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Dream Kayfabe Feuds

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@Kyle Reeves Same reasons that he put above, also the fact that we will struggle to keep the same character throughout the whole feud lol.

@George AK Feel as though we mesh well together and thus it would make for an entertaining feud.

@Necce Always been a big fan of Neece's Kayfabe work, while chances are I would get destroyed it would be awesome to build up a story with him.

@CobheadJake Not active in Kayfabe to the moment but if he does return it would be great if we feuded with how long we have known each other.

@Nate Long Feel as though revenge his neccesary against this guy, Nate and I also seem to have good chemistry so the promos will be great.

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On ‎6‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 2:12 PM, Flynn said:


@Necce Another guy I never had the chance to have any type of feud against however as most people know myself and Necce have always been pretty close and I believe if we ever were to do anything against one another it be incredible. 

Look at us now bitch. 

I don't really have any "dream kayfabe feuds," but for some reason, people from 2015 always want to feud with me whereas newer dudes have no idea who I am. I'm both popular and irrelevant at the same time. But here are some dudes I wouldn't mind going 1 on 1 with. Not gonna give explanations, just dream about what those promos would be like. 

@Tamer @Smith @Alyx Wilde @Nebakos7 @Bashka

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Echo Wilson vs @Slim - I think it sorta makes sense, he took me out in kayfabe, so I want revenge, i'd be down for whenever and whatever. Plus, it was sorta thanks to Slim that I got a bigger push at the start of my career.

Echo Wilson vs @bailey14 - I could see why this would go down. Nasty GM vs the Hero of the brand. It would be a cool storyline for down the road. 

Echo Wilson vs @Brad - This is twice now that me and Brad have tagged. Both times, we went our separate ways without fighting, and both times, we failed to have a match at the end of it. AK-17 was a fun team, it had more success than the System, so i'd like to see a match go down. 

Echo Wilson vs @Bart - Oh man, I only included this cause Bart's a super chill guy. His promo ability is seriously underrated and I'd love to see what result would come of just a one on one feud. He beat me Tag team wise, but that was cause George was slacking. Let's cut off both of our dead meat and do this right. 

Echo Wilson vs @FDS - I'd really enjoy this. I mean I could already see myself having so much fun in this feud. I think it would be a cool dynamic as well, with some serious mind games and dark promos, I think it would have to show off a different side of Echo as a character. 

Echo Wilson vs Any of the Commonwealth - I think this just makes sense for a feud. With Echo i'm always trying to capture the underdog essence, and I think there's not better way to do that then by having a 3 on 1 sorta story. I could see my opponent being either George or Yelich. George cause of his recent turn on me, or Yelich because of our history, I mean the whole reason Echo got over was because of me and Peter's feud. 

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