Plenty, plenty, plenty of history to play with. It would be a disappointment not to do something with the kayfabe heat between the two of us.

@Tamer The man who's career I feel correlates with mine the best and the man who I believe is the best promo writer to ever be a part of BPZ Kayfabe.

@Joh Having joined at the same time as Joh and watched him strive early in his career was amazing. After he began to slow down, I gained momentum and I feel as though that caused us to miss any chance at feuding. A long time friend that I'd love to kayfabe with if he was ever to return.

@Kersey Similar to Tamer really. After feuding over the IC title in a three-way chase with both Tamer and Kersey, I feel as though I never got to feud with either of them properly but only got slight teasers.

@SummerGamz My favorite new(er) guy when it comes to kayfabe. I think he and his promos are very underrated.


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@Smith I don't think I've ever had a chance to really interact with Smith in kayfabe and honestly it's a bit of a shame. One of the best and upon his return only proves to be even better than he ever was before. 

@Jason Black We've worked together in kayfabe a ton however have never found ourselves on apposing ends of the spectrum, whether it be as partners in The Kings Court, or Brothers in the Shield or even the current standing we have in the Foundation, we always end up as allies rather enemies. I think with all of this history, we could really put together something special. 

@Necce Another guy I never had the chance to have any type of feud against however as most people know myself and Necce have always been pretty close and I believe if we ever were to do anything against one another it be incredible. 

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@Smith When plans were set up for Pride, it was originally me DMing him about a feud we could do but instead Pride came into play. I think that me and Smith mesh well and I think that it will be the same result in Kayfabe, think we could produce something really well.

@Tamer Me and Tamer had a thing set up back in Dec where TTG would "turn on me", and instead he was too busy. But it'd be good to see KAP face off as I think I could maybe give Tamer a run for his money.

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Related image

@bailey14 vs BiC

With my original character, BiC vs Bailey has been building for ages. Bailey is fun to work with and is ofc the GM. So it would be fun to fight him in a feud.

Image result for Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate

@Prince vs Kyle Reeves

Prince is good at kayfabe, and I have been wanting to feud with him for awhile and our current characters would mix so well(I have no idea why)


@Slim vs Kyle Reeves

@Smith vs Kyle Reeves

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@Tamer There’s so much to work with if I feuded with Tamer, the fact that we entered the company on the same day, that we were tag team partners, we just have so much history together that I think things would only go great if we did have a match. We were supposed to have a match towards the end of 2016 and that was going amazingly, it never ended up happening but I’d still love it.

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