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WWE 2k18 News & Rumours Discussion

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Last month it was announced that WWE 2K18 will be getting a Collector’s Edition, however, at the time, it was not known exactly what it would include. Well today that’s changed. Developer Yuke’s and publisher 2K Games revealed the details for it which is officially titled the Cena (Nuff) Edition. 

First and foremost, the Cena (Nuff) Edition will include a copy of the Deluxe Edition of the game, which in and of itself includes the game’s season pass, playable versions of the wrestlers Batista and Rob Van Dam, and two different versions of John Cena: “One Night Stand”, and “Wrestlemania 26”.

In addition to this content, the Cena (Nuff) Edition is also set to include premium packaging, a Mattel John Cena action figure, a plaque featuring a piece of the ring mat from the wrestler’s 16th WWE Championship, a hand-signed photo by Cena himself, and in-game WWE Supercards which feature John Cena, Rob Van Dam, and Batista.

The Cena (Nuff) Edition will cost you a pretty penny, as it will run you $149.99.

WWE 2K18 is set to be released on October 17th, 2017, and will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch, however that version will be coming at a later date. Players who pre-order the game will receive two different versions of the wrestler Kurt Angle to play as.



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Im surprised that Cena was the collectors edition and nothing wrong with him but we just had Undertaker Retire and I was hoping for this to be geared towards him.

As for the showcase I can see it being tied into to Angle with his run in WWE, Undertaker as you take a ride through his long career, triple H, and possibly Seth or the Shield.

As for the screen shots from what I can tell they are really focusing on his to make the game more visually appealing. I personally can't wait to try it out on my 4k lovely TV but I felt they could of done a little more then just show a snapshot. I mean a tease is good but they could of at least showed a small glimpse of his entrance. With this picture alone it looks amazing and I think this will be really worth the play!

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You guys got to remember, they try there best to make these screenshots look good. 2k15 screenshots looked great and so did 2k17. Triple H and Lesnar were the best looking members on the game while some others looked a bit lack luster and I think this might be the case here. I do not think everyone will be as detailed as we see here but I think it will be the best looking sports game of the year. 

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WWE 2K18 NEW SCREENSHOTS : Bray Wyatt, Ziggler, Jinder, Akira and more!  | Roster Reveal Week #1

List of Superstars and Women Confirmed in the WWE 2K18 Roster Reveal Week #1:
Akira Tozawa
Jinder Mahal
Eric Young
Alexander Wolfe
Killian Dain
Nikki Cross
Luke Gallows
Karl Anderson
Baron Corbin
Dolph Ziggler
Bray Wyatt

#WWE2K17 #WWE2K18 #LegendsOfAllstars #BeLikeNoOne 

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Quite suprised to see the inclusion of Sanity in the game but I'm really happy to see it, I am gonna absolutely demolish people online with Killian Dain, even if his overall is something ridiculous like 72. The inclusion of them makes me hopeful that my boy Aliester Black will be in the game, I'd absolutely mark the fuck out.

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Guest Smith

I'm probably late in saying this but those graphics look awesome. They're like somewhere between 2K17 and the old SmackDown vs RAW games which has resulted in them looking really really good. As for the roster reveal, no one really surprised me there. All of those people have been with WWE for a while now. However, a few of them do look obsolete. For example, it looks as though Cesaro and Sheamus' entrance is from when they didn't get along.

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I think this might end up being the best WWE game ever, or the best since Smackdown Here Comes The Pain. The graphics and lighting is amazing, the roster is looking good so far and its good to see sAnity, So maybe we will see more surprise entries if sAnity got in, I think that the Future Stars pack will be Mike and Maria. Hopefully, but probably not. I am looking to get the Deluxe edition. 

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* Akam
* Alexa Bliss
* Apollo Crews
* Asuka
* Big Cass
* Carmella
* Cedric Alexander
* Chad Gable
* Chris Jericho
* Dana Brooke
* Dash Wilder
* Finn Bálor
* Jason Jordan
* Jimmy Garvin
* Johnny Gargano
* Kevin Owens
* Lex Luger
* Macho Man Randy Savage
* Michael P.S. Hayes
* Mick Foley
* Miss Jacqueline
* Mr. Perfect
* Neville
* Nia Jax
* Nick Miller
* Razor Ramon
* Rezar
* Ric Flair
* Rick Martel
* Rick Rude
* Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
* Rikishi
* Roderick Strong
* Rusev
* Samoa Joe
* Scott Dawson
* Shane Thorne
* TJ Perkins
* Tommaso Ciampa
* Tye Dillinger
* Vader

in case you cba to watch the video and want to see who was announced for the game. Apart from the legends I was pretty much expecting everyone here, but Roderick Strong stands out to me. I'm a big fan of Roderick and I'm so happy with the amount of NXT guys that they're adding this year. I'm a big fan of Roderick in real life so he's definitely going to get a big push in my career mode :P 

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