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Top Five Current Underrated Members On The Fourms?

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May I ask how you guys determine someone as underated?

Because in most posts I see members that don't post, don't open any new topics, are barely active and don't contribute to the forums in general.

PS: Not going to name anyone because I don't want to feud with anyone

I based it off of people that try to work as hard as they can but no one truly talks about them a lot or appreciates their work as much as it deserves.

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To you, who has got you saying that they are better than you thought they were? My five:

5. Ark

4. BiC

3. Akki

2. Yelich 

And my number one and some of you might agree:

1. JoshNow.

I pick my list based off of the work they show and how it's good product but never got a chance like people know they deserve. 


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5- Myself. Even though I am world champ I feel that people really underestimate my work on the forums. But that is just my opinion

4- @JoshsNowA man who is good but can't get the big win, he has the work ethic to do it just nobody ever notices him

3-  @Karico The man works hard, and yes Bart deserved the NXT title more but I feel people are forgetting that Karico is still very active throughout the forums

2- @Prince I think Prince is underrated in a since that ever since he won the US title people have been saying he will lose it at SS. I think people are more underestimating him.

1- @FDS Easily the most underrated forums member, he does great mod work. Opens PPV topics, post all around. But nobody sees it, the man is IC title worthy

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For me the list has to be






A couple of these guys have had some success, and some are barely active, but in my opinion, when these guys are working hard and putting out the content they're capable of putting out, they're some of the best members of the forums.

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Some of the reasons stated above aren't really reasons as I don't believe you being underrated has anything to do with titles but what you bring to the forums and how active you are on it, so that's what my list is based off.

1) http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/profile/2421-ropati/

2) http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/profile/1099-blade/

3) http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/profile/2537-joshsnow/

4) http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/profile/217-kerse/

5) http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/profile/2654-summergamz/

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