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What was the last game you completed?

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I just completed and beat the main story of Borderlands 3.  What a roller coaster of a game this was.  As a fan of the borderlands series this was a very  fun game.  It lived up to the series and made a great story to tell after the events of Borderlands 2 and Tales of the Borderlands.   I honestly hope they add DLC that adds on to it because it was so fun playing the through the story of this game

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I finally finished the showcase mode for WWE2k20. For everyone saying it was pretty shit, I highly disagree. It was loads of fun and I would surely do it again. 

On a side not, it was fun living those historic matches once again, they ddI a great job developing that aspect. 

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I just completed Pokemon Shield on Twitch over the weekend and have to say it was a far better game than I was expecting it to be.

I think the main reason I felt like I wasn't going to enjoy it was due to the pure laziness on Game Freak's behalf with the last two installments with Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon basically being what Sun and Moon should have been and The Let's Go games appealing more so to the people who play Pokemon GO plus I believe that at the time of Let's Go we've been to Kanto a grand total of 5 times with the original gen,Gold/Silver,Fire Red/ Leaf Green and Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

I thought the design of the new Pokemon that had been included were very good and it feels the most expansive a Pokemon game has ever been. I'll probably talk more about this in a review post at another date once the games have been out for a while longer.

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Just finished playing through the free Uncharted bundle for PS Plus. The game is amazing, I had heard of it and the hype surrounding it before playing it, and honest it lived up to the hype and some. Never a dull moment, the puzzles kept you on your toes and all round was really really fun.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Image result for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Wether you'd like this game as I think it depends on whether you're better at being aggressive or defensive. I took about 80 hours with Dark Souls 3 and about 30 hours beating Sekiro. I had a much easier time with Sekiro because it encourages you to go on the offensive more and attack at every opportunity you get.
This, I find, is practically the complete opposite of Dark Souls and I think it's why a lot of people who fared okay in that series struggled with Sekiro.

I had the opposite problem where I struggled with Dark Souls because it so strongly encourages being super careful and never getting greedy, but Sekiro encouraged it. I think that is why i really prefer Sekiro to my other experiences. The Dark  Souls  series is just something i wouldn't play twice but Sekiro i could pick up again in a few years. The revive mechanic, the ability to deathblow via stealth, the ability to block everything meant you actually engaged with their pattern instead of hanging back during combos, the infinite stamina and the lack of 1ft high walls and the ability to grapple like Batman made me feel like From really found the perfect formula for their games.

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