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Favorite Gimmick Of Yours?

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I haven't had many gimmicks in my time on the forums and that's mainly due to the fact that I have had this one for more than 13 months by now. If I hadn't loved it, I don't know why the hell I would still be having it to do, so that's my answer to this question. 

When we first came up with this (I have to give Ross credit as he was the first to suggest it) I wasn't sure on how it would turn out, but my kayfabe succes has expanded rapidly ever since going with this gimmick and it has made me have great joy in Kayfabe. 

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While I've had a handful of gimmicks, my gimmick has mostly always been the same throughout the superstars I had portraying me. A man trying to prove himself to the world, thats the one thing all of my characters have had in common. From the rich, arrogant BiC (EC3) to the underdog (Finn Balor) I've always wanted to prove myself in and out of kayfabe and I feel like all my gimmicks have captured that. 

My favorite gimmick? Probably my Enzo Amore one, it was the funniest and best times I've had on the forums and I haven't gotten the type of rep I got on those promos in a long time so maybe I'll explore it once again, either that or the classic EC3. The one I debuted with, the one I won my world title with, and the one I go back to constantly. 

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I was thinking about this and I decided all have positives except the Hendry and Barrett ones which no one enjoyed

Jericho was close up there because I could say whatever I wanted but I don’t think other people on the forums enjoyed it. Ospreay wasn’t fun but other people liked it so I kept it going 

I loved Miz and Gallagher so they would have to be tied first. Miz it was so fun to write as all the time but with Gallagher I felt like it bought the best out of me 

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