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Mae Young Classic Official Discussion

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The bracketology for the Mae Young Classic was aired on the Network straight after SummerSlam last night so I watched it this morning and honestly, it was quality. If you're planning on watching or even just following the results in the Mae Young Classic, I suggest watching the bracketology with Corey Graves and Lita. All the presenters were great and it really helped build the characters of the wrestlers, which can be hard to do when they're only competing in a single-elimination tournament. Watching the bracketology will definitely make the tournament more enjoyable.

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Episode 1: Princessa Sugehit defeating Kay Lee Ray definitely shocked me. I thought Kay Lee Ray's character promo was stronger so I thought she would get the win. Alright match.

Serena Deeb vs Vanessa Borne was pretty average in my opinion. I saw Serena winning as they have to do the whole redemption story thing.

Shayna Baszler winning was no shock. Pretty much a squash match. I was getting annoyed with the repeated focus on the Four Horsewomen.

I thought Abbey Laith vs Jazzy Gabert was an amazing match. Maybe it was just me. Abbey Laith winning also shocked me. I liked the show of respect from Jazzy Gabert too.

Episode 2:


Mercedes Martinez getting the win, no surprises there. Alright match. Nice Dragon Sleeper to finish the match.

Wasn't a fan of Rachel Evers vs Marti Belle. Evers botched a few moves and got the roll-up win. Belle should have gotten that win.

Rhea Ripley vs Miranda Salinas was okay. I'm loving Rhea Ripley so far. She was over af.

Really liked the Mia Yim vs Sarah Logan match. Happy that Mia Yim got the victory. She has Shayna Baszler in the next round though, so I don't think she's going through.

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 PWInsider is reporting that WWE is currently reaching out for participants in the Second Annual Mae Young Classic tournament this year. According to the report, it is a mix of both new and returning talent.


Glad the Mae Young Classic is coming back. It gave the women's wrestlers involved the stand out they deserved for their time in other promotions so seeing that the second tournament will have new and returning stars will be fun to watch and see who is selected. 

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Really glad to hear they're bringing this back, the first one was great and some of the talent that has since moved into the developmental system is incredible, the future of women's wrestling is extremely bright and I'm glad to see them getting the credit and exposure they deserve. (Most of the time.)

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