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Dream Kayfabe Feuds

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@Necce- Just an amazing kayfaber that I would love to work with.A reason for that is that Necce's kayfabe feuds tend to go a bit further in terms of story than most kayfabe feuds which makes them very intriguing to read. We have never crossed paths kayfabe wise, which is remarkable as we have been in stables that had feuds (Ruin vs Kingdom, Golden Legacy vs Kingdom) but somehow we haven't interacted in kayfabe yet, which makes this only more interesting. This is a match that both of us have wanted to do for a while now so hopefully we will get the chance to at some point. I think that we could make something great out of it. 


Then all 3 of my current stable mates, so hopefully this won't happen too soon: 

@Echo Wilson- I have wanted to work with Echo even while he was still a babyface and I have always thought that it would work well, and the story has become even stronger over the last few months with us teaming. There are plenty of possible set-ups for this, but no of which one happens to be the one, this should be great. 

@Julius01- This is a very interesting dynamic as imo this is the one relationship within the Kingdom that's very unclear and has never adressed. We all know how I think about Echo and Slim and how Julius thinks about them, but we don't know how Julius and I look at one another. Just like Echo's, this could be set up in many ways and would be great in basically any way, it should be fun to do too. 

@KING- Damn, when I start thinking about this, I realise how great this would be. There is so much backstory to it, we have basically been feuding since my early days on Kayfabe with the brand and then we teamed up. We could go different ways with this, but I think that the backstory to it makes for an increadible feud no matter how we set it up. 

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@Necce- Anything with Necce is Gold Kayfabe Wise and I hope with this new feud between the Golden Legacy and the Kingdom can lead to a potential 1v1 feud down the line 

@Bart- As Bart said earlier, our relationship hasn't been addressed as much as the relationship between myself and Slim as well as Echo and Myself, I think that we both had similar starts to our careers down in NXT and then US dominating both divisions and I am pretty sure we could have one hell of a feud 

@Echo Wilson- Again another feud that I would love to do down the line, as I believe it works well in any dynamic whether he is the face or I am the face it is something I would like to go through during my time on the forums

@Smith- One of the greats on the forums, and I would love to see how I match up against him

@Flynn- You already know the build this has had and I would love to see what we could do one v one just because of the history we have together 



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@FDS Everytime I'm booked against him I'm not active, so I'd love to have an actual feud with him. I've always been a big fan of his promo's, if or when he comes back, I'd love to have a kayfabe match with him.

@Necce Necce has great promo's, and a lot of my characters are very similar to his dark characters (same with FD). I feel like if we ever faced each other, I'd lose, but it'd be super fun to write and read.

@Bart Bart is one of the best if not the best kayfaber on the forums right now, and I think if I ever feuded with him I would have just a great time writing, and it'd really get me into my promo's and get me really interested with the forums. Because when you face someone that's that good, you have a great time writing, and it gets you reinvigorated in what you're doing.

Right now my favorite feuds I've ever done have been against Echo/Summer, Julius, and Nate. All three are amazing at promo writing and they know how to tell a compelling story. All three people I've mentioned, I know can do that wonderully. So if ever given the opportunity, I would love to feud with all three.

Also the Nexus Fatal Four Way... I'm not giving up on it.

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All of My Stable mates: @Julius01 @Bart : I think the story is there obviously. All of us  I think are some of the top guys on the forums and have been so for the last few months. Seriously hard workers. I hope we dont have this doesnt come soon because id like so peaceful unity between the three of us.

@FDS: I still think he has one of the most interesting characters out there on the forums and if he gets back to it, I'd love to have a battle in promos.

@Prince: Look man, i'm tired of all these empty threats. If Prince wants to beat me, than he's gotta return to kayfabe and call me out. I'll even put my Universal Title on the line. 

@Sameer: The man is a genius. He knows how to manipulate people and I feel like our match would be a true battle of wits. This needs to happen down the line so I can show who the true BEAST is. 


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@Bart One of the best on the forums right now, he is an incredibly hard worker who can bring the best out of anyone. 

@Julius01. We have had 2 matches but the first one we had nothing and the second we had a week. Would love to work with him more

@Necce is the best. No doubt. He can bring the best out of the anyone and would love to work with him

@Yelich The second best and I think it would be a lot of fun to work with him

@George AK return 

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@Necce - Surprised this has never happened before but it needs to happen

@Julius01 @Bart - When the day comes, Kingdom will enter a civil war and I can't wait for that. 

@JoshsNow - So when are we reigniting this feud? The rivalry between my characters and Josh is well storied and needs to be reinstated in people's minds.

@Ropati - I could beat Ropati.  It's a story worth finishing. 


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Oh now this is gonna be fun for me and I hope I get to do some the feuds at some point so let’s get into it shall we 

1. Julius, enough said..... ok but seriously he’s definitely one of the best guys in the kayfabe possibly ever in the kayfabe and he’s been extremely helpful to not just me but many new comers as well both on kayfabe and just in general over on the discord. 

2. Josh, who better than my current mentor and a good friend of mine Josh is very experienced here in the kayfabe while I do love learning from him I also would love testing how far i’ve come and the best way to do that is to have a feud with my mentor. 

3. Alex Costa, while technically we had a bit of mini feud in the battle royal match at BPZ Mania it wasn’t a true 1 v 1 feud and I would enjoy doing one with him at some point in the future. 

4. Kenji, this one is very obvious pick for me and while I admittedly would probably get destroyed in the votings against him in a singles match I certainly still would love a match with him. 

5. Arius, really in the same boat as Kenji and you could really swap their spots on this list if you wanted to because the reasons are mostly the same and while I did have a run in with him at World At War in the ladder match I would still very much enjoy a 1 v 1 feud with him. 

6. Storm, now this is someone i’ve recently met over on the discord and while I haven’t known him for a while he seems like a nice enough guy but I haven’t seen much from him kayfabe wise and what better way to find out than a feud with him. 

7. Bic, another very experienced member of the kayfabe that has been doing extremely well as of late on his promos but I would love to get in a feud with him to really test myself against one of the best the kayfabe has to offer. 

8. Meko/Sir Raven, well I think everyone who knows my kayfabe career knows why he makes this list my former tag team partner who has now left the SSW Club and while I understand his decision and there’s no bad blood between us personally I think a feud between us would be great given our character’s history. 

9. Hans, well he’s on this list for very similar reasons as Arius and Kenji but nonetheless I do think we could put together a good storyline and have a great match together. 

10. Bart, the current undisputed champion and while i’m definitely a long way away from facing Bart in a match much less a singles match i’m still up to the challenge and I hope to lock up with him at some point in my career. 

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@Arius - I know in NXT our feud was basically one on one but I want a true Kayfabe matchup against him.  I feel like both of us have improved a lot since the beginning of this year and I'd love to put both of our skills to the test.  We already would have a story down and the rest takes care of itself.

@Gwynfro - Another guy who I've sadly never had a chance to feud with so far and someone who would produce a very fun match.  I also feel like a good story could be produced from our non-existent background.

@Alex Costa - I've wanted to face him since our debuts one on one because I feel like we're very similar in skill and we had a pretty good thing going back when he was NXT champion, and I'd love to build off of that.

@ArrowColeBayBay - Still need revenge for that McDonald's attack (never forget).

@BiC @Bart @Julius @Jonathan @Angelo Caito - Just going to lump all of these guys together because these are the guys I look up to in kayfabe and I'd love to test out my skills against them.  In each situation the story would define itself (veteran vs youngster) and at the end of the day it would just be a hell of a lot of fun to go one on one with any of these great competitors.

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Haven't done this for a while and with the new members coming in the landscape has changed so I'll give you five in no particular order

1. Ropati (We have some history, so it would be cool to do this little feud down the line)

2. Bob (Really big fan of his stuff and I think we could work well together)

3. Arius (The guy's unstoppable, and I'd like the chance to give him his first L. He is also Australian which factors in heavily and he's just amazing at Kayfabe)

4. Bailey (He is the GOAT, would like to see how I match up)

5. Necce (Really good storyteller and would like to see what we could whip up if we were in a feud together)



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On 6/7/2017 at 2:12 PM, Flynn said:

@Smith I don't think I've ever had a chance to really interact with Smith in kayfabe and honestly it's a bit of a shame. One of the best and upon his return only proves to be even better than he ever was before. 

@Jason Black We've worked together in kayfabe a ton however have never found ourselves on apposing ends of the spectrum, whether it be as partners in The Kings Court, or Brothers in the Shield or even the current standing we have in the Foundation, we always end up as allies rather enemies. I think with all of this history, we could really put together something special. 

@Necce Another guy I never had the chance to have any type of feud against however as most people know myself and Necce have always been pretty close and I believe if we ever were to do anything against one another it be incredible. 

@Smith I’m still waiting. 

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Kenji (Kenji has been absolutely amazing with promos and I feel we could have a strong program and tell a good story)

Bart (Another man who is phenomenal on the mic, and would love to work with him in the future )

Arius ( Arius and I, never had a true feud, only interactions with each other but would be really fun feud to do with Arius storytelling)

Bailey (He's the GOAT, would be a pleasure to step into the ring with him)

BiC ( An eventually match with BiC, later down the line would be excellent in my opinion)

Necce ( A guy who is a master of Kayfabe, and a feud with him would be fun and exciting)


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