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EVOLVE returns from commercial, as an unknown superstar appears in the ring, with the lights dimmed out except a single spotlight on him. For those watching at home, his name pops up on the screen as 'Oliver Trent'. He is holding a microphone as the crowd have a mixed reaction towards him.

Oliver Trent: Tonight, is my night. I have come to EVOLVE not to please you fans and give you high fives. I have not come to EVOLVE to hold your hands as I walk straight to the top, straight to the top to rip that Global Championship right out of the hands of Nate. But first, I must get the biggest win of my career. Well, it would be the biggest win of my career if this was two years ago. But it's not. Bashka, why don't you get out here so you can ultimately get down on the mat and lose to the star of the future, Oliver Tr-


Bashka has heard enough! He comes in from out of nowhere and smashes Trent in the back with his umbrella. Trent begins to put his hand on his back as he crawls into the corner, realising what has happened. Bashka stands in the opposite corner and waits for Trent to get up, and he does. The referee rings the bell and match gets underway. Bashka sprints over to Trent and clotheslines him into the corner. He then grabs onto his hair and slams him directly into the mat!


Bashka grabs Trent by the hair once again and picks him up and drags him towards the centre of the squared circle of Evolve. Trent is on his knees, nearly concussed from when he was slammed into the mat. He slowly begins to make it to his feet, bringing his fists up; ready to swing. Bashka simply laughs this off before lifting him up into a suplex position, but then doing a Gourdbuster into the ropes!


The crowd go 'Ooh!' because of the pain that Oliver Trent must be experiencing right now. He tries to make it to his feet, putting his hand on his stomach as he tries to catch his breath once again. Bashka walks over to him before stomping on his head, sending it back down to the mat. Bashka picks up Trent, puts his arm around his neck and falls back, before locking in the dreaded Crossface Chickenwing, that makes 'The Star Of The Future' Oliver Trent tap instantly, before he feels anymore pain.


Trent quickly rolls out of the ring, probably never wanting to make an appearance on EVOLVE ever again after the offense that was on display in that match, if you can even call it that; it was more of a battering. Bashka stands up as the referee raises his arm, and then he grabs a microphone. He doesn't pant into the microphone, as he barely broke a sweat in that match. He stares directly into the camera, sending another message to his opponent at Destiny, Smith.

Smith, you better pay close attention to how this match played out, you better pay close attention to the pain that Oliver Trent just endured, because compared to what I'll do to you; I went easy on him. I will hit you with my umbrella 10 times harder, I will throw you into the mat with 10 times more power, I will throw you out of the ring, not onto the ropes. Then finally, I will lock in the cross face chicken wing 20 times more strength, and when you inevitably tap out, I won't let go, I will let you pass out in my hold, and I will leave you right here [Bashka points to the mat] and when SummerSlam rolls around, you won't even want to step inside the ring with me, your superior, BASHKA! 

Bashka drops the microphone and laughs into the camera, as the show goes to commercial.

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